Top 10 new releases and recommendations

With all the crazy summer weather going on across the country, this week we’re leading our list with two newcomers set against apocalyptic storms –one from waaaay back and one from the future. By ark or by train, we promise you’ll be fully entertained.

  • Noah (Movie, 2014)God chooses Noah, Russell Crowe, to build an ark and save the animals and his family from an apocalyptic flood. Available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Snowpiercer (Movie, 2014)A post-apocalyptic ice age forces humanity’s last survivors aboard a globe-spanning super train.  One man will risk everything to lead a revolt for control of the engine and the future of the planet. Newly released on Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand and Vudu.
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Movie, 2014)Young Jack Ryan goes from being a CIA analyst to a spy after he uncovers a Russia plot to crash the U.S. economy. Newly released on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • Homefront (Movie, 2013)Watch a former DEA agent, Jason Statham return to action to save his daughter and his new town from a drug-dealing sociopath, James Franco. Available on Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Dom Hemingway (Movie, 2013)After serving 12 years in prison, a skilled safecracker, Jude Law, seeks payback and a chance to reconcile with his daughter, Emilia Clarke. Available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • Hitch (Movie, 2005)A smooth- talking man, Will Smith, falls for a hardened columnist, while helping a shy accountant woo a beautiful heiress. Newly released on Netflix and also available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Redbox Instant.
  • Billy Elliot (Movie, 2000)A working class youngster in 1984 England discovers a hidden talent for dance with the help of a hard-bitten teacher. Last chance to watch this free featured movie on Crackle (7/31), but newly added to Amazon Instant Video and also available on M-GO, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Baby Daddy Season 3 (TV Show, 2012)A young man becomes a surprise dad when an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl at his doorstep. Newly released on Netflix and available on Amazon Instant Video.
  • Melissa & Joey Season 3 (TV Show, 2010) - After a family scandal leaves Mel, a local politician, alone with her niece, Lennox, and nephew Ryder, she hires a man named Joe to become the family’s new male nanny. Newly released on Netflix and available on Amazon Instant Video.
  • Hell on Wheels Season 3 (TV Show, 2011) - Watch this American Western television series about the construction of the First Continental Railroad across the United States. Follow Cullen Bohannan, a former soldier and slaveholder track and the killers of his wife and bring him to the middle of the one of the biggest projects in United States history. Newly released on Netflix, and also available on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.


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Roku UK: New Releases and Recommendations for 25th July 2014

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are underway and you can catch 24 hour coverage on Roku using the BBC Sport channel. However if sports isn’t your thing, there is lots more to watch on your Roku streaming player.

Let us know what you watch in the comments box below.

  • The Honourable Women (Series) – A drama series new to BBC iPlayer, businesswoman Nessa Stein is made a life peer for her work promoting Middle East Peace, but a sinister chain of events changes everything. Watch episode 1, The Empty Chair now.
  • Jackass presents: Bad Grandpa (Movie) -  Johnny Knoxville plays 86-year-old Irving Zisman, a sex-obsessed octogenarian who takes his eight years old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) on a road trip to meet his estranged, deadbeat father. During their journey Irving takes time out to party with male strippers, make romantic overtures to bingo players and to persuade Billy to enter a beauty pageant. Catch the extended version on Now TV.
  • Endeavour (Series) - A crime drama series following the early days of a young Endeavour Morse, whose experiences as a detective constable with the Oxford City Police will ultimately shape his future. In season 2 a baffling suicide, an anguished father searching for his missing daughter and the robbery of medieval treasures strain the talents of DC Morse. Season 2 is available now on ITV Player.
  • The Lego Movie – Lowly builder Emmet is mistakenly chosen to lead the rebellion against President Business (Will Ferrell), an evil tyrant who plans to put the entire Lego World under his control. With Emmet assisted by wise Vitruvius action girl Wyldstyle, her boyfriend Batman the foundations are laid for a laugh a minute plot. Rent the Lego Movie with Sky Store today and you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a family trip to LEGOLAND in Denmark.
  • The Big Wedding (Movie) – Robert De’Niro and Diane Keaton star as a long divorced couple faking years of wedded bliss at their son’s nuptials, much to the amusement of their friends and family in order to please an unexpected guest. With all of the wedding guests watching they are forced to confront their past, present and future together. Available now on Netflix.
  • The 100 (Series) – A group of 100 juvenile delinquents are sent down from a dying space station called the “Ark “ to planet Earth as test subjects 97 years after experiencing a nuclear war, to find out if the Earth is habitable once again. It is their responsibility to determine the fate of the surviving humans on the Ark before it is too late. Catch up with season one on 4oD.
  • Barefoot (Movie) – A warm-hearted remake of the German film Barfuss, a rebellious son who is the black sheep of a wealthy family, courts a psychiatric patient. Taking her to his brother’s wedding in New Orleans, hoping to prove that he’s sorted his life out while she impresses the family with her genuine, if unstable charm. Available now on Sky Store.
  • House of Cards (Series) – Betrayed by the White House, Congressman Francis Underwood embarks on a ruthless rise to power. Blackmail, seduction and ambition are his weapons. When the newly elected president reneges on a promise, Francis and Claire decide to sever all alliances and throw the rules out of the window. Watch it now on Netflix.
  • World’s Worst Holiday Horrors (Series) – This series explores the holidays of a lifetime…when they go wrong. In this opening episode, a relaxing cruise around the world famous Albert Dock leaves a family fighting for survival, after their vessel sinks in seconds with all 31 passengers still on board. A Dutch couple are trapped on an Italian beach, when a huge wildfire cuts off their escape and threatens to engulf 4000 fellow holidaymakers. Catch up with the series now on Demand 5.

