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There are many stories in the media about over-the-top video (OTT) and cord-cutting, with Roku frequently mentioned as being at the forefront of this movement. At the same time, most Roku users have a video subscription service from a cable, satellite, or a telco provider and for them, Roku is a complimentary solution for video and music entertainment. With that in mind, video providers are introducing “authenticated” channels. These are channels that will allow you access through your Roku player if you authenticate (prove) that you subscribe to that channel through a cable, satellite, or telco provider. This requires a linking process similar to that used for other subscription channels on Roku, such as Netflix or Hulu Plus.

EPIX is our first authenticated TV channel, featuring movies from Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM, with titles like Iron Man 2, and Hot Tub Time Machine plus original comedy, music, and sporting events.

With the launch of the EPIX channel on Roku, we are providing a new option for our users who subscribe to a cable, satellite or telco provider that offers EPIX–increasing the value they get from their EPIX TV subscription and their enjoyment of the Roku player. EPIX subscribers can now take advantage of their Roku player to watch movies and original shows on demand, in HD, on any television in the house. This is a great solution for a second TV where there may not be a cable connection, or for Roku users who might prefer to browse the EPIX on demand selection using the familiar Roku interface.  Plus, Roku puts thousands of EPIX movies on your TV in HD that were previously only available online at EpixHD.com.  No need to hook your computer to your TV anymore.

An EPIX TV subscription is currently available to Charter, Cox, DISH Network, Mediacom, Suddenlink, and Verizon FiOS customers.  Check www.epixhd.com for more information. If you use one of these providers but don’t subscribe to EPIX or you use a provider that doesn’t currently offer EPIX, you can get a 14-day free trial and sample the newest movie channel to join Roku. The free trial comes with no strings and you will not be billed when the free trial is over.

Give EPIX a try and if you become a fan, let us know how you like it on Roku!

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  • Guest

    How is EPIX different from what Amazon OnDemand gives me?

    • Allen M Cohen

      EPIX is just like Netflix — there are some movies that EPIX has, but that Netflix does not, such as: “The Yellow Handkerchief”

      • Upfctw9263

        So how much does it cost????

        • rdj

          The EPIX channel on Roku is free if you are currently receiving (subscribed to) EPIX on Dish Network (and presumably at least some other providers). You have to go to the EPIX website and provide your receivers serial number or Dish account number to authenticate. Then you receive a code you will need to enter on the Roku.

          It worked fine for me initially, but I’ve tried watching Paranormal Activity and about 15 minutes into the film the audio drops out, seemingly never to return. This happened yesterday and the day before.

          • Lpd181

            Not one single person was able to give an answer to the question for the whole thing…HOW MUCH IS THE ROKU SUBSCRIPTION AFTER THE 14 day trail?!

          • laurak

            You are not getting an answer because you are asking a non-question. After the EPIX free trial, EPIX will not be on Roku. If you’re asking how much a Roku subscription is, you don’t subscribe to Roku. It’s a device that you purchase. Then you subscribe to apps/channels, such as Netflix, Amazon, etc.

  • Tonepot

    I’m already paying for Netflix, how is this different? Also, it was advertised to be free and uncut without commercials. When I went to the channel store in Roku, I found out that the “trial” was free, but this is a PAY service. Thanks but no thanks . . . I’ll stick with Netflix.

    • If any of you read the article above it’s a free channel with no commercials. You get it if you happen to sub to it from one of the providers listed above.

      So Brian as a fellow coworker told me you need to learn to “READ”. It says it plain as day.

      Tonepot again it is free I don’t pay a plug nichel to watch Epix on my Roku. It’s a pay service on cable. So I suppose one could interpret is as that since one pays for it on cable, satelitte, of Telco they then throw in for free your access to it on either your pc or the Roku box.

      Do you both understand it now?

      Also i’ve never had a problem streaming from Epix either.

      Gues with Amazon you pay for eachtitle you rent and you have a window to watch it in. None of that exists with Epix.

  • So this is only for cable subscribers. That wasn’t at all clear when I signed up for the free trial.

