HBO GO is here! Get unlimited access to over 1,400 of your favorite HBO shows, including HBO original series, hit movies, sports, comedy specials–plus bonus features, and more.

That’s every episode of every season of the best of HBO – all FREE with your HBO subscription through participating TV providers.

What are you looking forward to streaming first on HBO GO?  Post ’em in the comments and let us know.


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  • Jlcullum

    I don’t have cable (which is why I have a Roku player) so I don’t have a way to subscribe to HBO. Ummm…

    • Monkeyface

      This is not for you then, pony up a few bucks for cable or move along with what you’ve got

      • Guest

        I agree with the people who are saying the whole point of Roku is so you don’t have to “pony up” the bucks for cable or satellite to get a few things you want to watch and a bunch of crap you don’t. There should be a way to get hbo go and epix if you don’t have a television provider. Roku is my television provider! It’s ok though even without this stuff there’s still more than enough on the Roku to keep hubby and me happy for a long, long time.

        • Jillxz

          Unfortunately , my ATT internet data is capped at 150GB per month. Won’t take very much streaming to go way over that data cap.

          • Just Saying

            You have to get cable modem through a regular cable company that has internet mine has unlimited cable modem internet for 50 bucks a month, beats paying Verizon 50 bucks for 5 GB cap and 10 bucks for every GB over bills over $125 every month. At&t uses cell tower data which is not
            suppose to be used for streaming that is why they place such low caps on data plans for internet usage. Check with local cable/phone company that offers internet hope this helps You it did Me.

      • Fridaynight

        Hey we like to bitch. It’s the Amerogant way.

      • the_one

        For the persons who think we should pony up a few bucks for cable please if you have that kind of money then pay for our subscription. Do you even know the purpose of getting a roku or the idea behind it? Or were you making that remark so you can get rise out of people. I dont mind paying for a subscription to hbo but i refuse to pay cable it is scam in taking your money and not getting what you want plus there price goes up every year. so if you want to be the fool, keep paying it then.

      • Anonymous

        If we were to just accept the status quo in terms of prices and offerings and not ask for more using less, then we would have zero innovation. Technology brings prices down while delivering more, basic fact of business. HBO GO is priming their service offering to provide a direct-subscription service without cable. When more and more people are finding effective alternatives to get their entertainment without a cable subscription (for whatever reason: economic, personal lifestyle choice, etc.), and finding that they are doing just fine without cable TV they won’t come back. Companies that used to rely on the big cable companies to distribute their services are finding other means to grow. It makes zero sense for HBO GO to have a Roku Channel if they weren’t considering this as the eventual future. Most, if not all, HBO subscribers also utilize DVR or TiVO in some form…having a Roku on top of this (to get your HBO channels), is absolutely pointless. Face it, the business-model of premium channels relying on cable companies to distribute for them is coming to an end. As an individual who can more than afford to have a cable subscription, but who chooses not to because of personal lifestyle choice (the average channel offering is horrible and you most certainly do not get what you pay for), I say good riddance! It’s a bloated oligopoly that delivers sub-par services for exorbitant rates when compared to the rest of the world.

        • Jillxz

          No they won’t go back to cable , but as more and more people cut the cord , the price for internet service will go higher and higher. Streaming won’t be cheap.

          • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

            Actually Cable inflates internet prices.. Sure it is faster but you MUST sign up for TV????? DSL is a bit slower, but its too fast for me to notice in browsing. It streams 2 TVs fine and it’s a flat $45 a month with my no frills phone for this guy.. Streamers like HULU is $8 a month… have fun with your cable prices… I’ll bet when CABLE gets a competitor, prices will go down… not up. In addition HBO and others will join the Streaming market and bring those prices and packages down. Im hopeful that you are wrong in your assessment.. only time will tell.

          • Jillxz

            I have Fast Access DSL 6.0 with AT&T with a monthly data cap of 150GBs. Won’t take long to use that up with having to stream everything. This DSL runs my Desktop Computer and all of the mobile devices . Then when I start streaming movies and TV shows , my data will go in a heart beat So it’s not for me , unless I can get much larger data caps or unlimited data. And I don’t see that possible in my rural area.

          • pirate

            cable internet….it is the only thing cable is any good for….and if you dont have cable internet in this day and age you are living in the stone age.

          • pirate

            you dont have to sign up for tv to get cable internet

        • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

          Tell the truth.. i’ll never buy cable again. Even without HBO, I get nearly everything on Cable ‘On Demand’ without waiting for Airtime… At half the “Basic Cable’ Cost !! New Streamers are weekly and usually FREE. Ad to this My ROKU has a USB….. Say Goodbye to Cable.. you state Status Quo.. maybe, but time is on the Streamers side….. It’s want be Status Quo for long.

      • Anonymous

        An interesting and well-thought out article/discussion about this topic. The mentality of previous generations that cable TV is a necessity in the home is on the wane in future generations and cable companies are taking notice in their earnings. Cable TV, in its current iteration, is a dying service. Smart companies are going to focus on broadband internet offerings, dumb companies are going to keep the existing model (what you’re proposing), and then go out of business.

      • Pete

        So you like to be robbed? Give me your money then. *Waves hand gun, literally*

      • four_strings

        The idea of having cable AND Roku is actually pretty stupid, to be real about it. There’s no need for both. If you have cable then a Roku is just a substandard waste of money that really doesn’t do much beyond jacking up your internet bill. If, on the other hand, you went with the Roku to get away from the high cable bills (like the vast majority seem to have), then it doesn’t make ANY sense to go back to cable and still keep a Roku. The two are almost mutually exclusive.
        When I had cable I wouldn’t have dreamed of buying something like a Roku. Redundant entertainment? That’s wasteful, I’d say. Now that I’ve dropped cable and went with the Roku, it’s really counter-intuitive to expect us to go back to cable…especially just for some HBO programs.

        • Duh

          LOL and you will be right up there for what you are paying for cable… genius!

          • duhX2

            $30 for cable!?!? Where do you live? And please sign me up!!!

          • Who pays $30 for cable? and how?

          • Jillxz

            I for one , don’t intend to pay $30 dollars to watch anything. 18 dollars a month is my limit.

          • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

            Yea, $30 Cable.. But why are these guys HERE.. Guarantee they are not watching HBO, more like HGTV (Home and Garden) or HSC (Home Shopping) you get what you pay for… Streaming is same however ROKU is Free once you buy the unit and usually 2 subscriptions at $8 is all you need: Hulu and Netflix… then you get hundreds of the Freebees so you can still buy a collector Plate from HSC…. LOL

        • Bridget

          There you go! When HBO joins with ROku WITHOUT!!! cable then they got me too! But it doesn’t make any sense for HBO to expect u to have a cable provider if u already have a Roku player. Come on People wake up!

      • GG

        or pirate, since the companies can’t get with the program.

      • fodder mail

        We are getting very close to a content revolution if we aren’t already in the middle of it. This has happened in many other industries. The ‘brokers’ are becoming unnecessary resulting in direct relationships between consumers and content sources. The margin a broker should expect to continue getting is much closer to Hulu’s $8 / month than say Time Warner’s $80+. If HBO is going to be a hold-out, I can pick up their content later on Netflix, or not at all. If they want to remain relevant, which I assume they do because they have gone into the business of creating content instead of competing with Netflix as their old positioning placed them, they will get with the program. If they want to become a studio, that is fine too, but why wait a year to release on Netflix?

        • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

          Actually ROKU plus hundreds of streamers are Free… Netflix, HULU (with hundreds TV of programs and movies) is $8

      • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

        ANOTHER IDIOT… paying $100+ bucks MONTHLY for Cable … Having to wait for Program schedules…. then telling STREAM USERS to pay for Cable programs… SO FAR hundreds of streamers.. HBO will follow in time with a pure streaming network… You go ahead and wait for to watch you Movie/Program I’ll go to it right now and watch it… CABLE is for fools.. your comment proves it.