A Golden Oldie:

  • Matilda (1996) – Danny DeVito directs this adaptation of Roald Dahl’s darkly delicious children’s fantasy about the daughter of selfish parents who discovers she has magical powers. Mrs Doubtfire’s Mara Wilson is spellbinding as the gifted youngster while Pam ‘Where The Heart Is’ Ferris terrifies as her child-hating headmistress. DeVito also appears as one of the many monstrous grown-ups, along with his then-wife Rhea Perlman (Carla from Cheers). A delightfully twisted fairy-tale – and not just for kids.


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You asked, we delivered – a new Hulu Plus experience

If you’re a big Hulu streamer like me, you’ve likely noticed the new Hulu Plus experience on Roku. It’s quick to load, navigation within the channel is super snappy too – 5x faster than the old channel! And the layout is slightly different to highlight stunning imagery from your favorite TV shows and movies.

We really owe this awesome channel to you though. The teams at Hulu and Roku have been listening all your feedback over the last year…yes, all of it. It took a bit longer than we expected but only because we wanted it to be the very best experience.

And we’re still listening. Tweet us, post on Facebook, comment below or email us. Tell us what channels you’d love to see, which ones need a little work and hey, you can even tell us we’re doing a good job.

Have you tried out the new Hulu Plus channel? Let us know what you think. Thanks to the folks who have sent us their feedback.

The Hulu update is great! I’m so happy with it, thank you!! – Amy S. on Facebook

Man, we turned on our Hulu Plus tonight, and WOW! Great update.” – Steven on Facebook

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Top 10 new releases and recommendations

It’s a great week in the world of streaming. Some awesome new shows have kicked off – Extant and the second season of Masters of Sex. It’s also a great time to be a South Park fan, with all the seasons newly added on Hulu Plus.

What are you watching?