  • JB

    Epic Fail of a channel. One of these days, someone will provide “channels” either with a cord or w/out that lets you pay for just a specific channel vs. dumb packages. i.e. I would pay for HGTV and Food Network, Disney, Discovery. I just want to pay for what I want, not what everyone wants to include.

    • BrainyBetty

      I agree with you 2000%! I ditched satellite and Netflix as well. I have only Roku & Amazon Prime and that’s fine by me, except the shows I do love – Food Network, Bravo, HGTV, Discovery, Lifetime, Natl. Geographic, Science Channel are not available here. In fact, I am not sure much thought has been put into content for women like myself.

      • George Shiflett

        try a fire tv box and side load Kodi or buy a box with kodi built right in , then you can get every Chanel you could ever want and live tv also and get it from every country in the world

    • George Shiflett

      try a fire tv box and side load Kodi or buy a box with kodi built right
      in , then you can get every Chanel you could ever want and live tv also
      and get it from every country in the world , for instance HGTV has to feeds one from the USA and the other from Canada that has more on it than HGTV usa

  • Thanks, since I am a Charter internet subscriber I get Epix as a part of my package. No signing up for cable but some of the benefits. Thanks Roku!

  • So, I signed up for the 14 day trial of EPIX for ROKU and 3/4 through the movie…too much time invested to just turn it off…the movie kept quitting and I’d have to fast forward to get back to where I left off. This happened every 5 minutes for the rest of the movie. FAIL!

  • Lisa

    Who cares…where is You Tube!?

  • I don’t get it. Most Roku Channels authenticate you, so how is this different? Also, I have Comcast, so I don’t have Epix, so what happens after my 14 day free trial?

    If you want to do something different, compete with Cable – Offer me Showtime or a subscription to certain Showtime shows which is cheaper and more convenient than Cable, and I’ll show you the money!

    • Anonymous

      Except the problem is that Showtime, HBO, etc., are going to protect their primary distribution channels like cable/satellite. So, it’s not going to be up to Roku. It’s up to the copyright owner.

      • I know, but I can dream !
        My hope is that content providers will wake up soon and realize that we have options now – We do not need to be held hostage by the cable companies. Companies like Roku, Netflix and TiVo can save us!

    • This type of authentication is done through your provider. At login you select your provider from a list and then login using the same username and password that you use, say, with Dish Network. It’s the same system that HBO Go and Max Go use. Very different from normal Roku authentication.

      And at the end of your 14 day trial Epix hopes you’ll bug your provider to offer their channel in your package.

    • George Shiflett

      both Roku and Fire tv have Hbo , Show time , Epix and Encore , Sundance and all the chanels and you can subscribe to them alone if you stream , showtime costs 8.99 a month and HBO cost 14.99 , the rest are free or a low fee , or you can buy a package of 20 channels for 20 bucks from sling , or you go with kodi and watch your stuff free from Europe

  • Nas Banov

    Doesn’t work. Epix FAIL. I tried installing it both on Roku and Roku2 boxes I have. Installs, registered devices on their website but when i press “Watch now” on a movie… It pauses for a second, screen blinks and returns back to the movie description page. For real? No explanation, no nothing… Reinstalling has no effect.

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem. half way through my trial and I haven’t been able to view a movie yet. What a piece of crap.

    • leah


  • Gamul1

    Jim – this authentication stuff is interesting buts its a 1990s/2000s model. The future is in users being able to subscribe to any one channel they want without a contract. Many of us cut the cable cord to break free from slavery and tirany. What we want is to be able to subscribe to a channel for reasonable money. We get 200 channels from cable for $60 a month. What’s that about 30 cents a channel per month? We want to be able to subscribe to a channel like TNT or SyFy for $5 a year.

    Bring the future to your customers, not the past.

  • Bruceward860

    I guess you get the issue. (I am sure you do.) People want HBO, Epix, and so on, but not cable. Wished they did.

