Adding storage space to Roku 2

Look closely at the back of any Roku 2 streaming player, and you’ll notice a microSD slot located above the HDMI port. This slot lets you add more storage space to your Roku 2 using a standard microSD memory card. You can use that extra space to store games or other Roku channels.

MicroSD cards, at just 15x11x1 millimeters in size, are even smaller than the SD flash cards that are used in many digital cameras. MicroSD cards are readily available, fast, inexpensive and reliable. They’re also small enough to fit into the smallest streaming player ever—Roku 2!

We added the microSD slot primarily to support the availability of more games on Roku 2 in the future. All Roku 2 models have enough built-in storage to hold several games, depending on the size of the game. Add a 2GB microSD card, and the storage capacity for games goes up to as many as 50—possibly more. If you are a casual game player (or plan to add hundreds of video and music channels to your home screen!), we hope you’ll find the ability to add additional storage a convenient feature.

Installing a microSD card is simple. Just insert the card firmly into the microSD card slot on the back panel of your Roku 2 and follow the on-screen instructions to format the card.

A few more details about using a microSD card:

  • The microSD card is for game and channel storage only. You will not be able to read files, such as videos and photos, from it. If you are interested in personal media playback, you can do that via USB on the Roku 2 XS model.
  • If you remove a microSD card from your Roku 2 in the future, any channels or games that were stored on it will have to be re-installed onto internal storage the next time you launch them.
  • You need the Roku Game Remote  with motion control to play some games like Angry Birds. The Game Remote comes standard with the Roku 2 XS, and is an optional accessory for the Roku 2 HD and XD versions. If you don’t have the Game Remote, you will be unable to access and locally store games requiring motion control.
  • For security reasons, you can’t move a microSD card from one Roku 2 player to another without re-formatting it.

For best results with your Roku 2, we recommend a Class 2 or greater microSD card with a minimum of 2GB storage. Most microSD cards sold today fit that description. You can buy one from most electronics retailers or from Roku here , either standalone or bundled with a Roku Game Remote.

As always, let us know what you think of this feature at

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  • I have enjoyed my Roku since the only channel that was available was Netflix. Very happy with my purchase I made years ago.

  • I have enjoyed my Roku since the only channel that was available was Netflix. Very happy with my purchase I made years ago.

  • Tr

    Thanks for clearing that up. I’ll be sending my Roku 2 back, I assumed I could load personal media via SD. Looks like i’ll be returning my recently bought 16G SD card too.

    Get your act together.

    • Jm

      Just a thought. How about putting the SD card in a USB reader and plugging it to the USB port?

      • Cultdoctor

        Why no USB port for whatever external hard drive you want to attach and make the ROKU behave like a net drive?!

        • Hpy2ntbu

          Why do you keep saying that?
          There IS a USB port, it’s on the right side. Look at the online manual…

          • ProfessorXavier

            Eric you must use your powers for good, not evil…

          • Jenny8675309

            It’s only on the XS that being the Wired one. Those with an XD don’t have a USB port.

          • loves_life_hates_abortion2

            Forget the online manual; I’m looking RIGHT AT MY ROKU 2 and there is NO USB PORT. There’s a nifty HDMI port (useless on my television), an AVI port (which I use to connect to my television), a power port (thankfully), and a little slot for inserting a micro SD card (which is also USELESS since it only holds additional channels or games — no gaming remote makes this even more un-useful — instead of buffering content on channels like Hulu that seem to be serving from a vintage Commodore 64 somewhere in northern Korea…)

            So what are we to do with this (otherwise) wonderful little hockey puck? I mean, I love both my Rokus (I have a 3 hooked up to my 50″ HDTV in the family room — IT has a USB port…) but just a couple of tiny additions would make this TEN TIMES the product it is right now. This thread is over three years old now; surely there’s a Roku 4 on SOME drawing board out there…?

    • roku-g

      Shows how much you read about what you buy before you buy it.
      Get your act together and know what you are buying. It is all there.

