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Stay entertained on vacation – how to travel with your Roku player

We’ve all been there. You’re on vacation and excited to catch up on your favorite TV shows, but the TV set up is less than ideal – just bad DVDs or even worse…VHS tapes! Stay entertained on vacation, pack up … Continue reading

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Roku’s Guide to Socially Responsible Streaming

Oh the joys of binge-watching! Entire weekends spent in pursuit of a finale, hours spent in pure entertainment bliss – thank goodness the fridge is stocked and the couch is comfy! Gone are the days of waiting for episodes, but … Continue reading

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How to improve your Wi-Fi connection

You’re at the most critical point in a movie (the big reveal, the first kiss, the unexpected plot twist) and suddenly it stops to buffer. Moment ruined. We’ve all been there – sometimes it seems like your neighbor’s Wi-Fi works … Continue reading

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Roku Pick of the Week: Plex

Meet Plex, our Roku Pick of the Week. The Plex channel makes it a snap to stream your entire library of personal movies, photos and music on your Roku, and it’s totally free. We’ve put together a quick 5-step guide to get you up … Continue reading

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Welcome to Roku: tips and advice from the pros

New to Roku? We’ve compiled some helpful links to get the most from your soon-to-be favorite little black box. Did you know you can travel with your Roku player, or use your Roku as a DVR? Read on to find … Continue reading

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How to: Travel with your Roku player

Ever thought about taking your Roku player on vacation? Traveling with your Roku can be a snap with a little bit of forethought; we’ll show you how you can bring your favorite black box along to some of your favorite … Continue reading

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What Are Private Channels?

We are closing in on 300 unique channels this week in the Roku Channel Store. There you will find channels that range in topic from movies and TV to music, sports and special interests. However, not all channels available for … Continue reading

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Get the most from your Roku Player

Hi, I’m Vince Thai, director of customer advocacy. One question we often get from our customers is how to improve the Roku streaming experience. Well for starters, a reliable Internet connection is a must. You’ll also want to keep your router’s … Continue reading

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