Roku 2 owners, we pushed a new software update out this week (version 4.1, build 2663). While this is a minor update, it contains a number of notable improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where subtitles would not display for some Netflix titles for which subtitles were available.
  • Improved the behavior of the Netflix context (OPTIONS) menu.
  • Improved player Wi-Fi performance.
  • Fixed issue where player was outputting full-range RGB color values to displays that can only accept limited-range color values, resulting in darker than normal images.
  • Improved player boot performance.
  • Improved microSD card performance.

The new firmware will be pushed automatically to all connected Roku 2 players. If you canโ€™t wait, go to Settings > Software update to check for the latest update.

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  • I already had it and didn’t know it. Great to see the RGB bug fixed!

  • This is great but question regarding:

    *Support for some great new channels that weโ€™ll be launching soon.

    Does this mean that those with a Roku 2 won’t have access to these channels? ๐Ÿ™

    • Tom M

      Hi Sher,
      This firmware release (4.1/2663) is for Roku 2. For those with previous generations of Roku players, we released firmware version 3.0/2227. That has the same support for upcoming channels. So, all Roku players will get these new channels. There are, however, a number of new games coming to the Roku 2 that are NOT available on previous generations of Roku players. That is due to the processor and Bluetooth remote requirements of those games.

  • Rik

    Tom ! When are we going to get support on Roku 2 for Netflix Canada streaming? There is no technical reason this should not operate, I think Netflix would want to have as much accessibility as possible. Roku is the best streamer for it and I think solely as a Netflix streamer, the Roku 2 has good value in Canada. Please get this compatibility going.

    • Tom M

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll share with the team.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if this will improve Hulu performance. Sure would be nice to be able to watch an entire show without a freeze/reboot…

  • Chris

    The Roku 2 is such an awesome device! Has anyone from Magic Jack ever approached you about providing built in functionality for their device? The draw back to using MJ for a permanent landline phone option is the need for an always on computer to be connected to. The Roku could easily be an alternate option as it IS always on. Plus I bet it would be fairly easy to create an option channel for their functionality and you could overlay call information on the screen for incoming calls as an option.

    Thanks for listening. Love the service you provide! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sebstin

      this would be awesome…… But I might have to upgrade to ROKU 3 to use this service ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Frank

      There is a new MJ device now called the MagicJack Plus, it plugs into the router and you don’t have to have your computer on. You can now also use your regular phone number for MJ number now. It does require an electrical plug in. $69.95 for this new device. $29.95 for the first year with the option of buying 5 years for $99.95 It was just released in Sept 22, 2011

    • Rocky1013

      The newest Magic Jack that has an infomercial out now does not always need a computer to be on. As another option though I believe the Ooma is a better device. It costs more up front but if you do not need there premium features then it is free after the equipment purchase.

      • Dont811

        Hi Rocky1013–Since OCT ’08 I’ve been loving my and w/ just ONE modem, I get my FREE telephone, & my TV–ROKU. Yet, everytime I find ways to save $$, they raise the utility bills. It’s a constant fight to break even, unless you become a crook. I prefer being able to sleep w/o a heavy conscience.

  • Rick Fournier

    Thanks! I love all three of my Rokus. I have given several away as gifts too. What a fabulous device.

  • How about constant issues of video and audio getting out of sync?

  • Any

    Do you guys have a trade in program so that we can upgrade to the new Roku

    • No, they don’t. I asked a few weeks ago. But with sale pricing and free shipping I was able to get the new top-of-the-line model with the motion-sensitive remote for $89.

    • CaptainObvious

      Dude, it’s $99 for the MOST EXPENSIVE one. Drop your cable bill for a month and it’s paid for.

      • Dont811

        Yo Dude, have you read the headlines, there’s a depression in the “real world'” ! Many of us WERE & ARE SMART enough to have dropped cable/SAT TV months ago. Yet, family priorities pervail so get the hell off your condesending high horse “capt-obnoxcious.”

  • Di2too

    Will this fix the audio and video being out of sync?

  • Mumgranny

    Was ready to order a Roku 2 last month and then read on several different sites that it didn’t include Captions on Netflix. My husband is hard of hearing and depends on the captions. Sooo are you now aying that Roku 2 WILL show the captions on Netlix movies?


    • Yes, on those English-language films where Netflix has made subtitles available.

    • Darla

      Mumgranny, I bought a Roku 2 when they first came out for the same reason (hard of hearing). Closed Captions (Sub-titles) work on this device. They had some trouble with them the past 3 weeks but everything is working right again. To see a list of the movies that are available with sub-titles, login to your Netflix account, go to instant videos – then scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see all movies that are available with sub-titles. There are tons of them and more are supposed to be added each week.

      • Francine

        I just bought the ROKU 2 for the express purpose of captions. My old ROKU bos worked fine but they told me they wouldn’t upgrade the features to include captions. Netflix has lots of programs and movies that give you the option for close captions and some that don’t give you the option, but most of the ones that give me the option don’t give me the subtitles even though I’ve selected them. I’m hard of hearing as well so I just wasted the money.

  • Francisco Hillyer

    Do you know why netflix mexico does not work with roku 2? I can watch netflix mexico on my computer, then i travel to the us and watch netflix on computer, I can use my roku 2 to watch while in the us, but if I am in mexico i cannot watch netflix mexico, is there a difference in service?

  • Brian


    Will this fix the VOD issues with BYUTV?

  • Always happy to see a firmware update…. but the feature I’m looking for the most is MKV support on the device… It takes forever to re-encode all of these .mkv into m4v files.

