Hi there. I’ve got some great news to share about new games for Roku 2.

As many of you know, our new Roku 2 family of streaming players features the ability to play casual games. To kick things off this past summer, we bundled the classic Angry Birds game with our top-of-the-line Roku 2 XS model.

Since then, we have added fun time-killers like Sudoku and Texas Hold’em. But we’ve always looked forward to adding more popular, graphically-rich action games to the Channel Store that leverage the horsepower of Roku 2. And, without further ado, here they are:

  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition. Are you a dot-chompin’ champion? PAC-MAN Championship Edition takes competitive eating way beyond Jimmy Chestnut. This true sequel brings slick new graphics and championship-caliber gameplay, with huge scrolling mazes, unique dot patterns and longer ghost chompin’ combos. Click to add.
  • Galaga. A personal favorite that I played for hours in a divey arcade known as “The Library” while growing up, Galaga is one of the longest-running hits in arcade history. Pretty basic, but super addictive. Board your fighter, blast away at aliens, escape their sneaky collision-course formations, and retrieve captured fighters from the boss alien’s tractor-beam. Click to add.
  • Storm in a Teacup. In this cute, popular little game, you take Storm on an adventure in his magical teacup. Storm’s brother Cloud has created a dream-like world where you solve puzzles, avoid pitfalls and beat the bad guys. Imaginative, unique and visually stunning. Plus, my four-year-old wants to be Storm this Halloween. (Or Tigger, or the King Pig… depends on the day.) Click to add.
  • Angry Birds Seasons. Our latest Angry Birds release takes the furious fowl through the world’s celebrations. Enjoy Halloween, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day-themed levels (no Festivus, unfortunately). The latest update, “Summer Pignic” (heh heh heh), has the birds popping pigs in a most relaxed, cool summer setting. A bit twisted, but it works. Click to add.

To play these new games, you will need the Roku Game Remote, which comes standard with the Roku 2 XS. The Game Remote uses Bluetooth to connect to any Roku 2 model, and features sensors for motion-based game play, as well as hard-capped, game-ready buttons to support furious button action.

You might be wondering how you can play these new games if you own a Roku 2 HD or Roku 2 XD model. Well, all you need is the Game Remote. It’s an easy upgrade. You can buy a Game Remote for $29.99 in our Accessory Store.

With the Game Remote, you also get a 2 GB MicroSD memory card, which gives you a bunch of extra storage capacity for games and other channels. The card fits in the MicroSD slot on the back of your player. The remote even comes with a free download of the classic Angry Birds game. After you set up the remote, go to the Channel Store to get your copy. And you’re off faster than a flightless bird in a slingshot.

If you already own the Roku 2 XS model, getting the games is as simple as clicking on the titles above. Or, you can go to the Channel Store to choose from all of the games that are available. Soon you’ll be joining me in pig-squashing, ghost-snarfing, alien bug-blasting glory.

We’ll be running high score contests on Twitter and Facebook next week (with some sweet prizes), so stop by and let us know what game you would like to start with!

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  • Vauxhall95

    Thank you! I was seriously thinking about selling my Roku because I bought it for media streaming AND casual games, and there has been an absolute dearth of games, and news of upcoming releases.

    Roku is uniquely positioned in the market. If you aggressively import the many of the top iOS, Android, and XBLA titles, I see no reason why Roku cannot become the epicenter of the media room experience.

  • Anonymous

    Gee, wow, pacman. I am so excited….
    Stick a fork in it y’all. Apple TV and Google TV are gonna destroy you.

    • Anonymous

      I think it all depends on who scores the best partnerships first. As of now roku is the only device that streams HBO Hulu Netflix Crackle YouTube and Amazon. It also does it at a price that undercuts all competition, and the still cheaper high end model allws for local media storage. I don’t think roku will be going away anytime soon.

      • AtlantaRokuFan

        I sold my Google TV and purchased a 2nd Roku instead. Google TV may be nice for folks that have cable or satellite but I gave up cable and the device sucked for me because of that. Besides, I love playing Galaga again and how many “game systems” can you get for $99?