    • Yeah, I’m with you on that. I would be happy to subscribe to HBO GO directly, but it doesn’t look like you are able to. Pretty dum idea, if you ask me.

      • Patrick Storey

        I don’t get the point of HBO Go on Roku. To use it you must have HBO, which means you must have cable or satellite. If you have cable or satellite, you have no reason to have Roku. This seems like an entirely pointless offering. Or am I missing something?

        • Dim Wit Idiot

          No, you’re not missing anything. ROKU means to hustle us for money that they will be sharing with hbo go,showtimeanytime etc. They must think we’re dummies. If they keep this shit up, there will be lot’s of used roku devices available on ebay. I didn’t see this coming. >

        • David F Puhala

          Not a total hussle. You can take the Roku places you have acess to WiFi and a TV that has HDMI but limited or no cable service and you can still have access to a lot of stuff. For example, at my place of employment they have a very slim satelite package for viewing, I can bring my Roku stick to work and have acees to a lot more stuff than if I left it at home.

          • pirate

            you are part of a small niche, most roku users are not cable or satellite subscribers

          • Patrick Storey

            That’s great if you are one of those people who can’t live without their TV for more than five minutes, and MUST have access to every show, everywhere, all the time. For those of us who use ROKU at home in place of a cable or satellite service (which is the actual original point of ROKU), HBO Go is a totally useless “offering”, because we can’t use it. Personally, I don’t watch TV at work, nor does anyone I know. We work at work.

        • Donny Wallace

          You still have a reason to have Roku but to watch On Demand without Cable is better.

    • OandDfamily

      Yeah, isn’t one of Roku’s marketing slogans to “ditch cable”?… Or was that Netflix? Anyhow, Love my Roku bc it saves our family so much money by not having a cable or satellite subscription. I don’t know if HBO has any ‘family-friendly’ programming anyways.

    • guest

      it’s a shame because i really like some of the whows they have on HBO and i love the 24/7 boxing series.. guess i’ll have to wait..

    • guest

      it’s a shame because i really like some of the whows they have on HBO and i love the 24/7 boxing series.. guess i’ll have to wait..

    • blueice888

      I cut the cable cord too…..but my sister has Directv because she lives in the woods and she set up her online account and let me use her name and password and there is some decent stuff on there not on Netflix and without the hassel of Playon.

      She won’t use it anyway so works for me!!

    • Holy thats tarded!

    • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

      Same here.. when will they wise up???
      I think HBO is in the Pockets of Cable !!!

    • Starstuff

      Same here I dropped the TV portion and kept the internet on TWC. I would like to stream HBO and maybe other premium channels… its HBO’s loss.

  • Big Kahuna

    Hope the old Tim Allen “Men are Pigs” comedy acts are there. Also, there was a comedien named “Ron Scneider???” that did the football and little bird acts that were hilareous.

    • Dlee20

      it doesn’t surprise me that we would need to get an extra cable subscription to get HBO GO… I cant even watch last weeks Fringe on the Roku, grumble grumble….

      • Technomage007

        If had cable for a long time and watched about three or four channels sporatically , it doesn’t pay no matter how much money you have to pay for something you dont use. Hopefully Roku will be a platform where we can buy the few channels that we do watch without paying for the stuff we don’t. Monkeyface your a jackass trying to compensate for a small penis

        • THE_One

          that is so funny Tech, but so true. lol

  • guest

    I purchased my Roku to avoid high cable/dish prices and to find out that I have to have a cable subscription to get HBO GO is very frustrating!!!! Why would I bother buying a Roku if I already had cable?

    • Monkeyface

      45 million Americans receive food stamps, I guess you want the same handout from HBO? They have a business model and you don’t fit in it….you may find it surprising but they prefer paying customers.

      • Megladon88

        Totally willing to pay HBO for their service, but would rather do it directly as opposed to the cable/satellite middle man…

        • Monkeyface

          I would rather buy my Nike shoes directly from Indonesia for $5.00 but middle men exist for a reason. Economies of scale are not reached with 125 cheapskates that want to pay nothing for something.

          • theONEpercent

            And I would rather come to this comment section without reading your bullshit, but children like you exist for a reason. To make problems where there are none. At least I’m not literally listening to all the crap falling out of your mouth. Wipe your face, and find some place else to spread your hate. People have the right to an opinion, like I told your dumb ass before, without you calling them stupid or poor. Try being nice.

          • wow

          • Monkeyface

            I feel like we got off on the wrong foot……

          • theONEpercent

            Maybe so…..

          • Monkeyface

            Your tone has softened, are we slowly becoming friends?

          • Tydydgrll

            Do you work for HBO? You just seem reallllly overly offended by these comments.

          • Monkeyface

            No I do not work for HBO. I am not personally offended by any of the comments. My brain, however, is verrrrry (using your form of emphasis) offended by the comments which (my brain, not me personally) find to be filled with doltishness and fatuity. Please do not blame me personally for this point of view…underneath my incredible intellect, great looks,giving nature, likability and general sexiness my heart beats the same as the rest of you.

          • four_strings

            You just made me vomit a little bit. I guess your mission has been accomplished?

          • GG

            Haha. You must be a republican, bc you definitely live in the bubble.

          • Wanawakeboard

            your an idiot dude, go waste your money who cares, you know what they say a sucker is born every minute! and you are a fool

          • four_strings

            Stereotypes and racism exist for a reason too. Does that make them okay? Maybe we should hold on to those too?

          • Scoobstvn

            monkeyface… you seem kind of like a jerk … no offense… i dont comment or blog etc… i have been just reading these comments researching roku… ummm dude… noone here so far has said they want something for nothing???????? THEY ARE SAYING THEY WANT HBO TO DO LIKE NETFLIX,FLIXTER,HULUPLUS AND OTHER APPS…..PAY THEM DIRECTLY FOR THEIR SERVICE…!!!!!! comcast is honestly horrible… they have been taking advantage of their customers for years… yes people resent the bad service… the lack of choices….and raising of prices every other day!!!!! dude…. media streaming with apps for less is the future.. comcast will go that way soon..

          • GG

            Genius, the middle man is the Roku platform in this case. Just bc Megladon doesn’t understand the tech and considers Roku direct delivery doesn’t mean it’s not being served on a bridging platform. The platform of cable isn’t the only medium, and shouldn’t be entitled to a monopoly on content. Especially at the prices set by the buffoons that run the cable companies. If HBO were smart, they’d sell to both, thereby increasing their earning potential.

          • Rynhere

            Well, monkeyface, your Nike direct from Indonesia analogy doesn’t work. It’s not that purchasing Nike shoes from a Nike store (which is only as far away as your nearest outlet mall) is going to be $5 versus buying it at Footlocker is $90. That’s neither reality, nor is it the issue. . Let’s use something which actually touches on the problem and I’ll stay with shoes, so that you can keep up.

            The issue is that I want a shoelace (HBO), and I don’t see why I should have to buy a $90 pair of shoes (cable) to get it. HBO (once again – the shoelace….still keeping up?) should want to market it’s product in as many ways as possible – so that it doesn’t have to rely on only getting business when people buy shoes. Currently, HBO is ~$25 let’s say — to add it to your cable plan. So give me the chance to pay $25 for it by itself and I will. Voila! HBO gets a new customer. I paid the same — if not more for it (remember, the cable company gets some from that added fee) and the only ones out anything is the cable company – and I never liked their cruddy shoes anyway.

          • pbjtime

            I’d be willing to pay the cable subscription price…without the cable.

      • Lola

        What a ridiculous and completely ignorant comment!

