Many of you have been wondering if Roku is carried in local retail stores. The following stores have the Roku 2 XS and Roku 2 XD players on the shelf (though you should always check inventory before heading out).

Click on the logos below to find the closest retail location to you.

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  • Chris M

    You used to have Rokus in Walmart? Will you be getting back into those stores?

    • Chris M

      Ha. Oops. That first sentence should read “Didn’t you used to have Rokus in Walmart?”

  • Anonymous

    I have four earlier designed ROKU boxes that work flawlessly. The ROKU 2 is getting consistently bad comments on the Internet from owners of earlier ROKU products. The ROKU 2 appears to drop out unexpectedly in environments where the older products work fine.

    Is there any plans of fixing the ROKU2 line?

    I plan to avoid the new design until I see better comments. (See Amazon and other sights for typical comments). Because of the excellent performance of earlier ROKU designs, anything less than perfect is not good enough.

  • Sumdumphool

    Any “upgrade” type deals for owners of previous equipment??

    • I totally agree. I have had a roku since they first came out and would love to upgrade but hate to pay the full price all over again. A discount or trade in or rebate for previos owners would be great!! I would upgrade in heart beat

    • J Dunc

      Upgrade deal and Closed Caption would make ROKU2 truly revolutionary!

  • Dmh

    Use my Roku almost nightly. We like it very much, but we wonder when captioning will be available for Netflix movies, etc. (???)

    • Carol

      Thank you Dmh for this comment. I would also like to know when captioning will be available on more Roku channels. I

      • Jamona5

        Yes, defiitely need closed caption. Was terribly disappointed when buying origional ROKU to realize there was no CC. Too bad my own TV can’t pick it up. J Dunc

  • Ernequino


  • Henrywwilsonsr

    It is hard to enjoy a roku,When your people won’t complete the registering of the product. I am talking about all evening,over 8 hrs and waiting. I expect to hear from a day shift manager.

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