        • JACK

          to answer atlantarokufan’s question.. PlayStation 2 now sells for 99 bux lol. I love my roku and going to buy another one because me and my wife constantly fighting for control over it lol. Put the old one in the bedroom and get the best one with games in the living room. I bought roku because we watch netflix alot. And once re realized all the channels we could get, i canceled my direct tv saving 70$ a month. Thanx Roku

    • The Droid Reports Engineer

      Apple TV what a joke you can not even get 1080p Roku has is the iphone of streaming internet on your tv.

  • RGS

    Hi Chuck.
    Will there be an update to the current Angry Birds version on the Roku 2? I read version 1.6.3 is out and it has new levels that we can play. Any comments on this?

  • Byrdman

    Unfortunately it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to play Pac Man Championship Edition on the Roku 2. The thumb controller is just not very accurate for quick moves. I was SOOOOO disappointed.

  • Miakoda

    I LOVE the gaming capabiliies! Some times I want to play a video game, a simple game, without breaking out a console. This is perfect, just enough gaming power to satisfy those little game cravings!

    Games I’d really like to see come to Roku:
    Dr Mario
    A real edition of Bejeweled 2
    and an updated version of Zoop (MAN that game was addictive!)

    I know, licensing… but maybe the companies who hold those licenses will stumble across my comment. Hey, I can dream. 🙂


      One thing theres Tetris but only for Roku 3 and Roku HDMI Stick

  • doodle jump!

  • snowbunny27

    Just got my Roku2 XS and have been trying to play angry birds but I don’t know what I’m doing. How do you play it using the remote? Do I just hold down the OK button and pull back the slingshot, then let go and it goes however far? What am I missing here?

  • Rossmole

    Why not open up the codes and allow/encourage average folks to create games for ROKU? You would soon have a plethora of available games. Or have software developers create pinball for example, that would emulate all the old pinball tables and utilize the sound ROMS available, like IRPinball. Of course you could also design specific controllers that would add to Roku’s pocket as well. There seems to be many ways that ROKU can establish and maintain a lead over any of it’s competitors. One other item that would be nice is to have an optical out for sound. As it is I do not have HDMI pass-thru to my surround gear so I have to play through the miserable TV sound.

  • PeschHouse

    Does anyone know of a different remote that can be used for the games? Or is there a way to turn the remote on it’s side and use it like a classic PS controller? Like for Angry Birds, the Roku game remote, with the motion-based control, STINKS. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time. And honestly, if I didn’t already have carpal tunnel, I’d get it using this. My husband is well on his way to carpal tunnel. Please, Roku, give us a different remote!

  • Kenny Barrett

    Where are the new games??? The only reason I bought two Roku 2’s over two apple tv’s was because of the ability to play games..

    I’m starting to think I would have been better off with the apple tv’s, my iPhone and air play..

  • PeshHouse:

    I hear you, re: the ‘so called remote”…………If this thing is Bluetooth, and not “needed for line of sight” the remote truly SUX. The folks @ Roku wanted to send me a “new remote”: my only question is WHY? If they’re like this, playing “action games” is pretty much a moot issue. Unless fighting the remote is “part of the gaming experience” (however, I think NOT)

  • Ferrome69

    These games are not available in Canada, only Angry Birds. So disappointed

  • How about an update to this post? “Fire away! New games available for Roku 2” from October. I do not see PacMan and Galaga in the Roku channel store and the direct links no longer work. What’s going on? I’d like to be able to download and play these games. Thanks

  • WHEN will Angry Birds Seasons be updated on Roku… and when will Space be available on Roku??

  • Where can I get new games?

  • los angeles moving companies

    Needs some more interesting for los angeles orange county


  • 498a

    4 9 8 a games wants


  • Shaun Dewing

    face it, roku has crappy FREE games!

    at least we can watch some UFC fights!..


  • PB

    I would love some new card games like solitaire, spider, etc etc.