      • oceanlab

        The guy isn’t asking for a handout, he’s simply asking for an option to pay for and hbo sub instead of a costly cable sub + hbo which costs a lot more. Duh!

        • they don’t have that option. that isn’t on Roku. That’s on HBO. He should take it up with them

      • Phuket

        Are you naturally stupid, or do you work at it? These don’t mind paying for HBO Go, it’s having to already be paying for HBO via cable or satellite in order to get HBO Go on the Roku that is so ridiculous. These would be “paying customers” and fit right in to an intelligent business model if they would allow folks to subscribe to HBO Go only.

        • Monkeyface

          There is no “intelligent business model” that fits people who want to pay virtually nothing for a premium product with high fixed costs. The HBO Go model is a bonus add on for subscribers and nothing more. If they charged the full HBO cost for this you would all be complaining about that too. You should be in a park sleeping in a tent bitching about the greedy corporations with the rest of your loser friends.

          • be nice

            I think I was in a book club with Monkey face. .. Just likes to antagonize, argue and insult. Just ignore him. we know what we are talking about, even if he/she can’t see it.

          • Monkeyface

            How did you know I was a he/she???????

          • theONEpercent


          • theONEpercent


          • Buttercup

            HBO through a cable service costs approx 15 $ , putting a price at 7.99 as suggested above would give HBO another chunck of the market (like Roku or PC users) that now they don’t have anyways … so I believe that is not so much HBO but the cable/dish companies that don’t allow it ….

          • Monkeyface

            Anybody who write the word “chunck” and “anyways” will not get a response from me that explains the fallacies of their thinking.

          • A Friend2013

            Buttercup well put. Monkey’butt’face is a complete d-bag. With all that intellect he has lost his common sense somewhere. Monkey boy here is a simple capitalist formula you will understand. If cable company X sells you the consumer HBO for $15 USD. Then guess what…HBO gets $7.50 and the cable company keeps $7.50. So theorectically they could in fact sell a separate version of say HBO GO to streaming customers that have left cable providers for $7.99 and make fifty cents more than splitting the profits with cable companies. And before you rant and throw snide remarks – I am a republican business owner that understands commerce and business, middle man theory and mark up. But am not a republican d-bag that believes that this country is full of idiots like you that have forgotten about great customer service, fair market value and honesty should be the first priority not sellingnyour soul for the almighty bottom line. Let’s face it the wave of the future is smart phones, apps, iPods and strwaming content. With busy lives who has time or wants to rush home and be a slave to a specific time a show will air. When I can leave the office meet friends for dinner get home and turn on Netflix and play my show when I want.

            There will be a time when all football games, tv series, etc will be taped and archived. And people will have the choice to tune in for live stream or play later. One BIG DVR in the sky. And TV stations will be sold ala cart. Cable offers 300 channels and 20 are worth watching.

            App creator ‘angry birds’

          • GG

            If they charged $15-20 for HBO Go and all the content was available that HBO cable subscribers get, people would end up paying. Obviously. Many already do under the cable model. If the service is the same, and the platform of delivery is different, how is that a problem? You can’t fight logic Monkeyfool.

          • Opinionated>>

            Ok seriously?? No one is “bitching” and no one is “complaining” about HBO. This is a place to voice an opinion get opinions and answers to concerns or questions. If any one is “bitching” that would be you monkeyface!! Our opinions and questions are about HBO on the whole “wouldn’t it be Convenient” if you could purchase HBO directly..not bashing HBO at all. Yes HBO is a business a service which currently is unavailable to purchase directly without a cable prescription. We are all voicing our concerns or opinions on this topic. I am just having a very hard time understanding why you are “bitching” so much about these opinions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Why can’t you be a little more mature on this public website and respect others opinions even if you strongly disagree. Haven’t you heard “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”. I really didn’t think a kindergarden lesson was needed for an adult. My opinion about HBO is the same as others. it would be very convenient if it was possible to purchase thru HBO directly no matter the convenience fee. Kinda like a convenience store, it may be cheaper to go to the grocery store (middle man) while the convenience store is pricier it is still nice to have because it is convenient.

          • Opinionated>>

            Ok seriously?? No one is “bitching” and no one is “complaining” about HBO. This is a place to voice an opinion get opinions and answers to concerns or questions. If any one is “bitching” that would be you monkeyface!! Our opinions and questions are about HBO on the whole “wouldn’t it be Convenient” if you could purchase HBO directly..not bashing HBO at all. Yes HBO is a business a service which currently is unavailable to purchase directly without a cable prescription. We are all voicing our concerns or opinions on this topic. I am just having a very hard time understanding why you are “bitching” so much about these opinions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Why can’t you be a little more mature on this public website and respect others opinions even if you strongly disagree. Haven’t you heard “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”. I really didn’t think a kindergarden lesson was needed for an adult. My opinion about HBO is the same as others. it would be very convenient if it was possible to purchase thru HBO directly no matter the convenience fee. Kinda like a convenience store, it may be cheaper to go to the grocery store (middle man) while the convenience store is pricier it is still nice to have because it is convenient.

      • Guest

        ‘dislike’ …do we really have to have ‘put-down’ comments on here? Love my Roku and Love that it IS FREE!…as TV should be or used to be anyhow.

      • Guitarbeatle1

        I have no problem paying for HBO, I just don’t want all the pointless cable stations.

      • LOL

        Stop talking from your ass. People are willing to pay for HBO GO subscription if it’s being offered from ROKU, Monkeyface !!!!

        • Monkeyface

          In other words, you want the same for less…..please see my original comment.

          • the middle man is roku, fyi

          • Monkeyface

            You need another 4.5 years of school to figure out the difference between cable companies and Roku if you consider them the same type of middle man.

          • THE_One

            And it show that you only had 4 to 5 years of schooling. Again such a sorry case for Monkeyface who needs love from his parents.

          • four_strings

            “In other words, you want the same for less”
            That’s how we do it in this United States of America in the 21st century.

            After reading many of your posts, I think I’ve figured out what problem you’re having. Aside from being painfully arrogant (which isn’t serving you well, btw), I wasn’t generally impressed with your posts or with your alleged intellect.

            Here’s the problem you seem to be having: You don’t know how to negotiate, son!
            YES! We want the same for less! That’s what negotiations are. We say, “No we WON’T pay for cable in order to have HBO Go” and HBO says “Then you can’t have HBO Go”, then we say “We’ll survive without you. Can’t you survive without our money?” then HBO eventually says, “Let’s try to see what we can work out”
            …then we start to see HBO Go on the Roku without having to deal with cable TV. It’s a process…it’s called negotiating. Learn it.

      • Westin_reavis

        Way to bring the debate on welfare into this, crazy neocon.

        • Monkeyface

          Welfare mentality more aptly describes it. I also realize that you collectors of said welfare will always be against the ones who consider you users and losers. Go check your mailbox, it’s free grocery day….Yeeee Hawww!!

          • Opinionated>>

            Welfare is for people who simple cannot afford to provide for their family or themselves. It is help that sadly many do take advantage of. And unfortunately comes out of our(the people)’s pockets. Which has absolutely nothing to do with HBO or Roku, etc…We the people do want to pay for a service, not recieve a handout from anyone. Things change everyday. I am sure that HBO has pondered about the possibility for change, but for a reason has decided to not provide a direct purchase option. There may be laws or contract involved with the company making it impossible for our desires and wants for this kind of service. Like I did say, change happens everyday. It may or may not become available in the future, no one but the person in charge of HBO.

