I am super excited to introduce our brand new line of streaming players – the Roku 2.   We’ve been working hard on these guys for the last year and they are finally ready!

For the same low price as our previous streaming players, the Roku 2 adds a bunch of new stuff.   A smaller, sleeker design is the first thing you’ll notice- a Roku player will now fit in the palm of your hand!

You’ll also spot a new Bluetooth motion remote, that when combined with the blazing fast GPU in the Roku 2, lets you play casual 3D games–like Angry Birds, which we are bundling free with the XS model of the Roku 2 for now.

I expect games to be big on Roku, just like they exploded on smart phones and tablets.  And Angry Birds is just the beginning, we are spending a lot of time with the major casual game publishers.

Between now and Christmas, you’ll see the games selection on Roku grow dramatically.   My goal is to grow Roku into a major low cost family oriented gaming platform, with games in the $5 range rather than $30 range.  Just like Netflix is shaking up the video world, and Pandora is shaking up radio, Angry Birds and their friends are shaking up the gaming establishment.  We’re trying to help as best we can.

Of course adding game support doesn’t mean we don’t know that video is what people like to watch on their Roku most of the time.  So our new remotes are still very simple and easy to use. And we’ve beefed up the Netflix app with things like subtitles, 1080p support, and other goodies.  Plus we’re now closing in on 300 channels (apps) that run on the Roku platform.

Three models of the Roku 2 are available: the Roku 2 HD ($59 – 720p), Roku 2 XD ($79 – 1080p) and Roku 2 XS ($99 – Enhanced Remote, Ethernet, USB, 1080p).  Only the XS comes standard with the new enhanced remote control, but all the models now include Bluetooth, so you will soon be able to add the motion remote for use with these models for $29.

What you can get now on Roku 2 is just the beginning – because we have an open platform that’s easy to develop for, there’s no limit to how much our entertainment selection can grow.  We are working with major game publishers as well as major video and music publishers to make sure we have the best selection of entertainment available.

New channels launching on Roku 2 include AOL HD, Facebook and FOXNews.com.  These news channels mark several milestones.  We worked closely with Facebook to create the experience on Roku. You can now enjoy your Facebook photos and videos on your Roku player.  Even your friends’ photos and videos, complete with comments, are now on the big screen.  You can even create screen savers. (I know I can’t talk about Facebook without mentioning YouTube.  We are working to bring that channel to Roku as well.)   On the news front, FoxNews.com is exciting because it’s live news every weekday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET.  It features breaking news from Fox correspondents and in-depth coverage on panel discussions.  And AOL HD is coming in the next few weeks.

One final note, on something I had to share.   One young girl related to an employee along with her friend created and posted a sneaky unauthorized video to YouTube.  We had to pull it as soon as we saw it since the Roku 2 was still a secret, but now the secrets out and we asked her to re-post it.  So here she is in all her bean-spilling glory!

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  • Mkiker

    You should hire her to do all your commercials.

  • Anonymous

    All the new features sound promising. With a top-end model costing only $100, idk if the other two were necessary, you’d probably get more game purchases if everyone was forced into being treated to angry birds

  • Chris M

    This is awesome. Love what you guys are doing with this platform!

  • Subtitle capability sounds awesome, but is there any chance that you’ll be upgrading the older models for that? Personally, I’m not a gamer so that part of the equation doesn’t matter to me. The subtitles, however, do — mainly for British TV shows and movies and also those times my wife is asleep but I still want to watch something without bothering her.

  • JohnnyRow

    “And we’ve beefed up the Netflix app with things like subtitles, 1080p support, and other goodies.”
    Finally subtitles on NetFlix. But does this mean on on Roku 2, or can I get NetFlix subtitles without buying a new Roku box/

    • Since it’s an app and not hardware I’d say it will probably be available to regular Roku as well. Too many people have the regular one for them not to do that.

      • Darla

        Tiffin, are you fairly sure of this? I have a Roku I bought in March. I just contacted Roku and the customer service rep said he doesn’t believe the players prior to Roku 2 will ever have subtitles. I hope they do offer it but he didn’t think so.

        • I also contacted their customer service since I have an older Roku player as well, and this is what the rep told me: “We may need to wait for the software update in the future for the older Roku players”. I just hope they release a software update soon.

    • Johnny, currently the only way to get Netflix subtitles on Roku is with a Roku 2. If there is a change in this policy I will make sure to post on the blog, the forum and on our social channels as well.

      • So, you are saying Roku is currently not even working on a software update for first generation Roku players to give them subtitles and audio options capability for Netflix? Why abandon all your previous customers and expect them to pay another 60-100 dollars?

        • JohnW

          Agreed, I bought Roku thinking we would get this support and will be disappointed if the current generation (before Roku2) does not get the extra Netflix support (subtitles, audio options). Most people buying Roku buy it for Netflix, so don’t forget the majority of customers left hanging without that support. Thanks!! 🙂

      • Dan O

        I’m definitely frustrated by this too… And then I got an unexpected answer via a tech support chat – see this link: http://dano-dna.com/roku-2/

      • RG

        Put me down as requesting subtitles on the first gen roku. Please update the software so we who are hearing impaired can enjoy content on the recently purchased but now older machines.

      • Annal

        No closed captioning on first generation devices is wrong and infuriating, not to mention discriminatory to the hearing impaired. I wish I had not purchased even one of these devices, let alone the five I actually bought (two for myself, three as gifts). My days of praising Roku are over, as are my days of giving them my money.

  • Will the old units support the new channels?

  • greg

    Clarification please – will the Roku that I bought two months ago (for exactly the same price that this new version costs, thanks a lot) be able to add the new channels? I understand that the hardware may limit some new features like 1080p Netflix and bluetooth, but I will be disappointed if new channels are not available for the sole reason that I actually wanted to support a small company instead of a big cable conglomerate. Will our loyalty be rewarded, or are you taking the Apple approach and just expecting us to doll out another wad of cash for the latest toy?

    • Yes, you will be able to get new channels.

      • greg

        Excellent. Thanks. It makes me much more likely to invest in one of the new ones when I upgrade my main entertainment setup and relegate the “old” one to the kids’ setup.

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    • glad it worked out since everyone would hate to see you “victimized” by technology advancements.

      • greg

        No victimization, just clarification on whether or not the next Roku is worth the investment. I design commercial electronics or a living, so I’m well aware of technology advancement. Asking about continuing support is very different than feeling like I was cheated. If they dropped all support for previous versions just because a new version was released, I would hesitate to invest in their device. If there was the promise of continued support for a time, then it would be worth my money.

        Sarcasm in response to a request for clarification in a blog targeted for folks who already like their Roku does nothing but paint you as an irrational troll. I hope you will reconsider your tone in future posts. If you have nothing helpful to say, then why take the time to be a jerk? I guess I have a hard time thinking like that…

        • Chad

          Glad you got the response you wanted, but your initial comment (especially the part in parentheses) made you appear trollish as well.

          • greg

            Accepted. Wasn’t my intent (humor), but I can see it. Thanks.

          • chris the voice of reason

            Greg, it was very clear to us…

            For me, I wish I had one now but I’m going to wait for Roku 3 to come out in the next 10-36 months. It better not be more expensive. Hey Roku, thanks for continuining to innovate your product line. It makes me sad that more people are not more appreciative. $100 bucks people…

          • Gtjim

            Hmmm… maybe everyone should wait for Roku 5 or 6, or ?, maybe it will be under 50 bucks…. just keep waiting for the next best thing… Just buy the dang thing and enjoy!

          • JN

            Out of this temple, you vile money changer!!

          • Nice blog patrol, Chad.

            It is a great idea that Roku support backward compatibility, by all means.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think he did. I had the same concerns as I just bought 2 of the original units at 99.00 a piece so his concerns were my concerns too. Maybe for some people they have the extra cash laying around to buy the “new” ones but I don’t. It was a fair question.

        • EJ

          Great question, because when Apple rolls out a new product like iMovie or Final Cut, most of the time you lose some of the features on the previous version. When we get a “more advanced” product, we don’t expect to lose any features, but instead add more features. I know I’m sick of technology taking away just to give a new bell or whistle. It makes no sense. They should add on to what’s there, not take away. So, you HAVE to ask questions. Otherwise, you could be disappointed in the end.

    • Deelite

      If by loyalty you mean someone who bought one product (and wants to be rewarded for that “loyalty” or else you’ll start bitchin’ and moanin’), then yes you are a loyal customer, but that sure wouldn’t be enough to merit my definition of loyalty.

    • Greg, we will continue to support previous models. Up until Roku 2 launched, every box made ran the same software – the only thing you won’t be able to add are games that run specifically on Roku 2. The Channel Store and channels found in there will still be accessible with all previous generations. We will continue to develop updates for the previous generations for as long as we can.

      • raja

        Is there any option to trade in old model to the new one, of course with some incremental cost. Got mine just 2 months ago.

        • Dan O

          Hi Raja- what kind of a trade-in deal did you get? 1/2 off R2 or better?

      • Dan O

        “…the only thing you won’t be able to add are games that run specifically on Roku 2… We will continue to develop updates for the previous generations for as long as we can.”

        I’d really like to receive an update to allow my XD box to do captioning. I’ve heard this is not in the cards, though. Is this true?

      • Mark K.

        Hi Douglas,
        There are a lot of requests for MSNBC to be on the Roku. We used to have MSNBC on our RokuXD before, for some reasons it’s disappeared. We have to have a freedom of choice between different options everywhere, including Roku. Please, tell me which company makes these decisions? Is it Roku? Who personally made this particular decision? What is his/her position in the company? If you can not answer these questions, please, send this message to your boss. I need answers on these questions.
        Thanks you very much,

    • 910raw

      I’m in the same boat. And I don’t care if I sound “trollish”. I bought 3 of these machines on June 12. NONE of them are capable of playing angry birds since the gaming remote is required and not compatible with the new versions. It’s really unfair. I’m extremely frustrated.

      • Maxwell Smart

        Who cares about Angry Birds. Good lord, don’t you have XBOX?

  • Will the XS be IR compatible for universal remotes?

  • Engineerisaac

    You can thank the FCC for leaking your product early..

  • What about those of us who recently bought a Roku? I just bought the top of the line one so will there be a way for us to upgrade?