      • Craig Brunetti

        Yes, because it’s absolutely clear that the USB is for readable media storage, and the microSD is not…

        Reading the manual is fine, but only a Roku nut would think to have to go there to make sure Roku’s world works like the rest of the world. Which, it doesn’t. SD == storage, USB == connectivity that sometimes means storage.

        The Roku folks have this backwards. Honestly, just how far away could software BE which would allow reading files from microSD as easily as from a USB stick?

        • Roku 2 Micro USB is storage. It stores games and channels. What part if the definition of storage eludes you?

      • Craig Brunetti

        Yes, because it’s absolutely clear that the USB is for readable media storage, and the microSD is not…

        Reading the manual is fine, but only a Roku nut would think to have to go there to make sure Roku’s world works like the rest of the world. Which, it doesn’t. SD == storage, USB == connectivity that sometimes means storage.

        The Roku folks have this backwards. Honestly, just how far away could software BE which would allow reading files from microSD as easily as from a USB stick?

    • Fu

      It’s a MicroSD card, not SD. And as stated, just use a USB thumb drive or USB external hard drive for your personal media.

      • Cultdoctor

        Why no USB port? Unbelievable.

        • Hpy2ntbu

          Why do you keep saying that?
          There IS a USB port, it’s on the right side. Look at the online manual…

        • Baekeland

          Stop with the USB Port it is right on the back of the player! I have not seen the directions so I could not tell you if it is on the left or right side …Geez

        • USBPortExpert

          Listen dude, there is a USB port on the Roku 2 SX model…now stop being such a moron and repeating the same question here over and over

          • USBPortExpert

            *Roku 2 XS – go buy one and then you can play with the USB port.

    • Hpy2ntbu

      Well, you could do that with the USB Port that you obviously MUST know is on it since you say you are in possession of it. Here’s the manual to help you find it…

    • Marakov

      You need to take your own advice.

  • Only one thing I would add to my Roku if I could- there are thousands of free and subscription channels available on the internet. It would make my Roku so much more useful if I could enter a URL and login information into the Roku and make one (or more) of these channels available that aren’t available in the Roku channel store! Otherwise, FANTASTIC product!!! (Example, BFM (French) TV would have come in handy this week with visiting relatives from France. Also, SeeSan TV, a pay/subscription Thai language channel would be great to free up my laptop.)

    • Ryan

      This is a cool idea to add websites and also a web browser to gain access to channels when on the move and wanting access to Roku. Not a big gamer so that feature isn’t something I’d use at all. Know your customers Roku.

      • Guest

        Look into playon – has developer/public domain support. If there’s something online you want, it’s likely already available. If not, you can develop on your own or ask others who might do it for you. Best of all, playon comes right through your Roku.

        • HOWARD GLASS

          UPDATE: PlayOn, located at (where u can STILL get the free download, basic installation, user manual, & helpful FAQs), although the original msg. here was left several years ago.
          PlayOn continues to impress as of Oct. 2016, offer free support “24/7,” & it’s come a LONG way, picking up the most streaming & other apps/channels… consolidating them into a single “casting”/playing app. Even better, add more channels to the PlayOn lineup, which also provides you w/FREE NETFLIX & HULU shows/movies access WITHOUT any annoying ads, these latter functions are part of the “lifetime” premium membership; the 1 I like most is its premium RECORDING option, which turns a designated portion of your computer’s HD into a DVR & media center! You can build a queue of several (or even numerous) channels’ shows/seasons; recording is only limited to your HD(s) aggregated data capacity(ies).
          Although there’s no charge for accessing and using PlayOn for limited functions, I **highly** recommend that you pay the relatively nominal “premium” price, which, depending on the season, varies from about $29.99 to $59.99. Not bad since that’s a “lifetime” worth of premium recording, casting, playing, etc. with optional “ad skip”! –H. Glass @AttorneyGlass

    • I love Roku yeah it works thank for the information

    • Roku streaming player is really great. The only minus is the internal memory,but now micro SD cards are really cheap,so I cannot complain. A seven stars product!

    • Online0424

      I’m pretty sure that Roku gets paid by the stations to be on the player. If they allowed you to add anything you wanted through the web they would go out of business.

