A big thanks to our Windy City fans who made it out to gdgt Friday night. The event took place at the Tribune Tower in downtown Chicago, and was packed with gadget geeks (and we say that with the utmost affection — we love geeks).

We had a blast chatting with the ever-present crowd at our table, and showing off the new features on Roku 2. As expected, Angry Birds on the big screen and controlled with a motion sensing remote was a major draw — at one point there were people in line to have a go at destroying the jeering green pigs that everyone loves to hate.  We even snagged a micro-projector from our friends at MicroVision to project a giant version of the game on the wall behind us!

Stop by our Flickr page to see some great pictures (courtesy of Mark Hojsan from Pictures4ever.com) of the venue and the event.


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  • Cherie Brantner

    I bought a Roku specifically to watch Glenn Becks Restoring Courage from Israel. (GBTV) I can’t get it to work on a consistant basis. I have requested help online, couldn’t help me. It is UNPLUGGED AT THE MOMENT BECAUSE IT ONLY WORKS WHEN IT WANTS TOO. NOT HAPPY AND I’M NOT GETTING ANY HELP WITH IT.

    • Hey Cherie,

      I was having some problems also when trying to watch glenn. I have the HD one. I went to the settings and redid the internet connection steps and this helped. I also reset everything to factory settings once. All seems to be working now… Hope this helps…

    • Csbretiree

      I bought a ROKU 2 SX to start watching GBTV and more often than not, it doesn’t work right. It will play fine for a few minutes, then the screen shows a “Loading, please wait” message that stays there and doesn’t go away. I have used the online chat with a Roku technician several times, and they still have not been able to tell me anything to do that has fixed the problem once and for all. When it works, it is great, but I am really getting sick of it messing up 80% of the time. Is this the same problem you are having?

  • ZDYJRAGWMSAI like it very much!

  • I seem to be lucky as mine works as expected.