    • JWayne

      Me too! Recent Roku owner, “newest – top of the line” oh wait, theres a newer one, that does stuff I really want (that wasnt advertised to consider at time of purchase)… Come on Roku, clue us in on Subtitles and audio options for Current Customers. Thanks!

  • Nice blog. I can see that you guys put a lot of effort into really fine-tuning the default WordPress theme to properly convey your company’s message.

  • JohnnyRow

    “Will the XS be IR compatible for universal remotes? ”
    From CNET

    “The HD and XD will ship with standard infrared remotes, and–thankfully–all Roku 2 models retain an IR sensor, so unlike the Wii and PlayStation 3, Roku 2 boxes will still be controllable via standard universal remotes.”

  • wow, so we get an upgrade to what the wii has had almost since the beginning..subtitles. DOn’t tell me because more power. The wii is a wimp in the power dept. Old boxes should get subtitles too.

    • Gail

      I have an original and I have no plans to upgrade. I also own a Wii and watch subtitles on that. I know the older version is capable of displaying subtitles because I have Hulu Plus on my Roku and the subtitles show there. One time I called support and the csr tried to tell me the subtitles will show if they are available. NOT TRUE. Please offer a software upgrade to the charter members of ROKU. We are your original supporters!

  • Renea

    This is awesome although I wonder if you are going to offer an incentive for current Roku owners to trade in their old ones? Maybe a discount if we trade or upgrade to the new one? That way we dont have to dish out another $100 and have to keep the old “inferior” one. I wonder how those are going to be recycled?

    • Bob

      Try selling your old Roku on your local Craigslist. It should sell for close to what you paid for it I think. Good Luck

  • Edq

    Trade in for Roku 1?

  • CuttheCord

    Would love to see ESPN3 make it to Roku.

  • Fantastic, I was going to buy a ROKU for my daughter to replace hers that finally wore out. Now I can get her the new version (could be a bad idea since her husband is an Angry Bird player, maybe we won’t tell him it gets Angry Birds).

  • Anonymous

    Oh goody, FOXNews.com…ugh.

  • Josh

    Sounds great…except for FOXNews.com. Any way you can work on including MSNBC as well?

    • Rookie35m

      Nobody watches MSNBC LOL

    • bicfj

      I watch MSNBC, Link TV, Al Jazeera, PBS, BBC and several other REAL NEWS CHANNELS.

      Fox is the TP-GOP propaganda bigotry channel. If you want your phone hacked, keep watching Fox.

      • Dredmondbarry

        I agree!

      • Guest

        actually, many of us believe that MSNBC and all the standard “old media” is DEM propaganda and bigotry…. at least FOX has fair and balanced reporting… News is News.. but FOX hosted shows have members from both sides discussing… don’t see that on the other networks..why? Have a great week!

        • Alice_gaines

          lots of comments on fox are neither ”fair” nor ”balanced” and the morning show with joe scarbrough on msnbc is pure GOP. some others are neither. Adding msnbc would be a good. unless you are a republician, fox news is not an asset.

    • Dredmondbarry

      I agree for equal time with msnbc.

  • j9

    Foxnews? Are you kidding? Def add ESPN 3 instead!!

  • Anonymous

    By sub-titles are you referrring to closed captioning?

    Further regarding closed captioning, will that be available on Netflix streaming anytime soon for all models? Or is that feature Netflix needs to add?

    • Darla

      This is exactly what I’m trying to find out. Customer service at Roku keeps telling me ‘I don’t think so” – as if they don’t know. I need closed captioning. Lately I’ve been renting movies from the Blockbuster Kiosk just to have CC.

  • yeah, just bought the XD|S about a month ago, please let us trade in for the upgrade!

  • Xxgoofyxx

    Will the older Roku being getting a firmware update to 3.0 to be able to get the newer channels? Is the Roku 2 DLNA certified?

  • Tracy

    Why Fox New? ugggh –

    • Tracy

      Fox News that should read – but I repeat, ugggh

      • Anonymous

        Ugggh is right. Plus, only on from 9-3 M-F? (maybe that’s a good thing though…)

        I vote for 24 hour BBC or some other news network.

        • Anonymous

          Good god, can you liberal hacks please restrain yourselves? If you don’t like a channel, you: a: don’t have to add it, and b: don’t have to watch it. It’s called freedom of choice. You want an MSNBC app? Go make one (and get MSNBC permission) via the SDK. In the meantime, please grow up.

          (and yes, “hacks” was intentional if only to further tweak you)

          • Mikhael

            It isn’t about being a liberal hack, it is about wanting a reliable news source with informed news anchors who relay accurate content and facts.

          • Dorth

            Thank you Mikhael, it’s not that we want them to get rid of Fox on Roku, it’s just fair to have both sides and FOX is totally one sided, MSNBC gets into both sides, why is it always FOX that gets the sites? Oh could it be MONEY

          • Anonymous

            Fox ALWAYS tells both sides. You have to open you eyes and ears to see and hear it.

          • Anonymous

            And plow through about 10-foot deep of drivel to get to the side they’re not so keen on.

          • Phd Momma

            They have recently done a scientific study on FOX watchers versus MSNBC (London School of Economics) and have found that FOX watchers have much lower IQ’s, lower educational standards and are white, low to low middle class, white people aged 50 and up. The same audience that is attracted to the Teaparty, NRA, bigotry and racism. That in itself is a good reson not to watch. FOX spreads hate.

          • Jared Swets

            I’m sure Roku ONLY approached Fox news, and purposely shunned ALL OTHER SHOWS because they are right-wing lunatics. The reason FOX is everywhere is a) It is number 1 in viewers, and b) they (apparently) aren’t copyright phobic like the other channels… good move on their part, and good for the consumer.. you can see why they are number 1.

        • Chad

          BBC is already available through the Official Newscaster app (I believe) as well as some unofficial apps. AlJazeera and RT out available as well.

    • Former ATE Design Eng.

      YES FOX NEWS!!!!!!

    • Dan

      Because it has more viewers than the combined audience of its competitors. It has this because it offers diverse viewpoints from people like Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, and Geraldo Rivera, Greta Van Sustren, Kirsten Powers, Mora Liasson, Bernie Sanders, and Patrick Cadell. Other channels split the pool of viewers who want to hear a single viewpoint or see one conservative argue with 5 liberals.

  • Surf City Steve

    Since the answer to “Will there be a trade in or chance to upgrade” question has been ignored I think it would be safe to say that they are indeed taking the Apple approach. I just bought my 2nd top end Roku unit now they come out with a new one 1 month later. I won’t be buying another. 1 Steve Jobs is enough.

    • I suppose they should call you first before launching any new products. Suck it up man. Pssst, you’re mobile phone needs upgrading too. whaahhhh.


        # 1: Learn grammar.
        # 2: A little forewarning for the release of a new product would be nice, I’m not a fan of Apple but at least they announce new products months prior so people know to save up or wait if they’re new customers.

      • Surf City Steve

        They should let you know so you don’t spend money on shit they know is going to be dead in a month. They knew the new technology was coming out but kept it hush hush so they could indeed get more money from us to purchase the new box. They should have at least let those that were buying recently that a new player was debuting soon. That is called customer service, ever heard of it? Your other comment makes you look like a petty 3rd grade troll.

        • Nosnhojm


          It’s not like the last gen Roku just came out yesterday. One might expect that Roku would refresh their lineup once a year.

          • Peter Hormozi

            No subtitles. i am getting rid of it

        • Che

          Long Beach (the official Surf City) or Santa Cruz (The real Surf City 🙂 ?

          Yeah, that happened to me with the Intel Macs, they came out 1 week after I bought a G4 Macbook pro… but companies have to balance annoying their existing customers with the gee-whiz suprise factor that helps create a market buzz & new customers. For the most part, the original Roku’s should continue to be very useful, not like they have any problem playing HD video, and almost any game that runs on the new Roku’s should (technically) be able to run on the old Roku’s when the new 3.0 OS hits the General Public.

          • Actually, it just happened to me right this minute!

            I just bought a brand new Mac Mini a few weeks ago, and now there is a core I7 mac mini…

          • Wil Weiss

            Pretty sure Apple offers a small grace period where you can either exchange or get some sort of refund on products purchased within a few weeks or just over a month from a new product release. Look around.

        • Jason

          You’re right, they should have taken all that hardware they already bought, throw it in the garbage, and swallow the cost. Business models based on good will alone always work out. How big do you think this company is exactly? It’s an extremely under-priced product for what it can do. To ask the company to just chuck all the old stuff in favor of the new hardware is unreasonable.

        • Deelite

          I have no idea why you think the stuff “is going to be dead in a month.” Releasing the new products doesn’t affect the functionality of previous products.

  • Njflemi

    Programming news is great!! Can we expand the Fox hours – maybe even work on Fox or CNBC foe a business channel?

  • That video was too cute! I will remember I heard it from her first 😉

  • I bought my second Roku on June 2nd. What upgrade (or return) privileges will I have?

  • Steve

    I, like greg, just purchased a Roku. During the past month I have been very satisfied with the picture quality, ease of use, and have become an advocate of Roku for those bemoaning the rising costs of cable tv.

    I love the Roku XS I received as a father’s day gift – took advantage of the free shipping promo, and have been considering cutting cable, but had to consider how that would impact the other tv in the house. I’d consider adding a Roku2 XS if there were some type of discount or incentive for current Roku customers.

    I see that the original Roku is no longer posted on the website for purchase which leaves me with several questions. Will original Rokus be available for purchase at any future date? Will recent Roku customers be offered a discount or other incentive to upgrade to Roku 2? My main concern is the great new features mentioned – subtitles for Netflix and gaming. Our Roku is connected to the tv in the family room and we’d love to enjoy these new features – and would have waited to purchase a Roku 2 if I had know that the games were part of an entirely new system. I was excited to see earlier announcements that Angry Birds was coming to Roku – just disappointed that I may have to purchase an entirely new Roku to have that functionality.

    • Steve, thanks for the great comment. Unfortunately, I know of now plans to sell off the previous generations, though you might be able to find them for a discount in retail. There will be some games that run on all systems coming out shortly – but Angry Birds requires the more powerful platform found in the Roku 2. Currently, subtitles are only supported on the Roku 2, but if that changes, I will make sure to communicate to our current customers. With hardware changes, you always run the risk of alienating recent purchases and we do apologize for any frustration that caused. I encourage you to contact customer.advocate@roku.com and voice your opinion on providing current customers with upgrade path. We are listening and do care about our current customers.