      • The_One

        moneyface I see that you dont get it at all do you. people are willing to pay hbo just not cable do you understand that? if not I can draw you a picture. maybe you can get it then. do i have to have cable to get hulu,netflix, or amazon. no so why should I pay cable to get hbo. someone draw him a picture please. people are about saving money not spending it. you must not have a family or you hit the lotto last night. I work hard for my family and me. therefore I want to put my money into things that are reasonable the roku is reasonable it work along with the free programming through the air. or do you think we should cut that out too. remember we do live in the land of the free. or do you think we should start charging for air too.

        • Monkeyface

          Let me draw you a picture you semi-illiterate donkey: You are correct, you don’t have to get cable to get hulu, netflix and Amazon….for one small reason: THEY ARE INTERNET COMPANIES, NOT CABLE DISTRIBUTED COMPANIES. Yes, we live in the land of the free but not the land of THE FREE HANDOUT. No wonder it’s so easy for the 1% to control so much wealth, the 99% seem to be morons.

          • THE_One

            Monkeyface you need help so bad you just made yourself look like a donkey again you are so stupid. so I see i will have to take the time to draw your dumb ass a pictures so you can understand. but before I do lets try this one more time dumb monkeyface and see who is real semi- illiterate donkey. 1st you those company are internet companies your right, so here where you need to think about what is the ROKU? Now think; what is cable? Now if a person has a ROKU or any set top internet box. Why would anybody then need to pay for cable? unless you want it, or if your not into saving money or because it is not yet on the ROKU. so think about that first.
            2nd thing your dumb ass said “free handout” did anyone on any post stated that they wanted a free HANDOUT, NO they did not!!!!!!!!!! If so please point it out to me I might have missed it. But I am about 99% sure they did not. ROKU owners just don’t want to pay cable, they will pay for netflix,hulu,amazon and what else they want on the ROKU. Why Pay cable for over half the stuff you don’t even watch. But if that is what you want to pay for then waste your money. Other have better things to do with there money.
            3rd do you have the proof to backup the stats you stated about the 99% morons? reason I ask is i have more proof that I can put in your Monkeyface to backup everything I have stated.

            you know instead of calling you monkeyface we should call you donkeyface i think it fits you better to a T.
            I hope you understand now!!!

            And people don’t be to hard on Monkeyface he can not help that he is a dumb ass and can not understand the world of today. You can all see in his writing that he has a 5th grade education level look at the name he pick monkeyface I bet money that he does have a monkeyface.

          • Monkeyface

            You are my proof that 99% are morons. Case closed.

          • THE_One

            Again no proof on the numbers you give and you have not case to close. You are one sorry person I can tell. So I guess you were never loved as a child. So you are looking for attention. Such a sad case for you.

          • Monkeyface

            I must agree with you that proving that a person is a moronic slice of retardation is impossible, although your sentence structure and lack of general basic knowledge come awfully close to “proof”.
            PS – I’m still looking for this “picture” you drew me you oafish dolt.

            PSS – Do you really think someone with only a 5th grade education could come up with the phrase “moronic slice of retardation”?….I think not. I may lack manners, feelings, grace, humility and other pieces of the nice person package but after reading your incoherent ramblings, I have to chuckle when thinking that you actually believe yourself to be more educated and/or more intelligent 🙂

          • Thomowen

            Monkeyface, has it dawned on you that the_one may not have English as a first language, and that that would account for the nature of his posts?

            Next question: What would account for yours?

          • GG

            I’m part of the 1%, and I agree with the 99% in this case. You don’t really have much foundation for your argument. You condescend b/c you’ve found that you’re semi-literate and others on the internet aren’t, and because you know you are on weak ground. This is standard practice of fallacious argumentation. Good work, you’ve proven yourself, as ever, an idiot.

          • Monkeyface

            According to you, I have a 5th grade education; let’s explore this.
            I need you to look up a few words and see how they might apply to your response above:
            1) Spelling
            2) Grammar
            3) Capitalization
            4) Run on sentences
            5) Punctuation
            6) clodpate

          • THE_One

            Like I said had to draw you a picture, so I had to write it so you can understand for your level. Everyone else understand with having to write on the level that you can understand. Again you still proved my point of the level of education you hold. So learn a little for your kids sake okay, if you have any.

          • Patricia

            Monkeyface, sorry The One has outed you. You’re pretty ineffective.

      • Anonymous

        As I scroll down, I now realize that you’re just an ass…done dialoguing.

      • Jporper

        i dont want a hadout for hbo go but roku shouln’t advertise hbo go if 2 of the majors providers dont allow you to access it even though you pay extra, i can watch it on my phone but not on my roku……hbo sucks…..but they or the providers are however monopolizing something they know they got us on……but roku should advertise that with their product…i got mine home and was pissed that in cant get hbo on go and i pay for it through direct tv….it is one more reason for me to get rid of high priced tv… i put a huge antenna on my tv and i am using roku and soon leaving direct tv

      • GG

        People aren’t asking not to pay. They’re asking to pay via a different delivery platform. HBO’s simply alienating one part of the market, which should only serve to limit their job creation power.

        Personally, I’m all for piracy in this case. Steal until those who don’t want you to buckle and modify the model, making it attractive to its entire consumer base (see the music industry and streaming services). The original model is flawed. It’s time for them to come into the new century, and piracy is a decent tool to get us there.

        You Monkey, sound like an out-of-touch Republican talking about food stamps and all that. I’m guess you’re not much on quality of personage either.

        P.S. I’m not a democrat.

      • Sherry watkins

        Well I’m a 40 year old single mother and nursing student with 2 kids and I get food stamps! I actually pay 140 a month and would love to just get an hbo(time Warner) subscription without all the others for a reasonable price. I don’t think that would be $7.99. I would be willing to pay for exactly the channels we watch. Instead we pay 140.00 to get movie channels TNT and nicks. I don’t want any handouts in life! I have worked since I was 15 years old and have never stopped. I just wanted a good job so that I could put my children through college. Most of us food stamp people just need a little help while we better ourselves. Trust me I have paid plenty of taxes in the last 25 years, that I can take for 2 years, to in the end pay more taxes at a higher tax rate!

      • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

        How is paying for HBO via streaming a hand-out??? HBO streaming HBO-GO only to Cable Subscribers (you guys already pay through the rear… They are not offering to take money (SUBSCRIPTION) to “Streaming ONLY” viewers…….
        This would be additional revenue.. But the fact is HBO is in the pockets of Corporate Cable .

  • Ditto what jlcullum posted. We don’t have cable, but i’d definitely pay a la hulu plus to get HBO content.

  • I have HBO Go on my iPhone with a subscription through DirecTV but it’s not listed in the participating TV providers for Roku??? I was really looking forward to this… what a major letdown.

    • Moosebog

      You should email DirecTV like I did and let them know you’d like for them to include it on Roku. I assume the more requests they get the better chance that they do it.

      • Ledzepp817

        Add me to the upset Roku / DirecTV customer list. Please get this working on DirecTV!!!!



  • Nas Banov

    Your list of TV providers does not show DirecTV as option, is that an omission or? DirecTV does offer HBO GO according to their website…

    • Moosebog

      I would email DirecTV and let them know that you’d like to see HBO Go for Roku. It can’t hurt…

      • Nas Banov

        Please do! Thank you 🙂

    • Phulltillt

      DirecTV did a bait and waste customers time going through all the sign-up steps and not one mention ROKU was not a provided option. No rabbit ears, No antenna, No dish, No cable = NO TV for the last 18 years and provided lots of time for me to become a computer guru junquie for family and friends with kids who are tightly budgeted. HBOGO was to be a gift from a subscriber in apprecaition for me freely keeping their old junquers running and up to date.

      As disappointment was turning to anger the loser there was DirecTV. They sent the e-mail complaint and included their cancellation of their service. Don’t get mad, get even! A complaint is truely effective only when it is accompanied with financial consequenses, the reason why this country is over run with attorneys.

