Lots of exciting news for Roku this week! First, we announced that Roku will be available
at all Walmart store nationwide. Now, we’re super excited to share that customers can purchase Roku through QVC – one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world. QVC is offering a special bundle – the Roku XDS player with HDMI cable – for $99.96. This offer
is available through QVC on air and also through QVC.com 24/7. And for those who have been considering a new or additional Roku player, check out the demo video by clicking on the “Videos” tab on the left – this video provides a great overview of the Roku XDS.

For more inofrmation about Roku players and the different models available, visit www.roku.com.

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  • Markcohend

    Where can I find Roku 2 in Boston area?

  • I cannot find Roku 2 do anyone has idea.

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