      • Roku JR

        Can you answer the question – how are you going to “thank” those who bought Roku and improved your business model? We all want to upgrade to the latest technology. Blaze a trail. Don’t be like everyone else.

        • Anonymous

          I completely agree! A year and half ago, I paid $100 for a Roku box that has specs less than the current cheapest $60 model. Roku is able to offer such cheap prices today because of early adopters like us, who now unfortunately are left unattended. A software update for first generation Roku boxes giving them subtitles and 5.1 audio options should be released asap.

          • Mtostad1

            I bought a Sony Betamax and I want their new VHS version machine at a discount – really people?

            What planet are you on?

          • Mtostad1

            I bought a Sony Betamax and I want their new VHS version machine at a discount – really people?

            What planet are you on?

  • need to add tv guardian capability

  • Xxgoofyxx

    I also noticed in the specs for the XS, that it is only g/b/n. The old XS was dual band. Is the new one dual band or just 2.4Ghz?

    • Pradeep Jayaraman

      I am looking for the same detail. I just bought a dual band simultaneous gigabit router. Would be awesome if Roku 2 is dual band. But i dont see any specification about that.

  • I noticed that the MLS channel was mentioned in the first press releases, but it is not available on Roku like the other new channels, and now it’s no longer mentioned in any of the later press releases. Is the MLS channel going to be released soon? And will it require the Roku 2?

    (I’m not interested in games and really don’t want to replace the current Roku boxes I already have so soon)


    • Anonymous

      Mens and women’s pro socker – yes! Roku is the perfect place for it.

    • Anonymous

      Mens and women’s pro socker – yes! Roku is the perfect place for it.

    • Rob Richardson

      I saw the MLS channel on my OLD Roku XDS this morning but I do NOT see it available on my brand new Roku 2 XS. Totally confused at this point.

  • What a slap in the face, I just opened my roku 1 that I just got in the mail today. :*(

    • Aloysius P36

      They do have a 30 day money back policy so you could return it if you are not satisfied

      • Maazmai

        I got one just 3 days back and still not out of the excitement of roku and here comes the Roku2.. As Aloysius P36 suggested, should return and get the roku2

  • It would be great if Roku added support for HBO GO. That would be awesome!

  • Is there a way to connect a tv other than HDMI (RCA or Svideo) for us folks who haven’t upgraded to an lcd yet?

    • Anonymous

      I was in the same boat. I had a perfectly fine 20 year old, fabulous picture, tube TV. But, I saw a name brand HDTV on sale in February. Winter after holidays is a good time to shop as last years models are at lowest price and many sales are happening. Kind of on a whim, I got it.
      It is worth it. The way I look at it is that I got my moneys worth out of the old TV. 20 years divided into what it cost me (in 1990s dollars) and, well, it *is* a perfectly fine model T. But, now I am in a Lexus or just a Honda even. It is a better experience with more features. (Except sound. HDTVs have pathetic speakers for the most part. You’ll want to use a stereo receiver or AV receiver with HDMI inputs.
      or buy a used original Roku series, which has component and composite video/audio out jacks.

    • Anonymous

      It’s supposed to have an A/V breakout cable in the box — 3.5 mm to three RCA, likely composite video, and right and left audio. SD only, apparently, but if you’ve got a pre-digital TV, it’s likely all right.

  • In addition, I would like to know, besides the new Bluetooth controller and games. What features does have these new Roku 2, that previous Roku XS do not have. Maybe a more detail in depth about hardware changes, you mentioned a new GPU, what else?. Does this new Roku 2 runs smother/stable than previous one. Will it be capable of doing other things that the previous one don’t? (besides running games)

  • Anonymous

    Why did you drop ethernet on the $79 model???? I only use ethernet in my living room. Wireless is not as reliable.
    I have the Roku XD. I paid the same price for it as the new Roku 2 Xd, and I get ethernet included. How is Roku 2 an upgrade?

  • Sweet update! Will very likely pick one up, though will be interesting to see what the Apple TV refresh brings. Would really like to see wifi streaming of iTunes library & ability to use Bluetooth keyboard.

    Megan Kelly live…nice move!

  • oooooh, and since we’re talking Bluetooth peripherals – Magic Trackpad anyone?

  • Oddwon1hotmail Com

    LIKE! times 1000!

  • Victor Hocke

    This “You’ll also spot a new Bluetooth motion remote” makes me wonder if it will be possible to pair my phone to my roku via Bluetooth and stream audio or why not videos stored in my phone, Are Roku 2 Bluetooth Drivers going to support the necessary profiles to achieve this or maybe later on with a software update?

  • Caseybyous

    I am so so so so so Happy about Foxnews! yes! I almost got my cable back just so I could get foxnews. will I have to buy another Roku box? or will the news work with the one I already have. although I will buy a new one too. the kids keep taking the box out of my room!!

    • Dorth

      Oh my God another idiot that wants to listen to the lies of FOX news and the tea party nuts. I don’t know why we even talk to people like you, it’s hopeless. It’s whats is wrong with our country right now, people lets get it together and get rid of these people that think the rich should not have to pay and get our country moving again, the Bush tax cuts is what has done most of this, IT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS!

      • Anonymous

        Typical liberal. Is that all you people do is call other people names because they like something you don’t? So how uneducated you really are. The rich are paying their fair share and then some. Get the facts right. The Bush tax cuts will be expiring and you will see how that further destroys the middle and lower income people. A flat tax would be the “Fair” way to go. Everyone pays a tax, everyone! Government doesn’t create jobs, Government keeps adding more and more regulations so the small business owner cannot survive anymore. We no longer manufacture in this country, we send those jobs out of the country, overseas and to Mexico. Obama bailed out the auto industry and they closed a plant in Wisconsin and moved it to Mexico. The Tea Party stand together for a reason. It’s time to get back to our Constitution and smaller government.

        • Anonymous

          Why are we talking politics here, anyway? A flat tax is NOT fair, because given typical consumption patterns, an equal tax rate puts a higher burden on lower earners. Government does create jobs — in the public sector. Go ahead and tell your policeman or fireman he doesn’t have a real job. Oh, but that’s right, publicly-employed security and fire defense kills jobs that could be done more cheaply in the private sector. Yeah, right. More like it would cost more for less service, and with employees paid less. And as far as the Tea Party standing together, that’s all well and good, especially when it’s on the trap door of the gallows.

          • Gloucester, VA

            I’m a teacher and our salaries have been frozen for the past 3 to 4 years.

        • Gloucester, VA

          Are you crazy! They go over seas to look for cheap labor. It is all about making more and more money. Part of the problem we were having here in America was due to greed. That whole trickle down economics was not working becuase big business and banks were giving themselves these incredible salaries and big bonuses to a select few. That money was not going back into the business nor to Middle Class Americans to share in the wealth. Please wake-up. If you really care, do the right thing for your fellow Americans.

    • Gloucester, VA

      No Thanks! I perfer MSNBC and CNN. You people are so scary!

  • Anonymous

    I like my Roku XR because it came with two RCA audio outs. Having those actually sealed the deal for me. It plugs right into the perfectly fine lower high end stereo amp which powers some Magnepan speakers. The sound is great. The digital to analog (DAC) chip in the XR is not a bad one. Better than the one in the basic Sony Bravia HDTV.
    Apple TV 2 only has a Toslink optical out but you can turn off Dolby Digital for two channel sound. So I picked up a $30 Toslink optical to RCA audio out DAC. Which also turned out to be pretty good and excellent for iTunes ACC and Apple Lossless wireless music off the Mac.
    I am sad to see that there is not optical out or RCA out on the Roku 2 models! Hopefully the Dolby Digital can be turned off and the HDMI digital signal sent to an HDTV which in turn has a built in DAC and Toslink or RCA analog out? (This is less desirable than to dedicated DAC – even a cheap one – unless one has an HDTV with an acceptable to excellent DAC chip built in it. My particular Sony Bravia DAC is acceptable at best.)
    HDMI was supposed to make this all simpler but, the families with really very fine two channel stereo systems have been forgotten. I wish home AV manufacturers had just kept the DAC and RCA outs for another 5 or so years. Two channel amps and receivers last a long time. If you have a good amp or receiver and excellent speakers, plus maybe a sub woofer, it is a lot easier to set up and sounds great.

  • Will they support IPv6? My current Roku is not even picking up an IPv6 address on my LAN.

    Even though Amazon and Netflix aren’t streaming over v6 yet, one of the radio stations I listen to on the Roku is.

  • Renea

    I’m with Greg. These are honest questions that we have about an upcoming product. Why there are some that get on here and make it their point to down those wanting more information for a more informed buy, is just sad. Yes i went there! If you dont have anything to offer to this post- educated responses or not- go down people somewhere else.

  • Former ATE Design Eng.

    I hope you’re going to manufacture it in the USA and not in China this time around! With today’s manufacturing technology and automatic testing equipment (ATE) it shouldn’t be that more expensive; there used to be plenty contract PCB/testing manufacturers in the US (Solectron, etc). If it’s not made in China, then I’ll get another one, otherwise I’ll pass on it.

  • Guest

    nice! better performance, you say? i’d love to see a specs comparison to convince me to upgrade.

    what i’d REALLY like to see is an upgrade to the Amazon Instant Video channel:

    (a) it’s so cumbersome to browse videos. something more like the Netflix channel would be nice – several rows for new releases, most popular, sale, genres, etc. would go a long way.

    (b) watching television shows is especially annoying because it takes several remote button clicks to watch the next episode in a series. there should be a “play all episodes” option or a “play next episode?” prompt with “yes” as the default, or both.

    thanks for listening!

  • Gardnebm

    Please, please, please add NFL as a channel.

  • Ryan

    Fox news? Really? Keep on dumbing down America with FAUX news.

    • indica

      truth is hard to take if you don’t realize it. You must be really under the messiah’s spell.
      Are you liking the changes?

      • Anonymous

        It wouldn’t be so bad, except Al-Jazeera Arabic is more reliable and truthful, if not more predictable.

    • Bob dubya

      Liberal domocrat left wingers = Angry Birds

  • What I’d like to know is when/if they are going to allow local streaming?? That’s the only reason why I picked up the ATV.

  • Rudi

    Thanks for the Fox News channel. One more big Plus for Roku.

  • Nhouser77

    Will the new boxes be in retail outlets immediately or is the website the only way to get it now? Also really like to see an ESPN3 app very soon. In time for football season? Please.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to this new player, it looks amazing.