  • Caroline Braley

    Ditto what most others are saying. I don’t have cable anymore and thus, no HBO. 🙁

    Would love to subscribe to HBO via Roku for oh, let’s say $7.99/month. That seems to be a popular rate (Netflix, HuluPlus for example).

    • Monkeyface

      And I would love to buy a $20,000 car for “oh, let’s say” $7600. Is it really that difficult to understand?

      • Anonymous

        Your metaphor is interesting, as it happens to turn out…as consumers demanded more and more features for less and less money the cars that used to cost $20k would now be worth about $7.6k today. Funny enough, by constantly demanding better for less, that’s exactly what we got.

        • Lentonc

          No, sorry Nathan, the reality is the constant downward pressure on price from every angle only serves to drive down wages and cut jobs. If you want something, and you value it, pony up the money for it.

          • four_strings

            *sniff* oh no! Someone lost a job because they were maintaining low standards and wouldn’t compete!
            Well, constant downward pressure on price from every angle ALSO SERVES to promote technological advancement and greater efficiency. Remember, we’re talking about digital data here. I’m not sure how many people you think it ACTUALLY takes to get a stream of data down a line, but I’m sure it’s less than what you may THINK it takes. Seems more an more that everybody wants to do one small piece of the puzzle and everybody needs an assistant. Essential jobs are never lost–because they are ESSENTIAL. It’s the non-essential “fat” around the edges that gets trimmed. That’s good for competition and for efficiency.

          • Budhak0n

            That explanation would be fine if HBO and it’s content creators received your higher”fees”, as it currently exists the cable companies run by people like the Roberts family I the beneficiary of your premium price, not HBO. And for those of you out there bothering to read and understand, HBO does not want to lose the corporate subscriber fees these cable giants pony up ( that’s how the get their production budget)

          • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

            I agree. HBO is CABLE.. but if you watch some of the Exclusive Programming on streamers like HULU… they seem to be getting enough to make some fine programs… a few better than some of HBO’s.
            It will be interesting to see which will be the Future.. Cable or Streaming? My money is on streaming.

          • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

            Lentonc, I have some really great items to sell you…. (Sucker born everyday) Pony-Up boy.

      • James Spalding

        I don’t think you understand that you are not winning any arguments. In fact, you defeat your own argument. If I were you, I’d go watch some cable. : )

      • four_strings

        OMG! Where did you come up with that analogy? HBO isn’t THAT great! Geez! Get over yourself already (assuming you are either an HBO employee or a cable company employee).
        When you look at all the offerings on Netflix and all the offerings on Hulu+, there’s NO legit reason to think that HBO couldn’t offer HBO Go for a reasonable price (like the one mentioned above) on Roku.
        What were you imagining? That we’d all have to pay $25/month for HBO Go because HBO is so incredibly awesome?! It’s only TV, man. It’s not actually addictive. We managed to get off of cable, we can go without HBO too…until they are ready and willing to meet our demands.

        • bob evans

          If you honestly believe the quality of content on HBO sucks, you have the right not to pay for it. Many do. Now do a comparison of what HBO offers to what other stations offer – look at the scope of sets and costuming involved. Now think of those costs.
          Now, think of the advertising… how much is there on HBO?

          Do you think the sets and wardrobe and all the staff to create a show like Game of Thrones, the Sopranos, Deadwood, Rome, etc etc etc are simply free?

          They put out some near hollywood movie epic quality shows and those are NOT cheap.

          Hey, you don’t want to pay, go watch “Once upon a time” or “Defiance” (oh, wait, that cheap looking show got cancelled)…

          • pirate

            nobody said we weren’t willing to pay but we aren’t willing to pay for cable there is a difference even if I had to pay 15$/month for go i would but they don’t get that 15$/person now at the current deals with cable they stand to profit enormously..

          • four_strings

            I don’t care if they profit and profit enormously. They should profit. I’m not against anyone making a profit. I am against price gouging. I just think HBO considers their product to be SO fantastic that they are price gouging for it. As my original point was, I hate gasoline price gouging because I need gasoline. TV entertainment?! None of us NEED HBO TV entertainment. It’s a want not a need. It’s a pleasure not a necessity. HBO is out of their minds to think their product is worth it!

          • pirate

            actually it’s the contracts they have with sat and cable they are bound to not offer it any other way so truthfully we just need to convince people to drop shitty overpriced cable and eventually they will go away.

          • four_strings

            Bob, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t pay for HBO Go. I’m saying that there is no way that it’s worth it to pay for a cable subscription AND HBO Go. It’s simply important enough to be worth that much money. In essence, to get HBO Go, I’d need a cable TV subscription simply to have HBO and for no other reason. So I’d basically have to pay, for example, for an Xfinity subscription WITH and HBO subscription WITH an HBO Go subscription. Is the HBO quality of entertainment state-of-the-art? Sure, but in any way I look at it, that’s simply too expensive for TV entertainment from a single network.

      • What’s weird is you seem to be the only one that actually wants less innovation, higher prices, and shoddy content offerings. Everyone else seems to be sane.

      • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

        REALLY.. thats stupid… how much of your cable charge is HBO????
        $8MO on streaming you can get HULU with hundreds of commercial TV programs, BBC TV, Documentaries, many exclusive programs, thousands of movies all on DEMAND. OR
        Netflix ($8MO) Thousands of Movies, TV and Documentaries

        So are you so trapped in overpaying that you make such a crazy analogy????

  • DjShuffle

    Sellouts. Give people who have cut the cable an option.

    • Monkeyface

      There’s the word of the day again…”Give”.

      • THE_One

        I see Monkeyface does not go to church he gets mad and scared at the same time when he see or hear the word “Give”. again such a sad case someone pray for him.

        • Monkeyface

          And you are the sad sack at church with your hand out trying to get some help because the world is so mean to you…WAAAAHHHH

          • NemesisOfTheMonkeyface

            Monkeyface you are right most of the USA is retarded, I’ll give you that. That is where we end agreeing. Yes I want the same for cheaper. Screw cable and their 90% bullshit content. I have Hulu and Netflix to avoid the cable subscription. So until HBO can offer HBO GO to non cable/dish users direct from the source I’m not getting it. They will get with the times, because if they don’t they will lose money. I give you props on a very successful troll though. You got quite a few to take the bait. Yes, that’s all he is, a troll. Pay no attention to the zit-faced nerd behind his safety-net computer screen.

      • THE_One

        I see Monkeyface does not go to church he gets mad and scared at the same time when he see or hear the word “Give”. again such a sad case someone pray for him.

  • BeckyM

    The point of having a Roku is to eliminate the need for ‘regular’ cable. What’s the point of having all of these channels that you can’t get because you don’t have regular cable?! Why bother, HBO?

    • Anonymous

      Who says that’s the point??? I don’t get comments like yours. Does Roku market their device by saying “Now you can cut the cable!”??? I haven’t seen that.

      • Anonymous

        If you do not recognize Roku as a “cable-alternative” then you’re delusional.

        • four_strings

          “Delusional”…I like it. It’s a much nicer word than the one I thought of. Roku is OBVIOUSLY a cable alternative and OBVIOUSLY meant to be so. The folks who don’t grasp that concept must be the “slow kids”.

      • kd

        Actually they do.

  • Asknursetiff

    Completely useless idea. Like everyone else stated, if I subscribed to cable I would never have purchased a Roku in the first place. To those with the rude comments about free handouts, etc., if you read all of the posts most clearly state they would subscribe to the service through Roku or directly to HBO, but they didn’t make it an option… If I was looking for “free” I wouldn’t have bought the Roku in the first place, I would just hook my laptop to my tv and stream shows off Sidereel or Megavideo.

