Seven new games now available for Roku 2

A few weeks ago we announced Roku 2 and the promise of more casual games. Today, we’re excited to share that seven new casual games from Accedo are now available in the Roku Channel Store for Roku 2.  The games range from board, puzzle and arcade to casino and cards, and all cost $0.99 each.  Which one will be your favorite?

Dracula’s Coffin
Help him move his coffin out of the dungeon before the sun rises in this multi-level puzzle game for all ages.
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Your mission in strategy game (should you choose to accept it) is to locate and deactivate enemy mines using only the hints you get from your ship’s sonar.
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Mahjong Fruits
In this juicy twist on the classic Mahjong genre, you’ll have to match fruits by creating connections between them as quickly as possible to move to the next level.
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Try to clear the deck and reach the highest score possible, in this all-time favorite solitaire card game.
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Rockswap Adventures
In this vertical arcade classic, combine gems into rows and columns of 3 to score points and move to the next level.  Perfect for dwarves (from The Hobbit) and anyone with a love of gems!
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The famous Japanese number puzzle game is now on the big screen.  Number placement is key as you build rows, columns and grids without repeating any numbers.  Work your way up the levels to find more difficult puzzle and challenges.
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Texas Hold’em
Test your poker chops agaist four skilled computer players in this classic casino Poker game.  With no real money on the line, this is the perfect exercise before your next Las Vegas trip!
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