      • Bruce De Vries

        You might want to check out the developer forums we can add private channels for free. There may be fees to be included in the channel store or for Roku to accept payments in your behalf.

  • Moore_jeanene

    i really would like to have more channels added to the Roku store. Other than tat I have enjoyed my Roku
    player for the past 3 yrs. I plan to get another one and this one looks great!!!! Love it!!!

    • Guest

  • Auctionguy5

    I hope the newer version of Roku player is better than the earlier ones. I have two players both with the same problems, they lock-up. I have to unplug them all the time to re-set them. One of them had to be replayed because it burned-up (under warranty) so I need to think twice about the Roku players in the future.

    • Ttp3535

      Hi, I had the same lock-up(green screen) problem. When I changed to a new HDMI cable, the problem has been eliminated.

  • Cultdoctor

    Why in the world would you not have a USB port for extra storage? Really? Why?

    • Marakov

      There is one on the XS model. Research…

  • Crowbar

    Why no USB port for whatever external hard drive you want to attach and make the ROKU behave like a net drive?! This should have been done before parading these three out so we have to dump them as soon as you add the USB port!

  • Honeymanmac

    How about giving us old folks closed captioning so us hard of hearing can get every word? This is very much needed.

    • Carolyn

      I would also appreciate closed captions/subtitle feature. I live in an apartment building and do not like to have my TV loud. Also, as a senior citizen…it helps with a bit of hearing problem. This is really needed. I really enjoy using Roku for my netflix streaming for movies.

    • Larry

      I know your history on closed cation but for the life of me I can’t understand how Netflix gets away with it you need to stay on them

  • Ybrooner

    Roku is a wonderful advantage for seniors like myself who are on a fixed income. It needs an on/off switch it does not need to be running 24/7. It needs the ability for the consumer to pick the type of films that he/she wish to view. I for one do not appreciate several catagories that I should be able to block out such as porn, foreign films, independent films (most are 3rd rate) to say the best thing about them. This is the most important feature that the roku could have. Why does the computer continue to bring the trash up on my player when I continulously rate them a 1. We should also have the ability to rate the smut/trash/porn as less than a one. So that they will never pop up again unless we type in the name of the trash that someone may want to watch. After all this is why I no longer have mainstream TV because there is more trash than decent shows. I will try to buy a new roku (senior on fixed income) as soon as you let me know that I am better able to control the catagories or that the computer does not put the same slime ball catagories on my TV after I have labeled the entire catagory a 1 numerous times.


    Yvonne Brooner

    • blujkts

      The on/off switch is your switch plate on the wall ding dong. Up for on, down for off.

      • ZIPPY

        “Ding dong”? Really? What’s wrong with you…calling a Senior a name like that? You’ll be there one day. Have some respect!

        • Katyd

          yeah have some respect!. i am senior citizen and love my Roku – I consider myself a little more “savvy” than many- still some of the features I’d like to see- may not be those younger ppl would care about. Roku is and should be for everyone however to expect it to suit everyone in all ways is just impossible; try to do that and it becomes a bloated sac (as Ren and Stimpy would say) … so far I’ve found nothing x rated and I haven’t looked online for private channels of that nature so I really do not know what Yvonne is referring to as porn because I haven’t seen it BUT perhaps a relative or friend put some of those private channels on her Roku?

      • XMenFirstClass

        You can also just pull the plug on the Roku if you’re really worried about it using so much energy

    • Anonymous

      Yvonne, the unit goes into a hibernation mode when it no longer senses a signal passing through it—as you may notice that the front indicator light goes off after a short period of non-usage. In that hibernation mode, which is necessary to hold the memory, the unit doesn’t use fifty cents worth of electricity a month.

    • KevindF

      Who is “fixing your income?”

      • Frogs

        your government – People on SS and been retired for years deserve to have time to enjoy life and not worry about making more money just to get by day to day.

        • SS has been COLA’d since Wilbur Mills was caught with Fanne Fox.