  • Tiny Clanger

    Will this be available in the UK? I know most of the channels won’t be available, but Plex would make this a good Apple TV alternative, especially for those of us who want 1080p…

  • I hope you’re willing to stick to your “an open platform that easy to develop for” statement and put out a Roku 2 SDK fairly quickly. I think supporting the smaller developer will help bring some innovative games to the Roku 2.

  • When will Roku 2 be available on Amazon?

  • Nathan

    No optical audio output! I won’t be buying this one, that’s for sure.

  • Jwag777

    Are you offering any kind of a Roku 2 upgrade offer for us Roku 1 owners of nearly two years?

  • My question is when is the Roku going to support streaming of the media off of my own network!!! Yes, I can plug an external USB hard drive into the unit and play my videos from there, but it would be so much better if I could just stream my videos, photos, and music off of my network. I honestly would have thought that the Roku 2 would have included this functionality. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the addition of games on the system is very cool and I am a HUGE fan of this little box (bought several as gifts for the family in addition to my own). Just hoping I can find a solution to all of my streaming needs without having to use more than 1 device.

    • It cannot – Not DLNA-compliant…

      • BobbyL

        I too would love to see Roku be able to stream content from my local network. I have a NAS with all my video, photos. Could the box be made DLNA-compliant with a firmware upgrade? Anyone heard of this in plans for future upgrades?

        • This might be it :

          “** Full USB functionality available via software update expected by September 2011. See specs for list of file formats supported.”

        • Mardigras

          Google is your friend…

    • Stormerider

      Check out the Plex Media Server… that’s what I use 🙂

    • WB

      Chris, Check out “Roksbox” a private Roku Channel that I use to stream MP4 720p home movies, my entire CD music collection and all my pictures stored on a 2TB network drive. It works great and my Roku is 2 yr old

  • James

    no optical output!??!!! I was all set to upgrade to the Roku 2 (I already own an original Roku), but not anymore. Unless you release a model that has optical out, I will have to stick to other brands in the future.

  • Anonymous

    The most important thing to me – Is it faster?

    The original Roku was “ok” in terms of speed when playing videos, but lacked when scrolling through apps on the home screen. So is it faster. I have scoured the internet looking for this question and I see no one asking?

  • miket

    Hey Roku guys, how about answering some of our questions. Have you noticed that some of the comments aren’t just “Yay, I love Roku!” If you value your active community then please communicate with us.

  • Scooter

    Not expecting this to be answered, but I’ll try. Are there plans to allow users to access their music library from the Amazon cloud?

  • The gaming remote control will be Bluetooth ONLY, right??

  • Pradeep Jayaraman

    why no dual band?

  • Pradeep Jayaraman

    Why no dual band?

  • JLA

    When is the official release date? I’ve been to 3 different Best buy stores that show they have inventory, but the Roku 2 is nowhere to be found. I am just trying to figure out the fastest way to get my hands on one. How long is the shipping when ordered from Roku.com?

  • Spookydonkey

    Ok, I’m a new Roku user. I just bought my Roku last week from Amazon.com and was a little bummed to find out about the stealth launch of Roku 2. I’ll send back my Roku1 to Amazon, and I’ve already ordered a Roku2 directly from Roku.

    That said, I’m pretty disappointed by the lack of communication from Roku in regards to the Roku 2. I ordered it yesterday and still have no idea when it’s supposed to ship. There was absolutely no indication of a ship date during the entire ordering process, nor any information about it in any of the pages I searched.

    If I ordered yesterday (July 21, 2011), when can I expect to receive my Roku2?

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I’m very disapointed in this product. There focus seems to be on making the thing smaller. But this is not a cell phone, this is a device you place in your entertainment cabinet. The Original one was just fine size wise. And why Gaming? Who doesn’t already have a Wii, Playstation or X-box for there TV. Again this isn’t a Cell phone where size and portablitlity matter. Why not instead focus on adding value to the box, such as Local Streaming, PVR cababilities or a USB port that you can plug in a external Hard drive. I’m not sure who is in charge of there marketing department, but they need to be fired.

    • Nathan Hoover

      I so agree. I couldn’t care less if the new model were even a little bigger than the old one. But to remove basic functionality from it? That is genius marketing at work for you. Although I have always wished Roku success, I don’t see it in the future for them. They’re going down.

    • Road Warrior

      Maybe you haven’t taken yours on roadtrips. I can tell you that mine has saved more than one dull hotel room, and if I am already paying for Netflix and Hulu why not. Smaller is better, and not paying $20 for a movie from LodgeNet is even better.

  • Daniel Young

    I hope the power supply design is improved 🙂

  • Guest

    Reading these comments makes me think of Louis CK’s rant on Conan O’ Brien about how everything is wonderful and no one is happy. You bitch because they add a channel you don’t like; don’t watch it! You bitch because they add gaming capabilities you don’t like; don’t play them! You bitch because they stopped supporting your ancient analog TV. Did you bitch to the consumer electronics manufacturers when they stopped supporting VHS tapes? Or when the government forced the transition from analog to digital broadcasts? Get with the times or make do with your previous Roku. You bitch because you failed to do your research and see the leaked FCC filings and photos from Beta testers of the impending Roku 2 and you bought the old version. You bitch because you feel entitled to a discount to upgrade. Damn, why doesn’t Macy’s do that when I need to buy new shoes? Oh yeah, because they would lose money and they’re a business . You bitch because they didn’t add a feature you wanted. You mean this $60-100 product can’t cook my bacon for me in the morning too? Grow up and voice your pleasure or displeasure with your wallet.

    • OldCoot

      Better Living Through Technology guy is MAD!

  • LD

    When will Roku fix the crashing, lockups, and reboots on previous gen models that have now plagued many in the new models?

  • Siby158

    will it work with Closed Caption?

    • Maazmai

      I am able to see the subtitles from Netflix with Roku 2.. If that is what you are looking for

  • Maazmai

    I am facing wireless connectivity issues with Roku 2 XS ( Roku XD was perfectly working). When it connects, it works great..Has anyone faced a similar issue?

  • John

    Not to start anything political on this but adding FOX (faux) news is only adding more right wing propaganda to the right wing religious channel offerings… if liberal (live) media is not added, chalk me up as another cancellation

    • Wil Weiss

      You can add the Democracy Now channel in the Channel Store…

    • Anonymous

      Not to start anything? Then why call them faux? Liberals just can’t stand the truth!

      • whippa snappa

        Guy Who Cares A Lot About Murdoch Properties!

        • Anonymous

          George Soros has more control over the media than anyone else. Murdoch might own the parent company of Fox News but he doesn’t run the day to day operations of Fox News.

          • bicfj

            Murdoch owns Roger Ailes, who does run Faux Opinion Channel.

          • Anonymous

            Murdoch doesn’t own a person. Take your argument elsewhere. This is supposed to be about Roku.

          • bicfj

            You, icarealot, control more media than George Soros.

            George Soros controls NO media.

          • Anonymous

            That tells me how little you know. Do a little research.

          • Anonymous

            It all depends on where you do your research, and whether your mind is open to having your preconceived notions dispelled. That’s not you, I gather.

          • Anonymous

            I do my research with Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS and a host of others. The point is you are supposed to be intelligent enough to understand what is being told and sown to you. Apparently you are not. Take your argument elsewhere. This is supposed to be about Roku, not politics.

      • Gloucester, VA

        Do you really care a lot? I am not convinced.

        • I could care less of what you think.

  • Annmarie Brewer

    I just bought the ROKU 2 and did NOT get the enhanced remote. 🙁 I LOVE angry birds. :'((

    • Anonymous

      There is an option to purchase the enhanced remote

  • Dominic

    I got onto the Roku bandwagon just last week with the Roku 2, and I am enjoying the unit.

    However, I was hoping that there would be more channels that appeal to a broader audience. The number of channels I actually use I could count on my fingers (maybe plus a toe or two), and the number I will use with any frequency probably is 5 or less.

    The gaming side-show sounds like it will be fun. Playing Angry Birds on my TV has been amusing, and I hope that more will come out soon.

  • Rjamesb

    How about support for streaming video from Slingbox or a Sling enabled DishTV reciever? I would be willing to pay for that app/channel.

  • what the fuck happend to my youtube

  • guest

    Your choice for news is FOX – the pseudo news channel that is really an organ of the Republican party? It has done enough damage to this country with its shilling for the ignorant Tea Party. I will be switching to another device when it comes time to upgrade.

    • Derek Ainsworth

      Wow, so you are going to boycott Roku because they offer the OPTION to view Fox News if you CHOOSE to? Perhaps Fox News would have less credence if liberals weren’t as batshit crazy as you apparently are.

      • Dorth

        Oh yes that big bad word LIBERAL, well you think we are crazy, at least we care about the middle class and the poor in this country not like the crazy right that wants everything gone, I hope it’s all gone by the time you retire and I am dead!

      • Anonymous

        Liberals crazy? Pot…kettle…black.

    • Anonymous

      OBVIOUSLY, you don’t know your recent history. FOX news reports all tangents, you decide. If it weren’t for Fox News we would all be brainwashed by NBC and CBS. This country needs a few of you illiterates, (re: Mickey Mouse, Faux Troy Aikman, Faux Tony Romo, Donald Duck and all that ACORN wrote in) to really search the facts before you vote again, or if you are not learned, don’t vote. YOU are what has done damage to this country.

      • Anonymous

        You forgot ABC. Fox reports all tangents? More like they go off on all sorts of tangents, and then you decide what they want you to decide. If I were you, I wouldn’t be calling others illiterate, especially with your punctuation. You seem to qualify as LEP (Limited English Proficiency), though I’m sure English is your first language. I’m sure Washo the chimp could carry on a more intelligent conversation than you could.

      • Justadsup

        Let’s look at this another way. The only reason they are not going to give you subtitles on the old roku is the same reason they have fox news. They are pure greedy capitalists. They know buy spending they’re time on developing software that allows clients to waste they’re money buying games is much more profitable than taking care of the people who bought their older units. And fix news supports greedy corporations like this. They’re all for this kind of treatment of customers if it means their stock will increase…….this is how the world is right now and you have to learn how to deal with it otherwise it will drive you crazy. Do what you think is right and enjoy your life, it won’t be around much longer thanks to capitalism and media companies like fox. Im out..!!!!!!!!