  • Mark

    Geez…a lll I see is whining…great for us who do subscribe as added benefit. Thanks HBO and Roku

  • kat

    do you have instructions on how to add it? i have HBO on cable. TY

    • kat

      never mind………i have comcast, it is not available 🙁

  • Brad

    It would be great if there was a list of contacts to email for non-participating providers so we could easily access them.

  • Jc_kivela

    so…if I already had a subscription to HBO, through our cable/satellite company why would I need it one here….

  • What’s up with Comcast not playing ball with ROKU… They do with Google TV and iPad! I am shocked that they are not offering HBO GO on ROKU…

  • Lisa

    This is great b/c I just use my mother-in-law’s hbo account number to subscribe free to hbo go. Since she only watches it on her tv, she doesn’t need it. I’ve been watching on my IPAD and IPhone and now I can watch on TV through ROKU.

    For those complaining, ROKU doesn’t do everything for the masses, so no need to whine about it. They know that only a small percent of users will appreciate this and good for them for taking the time to still do it. Just sit back and wait for the next best thing that ROKU does. It should only be a matter of time until those who want it are able to subscribe to premium channels ala carte. In the meantime just enjoy….

  • Pandora1220

    I like this because all shows will be available, not just the ones on HBO OnDemand. I still have cable and subscribe so I think this is cool, but perhaps in the future Roku and HBO can come to an agreement to let Roku users buy HBO direct. It would make getting rid of my cable a much easier decision..

  • gecko

    I brought ROKU especially for this ability! Now, finally I can watch HBOgo content on the big-screen. TrueBlood season 2 here I come, and Game of Thrones…
    I have Directv and subscribe to HBO and netflix. Problem is that the older HBO seasons are not on the VOD or netflix.

  • dan

    I think this is a first good step for HBO. I’m also using Roku to eliminate my need for cable and would be interested in paying a monthly fee for HBO content without needing an account with another provider. Hopefully, Roku can demonstrate to HBO that there is a market for this.

  • doesn’t do me any good at all im a comcast/xfinity customer so i cant even use hobgo because its not supported :/

  • I guess I’m with the other 37 comments. Don’t have HBO, why pay for hbo if you’re gonna get a roku and vice versa. It’s dumb. Tell HBO that they’re shooting themselves in the foot by not listening to the consumer. Isn’t the name of the game, expanding your market and customer base? At least that’s what I learned in 4.5 years of marketing classes to get my degree.

    • Monkeyface

      Expanding your market by offering your $20+ product for the $7.99 that people here seem willing to pay? No wonder it took you 4.5 years, was it an associates degree?

      • TheONEpercent

        Wow, you’re a pompous jackass. I have more money than you will ever have in your pathetic life, but I still cut my cable when I got a Roku. You bet I would love a pay per view option for HBO television shows, and HBOGO might provide that in the future. As for now, these people have an opinion and a right to it without you making generalized comments assuming they are all dirt fucking poor. My suggestion to you would be to shut your fucking pot hole, and find someplace else to stir up dissension. Monkey Face indeed.

        • Monkeyface

          Monkeyface is one word. FYI, it’s not so much that I’m a “pompous jackass”, I just think I’m better and smarter than everyone else. I think you should clearly be able to see the distinction.

          • theONEpercent

            Okay Monkey Face. Looks like you should spend some of that money of yours on a proper education, because you still haven’t learned how to shut the fuck up. Monkey Face. I can clearly see the distinction between an intelligent person, and someone flinging their shit like a monkey. Hey, that was an amusing relation, wouldn’t you say… Monkey Face?

          • Monkeyface

            You are filled with hate and anger. I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you tonight when I pray for the other poor people.

          • THE_One

            No, you need prayer because you are not smart at all monkey face can be two words or one look it up dumb ass. You have not made one point on any of these post. This really proves my point about how you were not loved as a child. Or you were picked on by a bully before you dropped out of school.

          • Monkeyface

            Run on sentences with punctuation errors and misspelled words are really fun and they show how smart i am and how dumb monkey face is its one word or two words and i is smart and you is not loved.

            Are you really so thick that you don’t recognize your own limitations and weaknesses? It’s really funny actually so keep it up, it’s entertaining me.

            PS – Lest you possibly believe otherwise, the first sentence is completely and totally mocking you are your lack of basic English skills.

      • Gummybears

        definitely you will never work as a diplomat ….

        • Monkeyface

          I told him I would pray for him, that’s not an act of diplomacy? I’m bending over backwards here to show how nice I am and you people are too stupid to understand how great of a person I am……I am literally forgiving you all for your faults…..that is not only diplomatic, it is saintlike.

          • Fridaynight

            Look, I now want everything for FREE. I’ve worked for 45 years, carrying the load for those with their hand out: free cell phones for the poor, free high speed internet for the poor (internet service is an inherent right), gimme gimme gimme. Thanks to the U.S Govt for enabling a nation of losers, I’ll never be able to retire. The least uncle sugar daddy can do is give me HBO GO without out signing up with a provider. IT’S MY TURN AT THE Trough.

          • Monkeyface

            I exclude you from my rant…it’s these other worthless losers with a mentality of entitlement that I hate.

          • Monkeyfaceisstupid

            For someone who pretends they are smart, you just dont get it… Do you think this is any different than buying just direct tv sunday ticket on your ps3?? HBO probably has a contract with cable companies and so legally are not able to make it available to roku…If they arent in a contract with cable companies HBO would be stupid for leaving a lot of money on the table…

      • James Spalding

        Your cable company saw you coming. $20+ for HBO? I get it for $12.99/month! I can afford cable, but won’t pay for the shit anymore, ever. I would pay FULL subscription price to HBO when, not if, they go online. There is a reason cable rates continue to go up, up , and up! More and more people are leaving for other options.

  • Mmjulio

    How need over price HBO when there is Netflix and Crackle? Not me.

  • Interesting the list of providers for HBO go in Roku is different than for the ipad app or a computer.

  • Anonymous

    Many people here just don’t get it re: HBO GO. First of all, HBO is not going to do anything that will cause harm to their primary partners…The cable and satellite companies! The cable/satellite companies are their bread and butter right now. This is an adjunct. Now, maybe they’ll go to a wider distribution system at some point. Maybe this is them putting their feet gently in the digital distribution water. But for now, this is what it is, a “value-added” offering for HBO subscribers via cable/satellite.

    What makes this useful for HBO subscribers is that HBO GO is normally geared toward small handheld devices (phones, tablets, etc.). Having it on the Roku brings it to people in all its big-screen HDTV glory. Get it?

    Now some might say “but doesn’t HBO already have “On Demand” that takes care of TV watchers? Yes, but On Demand is very, very limited compared to what’s offered on HBO GO. HBO GO is more like everything HBO has to offer, vs. a rather small sub-set of what they might put on their “On Demand” HBO channels on TV.

    So, HBO subscribers*** with Roku will find this very useful, indeed. Just because you don’t subscribe, so what? There’s lots of channels on Roku that I don’t watch or subscribe to. That’s what’s known as choice.

    So please…let’s knock off the “but Roku was meant for everyone to cut cable” mantras. I happen to like this offering (*** and would like it even more if Time Warner would get off the stick and finalize their agreements with HBO to allow HBO GO on their networks!)

    • Monkeyface

      Thank you for explaining my point in a clear and rational way. I have no patience for idiots so I go into attack mode and get everybody mad at me. It really is a simple concept yet very difficult for some of the people here to grasp.

      • THE_One

        Please Monkeyface does not even have a point he as posted more ignorant comments than another here. Granted I fell right in with his dumb ass, but still he does not see the point of anything.

        • Thomowen20

          Firstly, the cable and dish companies are the internet providers… think about it and then decide who is “blasting out” more ignorant posts.

          I think that the people posting here about not wanting to pay out the butt for a service that has haphazard content; according to their preferences, have suggested the future course of their entertainment expenditures.

