Apps for controlling your Roku player

If you’re looking for alternative ways to control your Roku player, below are a few options to check out. Give these a spin the next time you Roku – and let us know the ones you like best.

Dijit Universal Remote (iOS)

Dijit, a San Francisco-based startup focused on integrating media viewing experiences –essentially by acting as a universal remote – now offers a free app that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a Roku remote control. Once you’ve downloaded the “Dijit Universal Remote” app from the app store, the app will automatically detect your Roku player when it starts up. The app has a scrolling feature that lets you use the iPhone touch screen to scroll through the Roku interface and navigate your content options quickly.

DVPRemote (iOS)

The DVPRemote (DVP stands for digital video player) enables an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to control your Roku Player.  For a download price of $2.99, the DVPRemote app supports most functions provided by a standard Roku remote control (including the new “Instant Replay,”"Info,” and “Back” buttons). You can even customize the layout of your buttons to ensure you can optimize the remote for your fingertips.

Roku Remote (Android)

The Roku Remote app is a $1.49 app that lets you control your Roku player from your phone. The app acts just like your physical Roku remote with support for multiple Roku players, the “Instant Replay”, “Info”, and “Back” buttons and direct navigation to any channel using the Channel button. The app also features a customizable background as well as landscape and portrait viewing options.

RokuByte – Roku Remote (Android)

With support for multiple Roku players, the RokuByte app connects instantly to your Roku player and features a clean design, navigation using the D-pad or Swipe-pad and easy keyboard entry and voice search. The RokuByte app costs $1.99 to download. For more information, read about the RokuByte app on the Android Market website.



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