The weekend is upon us once more! Find some freaky fun in our Halloween Channel, or if trick-or-treating isn’t your bag, check out this week’s new releases below. As always, if you have a suggestion on the perfect lazy Sunday flick, please post ’em in the comments. Happy streaming!

Netflix New Releases:

  • Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking– A captivating tour of the universe from theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking (2010)
  • A Little Help– This indie dramatic comedy from King of Queens creator Michael Weithorn stars Jenna Fischer and Chris O’Donnell (2010)
  • Season of the Witch– A courageous knight transports a suspected witch across Europe in the 14th century.  It stars Nicolas Cage…Nic “freakin” Cage! (2011)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • Spy– When Tim is forced to confront the fact that his son doesn’t respect him, he quits his dead end job. But his interview for an entry position in the Civil Service is in fact the MI5 entrance exam (2011)
  • Dancing with the Stars– The remaining 7 couples continue in their quest for the mirrorball trophy! (2011)
  • The Office– Erin struggles to pull off the ultimate Halloween party, juggling the expectations of Robert California, Andy and the staff (2011)

Crackle New Releases:

  • In the Line of Fire– Clint Eastwood is at his steely best as he battles a brilliantly maniacal John Malkovich in an ultra-tense thriller (1993)
  • Under Suspicion– This taut drama brings together Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman a year after Unforgiven made them blood brothers (2000)
  • Loser Director Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless) proves yet again that she knows how teens tick (2000)

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • Captain America: The First Avenger– Chris Evans takes on the latest incarnation of Marvel Comic’s Steve Rogers (2011)
  • Winnie the Pooh (2011)– Reunite with the beloved bear and his silly but steadfast friends (2011)
  • Romantics Anonymous– A delectable comedy about a gifted chocolate-maker with a case of paralyzing shyness who meets her soul mate. French with English subtitles (2011)

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