If you’re looking for alternative ways to control your Roku player, below are a few options to check out. Give these a spin the next time you Roku – and let us know the ones you like best.

Dijit Universal Remote (iOS)

Dijit, a San Francisco-based startup focused on integrating media viewing experiences –essentially by acting as a universal remote – now offers a free app that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a Roku remote control. Once you’ve downloaded the “Dijit Universal Remote” app from the app store, the app will automatically detect your Roku player when it starts up. The app has a scrolling feature that lets you use the iPhone touch screen to scroll through the Roku interface and navigate your content options quickly.

DVPRemote (iOS)

The DVPRemote (DVP stands for digital video player) enables an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to control your Roku Player.  For a download price of $2.99, the DVPRemote app supports most functions provided by a standard Roku remote control (including the new “Instant Replay,””Info,” and “Back” buttons). You can even customize the layout of your buttons to ensure you can optimize the remote for your fingertips.

Roku Remote (Android)

The Roku Remote app is a $1.49 app that lets you control your Roku player from your phone. The app acts just like your physical Roku remote with support for multiple Roku players, the “Instant Replay”, “Info”, and “Back” buttons and direct navigation to any channel using the Channel button. The app also features a customizable background as well as landscape and portrait viewing options.

RokuByte – Roku Remote (Android)

With support for multiple Roku players, the RokuByte app connects instantly to your Roku player and features a clean design, navigation using the D-pad or Swipe-pad and easy keyboard entry and voice search. The RokuByte app costs $1.99 to download. For more information, read about the RokuByte app on the Android Market website.



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  • Siva Balan

    I have been using an iOS remote by Thinkoptics called iWavit for my Roku player. Works great and has all the functionality of a Roku remote. More details can be found at http://www.thinkoptics.com/iWavit.html

    • Nas Banov

      but iWavit requires buying additional hardware dongle to plug! The apps enumerated here all do it without that hassle

      • Retne

        I tried using an ios remote but it didn’t seem to work for me. I listed my steps on http://www.mindsaw.com

  • http://twitter.com/anthonyup anthony

    the problem with the Android apps in my experience with them is that none allow you to natively input using the phones keyboard. You still have to move the on-screen cursor to enter each letter.

    • TinybyteApps

      RokuByte for Android allows you to use the phones native keyboard or voice search.

      • http://twitter.com/anthonyup anthony

        Thanks, i decided to give RokuBytes a try but the keyboard or voice search did not work with Hulu Plus, so I refunded. Will monitor how the app comes along further in its development.

        • TinybyteApps

          Hulu Plus does not support network based keyboard input. We are hoping they get a fix in quickly.

      • Amberwavesrn

        SavyBud Roku remote App let’s u use keyboard….but I don’t know if they have an android based App I am iOS it was only 99cents tho when I got it GOOD LUCK

  • http://twitter.com/anthonyup anthony

    it would be nice for a Web based app as well for controlling Roku

    • Japzone

      Search the Roku Forum for “Remoku” and “Google Chrome Remote”. Remoku is Javascript based and works on almost any Browser. Google Chrome Remote is WebKit based and only works on Browsers like Google Chrome, Android Browser, and Safari (OSX and iOS).

    • hippo

      They had one, it was free. It was shut down. Shame

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.worley Matt Worley

    Roku Remote for Android, is by far the best one I’ve used.

  • Amberwavesrn

    Please consider promoting SavyBud Roku remote App let’s u use iPhone keyboard & is only 99cents or was when I got it!!

  • Mark Jarrell

    I use RoRemote for the iPhone. It’s $1.99.

  • TinybyteApps

    We have just released version 1.1 of RokuByte bringing Roku widgets to the homescreen!


  • Nas Banov

    And not to forget the 2nd most popular Roku remote app for iPhone: “Remote for Roku” http://itunes.com/apps/remoteforroku . It has been out for less than two months but scrambling up the leaderboard – currently between #1 DVPRemote and #3 Dijit (according to AppStore data)

  • http://www.rightangledrillreview.com right angle drill

    The remote for Roku is a pretty decent app for the price

  • aira baxter

    Gosh I need this. Good thing you shared this one. I’m just a newbie and need all the help I can get.

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  • Anonymous

    Will Roku ever add access to the Amazon cloud to its list of features? If it did, I could get rid of my AppleTV, because I would no longer need it to access my iTunes library…

    • http://twobits.myopenid.com/ twobits

      You could use the existing mp3tunes channel instead.

