This Friday, Roku will blow into The Windy City for gdgt live Chicago—so if you live in the Chicago area, stop by and hang out with us!  The event is free and open to the public so bring a friend.

gdgt live features hands-on demos and booths from the very best in tech.  The show is always at a great venue, features a massive raffle from sponsors—we’ll have a Roku 2 XS up for grabs (and a handful of t-shirts)—and is a ton of fun.

Visit the gdgt blog to learn more.

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  • jazzpast

    I never heard of Roku 2 but i’m excited about it and going to order an XS soon as I get a chance. I watch a lot of TV and love movies i’m really interested in this.

  • This has been a good Show and truly had a great venue. I like the t-shirts and further more of its tech booths. I loved to see this again and enjoy another great day with my son with this event like this. It is worth the time!


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