    • B

      Run a Plex Media Server to do the transcoding

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tom, while the RGB fix is appreciated, I and others now have an audio-sync issue on certain channels that didn’t exist pre-firmware update. Please see the Roku Forum thread here, starting with user “Visdoe”‘s posting, and others that follow:

  • Luis

    What about Roku 1?

  • I appreciate how responsive Roku was to the complaints (including mine) on the Roku forum about the sudden lack of Netflix subtitles. A good company to deal with.

  • Dylan Doxey

    It sure would be neat if the Roku would support UTF-8 encoded Unicode in SRT files. I would love to use Japanese subtitles.

  • Russell

    will this help with HULU?

  • Katie

    Is there a way to roll back? The player has basically stopped connecting to the internet since this update hit. The Wifi was a bit spotty before, so I was hoping this would fix it, but now it’s just failing.

  • hi guys i just bought my first roku the xs model i love the little box of joy but i have some issues maybe you roku users can help with? im finding that all the private channels have audio video synch issues? im not sure if this is a firmware bug being that the firmware handles HLS media streams in a wonky manner or a bug issue in the SDK that roku provides for private developers? any pointers on how i can fix this would be great! the audio synch issues start out at around a difference of about .45 milliseconds and just get much worse till they are out of whack at around 10 seconds or so which makes everything quite unwatchable! i have found that if you pause the stream and rewind about a minute or so this will fix this issue temporarily but this becomes a major PITA when viewing movies anyone else with a roku experience this problem? thanks

  • I bought the original Roku the day it came out. It started off as the greatest media player I owned. Then the PS3 debuted *their* Netflix app, and it handily beat it in almost every aspect. I don’t understand why everything loads instantly on the PS3, and takes so much more time to load, and re-buffers constantly on the Roku. It can’t be blamed on my connection – not when the PS3 will play something all the way through without ever stopping.

    I don’t expect this update to miraculously fix this, but am just happy to be getting an HBO channel soon out of it… until Sony releases their version of it.

  • Any future updates coming to Roku 1 users?

  • Nwtflix

    What about Roku XDS? Will we get subtitles on netflix etc?

  • Hondasp118

    Any such fixes for the unit locking up? Or the remote not pairing?

  • Markose

    Any updates for BOMTV?

  • The USB Media Player channel does not display the media in alphabetical order on the Roku 2 XS (not a problem on the Roku XDS). Will there be an update to solve that problem?

  • mcf


    Is Roku 2 able to stream content from Canadian Sites, such as

    Is it possible to stream from a specific website, not included in the Roku list ?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Asim Ali

    Any chance of getting DLNA on this machine.. ?

  • Green_fowler

    Doesn’t fix my ROKU captioning problem.

  • JCV

    Hi Tom,

    I got all updates as of Dec 18th for my ROKU 2; however some series/seasons still don’t show the subtitles (English CC) despite the fact that they show as available. I triple-checked on PS3/AppleTV/Ipad/Iphone and subtitles are shown there for those same series/seasons. I called Roku’s support phone # and representative 200% ensured me that it is a Neflix issue and not ROKU, he told me that Netflix is not providing the feed to ROKU for those series/seasons. I am not convinced by their explanation because in you announcement you just stated that ROKU itself had to submit a software upload to fix similar issues – I am OK with support telling me that there is an issue and you guys are working on fixing it, but would really be upset to know that support is blaming Netflix when that is not true – or is it? Thanks so much

  • newbie

    just wonder if we can add KGO channel 7 news, KPIX channel 5 news and KRON 4 news or not?

    • L P

      I agree, KRON 4 is sooooo behind, and for silicon valley its almost a joke. How can Texas, North Carolina, Nevada be ahead and have local news on Roku and Silicon Valley News stations be so behind. Ugh!

  • Nunuabiz

    Fucking roku 2 are PIECES OF SHIT!!!!

  • Wormtwister

    no candain netflix support … you goddamn lying cunts.

  • Billtate

    My Roku is 3 months old and the video color has always been way off, too much red. I have contacted Roku and have not heard from them yet. Is this a common problem? 2-9-2012

  • Conjurwyf

    Well I’ve got a brand new Roku that I’m just about ready to send back. With the exception of BBC News pretty much everything I’ve tried stops every minute or two and says Loading. I’ve read about the technical ‘fixes’ to try but I’m not tech savvy enough to fool around with a router, etc. This is a real pain in the butt … particularly as it was touted to me as ‘trouble free’! NOT!!!

  • NHB Seattle

    My Roku freezes constantly. I cannot fast forward, pause, stop, exit… its works about 50% of the time. My internet does not change speed, I run constant checks. I can upload/download/stream quickly and without issues on any other device.
    No matter what “update” you do, my 2nd gen is just unresponsive so often it is the most frustrating piece of technology I own as much as I love it. Why is that?? What is it I need to do to make this a tool I love and don’t want to smash with a hammer half the time?

  • Dan Canete

    So, is closed captioning now available especially for Ted talks?

  • 1212

    I can;t believe how such a new unit will not work, I am so disappointed wiht ROKU, I am out of the stores 15 day policy for returns

    I just wnat my money back and think I will call my creidt card company

  • LindaArizona

    I’m wondering, can I use this Roku LT I ordered with a regular older TV (not Hi Def) and also somehow get a Magic Jack to work (and a laptop) with 1.5 Mbps speed using a Cisco router? Would I have to upgrade my DSL speed? Would I need to do or get anything else? Thanks so much if anyone can help me. Linda