New Releases and Recommendations for Aug. 26

The weekend is upon us! Time to drown out the market, weather and news of retiring moguls in a “staycation” of streaming goodness.  Here are some new flicks and shows from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle and Amazon Instant Video to help kick-off the weekend.  As always, if you have a suggestion on the perfect lazy Sunday flick, please post ‘em in the comments.

Netflix New Releases:

  • Alpha and Omega- Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere and Christina Ricci voice this animated adventure about wolf pups discovering life outside the pack  (2010)
  • Blitz- Based on a novel by Ken Bruen, Jason Statham leads this intense crime-thriller centered on a cop with issues and a serial killer on the loose (2010)
  • Parenthood- This heartwarming true-to-life comedy from Ron Howard tackles what it means to be the “perfect parent” (1989)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • Jon Benjamin Has a Van- Go for a ride in this new inventive, irreverent and hilarious narrative/fake news magazine comedy show (2011)
  • Buried Treasure- World-renowned antique experts Leigh and Leslie Kenos help ordinary people find treasures in their own homes (2011)
  • Hell’s Kitchen- Eighteen aspiring restaurateurs will brave Chef Ramsay and his wrath to claim a head position in a New York restaurant (2011)

Crackle New Releases:

  • Revolver- Guy Ritchie brings out the big guns in a visually dazzling Tarantino-tinted return to his Snatch roots (2005)
  • To Die For- Nicole Kidman (in her coolest role) anchors a gifted cast in this biting, media crucifying Gus Van Zant-directed satire (1995)
  • Idle HandsEvil Dead 2 meets Cheech & Chong in a satisfyingly stoned Satanic zombie parody sweetened by a young Jessica Alba (1999)

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • Win Win- Paul Giamatti and a superb cast helm Thomas McCarthy’s moving masterpiece (2011)
  • Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold- Morgan Spurlock shines a light on the world of product placement and advertising (2011)
  • The Beaver- A beaver hand-puppet changes Mel Gibson’s life for the better in this engrossing drama directed by Jodie Foster (2011)

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