          I can tell you that companies will have to rely less and less on traditional cable/dish subscription services and more on COMPETING online streaming services. Remember that competition for business is a hallmark of the capitalistic ideal. Are these streaming services “competing” to give hand-outs? Obviously not.

          Oh, by the way…, NBC partnered with News Corp. to create Hulu in March 2007, with Disney joining in April 2009. Comcast is aquiring NBC which has 27% ownership stake in Hulu. It doesn’t matter whether you call it streaming or cable; in the final analysis, people want to pick and choose their content more precisely and not have to pay for superfluities. There are options for the consumer that started as a niche for online users and are now COMPETING models for the same business. The streaming model will trump the traditional and the cable/dish/INTERNET providers will have to adapt to customer demand keep revenue flowing.

          I conjecture that over time, content offering will have to be even more modularized and that it will be a pay by the show with discounts for customer loyalty buying bulk shows from specific studios.

          Deriding others for trying to get the best for their money is the height of nonsense and has in its very nature, in this case, the tinge of what is antithetical to the capitalistic ideal and fair enterprise.

          Please think before you post in the future and try to live the golden rule.

    • Thank you for spelling it all out so nicely.

      Everyone please read this before you blast out more of your ignorant posts complaining about Roku or HBO-GO’s service.

      • Thomowen20

        The cable and dish comapnies are the internet providers… think about it and then decide who is “blasting out” more ignorant posts.

    • Thank you for spelling it all out so nicely.

      Everyone please read this before you blast out more of your ignorant posts complaining about Roku or HBO-GO’s service.

    • Thank you for spelling it all out so nicely.

      Everyone please read this before you blast out more of your ignorant posts complaining about Roku or HBO-GO’s service.

    • THE_One

      I Agree with part of what you are saying, but is it not true that if you have a Roku that offer a lot that you really don’t need cable? And statements have been present in the past from all internet set top box companies that you can not cut cable. You can see a lot of the comments from this past year CES in vegas. Where the past three years internet set top boxes have been the main talk along with the tablets. There should be a way to work on both sides of the gate. Example you can get UFC, ESPN on cable or on your Roku. Now Granted you have to pay either way but you have choice to pay for your Roku or your Cable box. That is what most people are saying here about the HBOgo. A great idea by HBO just need to open the doors more for Roku owners that do not want to pay cable. Plus it would be a win win for everyone. HBO will get more money, Roku owners will get what they want and cable can keep doing what they are doing with out all the fuss.

    • Rp002

      cable companies dont care about hbo comcast want give you an id to subscribe to hbo go because of their on demand ,which says they dont care about their subscribers for hbo either…..

    • napes

      Great post. HBO would definitely jeopardize its relationship with the cable companies by offering HBO Go as a standalone service. Cable companies would lose a lot of money due to subscribers dropping HBO via their normal cable contracts for the new streaming service.

      It’s the same reason that cable providers offer packages rather than allowing us to choose the specific channels we want. Cable services need to maintain positive relationships with their content providers. There is no reason for them to do business with a station that people don’t want to watch. However if they package the channels with other more desirable channels, they can charge users for the package.

      From a business standpoint it doesn’t make sense to HBO Go to provide this service without an HBO contract. The HBO Go service is targeted towards mobile users and those that want a Hulu-like streaming service for HBO.

      As a more simple analogy, we all know that the best part of a muffin is the top. But there’s coherent business reason for a company to sell only a muffin top, and charge less than usual for it.

      • It’s hard to say whether or not it makes business sense for HBO to offer a standalone (not tied to cable/satellite) streaming service. One trend that many folks agree about that has been associated with the growth of the Internet has been something called dis-inter-mediation. That means eliminating the middleman. It may well antagonize HBO’s partners, but may actually increase their profits in the long run to eliminate the TV service providers and offer HBO’s content directly. Certainly they would be eliminating some of the distribution costs, and profits that the TV service providers take. Of course, in the short run it could prove a problem, as it could take quite a while to scale up. The question is what could/would the TV providers do about it? Would they refuse to carry HBO content? Not likely, as that would really antagonize their customers, and might subject them to anti-trust investigation. It sure seems like it would be worth the risk for HBO, as it would provide them with a new, highly profitable revenue stream, and possibly allow them to compete with Netflix (another intermediary). If I were HBO CEO, I would go for it (;-)).

      • GG

        There’re some holes in your logic. If everyone jumps the cable ship to go to HBO GO, how is that HBO’s problem? They are still earning what they need (and more). The likelihood of “a great cable flight” is also mitigated by HBO doing one of a couple of things:

        1. Offering the same services as the cable subscription, at roughly the same price.
        2. Offering a sub-set of services that the cable subscription offers, at a reduced price.

        RE: “However if they package the channels with other more desirable channels, they can charge users for the package.”

        This statement is reflective of the power cable companies hold, as enabled by us, the consumer. Cable companies SHOULD NOT offer/package undesirable channels. The “undesirables” now have more than enough platforms from which they can disseminate their product to their niche audiences. Why should the 99% that don’t want the undesirable channels have to pay for them? Let those services offer direct streaming products to their loyal consumer base.

        The less bundled in, the less the cable companies can justify their outrageous charges. The fact of the matter is, companies are greedy AND consumers are greedy, but only one group is getting the short end of the stick. Take a big guess which group. There needs to be some re-balancing.

      • four_strings

        People use Cable TV for much more than just HBO. If HBO left Cable (hypothetically speaking of course since they won’t do that), Cable would still survive. HBO is only ONE channel of MANY offered on Cable. I had Cable for over 20 years and NEVER subscribed to HBO.

  • Scott

    I am on Directv. Wish I could celebrate with others about this.

  • Regarding Comcast/Xfinity not allowing this…

    Roku – I know this isn’t on you. HBO I’m guessing this isn’t on you. Comcast/Xfinity – I’m guessing you are the problem.

    Roku blog, who do I go after at comcast to get this working for us? Any specific department, person etc to direct my dissatisfaction?

    • Unhappy Xfinity Customer

      Seriously! Xfinity allows streaming on a computer, iPhone, and iPad but they won’t allow Roku? Seems pretty ridiculous. Guess I’ll just keep using my HDMI cord and hook up my laptop to my tv…

  • mo on

    ok guess the point is clear here we did not want cable thus the roku are we mo ons no we wanted to ditch cable but i would pay for al la carte stations and not a package with 50 shopping and bible banging stations
    this is an asstastic choice

  • SJB

    BFD . . . no need to say more, all of you have already said it. Completely counter to the reason Roku exists.

  • Harlan Wilkerson

    Catching up on all three seasons of Deadwood, which is no longer aired on HBO.

  • Matthew McLean

    This is incredibly, unbelievably dumb. We got our ROKU boxes so we wouldn’t HAVE to subscribe to cable! And guess what? WE DON’T! Therefore, this channel is of zero use to a large portion of the people who would otherwise love to have it.

    Does sheer stupidity deserve applause? I think not.

  • Countrymidway

    dose Subtitle work on HBO GO?

  • Acrftr

    ok – I have Roku and cable. Great for a cableless second tv. But HBO go is no-go with Comcast. You could have spared me the hype! I was looking forward to using it – What gives? I’m sure it’s Comcast wanting more than Roku was willing to give but it reflects poorly on the hype. Roku should put a few caveats in their ads for new devices if they continue to use HBO-Go as a lure. I’m quite disappointed.

  • TBDave

    Damn. I was really looking forward to this. But it doesn’t work for Comcast customers. I wish you guys had mentioned the limitations when you announced it weeks ago. Really disappointed.

  • Ms Storey7

    I watch hbo go on my phone and have a roku but can’t watch hbo go even though I pay for it.. what i would like to know is direct tv going to become a provider so I can watch it..

