If you’ve ever called Roku customer support and got a good-natured guy with a cheerful Southern accent on the other end of the line, chances are, you’ve met Ty Balajadia.

Ty currently heads up our growing US-based support team and although he joined Roku just over three months ago, Ty is already making a big impact on how Roku customers are supported. Ty talks to customers every day – and a big part of his role is to act as a liason between customers and the internal teams at Roku. This means that when you leave feedback for him – whether it’s about product features or issues or channels that you’d like to see on Roku – he makes sure that your feedback makes it to the right people. In addition, Ty sees to it that customers have access to the most up-to-date information on the Roku support site in order to get the most out of their Roku players. In a nutshell, Ty is your biggest advocate!

When Ty isn’t working with customers, he enjoys indulging in his other passion – sports – and especially baseball. A San Diego native, Ty managed several call centers in Southern California prior to Roku. With Ty’s experience and commitment to customers – rest assured that should you ever need assistance with your Roku, Ty and his team will be standing by!

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  • Jime033

    Hey Ty,
    You will regret they day they came up with this idea of a blog! : ) Here is your first pestering support question: Is there any difference in Memory size of the new ROKU models?

    I have one of the original XR boxes and just bought a XDS, which I love the added USB and support of MKV files! And thinking of buying a third… maybe an HD?


    • Ty

      Hey Jime033 –

      Sorry it took so long to reply. Let me address your question this way. The HD and XD have the same memory size which should hold around 20-25 channels. The XD/S has more memory and should store about 40-45 channels. Of course this is all dependent on the memory size of each channel.

  • RM

    Here’s the reason why I have not bought a Roku yet: I have an older HDTV made before HDMI became the standard connection. I would love to purchase the Roku XDS, which can connect to my TV via the special component/mini-pin cable. Right now, Roku even has a free shipping promotion on this model for Father’s Day. The deal-killer: The component/mini-pin cable that I would need is currently not offered on the Roku accessories page. It normally sells for $10. The component cable bundled with the HDMI cable is offered for $20, but why would I want to pay $10 more for an HDMI cable that I can’t use? It seems that everytime there is a 10%-off promotion on the XDS, the mini-pin cable is unavailable.

  • Mark

    Thank you for your help Ty. Appreciate the phone call and rapid better-than-expected service.

  • Careythefloorgirl

    Can i watch any shows from the Discovery Channel on my Roku?

  • I like Roku revolution !

  • Anonymous

    Oh No! I can’t find my roku xd controller, Can I get another one with out buying the complete system?

  • Al S.

    Last week I received my new Roku2 XS so I could have Roku on my second tv (I have an XR on the first set). When I first set up the XS everything went fine. The next morning that changed so that now I can’t have both units connected to the internet at the same time or neither will work and all I get when I check the connections on both is an 013 error code. Further investigation revealed that both are also using the same IP address, which I suspect is the problem. I tried using the support chat, but I might just as well been asking my dogs for assistance for all that was worth. They just keep asking the same questions over and aver to the point where it just becomes so frustrating that you just give up. I’ve tried depowering the units for hours on end and doing factory resets on both, but to no avail. One thing I was able to glean from the chat was that the IP address cannot me manually changed on the Roku’s for some stupid reason. Roku really needs to do a few of things. They need to put up a list of trouble codes, fix these units so that the IP adresses can be reset, and dump the useless overseas “tech support”.

  • Dhbrocker

    Hay Ty! Is it alright to thank you on this for coming up this weekend, and also I love you. Mom

  • Dhbrocker

    Hay Ty! Is it alright to thank you on this for coming up this weekend, and also I love you. Mom