TWC TV on Roku now offering live and on-demand entertainment

Great news for Roku customers and Time Warner Cable subscribers! TWC TV on Roku has been updated to include on-demand content.

In addition to the up to 300 channels of live television that launched on Roku last March, customers can now access more than 5,000 free and subscription-based on-demand entertainment choices from nearly 100 top networks. Other updates include a new scaled video window featuring a live stream of the last viewed channel, improved browsing and on-demand search functionality.

TWC TV on Roku is available now on the Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT players as well as the Roku Streaming Stick.

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  • PorCompasion

    Only for Time Warner Suscribers. Maybe other people who has roku want to pay for Time Warner on Roku without cable service.

  • Pisidan

    Buying cable service and watching it on Roku seems stupid why have a roku than?

    • wnyconservative

      To avoid paying a ridiculous lease fees on cable boxes.

  • adtask


  • Nat Ramnan

    How do you subscribe to TWC on the Roku if you are not a TWC cable customer?

  • Maq

    Really dumb channel to have if you already have cable. Even more dumb if you have download the app to find out that you can’t use the app outside your home. Only useful if your stepping out to the garage or on the crapper.

  • john

    just want to say that i have the TWC app on my roku 3 and its freakin awesome! It completely blows timewarner cables own hd dvr box out the water. The menu is awesome and the screen overlay is impressive. Why the heck would they allow streaming outside the home? get a slingbox and ur problem is solved.

  • Dave

    which catigory is it under?