  • Guest

    My boyfriend is visually impaired. With cable tv he could easily scroll through the channels until he heard something that he liked. Remember, just because he can’t see the tv screen doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to ‘watch’ tv and movies. I’ve downloaded a few of the remote apps out there for his ipad but none of them are very helpful for him. While it is convenient to use his ipad as a remote, simply scolling with arrows is not useful as he cannot see the images on the tv screen to select from. He needs to be able to see the images and menus that are on the tv screen on his ipad where he can magnify them and choose them by using his touchscreen. DVPRemote has the ability to choose titles directly from our Netflix queue and choose from different channels but he is unable to make selections once at those channels. As Roku becomes more popular, I hope that accessibility issues like this can be explored and developed so that it is user friendly for the blind and visually impaired poopulation. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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    This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion.

  • Jolt

    Frankly I think Roku should make its own app for IOS/Android remote functionality and do it right.

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    I was looking for this; I’m so glad I came across this insightful post.

  • Rafael Moreno

    Hi, is there a way (app) to control the Roku from an Android device without the need of a TV (I want the Roku just to play music on my stereo)?

  • http://www.dsnelling.com/ Dsnelling

    Will Roku arrange with XFinity (Comcast) soon for access to HBOGo? I am an HBO subscriber, however, Xfinity is playing dumb when I inquire about access and they keep suggesting that I contact Roku to resolve the issue. Can I get an update on when I might expect to be able to stream HBOGo with my XS device?

  • Aaron Lowell

    If you guys are looking for suggestions, it would be fantastic to have volume control. If not on the remote, at least available in an API so that one of these smartphones apps could do it. I use my Roku with a projector and computer speakers and reaching over to turn the knob on the speakers, or using the remote controls through my projector is far from ideal. I’d love to be able to use 1 remote for everything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Govind-Gahoi/100003578453946 Govind Gahoi

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  • Back6301

    When will you have a YouTube app.

  • lemcabuhat

    I live in Mexico and with TelMex I get a maximum download speed of 5mbs.

    I LOVE MY ROKU!!!!!

    I use it with GetUSAWebsites.TV (Access code 967) They’re different in that they only jump in when the geo check is done, but the rest of the time it’s a direct connection NOT going through a proxy. The result is that I ALWAYS get a HD signal awesome video on Netflix, and Hulu. I hate other services where too many users bog down the server, and the quality goes up and down. (Mostly down and skipping!) Grrrrr….

    I think GetUSAWebsites approach is superior, and am VERY happy.

    My local friend has only a 1.7mbs download speed, and they are using it with their Roku and they love it too.

    GetUSAWebsites has 2 plans. Basic is $4.99 and Deluxe is $7.99 a month. I seriously couldn’t live without it!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TOHDNBP4YVOIPRADI57QIXPRVQ Dave

    Have you heard about Rokmote with Netflix? http://www.appfavour.com/utilities/rokumote-with-netflix_432830568 This app allows you to browse the Netflix catalog with an attractive and powerful visual interface.

  • MaryR

    Can I use my iPhone 4s as an internet for my Roku HD Streaming Player? Or do I need to get a bluetooth enabled Roku?

  • truth

    This explains what happend to romoku.tv. They were shut down by force. Because everyone else cost money. I see now. Scum!

  • David Johnson

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  • Shanna

    Awesome – theres even a free one on the Iphone that works too!!

  • guyt

    rokRemote is a Mac app for OS X desktop. I works great. It is a menubar app.

  • tkld

    There is a very good Mac desktop remote called rokRemote. wwww.zmplicitysoftware.com/app/rokRemote.

  • promotionalsworld

    roku is a remote for android. It will be very east to play..

  • Guest

    I am not able to get roku and remote concept.. Anybody explain?

  • andrieskcs

    I never herd that there will be aps to control players.. It is very nice. Thank you.

  • jesse

    is there a roku app with volume control?

    • EnTerr

      Not for standalone player but only if you have RokuTV – try “Roku” app by “ROKU INC”

  • Kayleana

    I washed my original roku remote is there an app that will work so I don’t have to buy new remote

    • EnTerr

      All of them will work. You will need physical remote to connect to new network/provider though, so remove batteries from the washed remote and see if you can dry it out, it may still work