    • Dorth

      guest, I know I was all ready to replace my Roku 1 for the new 2 until I saw they only are showing FOX news, I was a little shocked and unhappy with that, your so right it is the organ of the Republican Party and the (where did they come from?) tea party!

      • Recent Business grad

        I hope that you understand that Roku may not have chosen to only show the FOX news channel. The channels have to give permission for their media and content to be streamed on the roku (or any other platform), and FOX may be the only one that has jumped on board at the moment.

        As a roku customer you can voice your opinion in a literate, non-aggressive and non-incendiary tone of voice by contacting customer service. If enough people say they want another channel, Roku would be remiss to ignore that demand.

        If you write in ranting about FOX news and the Tea Party as you did in you post above customer service people will most likely ignore your comment and stick you on the crazy idiot pile. The best way to get what you want is to be polite and explain that you don’t watch FOX news, and would really enjoy it if they added other news channels as well.

        • Anonymous

          Fox News does engender that sort of reaction in a lot of people, especially the ones with half a gram of sense in their heads. Personally, I have no plans to add the channel to my box — I’m not even all that enthused that I have to pay for it on the cable system.

      • Ceb3960

        its nice to have the #1 news station …the others are really just leaning to the left .thats why nobody watchs them any longer !!!

      • ptyson

        “and the (where did they come from?) tea party! ”
        They came from a country that is a DEMOCRACY!!! (for now). Learn your history. The name “Tea Party” should sound familiar if you put Boston in front of it. The left has a right to voice their opinion and so does the right. I would fight and die for that right for either side. They call that free speech and it is the cornerstone of Democracy!!!

        • Mardigras

          The United States is NOT a Democracy, it is a Representative Republic. Perhaps YOU should do a bit of learning before telling others to do so 😉

    • Anonymous

      The TeaParty and FoxNews are the only voices trying to Rein in the Hyper-Spending Obama Administration. Obama called Bush ” Unpatriotic” for spending 4 Trillion in Eight years while we were attacked and at War for saddling our children and Grandchildren with debt, Obama has spent over 4 Trillion in just over two years; Is Obama 4 times more Unpatriotic that Bush? I think so using his own words Obama has implicated himself.

      • Gloucester, VA

        How stupid! You must have the memory of a goldfish. We were on the brink of a major financial melt-down when Obama came into office. That whole trickle down economics was not exactly trickling down due to greed (huge incomes & big bonuses). We cannot count on large corporations and banks to do the right thing. They must be watched and regulated. What is your highest level of education or are you so mentally incompetent that you cannot vote in the best interest of your fellow Americans. Remember Enron? No, I bet you don’t.

        By the way, if you haven’t noticed lately, other developed countries have a health care system in place to take care of their citizens. What do the Americans do? We put pickle jars next to cash registers at local stores to help pay for loved ones’ hospital bills when the health care insurance runs out. We’re Americans and that is the best we can do? It is the law to pay for car insurance and I would think health insurance would be even more important. My husband is active duty and I am grateful to have the good health insurance. Still it hurts me to see others doing without, but that is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican. Democrats care about the American citizen. Republicans care about business and making sure their personal investments are producing a profit. The whole country cannot join the military just to have decent health insurance. We need a good health care system for our fellow Americans.

        Also, it really angers me how people thank our troops for fighting for our freedom and then have the nerve to get pissed-off at anyone for being a democrat. What about that whole freedom thing? Republicans are very closed-minded people who claim to be conservative and religious when they are really greedy hypocrites. Face it, the Republican Party will go down in the history books as the Party that stood in the way of American progress. They will forever be known as the Party of NO!

        • Roku

          Regulations are the solution! Businesses can’t be trusted to do what is in the best interest of their customers! For example, I shop at a store that harvest one of my major organs, each time I make a purchase. Sure, with free market, I could choose to shop elsewhere, but I am not bright enough to do that (as can be read by my abuse of exclamation marks)!!!

          There was a major economic downturn induced when a bunch of banks came begging for a bailout. Government, once again, the best solution. Remember when those banks were forced to make loans to people who were a bad finacial risk (forced by governmental regulation to do so)? Once again, governmental regulation wins! More regulation! I demand it be more difficult & less profitable to start a business, or even hire employees!

          • RokuShopper

            By the way, a forum for the discussion of a tiny electronic box is definitely the place for a political diatribe.

        • Lomerson2

          I a retired veteran of the U.S. Army with a service connected disability rating of 60%. If you are in fact a military spouse you are one of a small minority who would make such comments. During my nearly thirty years of honorable service to our country as an enlisted soldier and eventually senior NCO, it was clear the the vast majority of soldiers that the military and the defense of our great nation were much more important to conservative, constitution loving politicians than the radical, socialistic leaning people who seem to represent the Democratic Party for the last several decades. The fact that President Obama has not improved the situation of our military or our country at all, despite having total control of the Executive and Legislative branches for the first half of his term, is a fact accepted across the political spectrum and reflected in his approval ratings which spiraled downward faster than the ratings of the previous administration which were ridiculed so freely in the liberal loving press. I began my service with a GED and as a result of the work of many solid, conservative leaders who supported, equipped and funded he military throughout my service I was able to earn a good wage, provide for my large family, and using the educational benefits provided, achieve a graduate degree that enabled me to pursue a career in education following my retirement. You are misinformed.

        • Lomerson2

          I a retired veteran of the U.S. Army with a service connected disability rating of 60%. If you are in fact a military spouse you are one of a small minority who would make such comments. During my nearly thirty years of honorable service to our country as an enlisted soldier and eventually senior NCO, it was clear the the vast majority of soldiers that the military and the defense of our great nation were much more important to conservative, constitution loving politicians than the radical, socialistic leaning people who seem to represent the Democratic Party for the last several decades. The fact that President Obama has not improved the situation of our military or our country at all, despite having total control of the Executive and Legislative branches for the first half of his term, is a fact accepted across the political spectrum and reflected in his approval ratings which spiraled downward faster than the ratings of the previous administration which were ridiculed so freely in the liberal loving press. I began my service with a GED and as a result of the work of many solid, conservative leaders who supported, equipped and funded he military throughout my service I was able to earn a good wage, provide for my large family, and using the educational benefits provided, achieve a graduate degree that enabled me to pursue a career in education following my retirement. You are misinformed.

    • Jared Swets

      Yes, that’s right! Roku offers more choices for the consumer by offering FOX news, a channel you can see on your TV, on this odd thing called “the internet”, and phones/tablets/etc. HOW DARE THEY! Are you also shunning this TV thing and the Internet as well? And refusing to buy any smart phones that offer the Fox app? You are so ignorant it almost isn’t funny. Talk about irony!

  • AllSeasonRadial

    Bought my XD|S late last January. Wife loves it for Netflix. But I can’t use it— no captions or subtitles. Mark me as another disappointed customer that I need to buy another. Still, Roku support eased the pain. They offered me 25% off the price of a new one. I listed the old one on Craigslist a couple of days ago for $75, and someone has already offered me 50.

    The new one arrived today, and I got it hooked up and playing on my 1992~era 36″ CRT. Problem is, not all subtitled Netflix content actually shows the subtitles. “South Park” subtitles work great. Same with the SciFi channel’s “Eureka” and “Star Trek: Voyager”. But far too many Netflix shows and movies that proffer subtitles do not deliver. I checked old episodes and new; neither delivered the subtitles offered. I came here to find out if anyone had any ideas about this.

    Apart from that, I have just one suggestion for Roku boxes: add a digital OTA tuner to a selection of your devices. If you forgo an unnecessary STB channel display (onscreen only), it would not add much bulk or weight to the unit (nor much expense, I bet), and it would be attractively convenient for the huge number of people currently operating analog TVs who would LOVE to dump their cable bill. Just my $.02.

  • FilmFan

    There is a theory that more technology is always better…maybe. The fact that you are proudly including FOXnews.com in your Roku lineup is deeply depressing. If there were an option to your service, I would switch to it in a nonsecond.

    • indica

      Typical response from a mind fogged liberal–no one is forcing you to watch or listen to the truth, that you made a serious mistake in supporting the current government, and you can’t realize how degrading this has been to our entire country.Your name should be FlimFlam for your thinking!
      Are you a dues paying ACLU member? —And switch, you don’t deserve to enjoy ROKU.

      • Anonymous

        Well, he’s certainly not going to find the truth on Fox News, or anywhere within ten kilometers of it. Are you sure it’s not you who’s been duped? And so what if he is an ACLU member? Recall that they defend your right to say what you wish, no matter how stupid it is. Without the ACLU, a progressive administration (not this one, though — not enough backbone) could hunt you down and send you to the camps for re-education through hard labor — I’m sure we’ve got some trees that need felling. Any resistance could be happily met with lethal force. Don’t worry though, that’s not going to happen until at least 2017.

    • Tincansailor


  • Anonymous

    Does the new Roku 2 line support dual band (2.4 and 5 Ghx) wireless? If not, why not?

  • Richard Cassano

    I would love to have the new Roku XS if I could trade in the original, first generation boxes I have now. In this challenging economy some sort of incentive beyond great innovation is needed to make a change financially worthwhile. Personally, I can’t justify throwing away two old boxes but would do so with a little help price wise.

  • Teckneck

    One would like to think that the support Roku provides on the new product is far superior to that offered by the defective Internet Radio’s that i foolishly purchased 2 off and they stopped working within 4 weeks each. The attitude i had to deal with my complaints were either ignored (which was more the rule than exception) or i would get a very unpleasant email accusing me of voiding warranty in some way – I doubt i can be persuaded to ever purchase a Roku product again – but read with interest the contents of comments posted here.

  • Richard

    I hope these units work better than previous. A couple of years ago I purchased the first Roku model and we were tickled pink – it worked great, no problems except I left it in our Florida home when we came back north. So in May of 2011 we bought an HD unit and it stopped working within a month. After a rather aggrevating hour on the phone with Roku tech servive they agreed to send a replacement. That replacement just stopped working and I’m not looking forward to another hour on the phone with someone in India.

