Happy Hallowstream from all of us here at Roku!  We had some fun in the office today, complete with pumpkin carving and a costume contest.   Here are some pics from our noon-time festivities.

Got a pumpkin or a costume you just have to share? Visit us on Facebook and share your spooky treats.

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  • Robfos33

    Any way of getting an HBO account without cable or sat? Would love to stream HBO to my Roku, but DO NOT want to go back to Sat. or Cable!!

  • Jds265

    I live in Australia and just purchased a Roku2. It seems like many of the services are not available here yet. Is there a way of finding out which services are available here or when they are due?

  • Tom Zawacki

    I was expecting HBO GO by the end of October, we’re a couple of days into November – when can we expect HBO GO in the channel store?

    • bobbyg

      Agreed. I’d like to see this channel published or at least an updated timeline on when to expect it.

    • Rtplus

      Good point! How difficult is it for a company to be straight up with it’s customers.