          • SS COLA is based on how the US government figures the rate of inflation. Did you know that they’re fudging the numbers — taking food and gasoline OUT of the inflation rate calculator? This means the ‘official’ rate of inflation is LOWER than it really is, and therefore the SS COLA is less than inflationary expenses, such as FOOD – Seniors still gotta eat!

          • Reason and Logic

            Did you know that taking FOOD and GASOLINE out of the COLA calculation is actually beneficial for seniors? Removing these items causes HEALTH RELATED COSTS to be a larger factor. HEALTH RELATED COSTS have been rising at a faster rate than both FOOD and GASOLINE. So the COLA calculation has been artificially inflated to the benefit of seniors. If you want to to be more accurate and include GASOLINE and FOOD the adjustment would be smaller than it has been, The way your post reads, this is not what you are looking for.

    • E smith

      Unfortunately you can not block the smut as you put it. hope no kid are in the house to see it. There is good news for you, Instant watch browser has a list of movies from the early 1900’s on.You can down load the full version from the Channel store on your Roku player

      • JimmyS

        You can apply a password that’s required to add channels and/or make purchases. This can serve as a kind of filter to prevent/block offensive channels. Also, many of the channels offer parental controls.

    • Katyd boomer

      Yvonne there are simple on/off adapters you could possibly plug the Roku in to with on/off switch. My power company sent me some kind of switch that actually has a timer I may try myself especially if it has an overide plain on/off switch on it. Quite possibly your local hardware store- Home Depot or other may suggest something (a power strip you just sit near the Rokus plug and flip on/off). I love my Roku and channels I do not want are easy to get rid of. One idea is to look up the movies at an online movie database or- I go to Netflix and read reviews as many of those movies on the Roku are on Amazons database for sale as well. This may help you too.

  • Guesswhat

    I have Roku 1 XS and it works very good. Only one problem. I travel 80% of the time and I am unable to use it on the road 98 % of the time. Most hotels and even some hot spots require a web browser to log in. Mainly to accept their usage terms, but never the less you need a browser to get there. Why can’t we put a simple browser in the Roku? It would be very useful for American_Taxpayer’s dilemma too!

    Now you have 2 reasons to add a web browser!

    • MPete

      If you have a laptop try connecting your Roku to your laptop with an ethernet cable and use the laptop to login to the network. Not sure that would work – just a thought.

      • Anonn

        It will you just need to bridge the connections just google how to bridge wireless network to ethernet port on laptop it takes less then 5 min!

      • Dantelech

        Bridge your wifi connection and your ethernet connection and change computer setting to allow other computers to utilize your computers enternet connection. Then just connect ethernet ports and it is that simple!!!

    • Anonymous

      I use a mac address spoofer, then I simply copy the mac address of my Roku, AppleTV, etc, do the authorization, then after authorized, immediately change your mac address on your computer back to its normal address, then quickly connect your device and it should still be authorized. Works pretty flawlessly.

    • bill

      simply call the internet provider support, on the card in your hotel room.Ask them to provision your ROKU. Go to system and get the IP of your ROKU. DONE!!! I do it all the time

  • Lreed1999

    I would like to know upfront if a channel is going to cost me anything. It’s frustrating to go all the way into the channel then to find out they want money. That is about the only thing I would like to see added. Great product. This is my second one.

    • Try Roku Guide Dot Com to browse channels FIRST. Then add the ones you want from there. If there is a charge they will tell you how much.

  • Still no youtube… boo.

    • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Can’t BELIEVE they didn’t put a USB port. Wonder Why?

    • Marakov

      XS model

    • blujkts

      because youre a moron. READ.

      • Anonymous

        ZOOooom! Right over your head “blujkts”. If you read more of the posts (aside from the one’s you thought you could spout off like an IDIOT to. Not all recepticles are controlled by a wall switch.) you MIGHT have gotten it….but then again…probably and obviously NOT!