  • Hurontyler

    how can you not get that we use roku INSTEAD of cable? offer us channels on an ala carte basis and you might see income soar. until then, children and i are getting by just fine with the free (nasa especially popular) hulu and netflix…

  • Anonymous

    The concept of a closed cable network is on the decline. What makes Roku and other boxes so appealing is the ability to only pay for what you want. If HBO, Showtime, et al had Roku or Apple TV channels, I’d be happy. Sadly, HBO has an anemic selection of pay as you go shows now on iTunes watchable with Apple TV. But wait, I already saw all those shows either with Netflix DVD/BD or Netflix Instant. Why pay $2.99+ per episode? It’s crazy. HBO, just charge me $10 a month, like you would if I had cable, and make a deal with Roku, AppleTV, etc. to allow subscribers to see HBO content on demand. Minus the cable companies! Kind of like Epix but, please, new content too in addition to past seasons.
    For people who want everything, all the time, cable or sat is the way to go. But I don’t need shopping, sports, cartoons, or ladies channels to name a few. Even now, I can cobble together most of what cable offers and save hundreds a year.

  • Rmalouin

    so you can’t link a roku box to Charter Epix…. this app is junk…

  • Clintantispam

    I will never use this… I don’t want a side-kick to my at&t u-verse, i want to get rid of my at&t u-verse. Work on NFL, MLB, NBA live sports. That is what will be required by the masses to adopt Roku as the powerhouse in TV content.

  • Rabidpandaz

    link PLAYON to Roku and upload the scripts walla free sat cable tv… They dont want to give a subscription, then ill watch you for free

    • HMSK

      Where’s the script? Can’t find it on the PO scripts site

  • Jim G

    I have an Epix sub with Verizon Fios. So I set up the Epix channel on Roku, entered the code and cannot get on to Epix through Roku. Tech support tried but could not slove the problem. Every other channel seems to work fine.

  • Nathan Hoover

    I tried it out and streamed a movie to my Roku – worked great. I just don’t understand why this service is tied only to tv service. I have none, so you’ll be losing me as a customer when the free trial is over.

  • Jdc3

    I’m new to Roku and for the time being want to keep my cable servce. How can one go back and forth from Roku and the cable channels with out disconnecting Roku each time?


    • Frank

      You simply go to your Menu and choose the correct input. Or if you have an older TV, you would need to get a simple A/B Switch at Radio Shack. Your Cable and the ROKU plugs into the A/B switch which plugs into your TV.

  • Belay70

    I dont understand the HBO thing. WHY would I buy and use a Roku if I still had cable or satellite? Are there really people who do that? A second tv cant be the reason for most, as you always get the option at the time of install to have a free or low cost second dvr/box installed on any other tv’s in the house. I really dont get why Roku would think HBO GO would be of value to anyone who has cut their cable?? Without cable, I dont/cant have a subscription to HBO, and thus the GO channel is not something I’ll be able to see on my Roku. Is that right, or am I missing something here?

    • dly8

      HBO GO and EPIX are useful to people that still have cable because it enables them to access content on demand and on mobile devices such as smartphones.

      Just because you personally don’t see a need for it does not preclude anyone else from wanting it.

      I don’t get people that “can’t get” why other people might like something that they do not.

      • Whitner Bissell

        GREAT answer Dyl8.
        There are many reasons why the HBO GO channel will be good for me, I’m looking forward to it.

      • Freebird68

        What Belay70 is saying, is that if people are ditching cable, and satellite, to stop paying too high of a priced package, Why would they pay extra for what they already have.
        If you must watch a tv show on your mobile device, you need to get a life.
        The world is full of people who would rather look at a virtual fire on their tv, than cut some firewood, and throw a real log on the fire.
        Put down your mobile device, get off your ass and do something.

    • leah


  • Seth

    If I subscribe to EPIX at home, can I use my ROKU at the office to watch EPIX free?

  • Bcincl

    roku sucks balls all the free channels are garbage and the ones you pay for you can use on a wii, xbox, or ps3….not worth the money

    • mike

      A roku player is cheaper than a wii, xbox, or PS3. If you’ve already got one of those, you probably wouldn’t want to add a roku, but if not it’s worth buying.