  • Robert C. Huang

    Dear Anthony: You used to have a product called SoundBridge that worked so well in streaming music wirelessly from the Windows Media Player of a PC to the amplifier of a sound system. I don’t understand why you discontinued selling it. I saw on the Ebay auctions that people paid $365 for a new SoundBridge which should show you how popular it was in demand. Your Roku 2 new products do not seem to have the functions of a SoundBridge. Can you please design a new SoundBridge product or include its function in your Roku 3 ?!
    Your faithful customer, Robert C. Huang, email address: rch668@msn.com Tel.: 512-258-9809

    • Anonymous

      I have my doubts about the wisdom of posting your telephone and e-mail to a public comment board.

  • Radio fan

    Douglas, does Roku plan to make a new version of Roku’s Internet radios? I have two Soundbridge R1000s. They’re great, although I had to have the power supply replaced in each one when the factory component died. I listen to radio stations around the world all day on them. I hope to keep them running, but are there plans afoot for updated versions? Thanks.

  • Drmithra

    I want an NFL game day package on roku. I don’t care how much it costs!

    • Anonymous

      The NFL might do it for an extra billion or so. I mean, seeing as you don’t care how much it costs.

  • Timo

    Our Roku (version1, the high-end model supposedly with extra WiFi signal strength for which we paid a premium) has been a TURD since the day we got it. It drops the connection to Netflix movies dozens of times during the movie, and it must reload, although, curiously, we can sit right next to where the Roku is located and stream directly from Netflix to an iPad without getting such drops. Our WiFi signal strength is strong and our network is good with 20mbit/sec down. If Roku2 is better about such drops, Roku ought to offer dissatisfied customers like me, who feel they wasted their money first time around, a trade-up discount.

  • Eharrold

    When the software update is available for the previous models, will please you advise us by email or over the ROKU box?

  • Twillibrand

    Will you be making Blockbuster available for streaming?. Netflix is going way up in price and splitting streaming and mail out cd’s.
    netflix streaming videos are really old, so to get the newer releases you are now having to purchase both streaming and mailing separetly. bummer!!

  • rick brandt

    the dispute over Fox could be seen as a difference between “choice by” and “choice for” …
    in republics or rupertublics, the choice is made for you based upon capital, usually from the capitol. A faux argument is avoid my choice, avoid my decision. The problem for a CEO is that if enough people become disenfranchised, they will dis the franchise and ditch the niche.

    • Anonymous

      Artfully put. Personally, I’d only consult Fox News for a synopsis of my voice-mail.

  • Wahrenb

    Is there a program you offer that allows one to upgrade to new Roku by returning the old setup which would offset the cost of new Roku. I think this is fair and should be implemented.

  • Rtr130

    I have an older 2 Yr, old will I be able to get a trade in towards a new one ?

  • Curt on Cape Cod

    So, those of us who ponied up the big bucks for the top end older Roku are left in the cold where subtitles for Netflix are concerned?? You promised in earlier announcements to keep waiting and you would take care of the problem. Is expecting me to throw away my working, expensive model your idea of taking care of customers? Color me unimpressed Roku. Curt on Cape Cod

  • Janice M Cali

    What the heck, can we use our old Roku’s as a trade in on the new model, it’s not like I’ve had it all that long… Just very curious

  • Jackstrong222

    I just bought an “old” Roku XD/S a couple of weeks ago. I feel foolish that I did not exchange it for the “NEW, improved” Roku, especially since I discovered that I can not get subtitles on my Netflix. I like to watch at night when the slightest noise will wake people and I can not do this with the “OLD” Roku that I bought 2 weeks ago, and Roku is not working diligently to update their apps.

  • Kevin Ortman

    Love my Roku. Roku2 looks great, I will upgrade.
    REALLY want YouTube channel again… what happened there?

  • Ex-RokuUser

    Hey Anthony, instead of being so excited about the Roku 2, why don’t you try introducing a STABLE hardware and software product. The Roku 2’s frankly, SUCK big time! The new models CRASH, the HD and XD models don’t have ETHERNET connections, they don’t handle 5.0 ghz wireless and all Roku 2’s have problems receiving and playing some basic television programs. These problems were not issues with the first generation of Roku players. What the heck happened?? Did your software engineers get lazy?? Did your Marketing people pressure the Development teams to introduce a product before it was THOROUGHLY tested?? Were you in a hurry to book revenue so you can meet your numbers and collect your quarterly bonus??? You ought to be ashamed instead of being excited, for introducing such crappy devices that are full of bugs. Hey, don’t take my word for it …. just read all the blogs and negative reviews about Roku 2 on the internet. Most of us expected much, much better work from Roku!

  • Lisa

    Why in the heck can they develop a new player that makes no since in purchasing because they can’t come to an agreement with YOU TUBE, in which the other players allow a person full access. It is crazy that the powers that be at Roku are not getting this done. I will not purchase another Roku until they reach an agreement with YOU TUBE.

    • Anonymous

      There is a private-channel app made by TheNowhereMan that accesses YouTube. It’s not the greatest user interface, but it does work well.

  • Gail

    I have an older version of Roku. I get subtitles on Hulu Plus, but not with Netflix. Why are subtitles
    available for one application but not the other? Do you plan to do a software upgrade to allow subtitles
    for Netflix on the older units?

  • Mojoe_joejoe

    I have 4 of the older version of the Roku all bought this year. Would love to be able to change the channel without having to be an expert marksman. Will you be offering a trade in program where I can send the ones I have back and get new ones at a discount

  • BillAbbott3

    After reading Greg’s question and Tiffin’s answer, how much is it going to cost — all I really need is the CC hookup ( and had I realized that I could NOT get CC, I would never have ordered my D model!

  • Jeanne Peck

    Bought Roku a month ago and since it does not have Subtitles or cc I can only watch foreign
    movies on it, since i am very deaf. Will try new Roku if you can assure me that I will be
    able to get subtitles to most American movies.

  • Roy

    I bought my current mid-tier Roku less than a year ago. I was somewhat hesitate but in the last few months, I love it and advocate Roku to everyone every chance I get. In fact, I just canceled my TV cable portion because of Roku on-demand channels. Now I ask, do you have a Roku incentive for Roku2? I want to stay on top of the technology now that I know it delivers great content but can’t buy new stuff at full price every few months. Can I trade up?

  • Bdoyle

    Anthony, when I bought my 1st Roku (I now own 3) there was a statement or at least a clear implication that when Netflix added subtitles, I would be able to view them. Can’t prove it since the old pages are gone, but I would like a clear statement from you on your intent of providing a software update for that capability. Yes or No and when.
    Thank you

  • Dr. Righteous


    Thank you for continuing to change the world one TV at a time. I enjoy the v1 XD|S I purchased and will likely purchase the v2 soon.

    As for all the complaints posted here, ignore them. You provide an excellent device at an insanely low price. I was delightfully surprised to see the v2 models at the same price points.

    My only suggestions for the future are perhaps a partnership with Google for a Chrome web browser add on and a YouTube channel.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Timo

      I would hope that my complaint would not be ignored. It’s a valid complaint. The Roku unit drops and reloads the stream over and over and over, so it’s almost unwatchable. I don’t say my experience is the norm. But there aren’t even any diagnostics available that would allow the user to cooperate with support to help them to identify the problem, at least not as far as I know. If you bought a stereo system that did this to your music, you’d want to scream.

  • Bdoyle

    Will you provide a software update for old Ruku users to get subtitles, Yes or No and when. Thank you

    • JetsNeedVick

      I certainly walked away from my purchase with the impression that the Roku was software upgradable, not that we’ve ever had one that I am aware of.

      • Marina

        PCs, Macs, Nintendo Wiis, PlayStations, Google TVs and Boxee Boxes can choose to see subtitles on their devices right now and xbox is planning a SOFTWARE upgrade shortly. No gouging the handicapped who already have money challanges.

        Come on Anthony, you are the CEO and can set policy, will you will or will you won’t?

        • Bdoyle

          Let’s add iphone and ipad to the list of vendors offering subtitles FREE of charge.
          Anthony I have no problem upgrading my hardware for new features like games etc. But the implication has always been that the lack of subtitles was a Netflix technology issue.

          I don’t see anyone in this thread “slamming” your company. We just feel you need to do the right thing.

      • Anonymous

        There have been a few upgrades in the past, but it has been a while. I think they’re currently at version 2.9, build 1553.

  • Brandenburg, Jack

    if this product is so hot – you shoud offer a 1/2 price off when trading in the first generation. the 1st generation functions are simple dispite having to dissconnecr everythig so one can reset the system when it locks up. i will wait until there is a compeditor to make a better model and i hope it is made in Malyasa since everything out of China is crap.

  • Naresh Mails

    I just purchased ROKU 2.
    1) It require very speed Internet, is there anyway with low speed internet also should work? Previously I use Western Digital (WD player) I can access Youtube without buffering without stopping. Why ROKU 2 will not work like that?
    2) USB port : Compare to WD player this is not working properly cant play different types of videos and reading also takes very long time.

    It would be better if you spend some time on this type of common problems.

    Naresh Kumar

  • Do you have video ads showcasing the product?

  • Web86


  • Dwc6587

    Great, Fox news, Roku can add to the demise of America. Good job guys. We might as well get it over with.

    • Anonymous

      Just remember, you don’t have to watch it. Personally, I wouldn’t call Fox News a particular highlight of the offerings, but that’s just me — and a few other folks, too. What we really need is Current TV for Keith Olbermann. You can get it (in a not-quite-cricket fashion) via the Justin.tv channel. Google it.

  • DL

    1. an upgrade deal would be nice but, face it, to a video/audio enthusiast $59 is pocket change. If you’re not an enthusiast and just want a box to play movies, you’re talking 3 months of Netflix 2 DVD’s plus streaming, or 8 months of streaming only, still not a bad deal.

    2. It is definitely *not* useful to make the unit smaller and smaller, especially at the expense of connectivity options. The first generation had component video and Ethernet, the new generation has neither except the most expensive model. What you have is a little light unit with a big stiff HDMI cable wanting to drag it off its shelf, or at least out of alignment with an IR remote. If you want to pack it on vacation, fine, but it’s not so unreasonable to do so even with the original model. I myself would prefer a rack mountable unit but I realize I’m in the minority.

    3. As far as extra features go, again, look at the price. But between gaming, in which I have zero interest, and streaming from a DLNA server, playing multiple file formats from USB storage–anything other than gaming would be my vote. It would be nice to have one appliance that did it all: Netflix and other services, LAN streaming, You Tube and other Internet services, local storage mpeg 2 and mpeg4 file playing, transport stream file playing, navigating DVD menus from ripped (legal backup copies, of course) DVD’s, etc. This is definitely not it, and probably never will be at this price.