  • Richard Glendenning

    I agree 100% about the need for a browser, I knew it wasn’t there when I purchased the XDS several months ago, however not being able to surf to sites such as YouTube as another poster noted is a drawback. My major complaint with the XDS is that every time I play an Amazon HD program 5 to 10 minutes in the program stops, the unit freezes, then a few minutes later the Roku reboots which takes almost 5 minutes and I have to start over again. This only occurs with Amazon content, I contacted Amazon about the problem and they state the issue is with the Roku.

    • E smith

      Had similar problem with my first Roku. It maybe your router hope you have an N router and your network is secured hope it fixes your problem with Amazon etc. If you are not sure how to secure network call Roku tech support very helpful .

  • Rothwell

    If I purchase the Roku 2 do you have a program for collecting the old Roku and offering a discount to users who purchase your new Roku. I hate disposing of electronics that only end up in our landfills.

    • Ruby

      Send it to me. I will take it off your hands.

    • JeffPesos

      There’s this website called Ebay dot com that will allow you to sell old items on it. It was invented many years ago.

    • Davemilum

      Sounds like a good idea to me. The Roku company can resell it as refurbished and you get a discount on the new one.

  • SKIPPY219

    Recently purchased Roku XD/S. However can not display Acorn streaming movies. They claim need a Roku Web Browser. Will this be available in the near future?

  • Billdwp

    Are Micro SDHC cards supported?

    • Marakov

      Well, sort of. Plug them into a microSDHC USB adapter and whammo! Otherwise, no. Just microSD. 🙂

  • Donald Pryor

    I found that the analog cable (combining l and r audio and video) caused a problem when I connected the HDMI cable and the RCA cable to my Onkyo receiver. When I listen to the music channels, I turn off the TV and choose the input connected to the RCA cable on my Onkyo. When I turned off the TV, the Roku 2 rebooted, causing me to loose the music channel. I found that by using an audio only cable (3.5 mm to l and r audio) this problem was eliminated. Now I can listen to the radio stations or music channels without wearing out my TV. As you know, the Roku 2 comes with the new cable that uses a 3.5 mm to RCA red/white/yellow cable. Just use a 3.5 mm cable with RCA red/white connection. It’s that simple.

    • Spam Slammer

      WTF?? — from Yeast Infections to Helicopter Games — does anyone police the slimy Spam here on this Blog ???

  • Klaw3

    Any plans to add a search feature and the abillity to rearange. Your Que?

  • Byrdman

    Please patch the Roku 2 to allow the wired Xbox 360 Controller for Windows to work in the USB slot. Games like Pac-Man Championship Edition are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to play with the Roku 2’s inaccurate D-pad!!!

  • Liz

    Does anyone know if I can load movie files from my laptop onto the microSD card and play them through my Roku? If so, what format do they need to be in?

    I am currently connecting my Macbook to my TV to watch movie files and would love to have them streaming through the Roku instead. I’m debating the Roku LT vs the Roku 2 HD.

    • E smith

      NO. It only stores games and channels you will need another media player that supports an external hard drive 1TB+ for your music movies and pics. Not that expensive not going to advertise who or what little research. Good luck

  • nice upgrade ! thanks for reviewing this been waiting for it

  • Sandy

    How do I save to the microSD card or know that I am saving to the card?

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  • Extravoice

    Dumb question here. I’m thinking of buying a Roku, but not for gaming. I’m trying to decide if I need one with an SD card slot. What does it mean that I can store channels on an an SD card?

  • I’m not really up to date with technology so this Roku 2 streaming player is a little confusing to me, not to mention the cards that go with it and the HDMI etc.

  • You can get a 64g microSD now! how many games can I put on that 🙂

    • E Smith

      More than enough You may want to so start with a 2-4 gig to see if the unit can read a card that size . After all this is a video streamer not a PC

  • BV

    Kingmax has a 64gig microSD. I’m gonna get that just for this. Thanks!

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  • The above information is very useful for the users. With the help of microSD card users can play more games in Roku 2. In microSD cards we can only store the games not read any files.

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  • Johnd 10

    looking to putting in a code roku2 for

  • Scott Garrett

    Notable – didn’t find it anywhere online, but I had to unplug the Roku XS, put in the microSD, then plug back in the power for it to recognize the card. THEN it found it.

