The long weekend is upon us, and we’re here to help take full advantage of your 4th of July Staycation.  So kick back, stay cool and enjoy some movies that evoke the American spirit and imagination.


  • Apollo 13 – Ron Howard directs this true-life saga of tragedy and heroism (1995)
  • The Revolution – Narrated by Kelsey Grammar, this multipart documentary covers upstart colonies transforming into an independent country (2006)
  • Field of Dreams – An all-star cast head up this American classic.  Kevin Costner proves the incredible can come true (1989)

Hulu Plus:

  • South Park – all 15 glorious seasons of comic gold from Trey and Matt (1997 -)
  • Misfits – A Hulu exclusive.  Follow teen misfits turned superhero in this fun sci-fi romp (2009)
  • The Daily Show – Jon Stewart at his best. A candid look at politics and society, Comedy Central style (2011)


  • Glory – The exceptional story of America’s first unit with African American soldiers during the Civil War (1989)
  • Men in Black – Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones save Earth for the first time (1997)
  • Real Genius – A classic tale of genius, love, revenge and summer all in the ’80’s (1985)

Amazon Instant Video:

  • Cedar Rapids – Ed Helms plays a by-the-book insurance agent pushed to his boundaries when away from home for the first time (2011)
  • The Company – A hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.  Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Kevin Costner star in this drama  (2011)
  • Red – Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Mary-Louise Parker are just some of the talent in this star-packed action comedy (2010)

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  • Bruceward860

    Netflix–Star Trek! Hello!!!

    • Douglas

      oh – good one! Classic or the JJ Abrams refreshed movie?

      • Bruceward860

        Not big on the Classic ones, but love the others.