  • Sandy Nevels

    So how can I continue with a subscription without a cable provider?

  • Jep

    Hey! Let me tell you ROKU is awesome. I subscribe to netflix and huluplus…. runs about 16 a month. Plus Crackle is a great channel that is free. I got so much stuff to watch it’s insane!! plus my 4 year old loves it because there are so many kids shows on netflix including old 80’s cartoons that i grew up with.. she loves them. My only gripe is with Huluplus, i am paying 8 dollars a month and some of the shows that i LOVE like Justified, Alcatraz, and many others are available on WEB ONLY. Why would hulu charge me money to have their channel, but then require me to use a computer to watch certain shows??? They should really combine their service and not show most shows on huluplus and other shows available on the web. For this reason Netflix is the clear best channel on ROKU!!! I can watch it all day.

  • Sharondalio

    please help me ive tried everything to get this free trial offer it keeps telling me i did everything right and it might take 24hrs well its been been 4 days and still no epix i didnt have this trouble at all with netflix or hulu you guys had a better movie line up then netflix what am i doing wrong sharondalio@yahoo.com thank you

  • What if I don’t have cable? Why can’t I subscribe to this as a streaming-only option? When a lot of the EPIX content is already available on Netflix Streaming or Amazon Prime, this seems somewhat idiotic. Plus, I’m not an EPIX subscriber, but I get all the EPIX content through my Xbox 360 without channel validation.

  • Mjbucks

    I cannot find the place to enter code or activate free trial what am I doing wrong

  • This is fantastic…………

  • I have been trying to load link this channel to my roku box for six months. Actually I tried six month ago and now I just tried again.

    Doesn’t work. No clear explanation and I officially give up on this useless service.

  • Billyfitz1

    where do i put the code

  • lame…im willing to pay like i do for netflix..but if subscribe to the channel already…why on earth will i use it on roku? extra work for me…when i have a regular cable box that works…

    • Purplepin56

      If you have Sattilite with two TV’s you can get a Couple Roku Boxes for your other rooms and not pay for the oter recievers cover your whole house.

  • Lunn35

    I’ve looked and looked for a place to plug in the 6 diget code, no luck

    • leah


  • Kristilis

    I think by only offering your programming to cable companies you are losing a large market of cord cutters. People who pay high cable or satellite bills can not afford to add more to their bills. The new market is with the internet tv boxes. We pay for what we want and no more. Include us in your subscription services.

  • Kristilis

    I think by only offering your programming to cable companies you are losing a large market of cord cutters. People who pay high cable or satellite bills can not afford to add more to their bills. The new market is with the internet tv boxes. We pay for what we want and no more. Include us in your subscription services.

  • Lydtim

    I have had a Roku for about 1 year. I have had Epix on the Roku all this time . All of a sudden I am not able to see any movies. Hit watch now and the screen does not change. I have re installed, rebooted, re submitted codes at least 10 times with no help. I have contact Epix, Roku and Dish with no solution except to keep trying the reinstall. I was under the assumption that if I have the 250 channel package with Dish Netwok I will get the Epix channel on the Roku without having to add more channels to the dish lineup. Is this true? I have the 250 channel and (epix drive in) is included. I don’t understand why I am being told I need to add the Epix package at $7.00 per mo to get it on the Roku when I have never had to have it before. Can you help answer this?

  • Oregon681

    would be really cool if i could view my queue that’s set up online… on my Roku!!!

  • leah

    You have to have 3mgps for some of roku channels, such as epix. Call you internet provider and have your internet speed increased to 3megabytespersecond, second to add epix on roku, go to the channel store, select epix, add channel, search for a movie, a epix will prompt a screen with their website to activate your roku device, go to the website, register, put in the activation code which still should be on your tv screen and WALAAH…..GOOD LUCK

    • Istlota Everyman

      Leah, you left out a critical step. After you “go to the website”, part of the “register” process is you providing the name of your cable provider to whom you have to already be paying to get Epix. If you are a cord cutter with no cable provider, Roku still allows you to add the Epix channel and view it for the 14 day free trail. But after that, you will not be able to view Epix.