    Putting the card in while it was powered up did nothing.

  • great post mate

  • Soberdog

    Yvonne, I really do not know where you are getting smut/porn channels, because there are NONE in the channel store that I have seen at all. You do not get channels on your t.v. through your Roku that you have NOT ADDED yourself! ALL content is added by YOU. You choose the channels you want. I have looked over and over at the channel store, and only added a few free channels myself; NO X rated. I can only imagine that you are choosing to watch movies with sex scenes, R rated, and think it is “porn”? Well read the movie description then and don’t watch it if you don’t like it. You have the internet in order to use the Roku so USE the internet to look up movies and channels and research them. Otherwise, maybe you’d be better off not watching t.v. at all..?

  • The Roku 2 is a pretty cool streaming device. Although, I’d wish it supported more video file types.

  • Chad C

    the ONLY thing i could want to ad to my XD would be a youtube channel..
    xbox has it, PS3 has it, my phone has it, my girlfriends kindle fire has it, simple app i assume..
    otherwise i love it.
    i do have to wonder what file formats the XS supports as far as media (movies, music, photos)

  • How can I use the memory card for the ROKU 2 HD to view the personal video?

    • hi MOCKBA, use an SD Card USB drive. It’s an adapter you put the card into and either has the USB plug built in or has a way to attach it with a USB cable to your Roku 2. I use one that’s not much larger than the card and has the USB plug built into it so I just plug it right (into/on to) the Roku 2. $10.00 or less where I shop.

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  • Nice post. I learn something more challenging on different blogs everyday.This is very interesting and the content is simply amazing.Thanks for sharing.

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  • Frogs

    I just added HBOGO to my channel lineup. I went to play a movie and it kept buffering every three minute. After the forth time, I just switched over to Crackle and watched a movie with no issues. Is this normal for HBMGO ? Does Roku plan to work with DishNetwork/Blockbuster to add Blockbuster as a channel ? With Netflix loosing movies and increasing TV content it would be nice to have more options. If I am not a big gamer, would it be worth the small expense of a microSD card ? It 2 gig all the Roku can handle ? From what I read is yes ? I do listen to the radio channels and I do use the screen saver but it would be nice to have a ” blank ” screen saver instead of the bouncing balloons or bouncing Roku logo.

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  • Thank you!

  • Marcel

    I just inserted a memory card in my Roku…….How will I know when it is working?…does something appear on the screen?.can’t find anything on that………..thank you

  • I’d like to see my Roku 2 XS use that MicroSD to buffer more of the streaming content – so that I get less “stuttering” for while watching Hi-Def or when internet traffic just sucks.

    It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does – it’s a drag. I could definitely see adding a a setting that tells the Roku to buffer up to whatever storage availability I have before starting the movie (or some other buffering limit – say 30 seconds or 500 MB or what have you).

    • Davemilum

      This is exactly what I want too.

    • THIS!

    • scocope

      YouTube is absolutely impossible to watch through Roku; within 5 minutes it shuts off and I’m back to the home Roku screen. Then I flip open the laptop I have connected to the TV, hopefully remember whatever the movie’s name was and then watch it until the end. They need better servers; I doubt a MicroSD will solve my problem.

  • G Farren

    My Roku keeps asking to format my Micro SD card; but, it gets about 49% complete and then asks me again if I want to format it. It never completes the job. I have successfully formatted the card in the past; but, not now. Is there a glitch in the updated software. This just happened after the update.

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  • Better Customer Service Please

    Poorly written…..use a microsd with at minimum 2GB storage is useless information. What is the transfer rate?

  • Credit Scores Page

    Credit Scores Page

  • Credit Scores Page

    Anyway it works! thumbs up.. If there’s any UPDATE of the item, please include the UPDATE information… thank you 😀

  • Damian_morrone

    I cant believe they wouldn’t put a Usb slot on the side of the roku2 geez

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    Is there a widespread API available as I’d potentially like to couple this up with some other apps that could be used?

  • Steve Tinkler

    Is there a widespread API available as I’d potentially like to couple this up with some other apps that could be used?

