Hi, I’m Tom Markworth, Director of Product Management. With nearly 250 channels in the Roku Channel Store, we regularly get questions from our users on how to manage their growing channel lineup on the Roku home screen. Our Instant Replay remote, introduced with the Roku XD and Roku XDS, makes home screen cleanup a snap.

Options menu accessed through * button on Instant Replay remote

One of the buttons on the Instant Replay remote is OPTIONS, which has a big asterisk (*) on it. On the Roku home screen, you can use OPTIONS to reorder or remove channels. Simply press OPTIONS on the channel you wish to move or remove.

To move a channel, select “Change channel position” from the OPTIONS menu. Then, move the channel to another location in your channel list by pressing LEFT or RIGHT. Press OK to save your change. To remove a channel instead, select “Remove channel.” Then, on the confirmation dialog, select “Remove channel” again. If you decide you want a deleted channel back, you can always add it again from the Roku Channel Store.

The Roku Instant Replay remote is compatible with all Roku models. If one didn’t come with your Roku player, you can buy one at www.roku.com/accessories. As the name implies, the remote also has an instant replay button that you can use to skip back 7 seconds during video playback–without having to re-buffer. Missed what someone said during a movie? No problem!

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  • Surely there is a way to remove a channel without purchasing a new remote?

    • if you have an iphone there is a wifi remote you can download for free that will

    • Modelcitizen36

      You can also remove channels in the channel store.

      • randy miner

        How? I am in the store now and there is nothing to click on. No delete button. details and install.

        • Scott

          Go to the Chanel you want to delete/remove or move and select the * button on the remote. Follow the instructions to delete or move.

          • Lamonte Magnifico

            Dude……he clearly stated that he wanted to do it on the website NOT ON THE TV!!

    • Tom M

      As Modelcitizen says, you can remove channels in the Channel Store. Go to the top row of the Channel Store to see the full list of channels you have installed. Select the channel you wish to remove. You should see a “Remove channel” button on the details screen for that channel.

      You cannot re-order channels without the 12-button Instant Replay remote, however.

      • charles w

        im pretty sure you dont know what you are talking about, you see a full list of channels at the channel store, organized by genre….it isnt showing all the channels i have installed and details option does NOT have a remove channel option…..doing so with the options feature on the remote also fails

  • second ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clizmarin

    How about a vertical channel line-up, instead of the current horizontal line-up?

    • most tv’s are wider than they are tall it would probably be a waste to only use the vertical

    • Psu1989

      Tiled would be nice instead of scrolling endlessly horizontally.

  • Modelcitizen36

    Thanks for the info.

  • Matthew Ballard

    …but certain channels are immutable and therefore will not show an option for removing (like the ‘featured spotlight’). You may want to also add the part about removing channels if you’re not using the new remote and don’t plan on buying a new one for the privilege.

  • SoundMix

    If this remote came with free shipping (USPS) I’d purchase one. But 19.95 is too much.

  • Adwright08

    First time I have been disappointed in Roku. I bought the XD last year when it cam with the old remote. I should not have to purchase – at full price plus shipping – to remove the many channels we do not watch.

  • Todd

    Thanks Tom, this post is very helpful, I’ve been wondering how to do that for a long time now!

  • Faztang

    it makes no sense that you cannot re-order channels with the original remotes. Firmware update please!

  • Firelite

    I think it is time to have the channels listed in multiple rows and multiple columns. Will there be a firmware update from Roku. The other option is to provide the channel sorting and arranging option in the website as part of the account management.

  • Speaking of channels, when are we going to get a YouTube Channel?

    • Hi Chris, you may use VideoBuzz in order to use the YouTube features.

    • Mike Gilbertson

      Download the Plex server. It streams computer content to your tv. It also has a channels section which includes you tube. Select this channel and it will ask for your username/password and enjoy.

  • Nathanael Bassett

    I own a Logitech Harmony remote. Will OPTIONS (*) and Instant Replay be added to the list of available commands to program to my remote? Or will I have to buy a new remote just to teach the command to my remote? While sources on the web say the codes were provided in the past to Logitech, they are still not available for programming.

  • Jgraham108

    I love VajraTV! It’s $55 per year for the Roku. This is wonderful!

  • Abys32

    I’m not a techie. I wish my Playon app would work. Please put your heads together with those folks and make it Roku reliable. Its fine on my GoogleTV. Any suggestions?