  • Extant, Season 1, Episode 1 (TV Show, 2014) – Astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) tries to reconnect with her husband, John, and son, Ethan, after returning from a 13-month solo mission in outer space. Available exclusively on Prime Instant Video (Amazon Instant Video).
  • Rio 2 (Movie, 2014) – The entire cast of the animated hit comedy Rio returns — along with a new flock of all-star voice talent, including Bruno Mars, Kristen Chenoweth and more — in this high-flying sequel for the whole family. The party continues when Jewel (Anne Hathaway), Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and their three kids take a walk on the wild side and embark on a colorful, comical, music-filled journey through the Amazon! Available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • The Other Woman (Movie, 2014) – Cameron Diaz leads a knockout cast in this irreverent buddy comedy about love, lust and the laws of karma. When Carly (Diaz) learns that her boyfriend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has a wife (Leslie Mann), the two women become unlikely friends. When he turns out to be an even bigger cheat than they knew, they make plans with yet another of his mistresses (Kate Upton) to teach him a lesson – or three! Available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
  • South Park (TV Show, 1997-2014) – Follow everyone’s favorite troublemakers; Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, from the beginning of their unforgettable adventures. Catch all seasons of South Park on Hulu Plus all summer!
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (TV Show, 2014) – Each week Jerry Seinfeld takes a friend for a drive in a classic car and a cup of coffee, sharing stories and laughs along the way in this Emmy-nominated series. Guests this season include Jon Stewart, Tiny Fey, Howard Stern and many others. Available exclusively on Crackle.
  • The Neverending Story (Movie, 1984) – A family fantasy/adventure epic based on the acclaimed best-seller about a troubled boy who discovers an extraordinary storybook-and the fantastical world within its pages. Available on Amazon Instant Video (free with a Prime subscription), Blockbuster On Demand, M-GO, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Lone Survivor (Movie, 2013) – Based on The New York Times bestselling true story of heroism, courage and survival, Lone Survivor tells the incredible tale of four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level al-Qaeda operative. Available on Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster On Demand, M-GO, Redbox and Vudu.
  • The Master (Movie, 2012) – Haunted by his past, WW-II veteran and drifter Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) crosses paths with a mysterious movement led by The Master (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and his wife (Amy Adams). Available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, Netflix, Redbox Instant and Vudu
  • Carlito’s Way (Movie, 1993) – A Puerto Rican ex-con pledges to stay away from his former drug dealing ways but finds himself being dragged back by his past connections and the naive machinations of his lawyer and best friend. Available on Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, M-GO, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Masters of Sex, Season 1 (TV Show, 2013) – Stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, who will portray the real-life pioneers of the science of human sexuality, William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Season 2 just kicked off on SHOWTIME ANYTIME, catch up on season 1. Also available on Amazon Instant Video, M-GO and Vudu.
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Roku UK: New Releases and Recommendations for 18th July 2014

This week we asked you for your recommendations to give you the chance to share them with your fellow streamers. We’ve included our favourite picks in this week’s blog, so you’re not just taking our word for it now when deciding what to watch!

If you have a suggestion for our next blog please use the comment box below or head over to our Facebook page!

As Recommended by You:

  • Hemlock Grove (Series) – One cannot quench his all-consuming thirst. The other cannot tame the beast clawing its way out. In the sleepy Pennsylvania village of Hemlock Grove, two young men struggle to accept painful truths: about family, themselves, the mystery of the White Tower – and a terrifying new threat so powerful it will turn them from predators into prey. Catch it now on Netflix. Recommended by Anthony Thornton.
  • Carrie (Movie) – Also on Netflix, a misfit teenager gets back at the classmates who’ve bullied her by unleashing her newfound supernatural powers and creating havoc at the prom. Recommended by Anthony Thornton.
  • Penny Dreadful (Series) - Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Timothy Dalton star in this chilling new psychological thriller which weaves together the origin stories of some of literature’s most frightening figures. Watch it on Now TV. As recommended by Sarah Grace George.
  • OAP’s Behaving Badly (Documentary) - This candid documentary on Demand 5 meets a group of older people who refuse to let retirement slow them down. In Tenerife, they have created a ‘pensioners’ playground’ where they are blowing their hard-earned pensions and savings – as well as their winter fuel allowances – on a hard-partying lifestyle. Recommended by Jenni Livesley

Our Recommendations:

  • About Time (Movie) – Richard ‘Four Weddings in Notting Hill, Actually’ Curtis writes and directs this typically cosy spin on Groundhog Day. At the age of 21, Tim learns from his father that the men in his family have the ability to time travel. Tim seizes upon his newfound power to win the heart of American beauty Mary (Rachel McAdams). But with each slightly botched attempt, he has to keep an eye open for the butterfly effect. Catch it on Now TV
  • Parkland (Movie) – Half price on Sky Store, the chaotic aftermath of President John F Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas is recounted in this drama. Events unfold from the perspectives of the the staff at Parkland Hospital who treated the stricken president, the secret servicemen responsible for his safety, the brother of his suspected killer Lee Harvey Oswald, and Abraham Zapruder, the spectator who captured the fatal moment in the most famous home movie in history.
  • Under the Skin (Movie) – Scarlett Johansson’s predatory alien takes on the guise of a young brunette to trawl the streets of Glasgow, tempting eager Scottish likely lads back to her lair in a derelict house… and a fate worse than death. Available now on Sky Store
  • Champneys (Series) – Documentary following Champneys owner Stephen Purdew, as he leads a refurbishment of the company’s flagship resort in Hertfordshire with the help of a new management team. Watch it now on ITV Player
  • Talk to the Animals (Documentary) – Lucy Cooke is a zoologist and animal explorer on a worldwide quest to crack the animal code and find out how animals communicate in their own social groups. Available now on BBC iPlayer
  • Utopia (Series) – This second series of this Thriller has just begun on Channel 4. You can catch up on all of series one and the first episodes of series two now on 4oD. When a group of strangers find themselves in possession of the manuscript for a legendary graphic novel, their lives brutally implode as they are pursued by a shadowy and murderous organisation.
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Get 2 months FREE of Hulu Plus with any new Roku player + a snappier channel experience