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    Hi, you site is very informative ,and up to date, Well keep the great work you are something good for community!!!!

    Hi, you site is very informative ,and up to date, Well keep the great work you are something good for community!!!!

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  • Im not a techie… i just manage to get by. I think i have a 2gb sdcard but i think must upgrade it because i dont think it is enough for me.

    i agree with Rex… having a setting to buffer would a great feature

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  • The use of micro sd cards are amazing and now a day people make the wide use of these cards. These cards works as a memory cards and store video, games, image and many more. The use is best for Roku 2.

  • Microsd cards are most used when it comes to storing pictures, games and videos. This come to different sizes ti fit in our gadget.

  • Nice upgrade! thanks for reviewing this been waiting for it.

  • IS USB support is available in it please let me know

  • Davemilum

    Does this extra memory help store video being downloaded to it? I was hoping that I could fast forward more if the router is pumping data faster than the Roku is playing.

  • R4i

    use the r4 and r4i card…

  • Richardjguzman

    I stop using the microsd, i was having to many problems, iam going to have to try the Roku 1 XS

  • Anonymous

    If want to add some extra memory space in Roku 2 player for string game then microSD card use is a best option because player available with microSD slot. You have share a good details of using microSD card in above article.

  • Anonymous

    If want to add some extra memory space in Roku 2 player for string game then microSD card use is a best option because player available with microSD slot. You have share a good details of using microSD card in above article.

  • Anonymous

    If want to add some extra memory space in Roku 2 player for string game then microSD card use is a best option because player available with microSD slot. You have share a good details of using microSD card in above article.

  • Laurajglo

    I love Roku my only comment is that trying to rewind to see something you missed is next to impossible, it requires you to check internet connection, and start over again. I have the higest priced roku player with the sd card installed and still it loses connection.

  • Yeah, It is an extra advantage and you can store more and more stuffs into the player. Roku 2 has provided you the facility of MicroSD card slots. Such an incredible information on this.

  • Elenor

    I wish y’all would let us put (YouTube) clips/movies downloaded off the web onto the memory chip. I do not have wireless, nor ethernet wiring near the downstairs TV — I want to watch YouTube documentaries down there — but have no way to GET them down there! Very sad.

  • Why to bother so hard with Roku 2 to see high def movie!? Just buy a smart TV and have this done!

    • B C

      Do smart TVs have as many channel options as a Roku?

  • Darlene

    Is Roku going to update Angry Birds Seasons or Angry Birds RIO??????

  • Andy Crane

    I purchased a Roku XS for my minivan so my kids could enjoy movies on the cars internal DVD screen. This works great. I was hoping they could also play games. I tried Angry Birds, but it did not work. I was wondering if there are games on the Roku that can be played in the car without an internet connection? I realize they would have to be installed on the Roku prior to play. I purchase a micro SD, but have not installed it until I find out if games can work when not connected to the internet.

  • Rockman X

    Does the slot adhere to the SDHC or SDXC standard? You recommend a minimum of 2GB, so I’m assuming that it’s at least SDHC.

  • Mr. Labod

    Hey I just bought two Roku XD units on sale online for gifts, thinking the micro sd expansion port was useful for content. Ugh. To lock out MicroSD just seems silly; these things go up to 64gb nowadays.

  • HateDietPepsi .

    16 gigs of class 10 memory helped my Roku run streaming better.

  • wfwilson6

    My ROKU 2XS is now constantly pausing movies to reload more streaming from the modem. Does the addition of a micro-disk allow faster or more data storage for movies, or say from Crunchyroll Korean dramas?? Is there some reason the pause/reload frequency is much greater at night??

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  • Jorge

    Roku 2 has an APP to reproduce video from the memory card …?

  • Paul Peery

    SO just how do you remove the sd card ??

    • B C

      My Roku 2 has a spring mechanism, I push the card in until it “locks” and then push in again to unlock it and it partial ejects itself. Since there’s basically no space around the card slot, I then have to carefully pinch the end of the card with my fingernails to pull it the rest of the way out.

