Pandora is our most popular music application, both in terms of installations and total number of hours of music streamed. So we are very excited to have worked with Pandora to bring you an improved experience.

The new Pandora channel was developed for  Roku 2 but works with all Roku players, even previous generations.

Here’s an overview of the improvements:

  • You can link (authenticate) your Pandora channel either via a linking code or by signing in with your Pandora user name and password directly on your Roku player.
  • You can sign out of the channel by selecting the “Sign Out” poster on the station selection screen. Signing out enables you to switch to another Pandora account.
  • If you have a Roku remote with an OPTIONS button, you can delete stations. Just press OPTIONS (represented by “*”) on the station you wish to delete and select “Delete station.”
  • You can sort your station list either alphabetically or by the date your stations were created. Simply press OPTIONS on any station and select “Sort by date added” or “Sort by name.”
  • When you launch Pandora, your last played station will begin playing immediately.
  • When you exit a station details screen, the station will continue to play while you browse other stations.

The updated Pandora channel is available now in the Roku Channel Store.

If you had the previous version installed, it will upgrade automatically.

If you have thoughts on additional Pandora improvements you’d like to see, write us at Meanwhile, we hope you’ll give the new Pandora channel a try.

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Director of Product Management, Roku
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  • Thanks Roku! You and Pandora are both excellent, and having you together is wonderful! Keep up the good work.

  • Josh

    mine did not update automatically

    • Sorry Josh, not sure why… Have you tried entering and existing the channel store? That can force an update, if that doesn’t work, you can delete and re-add the channel and you should get the updated version.

  • Ferntuckian

    The ability to switch between user accounts has been an annoying short-coming in the past for not just Pandora but most other channels (e.g. Netflix). I hope to see this registration flexibility arrive at all channels. It greatly expands the value of the Roku.

  • If you like Pandora, I recommend the Soma FM channel, this is a set of great Internet Radio Stations coming out of San Francisco, My favorite’s are “Covers” & “Underground 80s”. This Roku Channel has a pretty great Format not only shows current song playing but it maintains a list of recently played, until it goes into screensaver mode, then you only see the current song, but well worth the listen.

  • Lazydog89

    It would be great to see music history while connected like it does on the computer. Also, it would be a terrific addition to have the song’s video playing along on the screen. Thanks for the update and a terrific match, Roku and Pandora.

    • Neudesign

      Yeah – history scroll would be great. I hate having to run to the TV before the song is over to see who it is/was I just heard….

  • Nas Banov

    And this version comes with 10-30sec audio advertisements, yuck!

    • Neudesign

      Nas – do you have a Pandora One account? If not you should get one. No commercials and higher bit rate audio. 36 bucks a year and totally worth it. And no… I don’t work for Pandora – I just get my money’s worth out of the subscription… Cheers.

  • AcT

    I have loved playing Pandora on Roku, but I just found Spotify and love it too. Is a Spotify channel on the development wish list?

  • Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.

  • Thanks Roku excellent! you share good information with us

  • Jerry

    how can i get new channels

  • Dan

    Ads now on Pandora Roku? Wow, what an “improvement”!!! Top of my to-do list: deactivate my Pandora account!!!

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  • Tom

    My account works great on the computer but my roku account isn’t working lately… it logs in and shows “Tom’s Stations” and a blank blue screen. Stations on the laptop are fine… deleted and re installed several times with no change in the problem. help please????

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  • Alex

    can I switch the lyrics on ?

  • rgrget

    ! There is not any “Sign Out” option on the station selection screen! I can’t get out of here!

  • Nicole

    All of these services sound the same to me. They play the same music as FM radio and are always interrupting my studying with some commercial. I just found the other day and they are totally free online radio without any ads. It’s perfect music to work to.

  • Chelsea

    we need to be able to turn explict off for in a work environment setting.

  • jabber251

    I accidently created a couple of stations on my tv roku, can’t seem to get them deleted, can anybody help ?