To all the TV lovers out there, here’s a deal you can’t pass up. Buy and activate any new Roku player by September 30, 2014, get two months FREE of Hulu Plus!*

Hulu Plus offers unlimited streaming of current and past TV shows and hit movies. Watch current-season episodes of hit TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Nashville, Hell’s Kitchen, The Mindy Project and many more. Watch 100’s of episodes of hit series including The Good Wife, Law and Order: SVU, South Park or check out ad-free kids’ shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Caillou, and Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock. Learn more here.

Already have Hulu Plus? Be sure to check out the updated Hulu Plus on Roku channel, which includes a new design and snappier start up and navigation. The update is available for all current-generation Roku players in the U.S.

*Offer only available to new Hulu Plus subscribers. Credit card required. Void where prohibited. See for full terms and conditions.

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Top 10 new releases and recommendations

The weekend’s here and there’s plenty of TV shows, movies and documentaries to keep you busy. Time to kick up your feet and stream!

Whatcha watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

  • The Divide (TV Show, 2014) – The premiere episode of We tv’s first scripted series is available free (before it premieres on 7/16!) for Roku users until 7/15/14. The Divide follows Christine Rosa, an impassioned caseworker with The Innocence Initiative, as she delves into the case of a death row inmate whom she believes was wrongly convicted of a young family’s heinous murder.
  • The Bridge Season 1 (TV Show, 2013) – Set on the border between El Paso and Juarez, The Bridge centers on two detectives, one from the United States and one from Mexico, who must work together to hunt down a serial killer operating on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. Newly released on Hulu Plus, but also available on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.
  • Missing William (Movie, 2014) – Forced to care for her husband after he’s injured in a bar fight, Rhode Island artist Abby Leeds finds her life even more challenging when her childhood sweetheart turns up, setting the stage for a complicated love triangle. Newly released on Netflix, but also available on Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand and Vudu.
  • Transcendence (Movie, 2014) – Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. His highly controversial experiments have made him the prime target of anti-technology extremists who will do whatever it takes to stop him. Newly released on M-GOAmazon Instant VideoRedbox Instant and Vudu.
  • The Karate Kid (Movie, 1984) – In this classic movie, an elderly martial arts expert (Pat Morita) teaches a high schooler (Ralph Macchio) about life, friendship and courage under the guidance of a martial arts and to defend himself from bullies. Newly released on Redbox Instant, but also available on M-GO, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.
  • Genius on Hold (Documentary, 2012) – Prolific inventor Walter T. Shaw — who transformed modern telecommunications with his discoveries — died penniless and unknown. This documentary tells the tale of how Shaw saw his ideas stolen and his ambitions foiled by the powerful AT&T monopoly. Newly released on Netflix, but also available on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.
  • The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (Documentary, 2014) – A dynamic and tragic portrait of the life of Reddit co-founder and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, a champion of open access who grew up to lead the internet community into a new age of data sharing and free speech. Newly released on Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.
  • Heaven Is for Real (Movie, 2014) – Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book, the movie recounts the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. Newly released on M-GOAmazon Instant VideoRedbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Air Force One (Movie, 1997) – Harrison Ford is the President of the United States, a leader unyielding in his opposition to negotiating with terrorists. But when Russian neo-nationalists hijack Air Force One with the First Family on board, the President’s beliefs and courage are put to the test. Newly released on Crackle, but also available on M-GOAmazon Instant VideoRedbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Man in the Chair (Movie, 2007) – A teenage misfit (Michael Angarano) and a mean-spirited, Hollywood retiree (Christopher Plummer) team up against insurmountable odds while trying to compete a short film for high school competition. Newly released on Hulu Plus, but also available on Amazon Instant Video.
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Roku UK: New Releases and Recommendations for 11th July 2014

Wimbledon is over, and there isn’t long left of the World Cup so now you can get back to the best thing about TV…streaming! We have compiled some recommendations of what to watch this week in case you have been out of the loop and distracted by all of the recent sporting events.