  • Al Rodee

    I am finding that some Netflix TV series, while available through my computer, don’t allow al the seasons to download to my Roku. Will the micro sd card solve that problem? Example: I am watching Drop Dead Diva. I can only get the first 3 seasons on my Roku but season 4 is available through Netflix on my laptop

  • LiberalGilt

    Hey there how the heck do you pronounce Roku? Is it Rock You or Roe Que

    • Grant Klokeid

      Roe Que

      • LiberalGilt

        Thanks….upon analysis, I think it’s actually more like Row Koo., or at least that’s what the help desk told me.

        • Grant Klokeid

          You got it!

  • LiberalGilt

    Just a word to all of you trying to add a Micro SD card to the Roku 3…Don’t get the Sandisk Ultra. They don’t work. These are the cards that have grey and red stripes on them. The regular Sandisks will work tho. Those are the all black cards.
    I spent two days fiddling with these things before I found it out.
    Roku should really post this on their site or minimally ask you if that’s what you’re trying to use when you contact them. It would save a lot of time and money.

  • Mary Allen

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  • elwyng1

    I’ve just bought a 16gb micro sd card formated it on my laptop no problem inserted it in to roku box asked me to format it then said it was unable to format it for the box any ideas as to why it wont format it the micro card is a Kingston.

  • lcsterling

    It’s now July 2014 and I just bought a new Roku 3. Does 2GB still apply? Wondering if a larger capacity card will help with buffering?

    P.S. Only care about streaming – not games.

    • oldopiner

      The microSD card does not store video and will not help with buffering. I have a 2XS with a wired ethernet connection and hardly ever have any buffering problems.

      • lcsterling

        Thanks. Doesn’t seem as if it will be necessary or helpful.

  • Nelson

    Hello everyone. I have a new Roku 3 and as I read the information about micro sd cards, the minimum is 2GB’s. What is the maximum that I could use with this roku 3?

  • Roger James Smith

    My Roku 2 XD will not recognize any Micro sd card. I have tried several. Any ideas?

  • BAMS

    “You will not be able to read files, such as videos and photos, from it.” Seriously? Why would you limit this functionality? That was the ONE and ONLY MAIN reason for me to add a MicroSD card (with my personal video files) onto my Roku2!

  • Joe Sbonbo

    l have a stereo tube pre amp, dac, power amplifier, how can l connect the Roku 2 to the pre amp??? Sound wise. The video will be via HDMI.

    • B C

      Do you have an audio output from your TV? You should be able to run any analog audio out to your amp.

  • B C

    I just purchased a Roku 2 and have been using it successfully for a few weeks. However I inserted a PNY 8GB class 4 microSD card into it and it resulted in the remote not working. The window popped up prompting me to format the card, but the remote did nothing, there was no flash from the white LED on the front of the Roku no matter what buttons I pushed on the remote. I had to use my smartphone Roku app to format and subsequently do anything.

    I then popped the card out of the Roku and still the remote did nothing, so I power cycled the box and the remote started working again. I went through this whole process again to make sure it wasn’t some random glitch.

    Has anyone else experience this and is there a way to fix it? I don’t want to have to always rely on my phone app to use the box.

    • Mstrassler

      Only 2gig cards work

  • Does the SD Card help in buffering movies?

  • frankz00

    No phone as game remote? Come on guys!

  • Ken Beer

    I have a Roku 3 & 4. Neither will accept a Micro SD card. I have tried 4 different brands. This feature is a waste of time and money.

  • S Didi Rautenbergbudd

    I have inserted the card correctly..hear a click and it is all the way in.
    but nothing happens..nothing shows up on my tv screen?

  • Sadly, the Roku2 device being sent out for free from SlingTV doesn’t appear to have a micro SD slot. Not that I’ve found in any case.

  • UberCrew

    I would like to see Roku release full specifications for all of their devices like pretty much every other company that produces similar products, Still no SoC info for any of the recently released Roku models. No RAM or internal storage details either.

  • rick

    can you put a micro SD card 4GB or higher in rockou2