    4. When I bought my XD it came with a promise that the USB port would be useful in the future for local files. I have yet to see this materialize. If this were some pricey high-end unit I would be annoyed. As it is, I take the promise to support USB on the new generation with a grain of salt.

    5. Fox News is indeed atrocious. MSNBC is undoubtedly left-leaning, and you can find liberal bias anywhere if you believe the canard of the “liberal media”. Fox is slanted to anyone not sipping their Kool Aid. I don’t mean commentary–O’Reilly vs. Maddow–but the news that they cover and the manner in which they cover it. Example: during the run-up to the Iraq invasion, consistently, over a long period, over 40% of Fox viewers believed Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attacks on 9/11–something like twice the general population’s belief in this outrageous piece of GOP dis-information (Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld implied it, without actually stating it, and Fox was only too happy to filter it into truth).

    However, I don’t believe giving others choices that I will never take to be a boycottable offense. There’s plenty of other offensive crap, of a non-political nature, available on the Roku that I will also never watch. I wonder, do you also boycott your cable companies for offering Fox?

    • Anonymous

      No, but if they gave me the option of taking it or leaving it, I’d leave it.

  • Amazon cloud user

    Are we able to access the music we have stored in the Amazon Cloud?

  • Jim

    why no .avi or .mkv content playback

  • Donald

    Still a few problems I see wit this. No built in web browser that you’ve mentioned No java, no flash.

  • Bebecroteau

    i am quite happy with my roku 2 xs… this is a question regarding netflix subtitles… sometimes a netflix movie shows english subtitles available, and yet the subtitles wont play….is there something that i can do?..i have tried going out of the movie, and turning on the subtitles again, but it still doesnt seem to turn on the subtitles…

    • uspsken

      Netflix has a link on the bottom called “Subtitles & Captions”. Follow the link and Netflix lists the movies and TV shows that have subtitles available. Netflix states on their site that “not all movies and TV shows have subtitles”

  • Claudiapatx

    The new Roku 2 box sucks, in my opinion. It makes PlayOn&JustinTV useless….And to me, those are my main goto channels…Roku, you let this rat out of the box too soon. Did y’all even do any testing on this box before you released it? Did you even try hooking it up to an actual tv and try it out? Besides the ability to add a memory card , it just BOMBS! I want my money back so I can go try to find an old box before everyone figures out how suckie this new box is and buys up all the old ones…Boo Roku.

  • Wpradel

    The new Roku2 is terrible. It drops netflix movies constantly. I have old Roku…works fine. Support is useless. They want to blame everything but ROKU when obviously it IS the new ROKU2 as WII and Old ROKU work fine. Had me change wireless settings, restart connections etc. 3 service phone calls. Staff obviously reading from script and in a FOREIGN COUNTRY and have NEVER used ROKU!!!! Terrible customer service. Just used Amazon customer service. My issue resolved instantly by AMERICANS. You should learn from thier excellent customer service. I am sending this “new” ROKU back for full refund even though NO ONE has even offered to tell me how to do that yet!!!!! DO NOT BUY NEW ROKU2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilirr

    Are you considering adding Zumba or fitness games??

  • thomas wilson

    i want roku for only one purpose. That is closed caption with Netflix. I have a 1080 HD TV> Which Roku 2 product do I want. The HD or XD

    Thomas Wilson

  • Richlucht

    Piece of crap won’t connect wirelessly or by ethernet cable!

  • Diego Chagall

    I was wondering if there had been any developments in the darkness issue, in which Roku 2 sends out a color signal for a PC monitor as opposed to a regular HDTV, such as described at http://www.techofthehub.com/2011/08/roku-2-best-netflix-player.html. I’d like to wait until that’s confirmed fixed before buying, unless the fix could definitely be something that would apply to the “older” one already bought. Do you have any update on this? Thanks

  • SC

    Are there monthly fees for it, besides subs N’ such.

  • Any chance that a deal could be made with Popcap games – i would love to play Plants vs. Zombies on my tv.

  • Kris

    Hi. I was wondering if the Roku will eventually have more streaming options. As most of us have heard, Netflix is having some major issues at the moment. I loved Netflix, but If they stay on the road they are on now I will be jumping off that sinking ship. The price increases every other month plus loss of major content and dvd features are just too much to ignore. I hear that other major companies are looking to cash in on the void that is going to be left after Netflix self destructs. Blockbuster may be planning on launching streaming videos to go along with their dvd and blu ray rentals. I would love to see if Blockbuster may be available on Roku. I admit, I bought the Roku player specifically for Netflix. If that isn’t around anymore, my player is going to be collecting dust.

  • Mjg19642000

    Can we stream all video from the Internet? For example espn3?

  • E!
  • uspsken

    I purchased the Roku 2 XS player because I wanted subtitles when I watch Netflix, but they do not work. Is anyone else having that problem? I did contact support, but was told there is a software issue.

    • Bebecroteau

      i just turned on “dirty dancing” on netflix, with the roku 2…the yellow subtitles are working just fine…

    • uspsken

      I am answering my own post because I just checked the Netflix site and saw a link on the bottom called “Subtitles & Captions”. I followed the link and Netflix lists the movies and TV shows that have subtitles available. It turns out that the movies I originally checked did not have subtitles. To give you an example I originally streamed Robocop and did not get the subtitles. Netflix does not show that Robocop is available with subtitles so that explains why I did not see them. Robocop 2 is listed with subtitles, so I streamed Robocop 2 and the subtitles were there. I hope this helps.

  • al

    Subtitles do not really work for the most movies on Netflix if you stream through Roku 2XS. I though it is just my problem, but searched the web and found out that it is a very common issue for many users. So unfortunately “we’ve beefed up the Netflix app with things like subtitles” is not true.

  • Jim

    There is 100% NO reason that you should not be able to supply subtitles for Netflix on pre-Roku-2 hardware (when available from Netflix). Period.

    Software. Emphasis on SOFT. Yes, I am a programmer, so yes, I do know what the hell I’m talking about. Yes, you can do it if you want to, and no, it will not cost you your business or its profitability, though failure to do so may cost you your reputation (and both of the items previously mentioned). I might consider buying another unit or two, but this egregious failure to even provide a rudimentary upgrade path to committed users has me holding back. It is also preventing me from recommending your product to others. Hearing problems (both major and moderate) are more prevalent than many will care to admit, and catering to that need *will* *not* hurt you. Ignoring it will. Don’t be weak. Please keep your promises and make it happen.

    • pappy

      I’m disappointed there are no netflix subtitle updates for my RokuXS (3 of them) Every tablet I own has netflix with subtitles. Even my son’s Wii HAS the netflix subtitles !

    • Steve “DiEsiob”

      I am not sure why you would need subtitles… Well I guess I can think of a few reasons, but I am not sure why that would be a major infraction not purchasing this product.

      • Zen

        Hey Steve,
        Answer to your question: Movies that are in languages you don’t know.
        It is common to prefer subtitled over dubbed movies even if dubbed is available.

      • Annal

        The millions of hearing impaired viewers consider it a really major infraction.

  • Robert

    I bought the Roku 2 for the subtitles, but very few work on Netflix. I feel like I’ve been ripped off. Netflix basically ignores their customers and I don’t expect them to do anything about the lack of subtitles except to hype the claim that 80% of their catalog will be subtitled. What I am surprised is that Roku got away with selling a lot of Roku 2 units based on people wanting the subtitle option, only to remain silent about this annoying issue.

  • Brianc13

    my angry birds will not start. i get to the main screen to hit play but the hand will not move to the play button. the finger clicks when i hit the ok button on the remote but i can’t move the hand???

  • Richrose1928

    Youtube – please keep working one it as a new channel.

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  • Warrenv702

    Kind of disappointed. I asked for the high end version for a birthday present just to get the Angry Birds game and remote and the game won’t play. Have tried pairing the remote. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Disappointed to the point where I might ask my son to find out if he can take it back to the purchase point and get his money back and go back to the old way of streaming Netflix.

  • peptobismol

    Googled on this first but couldn´t find a clear answer.

    Will my Synology DS110J NAS support the Roku 2 xs? I´m thinking mainly for video streaming. Love the 2 xs specs, but will it work for me ? Thanks.

  • I followed a Twitter link here, bc it said something about rolling out in Canada. And yet–no info on that 🙁

  • UncleDynamite

    When is Roku going to get a good Twitter channel so I can follow my favorite comedy Tweeters, like @badbanana? I found one, but it was developed by a 3rd party, poor quality channel (not that all 3rd party are poor).

  • When will there be HBO GO support?

  • Luiscortavarria

    Any idea when you guys will be able to connect with YouTube? It is a bit shame that is not a problem with Apple TV.
    Hurry up because while I like your product better than Apple, I feel in the next update of my devise I may go for Apple, only for You tube

  • Guest

    My problem with no upgrade option with the original Roku–we purchased it at the same time as Netflix and immediately noticed there was no closed captioning (husband is extremely hearing impaired and this is the only way he can watch tv–with cc). I immediately called both Netflix and Roku asking about the CC—Roku blamed it on Netflix saying that “all of our boxes are CC capable, we’re just waiting for Netflix to make CC available.” Netflix said they were “working on providing CC, but that Roku should be able to provide it”. With that, we decided to wait for Netflix to provide the CC and keep the Roku box because “all of the Roku boxes are CC capable”. Now that Netflix has CC on a lot of the programming, the original Roku box does not provide CC! If you are hearing impaired, this is so important. Now we are stuck with a box we can’t use–can’t even get an upgrade to provide the CC. It would help if even for a modest fee Roku could provide the closed captioning/subtitle option.

  • Tom

    Just bought a roku 2 hd. Says it’s easy to install. I must be doing something wrong. I cant get it to work with my tv. I have a 30″ sony triniton. the big one that weighs about 600 pounds. the single tube tv. I dont have a HDMI female connection. I used the av hookup that was included. cant ge anything out of it. any suggestons?

  • Fl13lane

    I am interested but have no idea how it works is there a monthly fee to ROKU or anyone for use. fred

  • Berkley3

    How do you know which resolution to use?

  • A full review here for those looking for additional info

  • TheDude

    I would like to see DLNA support in the future. Please add a little more weight to the unit so the cables don’t drag it around. I would like to see more news options. Keep up the developement! Thanks.

