Football lovers have even more to look forward to this season. NFL Now is available on Roku today!

NFL Now on Roku brings the best of the NFL personalized for you. Follow up to three teams and get access to the largest digital library of NFL content anywhere. Love the 49ers like me? Watch a customized video stream full of Niners’ news, analysis and highlights all day, every day.

In addition, NFL Now features a mix of original content, shows like Hard Knocks, A Football Life and much more.

Install the NFL Now channel today on any current-generation Roku player (those introduced after June 2011) in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.

Enjoy all the NFL Now features above for $1.99/month in the U.S., $4.99/month for rest of world. The Most Popular feed is available for free.

Are you ready for some football?


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  • Logan Payne

    Can you watch the games of the teams you follow like Sunday ticket?

    • ROKU

      Hi Logan, no full games in the US but you will get highlights from games in progress in addition to the content mentioned in the post above.

      • Jonathan Lavergne

        Will we ever get live full games like a sunday ticket esque deal.

  • Rybo

    The NFL now Roku channel has an embarrassing defect, where your account user name has to be at least 8 characters in length. The problem is that there is no such restriction when creating an account on NFL’s website, so if you created a less than 8 character account user name online, your out of luck with that user account.

    • Horse

      I had same problem, used 7, will not let me change.
      Sure wish it was a good system like MLB

  • doutee

    I had the same problem with the password thing so I went to nflnow on the web and changed my password to fit the requirements and that worked for me. I can now sign it but yeah it’s a extra step.

  • Tim Grimm

    This channel is eberassingly not ready for prime time: there’s no way to exit sub screens. The up arrow should perform this function. Also, I ordered NFL Now Premium but cannot watch highlights on the Roku. Even for games that are final, “no content available” displays. I can watch them on my laptop or iPad so this is definitely a Roku channel issue.

    • JoeM

      same problem. guess ill cancel until that is resolved. no reason to pay them to be a beta tester.

      • Tim Grimm

        Interestingly, it works with live games as I’m able to watch the highlights of the in-process Steelers-Giants game, but still can’t watch the highlights from the final Seahawks-Broncos game.

        Re my first nit, the stop button does what I expected the up arrow to do.

    • Tim Grimm

      Almost every time I go to watch NFL Now on Roku, I have to sign in again. That’s a pain!

  • Brian

    Will this work somewhat like NFL Redzone on game days? Can I throw on a live stream of highlights as they happen? That’s worth $2 a month.

    • Snipp2005

      No, it won’t. It’s actually a pretty terrible app. No live game action or Redzone. What’s the point?

      • Max

        the point is to charge us $$$. There are some people that actually pay for that.

      • legalize_live_nfl


  • Elaine

    its a joke NFL now on Roku, they ask for too much personal imformation: birthdays, age, name address, zip code FOR WHAT??? highlights of games!!! This is not worth two dollars a month

  • Elaine

    another thing that was disturbing to me was when my name, address and phone # popped up on screen before I even started to register NFL NOW. Roku I do not like my imformation being stored in system so other channels can ascertain. Stop this practice Now!!!! I will delete NFL NOW, its not worth all this


      Yeah, I didn’t like that too.
      I presumed that they were checking location-whether you are in the US or UK-because the name and address popping up is your Roku registration.

  • Kenneth H

    I wanna subscribe but if I can’t watch my team or any other games then why? I can get clips, soundbites and shows on any sports websites. Waiting on the real deal: games

  • st

    So what am I buying that I can’t already get for free on

  • Jeannine

    Will ESPN carry the Packers/Seahawks game tonight?

  • Darrell Birkey

    I subscribed to NFL Rewind which shows both full and condensed replays of all NFL games. I watch it on Roku through the Plex channel. All games from 2012 and 2013 are also archived there.

    • Nate Schwartz

      I tired this the other day and kept getting an error that the video was not available or the format wasn’t compatible. I gave up and did a screencast to my chromecast instead! :(

  • Arp

    Don’t subscribe, I did it today & already cancelled so they don’t charge my credit card next month, No live games, tried highlights and are terrible, was charged $4.99

  • EducatedTom

    Sorry but if I want all that I will just switch to my browser on my Wii U and navigate to nfl to see highlights. Crazy!

  • tom

    It often freezes the Roku so that the only fix is to actually unplug the Roku power cord. When it works it’s nice but it is very prone to problems.

  • Max

    no we don’t like 49rs like you ;-)
    but would I ever pay for what I can get for free just using my laptop???????

  • Paul

    Thanks for providing a product nobody asked for or wanted. This app is utterly useless.

  • ronnie

    Do you get the full games after they have been played?

  • Limited NFL Market

    This channel is utterly useless! When is Roku going to get a channel where I can watch NFL Rewind? Why is this so hard? I’m already paying for Rewind… just want to EASILY watch it on my TV. What’s the hold up? NFL would sell more Rewind packages FO SHO!


    NFL Now keeps freezing my Roku 2 when I try to use it. I have to disconnect from power and reload again.
    Is this a question of enough memory on Roku 2?

    I also have a Roku 3 and NFL Now doesn’t freeze Roku 3 so far.


    I also noticed that the cost of NFL Now in the US is $1.95 while in the UK it’s $4.95. The 20% VAT tax might account for some of the difference but not all.
    When I asked NFL Now why there was such a wide difference, they responed because the UK users get more.
    Frankly, I don’t see a lot more.

  • kerr

    how do i find the chiefs games on here if i live in texas

  • Josh Espinoza

    Everything I clicking on highlights and I pick a week that app crashes and I go back to the man screen on the roku. I have 3 different roku and all do the same. Can’t watch highlights even do i pay for it