What do you plan to watch this week? Let us know in the comments section below…

  • Ride Along (Movie) – Feckless school security guard Ben (Kevin Hart) has to prove to hard-as-nails Atlanta cop James (Ice Cube) that he’s good enough to marry his sister (Tika Sumpter) by joining him on patrol in the city. However, their pratfall-crammed day results in them falling foul of the town’s mysterious crime king Omar. Fast-talking comedy caper from director Tim Story (Think Like A Man). Watch this comedy now on Sky Store.
  • The Frozen Ground (Movie) – In this fact-based thriller, an Alaska state trooper pursuing a serial killer teams with a 17-year-old-prostitute who escaped the predator’s clutches. Watch it now on Netflix.
  • Sunshine on Leith (Movie) – Ex-squaddies Ally (Kevin Guthrie) and Davy (George MacKay) return to Edinburgh after a gruelling tour of duty in Afghanistan. However, both struggle to learn to live a life outside the army and to deal with the everyday struggles of family, jobs and relationships. Adapted from the hit musical based on the music of The Proclaimers, this is a journey north for a beery, teary, toe-tapping tale of home, heart and Hibernian FC. Watch it on Now TV.
  • Big Brother (Series) – As the series draws to an end, catch up on the latest in the house on Demand 5.
  • Britain’s Youngest Carers (Series) – Watch the first episode of this documentary on 4oD, which follows the lives of four of Britain’s youngest carers – six-year-old Ty-Reece, sisters Clare and Erin, who are 16 and 14, and Josh, who’s 13 – to understand the challenges that they face in caring for their parents.
  • Top Boy (Series) – In this gritty, stylish drama series, two London drug dealers ply their lucrative trade at a public housing estate in North London. New episodes now on Netflix.
  • Slum Survivors (Series) – New to BBC iPlayer three British mechanics are guided and challenged for ten days in Lagos, Nigeria, by extraordinary slum dwellers who use dedication, passion and guts to succeed.
  • Ray Donovan (Series) – Meet Ray (Liev Schreiber), a problem solver to LA’s rich and famous with a past that’s back to haunt him. Absorbing drama with Jon Voight. Series one available on Now TV.
  • Tour de France – Watch the highlights of stage five which had nine cobbled sections totalling over 15km which promised to be both exciting viewing, and dangerous riding with a nod to Paris-Roubaix. Catch up now on ITV Player.

A Golden Oldie:

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Ferris convinces his entire school he’s at death’s door, then hits the streets of Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend for a day of fun. Available on Netflix
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Roku UK: New Releases and Recommendations for 4th May 2014

Overwhelmed by the excessive number of sporting events on at the moment? Escape with a Friday night film or a favourite TV series, all available on Roku for your entertainment now!

What do you plan to watch this week? Let us know in the comments section below…

  • Glastonbury Highlights – A look back at the highlights from 2014′s Glastonbury festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset, including performances from many of the headline acts, a smattering of special acoustic performances and a general celebration of all things Glastonbury. Watch it now on BBC iPlayer.
  • Martina Cole’s The Runaway (Series) – Neglected by their parents, Cathy and Eamonn are two children thrown together in London’s East End where they depend on each other and dream of a brighter future together. Series one is available from today on Now TV.
  • Modern Family (Series) – This Emmy-winning sitcom follows Jay Pritchett and his eclectic family as they deal with the challenges of contemporary life in Los Angeles. A complex clan tries to get along in this biting sitcom, as patriarch Jay, married to a younger woman, tries to identify with his grown children. Seasons 1 and 2 are available to watch now on Netflix.
  • Holes (Movie) – Transformers’ Shia LaBeouf stars as Stanley Yelnats in a Texas juvenile detention camp where delinquents are forced to dig holes every day as a character building exercise. But what’s the real reason for the digging? Available to watch now on Netflix.
  • Scream 4 (Movie) – After ten years Sidney (Neve Cambell) returns to her hometown of Woodsboro for a promotional tour of her self-help book. Things take a blood spattered turn when Ghostface reappears and tries to make up for lost time with another killing spree. On the 15th Anniversary of the original murders, two high-school students are found dead and Sheriff Dewey and his journalist wife Gale try to track down the serial slasher. Watch it on Demand 5.
  • George Clarkes Amazing Spaces (Series) – George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play. He even tries making a few of his own. George visits a canal boat that’s been revamped as the ultimate bachelor pad as he prepares to unveil his deluxe family caravan. Catch up with series 1, 2 and 3 on 4oD now.
  • Non-Stop (Movie) – Whisky-sozzled air marshal Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) has to sober up quickly when a text-fiend threatens to kill a passenger every 20 minutes unless they get $150m. With the help of a fellow traveller and a resourceful air hostess, Marks attempts to identify the blackmailer… but winds up becoming the chief suspect. Catch it now on Sky Store.
  • Escape Plan (Movie) – In the first proper buddy-up for the Hollywood action legends, Sly Stallone plays Ray Breslin, a professional prison breaker-outer, hired by companies to test out the security of their jails. However, when he’s double-crossed and finds himself incarcerated in a futuristic prison ‘off the grid’, only his wits, gravelly voice and violent tendencies will save him. Available now on Sky Store.
  • The Way Way Back (Movie) – A shy 14-year-old finds solace from his divorced mother and her overbearing boyfriend with maverick water park manager Owen. The Descendants writer/directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon’s directorial debut is a sweet, knowing tribute to teenage awkwardness, to divorced parents trying to restore family values and to those who find themselves as unlikely mentors. Stream it on Now TV.