  • Meebzorp

    Unfortunately, Cox does not play well with others and even though I’m paying them monthly to watch Epix, they WILL allow me to watch it on my Ipad but NOT my Roku. This is crazy. Why does Cox get to choose my valid devices and not Epix? Let’s see, I can watch movies on my tiny ay Epix dirctly AAniPad screen, but not on my Roku through my 55″ screen. On what planet is this fair? Is anymore
    Ne regulating this industry? Would the FCC even care or understand that I’m paying for content, but my Roku device is being arbitrarily denied access to this content since there’s no incentive for Cox to allow me to watch Epix o. A system that bypasses their cable.

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  • Steve Griswold

    I just got Roku. I hope to get rid of Sat. and the massive bill soon.

  • Alen

    If we have more people like you, the world would become much better


  • JaredMorrison

    This is a quite useful post for readers on here.

    • Istlota Everyman

      Yes, it is. I am a cord cutter, did not even own a TV until a few days ago. Roku is being so crafty by letting you sign up for the Epix free trial even if you do not have a cable provider. But I also see their reason for doing so and am going to bug Sling TV to add Epix to their lineup [which I assume is why Roku lets cord cutters like me get a free taste of Epix [just like a drug dealer might give you a free taste of crack just to get you addicted]. Oh well. There is no way in hell I am going to pay cable just to get Epix. Even though I watched Nick Nolte’s new series, Graves, on Epix and cried because its concept was so beautiful yet would never happen in the real world. Think about. What if Reagan, before he died, woke up, told Nancy to got to hell , and turned into a human being.

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  • GrrrApeAPE

    My SVP Roku guys says this is really new fun stuff to me. Okay it’s not really new to me though. I new this years ago so this is not really epic news. I knew about this movie channel and you could subscribe to it… *authenticate* same difference. Not really though, and why don’t you use the same words normal people use? Now, they are AUTHENTICATING every Roku channel whether we want them to or not, whether they tell us or not, and without any right to do so. Don’t make me go Ape */$#

  • Virginia Moore

    There is a lots of channel I would like to witch that say you can hits to roku but can’t. Like the epixhd come on and let get real

  • Native New Yorker

    I have tried to enter the code about 20 times from my Roku device; Epic web site keeps sending me to cable providers that I do not have! What is wrong with these people?

  • grandpa frank


  • Istlota Everyman

    After browsing Sling TV’s web site, it sounds like I can pay them $5/month more than I pay now and get their Hollywood Extras package which includes three Epix channels, TMC, and Sundance. If this works as I think it would, Epix would be available, not via Roku’s authenticated Epix channel, but rather via Roku’s Sling TV authenticated channel.

    For those who may not know, Sling TV is actually part of Dish TV. Dish is smart enough to realize the days of $100 cable TV subscriptions are coming to an end. Internet streaming packages are more attractive to customers because they are way cheaper than cable TV packages. Actually, for most customers, streaming packages might end up being more expensive after you factor in what you have to pay just for internet service.

  • Robert Oehlschlager

    The whole point is to dump cable tv and it’s charges.
    My TV provider is the air and ROKU.
    How NBC can justify requiring ‘authentication’ for broadcast programming defies common sense and logic; ROKU is complicit in the ‘deception’ surrounding “free apps”.
    After the discovery NBC requires authentication on ‘some’ of it’s programs, I deleted the NBC app – it’s sleepin’ with the fishes.
    ROKU needs to ride herd a LOT harder on these app developers and any app that has an authentication requirement needs to be labeled/classified as such, so we can choose NOT them and avoid the headaches.
    Or is ROKU really complicit in the deception and obfuscation regarding “Free”?

    • Patsey Manning

      I’m a happy successful cable cutter too. With ota channels via a good indoor antenna and my Roku, have thousands of viewing options. I subscribe to Netflix, Acorn and Britbox US, thrilled with my money saving system.

  • Nickey Wilson

    Thank you. You spoke in ‘IT for dummy’ lanuage. Easy peasy