    Cheers to allseasonradial for actually doing something for himself and selling his old unit and getting a discount on a new one. I applaud you. Reading that makes all the vile sounding posts about the same issues almost laughable. A discount on a new one would be an awesome way to go. I hope that offer stands good throughout. Good luck.

  • Anonymous

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  • Arg777

    How do I check to see if closed caption is available on a movie before playing it

  • Patomica

    Roku. It’s a nice thing to hear. Well it’s being developed. Can’t wait. Here’s a working hack for world of tanks – http://allinonefiles.com/2011/12/07/world-of-tanks-tech-tree-unlock/

  • once i buy the box do i have to subscribe with monthly fees on hula and Netflix and and such?

  • Sam

    Will it have support from spanish networks?

  • Tmrudy

    LOL…I didn’t know this was a political blog! I am having so much fun reading the comments. I will direct my comments to the ROKU. I love mine…in a sort of non political way…..LOL!!!
    Thanks ROKU for a great product that is user friendly at an awesome price. Have fun!

  • Megan

    So if u have one roku does it work on every hd tv in the house? or is it something like a dvd player??

  • Maxwell Smart

    Is there a monumental difference between the Roku 2 XS and the Roku 2 XDS? Aside from the size of the unit, all I really see is the addition of an Optical port on the XDS and no Angry Birds or gaming remote. Is there an internal memory difference as well and what is the maximum capacity MicroSD card that can be used in XS or any other Roku devices. Just bought the XS and it does well on my crumby DSL. My kids are forcing me to step up to ten times faster broadband, so I look forward to great performance from this Roku 2 XS. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to buying a 2nd Roku 2 XDS for my other home theater? Thanks.

  • Tintand Clearbra

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  • A K

    I just purchased the Roku2 XS yesterday. My first impression was that of disbelief that I had to enter in a credit card number to use the device. Nowhere does it say on the packaging that a credit card is needed to display free Internet content. I went ahead and bit the bullet on that after a long debate about returning the device. Now that I have the Roku2 XS up and working, I have a new concern. I can’t find YouTube anywhere on the channels, yet it is clearly listed in EVERY Target store right above the display as a channel! Does the Roku2 XS not get the YouTube? If so, that is a major disappointment as that was my only reason I wanted a streaming device in the first place.

    Now that I have something that doesn’t do what it claims it can do (what almost every media streamer does at no cost right now), how do I delete my credit card info that I placed on file when I return the device?

  • The Roku 2 is worthless. It won’t connect to LAN no matter how LITTLE security you use. Every device I own connects to my wireless network EXCEPT Roku. It connects to the “wireless network” but not the “Local Area Network” — why is a LAN even required when connecting wirelessly? STUPID. The Roku 2 is a hundred dollar paper weight.

  • Maxwell Smart

    I’m a bit confused by the comments coming from this blog into my email account. I keep seeing quite a few negative comments about ROKU 2 stating disappointment that this device won’t let them do things that it was never designed to do. Read up on products before you buy them folks. I have the R2 XS and it does what it is designed to do. If you want to be cheap and try to port the content stream through a LAN to other display devices without paying for an additional receiver for each display, you are a cheap idiot and should refrain from posting your comments. If you fantasized about this product doing something that it was never designed to do or that it will receive content that hasn’t been officially ported over or advertised, then you are an idiot and you should stop wasting our time here as well. Why isn’t anyone asking about onboard memory vs. external memory capacities as well as what is the true optimized bandwidth for 1080p content viewing instead of complaining about your inability to somehow cheat the system?

  • Hischild1068

    Fox news channel on roku2xs, says streaming live from 9am-3pm (eastern) every weekday. But when I tune to fox news channel, it only has selected news clips from a couple days ago? What am I doing wrong? or is it not really streaming live?

  • Hischild1068

    Fox news channel on roku2xs, says streaming live from 9am-3pm (eastern) every weekday. But when I tune to fox news channel, it only has selected news clips from a couple days ago? What am I doing wrong? or is it not really streaming live?

  • Hischild1068

    Fox news channel on roku2xs, says streaming live from 9am-3pm (eastern) every weekday. But when I tune to fox news channel, it only has selected news clips from a couple days ago? What am I doing wrong? or is it not really streaming live?

  • Hischild1068

    Fox news channel on roku2xs, says streaming live from 9am-3pm (eastern) every weekday. But when I tune to fox news channel, it only has selected news clips from a couple days ago? What am I doing wrong? or is it not really streaming live?

  • Jeff

    When is an official date announcement coming out for Youtube support? I’d like to know if its within the next 6 months otherwise I may return my Roku for another set top box. The return policy is limited. Thanks!

  • Katmontini

    I got mine for 37.50 on clearence rhe roku2 xs what a deal wish they had more than 1 i would have put one in all 5 rooms

  • Subtitle capability sounds awesome, but is there any chance that you’ll be upgrading the older models for that? Personally, I’m not a gamer so that part of the equation doesn’t matter to me. The subtitles, however, do — mainly for British TV shows and movies and also those times my wife is asleep but I still want to watch something without bothering her.

  • Fiza

    Can you get indian or urdu channels free?

  • K_elchuk

    Is the Roku 2 XS and XD compatible to Canadian Netflix and software.

  • Guilloale

    For those who live in Puerto Rico, don’t buy Roku, since it doesn’t work in the island. I just contacted their support and for them we are a different country. That is sad to know!

  • Molliegdl

    Can you change the movie/tv channel’s language from English to Spanish (and back to English again) with the new boxes? Just checking since it can be readily done with cable, when a show or movie has a secondary Spanish track.

  • Davdanjoan

    why does it take so long at times to recieve the movie especially from Sail Channel ? the streamig seems slow or stopped ?

  • paul

    roku2 does not display subtitles on netflix movies/tv series – will this be corrected?

  • Swissstar12

    will this still work if i dont have any type of cable just a tv and internet

  • Smoothercycler

    Here I am in Walmart deciding to buy or not Roku 2XS. If I use Roku, can I dump my cable company and get basic tv, news, and shows with just internet?

  • Guest

    well ladies and gentlemen, i cam to this site to get a answer to the question is roku 2 dlna supported and i got my answer. however i did not expect the fun of reading this its so insane only a few post legitimate questions or comments and the rest are either i want a free or very discounted new model or fox sucks or msbc sucks or weekly world new suck. you liberal this and you right winged that wow true entertainment kind of like watching idiots on youtube jumping off buildings in a kiddie pool full of nail,screws and what ever sharp objects they could find so again i would like to thank those that did put legitment roku comments and questions and everyone else thanks for the laughs

  • AParent

    What about parental controls?

  • AParent

    What about parental controls?

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  • donna

    can you get canadian news on roku2xd for eg: globalnewstvbc

  • Berry Sean93

    does the roku 2 controller work for the original roku

  • R Valencia1980

    How can i see you tube videos on roku xs?

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  • I want to use this with my networked computer at school…it is connected to a smartboard…how do I do this?

  • Masonfox

    so is angry birds free??

  • Thanks for the Fox News channel. One more big Plus for Roku.

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  • Steve Tinkler

    Looks superb. Have you any UK outlets that supply these? If not, then I’d certainly like to consider sole import rights. Please contact me on the meail address supplied. http://www.sellmycar.ltd.uk

  • Tim

    “For the same low price as our previous streaming players, the Roku 2 adds a bunch of new stuff.”

    Also, they remove one very important feature, digial audio out, which makes the Roku 2 worthless in my high end 12 seat projector home theater. Honestly, why no digital audio out? Not everyone wants the audio and video to go to the same location.

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  • Nwuttke

    We are having issues with Netflix working on our new roku2 box. It is streaming because we see all the movies but when we hit play nothing is retrieved. Any advice? We’ve reset and unplugged to no avail.

  • Fallbrooker

    Will the new Roku 2 include the BBC app? Everything seems to be US-oriented, from what I have seen.

  • Ava Brown

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  • That is awesome that I can get the new Ruku! been waiting quite some time.

  • Charise Parker

    Does anyone have any advice for troubleshooting problems with Roku 2? Mine will not connect to the internet. I have a 2 Wire ATT modem. I tried power cycling and that did not work.

  • Pattydoo2

    I have the initial ROKU………….I called the magic phone number (6) months and asked “WHY” I can’t get closed captioning on Netflix movies….she said,”We’re working on that”…….Actually, she was just Shining-me-on”…………………..So, How do I get closed captioning whenever I want it???? What to I NEED?


  • Love it! Looks fun the Roku 2,I would like to have one of those

  • It’s one more big Plus for Roku. Just hoping I can find a solution to all of my streaming needs without having to use more than 1 device. If you can sort out the current bugs, this product will be perfect for me.

  • Can i get new channels on this one

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  • For me, I wish I had one now but I’m going to wait for Roku 3 to come out in the next 10-36 months.

  • Joe

    Roku needs to add Industry standard DLNA. Plex is not the best option when other devices in home use DLNA.

  • coco64

    when is blockbuster videos is comming to roku 2 ?

  • We love our Roku 2! as it allows us to stream the music in our office through one small device. People are always intrigued by the small form factor and ability to deliver impressive quality.

    -Roku 2 Lover

  • Annabellum

    Who was the unabashed idiot that let the “It’s not broken, so let’s fix it” monkey out of it’s cage?
    I watch 2 providers…Dream Fever and Huluplus….I pay to be able to stream these..
    I am a little old lady with a severe heart condition and a limited budget..maybe I should thank you for lowering my monthly expenses. Now that the sub-titles lock up, and the screen becomes unresponsive to the remote, which means I must push the roku home button, and start all over again…. I guess I can revoke my memberships….since this is not a pleasant experience and I hate taking my nitro…It was so nice of you to take away one of my few pleasures I have left………

  • bill

    is it at all possible to watch college or pro football on roku?

  • vj

    i have the roku 2 model 2720x and it does not perform right i get no video and pauses and no audio when it is used for a while as it heats up thinking of getting rid of it have only had it a short time?

  • David Tatlitug

    I have four Roku Streaming boxes and the one which was the worst and just stop working all together was the Roku 2 XD. What a waste of money. I will replace it with an Amazon product as I don’t reward companies that don’t make lasting products these days. Roku also seems to have a billing problem is you sign up for the two free months they offer at times. I signed up and got billed from day one and they wouldn’t even answer an email. Thank goodness Pay Pal reversed the charges being that Roku did not reply to them either. Great job.