Get ready for some frightening fun with the addition of Angry Birds Seasons on Roku 2. Angry Birds Seasons is a special edition of Angry Birds that takes the aforementioned furious fowl through the world’s celebrations.  Starting with summer “pignics” and the timely Halloween, we’ll be bringing you more feathered mayhem as the seasons progress.

Angry Bird Seasons is available now in the Channel Store for $4.99 and playable on Roku 2 XS.  Have a Roku 2 XD and want to get in on the gaming fun?  Simple, add the Gaming Remote and let the feathers fly.

Now, let’s see some high scores!

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  • Anonymous

    Release date for Roku LT?

  • Jenniferbrooks

    I just bought my Roku SD less than a month ago…Will I be getting angry birds on my roku free? I want to buy the contols if I will be…and……there was a link on fb… that I connected to …and now I cannot play…it sends me to a domain…Please help….It was my first time to play and I want to play more…Thank You

  • Slupi425

    Will I be able to play Angry Birds with the Roku XD?

  • Tiddybear

    $4.99! It is $0.99 everywhere else

  • Tomfugelsang

    I bought seasons for my roku and the controller doesn’t work. It is stuck, only able to move up and down on the left side. One would expect more when paying a premium of 4.99 for a .99 game

  • Jreese53

    Is Angry Birds seasons strictly for Halloween or will there also be a Christmas theme?

  • Aceshigh63

    Will all the levels be available? I have had Angry Birds since September and level 17 is unavailable. I have completed all the other levels is there some trick to unlocking this level that I haven’t figured out yet? I have called technical support and they claim its coming soon. Why buy the games if there are levels unavailable?

  • kulkoluka