  • Ron Pendleton

    If you are using a LOGITECH HArmoney, the MENU Key acts as the OPTION KEY. I had no idea until I fell asleep and I landed on my HARMONEY REMOTE. I woke up and saw the OPTIONS screen. Couldnt figure it oiut LOL. So I started pressing keys., The ability to change Channel Location is GREAT> Another reason I love my Harmoney Remote. FYI, I have my ROKU added as a DVD > Digital Music Server using Manufacturer ROKU and model is XDS

  • Could an online feature be added to edit the channel lineup (and add and such) from the Roku.com website?

    • Gene Clark

      Great idea! Editing the lineup online would be a lot easier!!!

    • Randall M.

      For example, a list with checkboxes. Click on the icon for a given channel and a new window or browser tab opens with the detailed description. Also a way to sort and filter channels in the list.

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  • this is very good and must remove these channels thanks for sharing us…

  • Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

  • I intend to keep this list up-to-date with working channels and no double-listings. It’s meant to be a one-stop place for all your private channel needs.Many people are not interested in similar programs, seems alot of the USA series are running on the free online Hulu…

  • Imtigger2

    I find the BEST way to remove and add channels is through the excellent iOS App from Roku. I have no idea why they can’t do that here online if the iOS App can. Regardless, give it a try if you have an iDevice. I love it.

  • chris h

    i just have a question. can u still have satellite television on the same television rocu is installed on? there doesnt seem to be any local channels. can anyone help?

  • Jakemont1

    Did media fly go out of business? If not where is the app?

  • Thirtyplus

    It is most annoying not to be able to view the channel before deciding to add it. What a HUGE waste of time when searching for channels to have to add the channel, and then go through the process of viewing it which exits you from the channel store, then having to go through the process of deleting the channel after not wanting it or it wanting a registration to really enjoy the channel and then going back to the channel store … over and hour of wasted time.

    Why not be able to view the channel before adding it? Why not being able to go back to viewing the channel store after adding a channel while you are in the channel store? Better yet even, why not have the channels tell you UPFRONT before having to go through the time wasting multiple steps that it requires a subscription or you will only get clips or adds for the subscription and/or what the costs are upfront?

    Thank you.

    • Randall M.

      “why not have the channels tell you UPFRONT before having to go through
      the time wasting multiple steps that it requires a subscription” – I agree, unfortunately that’s sales my friend. Convince you how great it is and when it comes time to whip out the credit card, you’ll pay whatever they want…that’s the theory anyway.

  • Data1701d

    How about reordering channels on roku 1? There is no asterisk button on remote.

  • Rocky


  • Jean

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  • Mike Hammond

    I tried to add a channel but accidently keyed in the wrong password. Instead of getting the chance to key the correct password all I get is a message that There are no Roku device associated with that password. How do I clear that field so that I can order the channel?

  • Ashley Watkins

    I have 2 roku 3, am i able to hide a private channel from 1 of the rokus

  • Gene Clark

    Why isn’t there a feature to be able to group channels in folders??? Or maybe have separate pages for groups of channels?!

    I was so upset after re-ordering my channels upon upgrading to the Roku 3 and this week I looked and they are all moved around again – FRUSTRATING!!!

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  • h3knix

    just a heads up, I had a problem where I could not remove a channel from my roku ( there was no option to remove it ). I found a solution though and wrote about it on my blog, if you suffer from the same problem feel free to check it out here: http://seldomshort.blogspot.com/2014/10/roku-channel-is-stuck-cannot-remove.html

  • Woody Autumn

    What a really tedious way to sort “My Channels”! You mean to tell me that Roku developers cannot come up with a way to sort alphabetically on the Roku? I have to manually move each channel to the location?

  • rocket625

    these people are clearly the dumbest idiots off all time, i want a list of channels with check boxes and prices. A$$ wipes

  • phillyburbs

    All this is is a marketing editorial so people will go out & buy this remote. If it wasn’t it would include how to do it with out it.

  • gypsyfire

    I just bought my roku and don’t have any intention of buying another remote. There is no mention of this in purchase or set up. I need to delete some channels I installed learning to use the device. I am legally blind and no onscreen removal option from the roku site is terrible for me. Is there any other way to remove channels? Especially subscription channels???

    • Jake

      If you are legally blind Why not call a friend and have them remove the subscription channels you want deleted

  • Got it. You need to move over the channel then press *. This wasn’t clear from the post.

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