Reordering and removing Roku channels

Hi, I’m Tom Markworth, Director of Product Management. With nearly 250 channels in the Roku Channel Store, we regularly get questions from our users on how to manage their growing channel lineup on the Roku home screen. Our Instant Replay remote, introduced with the Roku XD and Roku XDS, makes home screen cleanup a snap.

Options menu accessed through * button on Instant Replay remote

One of the buttons on the Instant Replay remote is OPTIONS, which has a big asterisk (*) on it. On the Roku home screen, you can use OPTIONS to reorder or remove channels. Simply press OPTIONS on the channel you wish to move or remove.

To move a channel, select “Change channel position” from the OPTIONS menu. Then, move the channel to another location in your channel list by pressing LEFT or RIGHT. Press OK to save your change. To remove a channel instead, select “Remove channel.” Then, on the confirmation dialog, select “Remove channel” again. If you decide you want a deleted channel back, you can always add it again from the Roku Channel Store.

The Roku Instant Replay remote is compatible with all Roku models. If one didn’t come with your Roku player, you can buy one at As the name implies, the remote also has an instant replay button that you can use to skip back 7 seconds during video playback–without having to re-buffer. Missed what someone said during a movie? No problem!

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