A Golden Oldie:

  • The Godfather (Movie) – A classic gangster film from the 1970’s, Al Paccino stars in the Godfather. When an organized-crime family patriarch barely survives an attempt on his life, his youngest son steps in to take care of the would-be killers. Watch it now on Netflix.
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Top 10 patriotic movies

Happy 4th of July weekend, streamers. Join us as we celebrate ‘Merica through the best patriotic movies, which just so happen to include a lot of Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks!

Did we miss any of your favorites?

  • Top Gun (Movie, 1986) – A daring yet reckless pilot (Tom Cruise) who shuns teamwork and the rules of engagement eventually learns the importance of cooperation and discipline. Along the way he has a fiery affair, does some spectacular flying and causes the death of his best friend. Available on M-GOAmazon Instant VideoRedbox InstantVudu and Time Warner Cable.
  • Independence Day (Movie, 1996) – Communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference caused by gigantic spacecraft, piloted by a mysterious alien species who have set out to launch an attack throughout the globe. After they obliterate parts of the country, a band of survivors devise a plan to fight back against the enslaving aliens for our freedom. Available on M-GO, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu and Time Warner Cable.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (Movie, 2011) – After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals. He joins forces with Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter to wage war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull. Available on M-GOAmazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • The Patriot (Movie, 2000) – A reluctant South Carolina farmer (Mel Gibson) is forced to fight the British in this epic adventure of the American Revolution. Directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day). Screenplay by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan). Available on M-GO, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Saving Private Ryan (Movie, 1998) – Set in France in 1944 shortly after the Normandy invasion. The story concerns a squad of U.S. Army soldiers on a perilous assignment behind enemy lines. The mission: to risk their lives to save the life of one man, paratrooper James Ryan (Matt Damon). Ryan is the last survivor of a family of four brothers, the rest of whom have been killed in action. Available on M-GO, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Apollo 13 (Movie, 1995) – It had been less than a year since man first walked on the moon, but as far as the American public was concerned, Apollo 13 was just another “routine” space flight – until these words pierced the immense void of space: “Houston, we have a problem.” Available on M-GO, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Miracle (Movie, 2004) – Filled with exhilarating nonstop hockey action and heart-racing suspense, Miracle is the inspiring true story behind one of the greatest moments in sports history – the 1980 United States ice hockey team’s triumphant Olympic victory against the Soviet Union. Available on M-GO, Amazon Instant Video and Vudu.
  • Forrest Gump (Movie, 1994) – In this Oscar-winning picture, Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), a gentle soul born in a small Alabama town, happens into one memorable experience after another through a panorama of American history. Throughout his life, he is supported by his love for Jenny, his childhood friend with whom he shares his lifelong memories. Available on M-GONetflixAmazon Instant VideoRedbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Born on the Fourth of July (Movie, 1986) – Based on a true story, the film follows the young Kovic (Tom Cruise) from a zealous teen who eagerly volunteers for the Vietnam War, to an embittered veteran paralyzed from the mid-chest down. Deeply in love with his country, Kovic returned to an environment vastly different from the one he left. Available on M-GO, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy (Movie, 1942) – James Cagney danced and sang his way to a well-deserved Oscar for his outstanding portrayal of vaudeville composer and performer George M. Cohan in this Oscar-nominated biography. Available on Amazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant and Vudu.
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