  • Snopea123

    Prople understand. This is for people who have roku. I have had mine for almost 2 years, now with HBO GO on board it gives me another option, If you do not like it go back to rabbit ears to get your TV, Nobody is putting a gun to your head to get a streaming device that you can put anywhere in your home to get commercial free TV. Enjoy.

  • Snopea123

    Prople understand. This is for people who have roku. I have had mine for almost 2 years, now with HBO GO on board it gives me another option, If you do not like it go back to rabbit ears to get your TV, Nobody is putting a gun to your head to get a streaming device that you can put anywhere in your home to get commercial free TV. Enjoy.

  • Tink

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Why would someone with a cable or satellite subscription and login use the Roku box to watch HBO, Cartoon Network and other channels? What’s the point of having a Roku if these people already have cable/satellite? The whole purpose of purchasing several Roku boxes was so we didn’t have to pay unreasonable and ever increasing monthly charges to the cable or satellite companies. We can watch Netflix or Hulu through our video game systems. I can hook my laptop directly to my HDTV to stream online content. Not seeing any benefits here.

  • Rick Broida

    No support for Comcast?!?!?! Huuuuuuge disappointment. (I know it’s Comcast’s fault, not HBO’s or Roku’s.)

  • Tony Bussert

    This is great. Unlike what seems to be your major customer base I actually have cable, but only one cable box that’s capable of getting HBO. This makes it so I can watch HBO content in my bedroom where the Roku box is (we use it with our secondary TV as it adds to the cable experience). NICE!

  • Scott

    Directv customers, I just logged a request for the hbogo app on the directv twitter account. Maybe if they get enough complaints they’ll consider changing this policy.!/DIRECTVService

  • Drew

    I’d gladly pay for this if I could get it without buying HBO through cable. However, HBO has more subscribers than Netflix right now, and I’m sure there’s a lot of legal BS with ties to cable operators right now. They’ll get there eventually. I’m glad to see things like this, because it’s obvious which direction they are heading.

  • Gregannie

    Loophole. I pony the $15 for HBO access for my parents so I can use their access of HBOGo. I avoid the cable and everyone wins. Now only if DirecTV will participate in streaming HBOGo on the Roku. Perhaps in a matter of time. Sometimes you have to think around/outside the box to save a little dough. In the meantime, I still get HD quality streaming on my computer. Overall, I am paying a combined $41 for my Hulu, Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime which is more than enough options compared to paying nearly double for cable. Loophole.

    • THE_One

      I was thinking the same thing I just have to find a friend or family member to that is using one of the provider that works with HBOGo

  • Todd Eastman

    Gotta agree. HBO is leaving easy money on the table by not allowing a direct subscription.

  • Joshuaxhunter

    I don’t really understand this. Most people buy a Roku to replace cable. And you can’t just pay for HBO alone. If there was a way to just pay for HBO alone this would be a useful channel but until then it’s rather useless.

  • Jmw

    Lame Lame- HBO Go is a fish-bait attempt to bring subscribers thru the dinosaur we call cable.
    Oh but streaming thru ROKU. Yeah, none of us are fool enough to going back to paying $100 mo
    subscription for “trash content”. HBO Go will eventually break down and offer straight streaming for a mo fee. Until then it’s HBO No!

    • Harvey Weinreich

      You are right on target here Jmw. HBOGO is useless if you HAVE TO HAVE A HBO WITH A CABLE PROVIDER TOO, i WOULD PAY FOR A straight streaming SERVICE.

      • Duh


  • Harvey Weinreich

    i wanted hbogo so i could see it’s shows with out a cable provider, so what good is it?

  • Cheryl

    Well, even if you do subscribe to HBO, which I do, and your cable provider is Time Warner you would still be out of luck.

  • Super bummer that comcast doesn’t support roku / hbogo. might have to ditch cable and kick up the pay services on roku but i still won’t be able to get hbogo! the comcast on demand doesn’t have anywhere close to the catalog on hbogo… any idea if they’ll release a standalone version… prolly not. 🙁

  • Alanh

    I have Dish Network + 3 months free HBO/Cinemax, so this is awesome! (if you’re a current Dish subscriber, and you’re getting a year of Starz free, you can trade for HBO/Cin.

  • Jporper

    i am very angry that i bought a roku thats boasts get hbo on the go and i get home and lo and behold direct tv and i also heard comcast does not support it either??????? scam?????? no fAIR????? especially since these two providers are the biggest providers….

  • liked on facebook spread the word!

  • roku is good for hbo i support this

  • Squishyfishy31

    I’m impressed with HBO Go for streaming video from my computer and I can’t wait for my cable provider to be added for ROKU. I bought two machines a couple of years ago and I think it was one of the best decisions I have made. Some people (myself included) prefer an up-front cost to an ever-increasing monthly one. It would seem that what many Americans want is an a la carte option for their viewing needs. It makes sense and it would also force channels to provide better broadcasting in the long run, as they would no longer be protected by cable bundling or packaging. That sounds like a win/win to me, and I suspect that that is exactly what companies will be moving to once they finally figure it out.

    As for the comments stating that those of us who don’t want to pay for cable in order to watch one channel are “looking for handouts”, that is completely ridiculous. I would call it “sensible consumerism” or “frugal” – words that SHOULD be refreshing to hear. Is it more idiotic for a person to choose cable over food on the table or for someone to try to find a way to make entertainment affordable? That said, judging someone for how much money you assume they have and then making comments about how much money YOU suppose you make in comparison to them (monkeyface) is tacky.

  • Em3

    Can you tell us who to petition at Comcast to get HBO GO access?

  • i hope HBO becomes available I got this to replace my satellite I wouldn’t mind and understand the need for a charge but satellite and cable are so expensive can any of you suggest channels?? I haven’t actually gotten this yet (delivery on the 5th) and I am very excited 

  • I really hope HBO wakes up and finally gets it. Most folks using ROKU and/or streaming to their PC/Laptop/Tablet, IMHO, do NOT want to pay for a bundle of broadcast content that they are not that interested in (ie. cable & satellite services today), in addition to the streaming. I dropped satellite 3 years ago when I got tired of paying WAY too much and mostly not having something to watch when I wanted it, without having setup a DVR. I want to watch EXACTLY what I want WHEN I want it, spontaneously. I am just NOT interested in anything BROADCAST. I am willing to pay a reasonable access charge per month for good content of my choosing, without getting a whole bundle of stuff crammed down my throat that is not interesting. If HBO would offer a direct streaming subscription for a reasonable charge per month (ie. similar to the added monthly charge you would pay for HBO on cable), I would probably buy it. Even more likely, if they offered access on a pay per episode or series or movie basis, I would buy it. Forcing me to buy cable or satellite to get their content simply leaves me on the sidelines, as the basic cable/satellite offering is worth $0 to me, so there’s no way I would pay $30-50 month PLUS an HBO charge.

  • Brianp731

    Is it really true that Time Warner will not provide streaming content to Roku? The hype was that once the deal was made with Time Warner we could stream HBOGO on Roku. As of today this has not happened. The app. is available but for mobile devices only. To me this is terribly sad. Two fine operations not getting together to make media better. Profite first I suppose.

  • Ron Paul

    Give us HBO GO without a cable sub, I would gladly pay for it!

  • consumer

    The question hasn’t been answered. If I have no problem paying for an ultimate cable package with HBO, then why do I need roku? I can buy movies and tv through itunes and get the rest from cable, so if I need cable to use roku, whats the point of roku? It sounds like buying a big tv that can stream wirelessly to a smaller tv.

  • Dpaskoff

    wow cant believe i just read this whole argument, monkey man, you’re a dumbass.

  • Michael Woods

    I’m not sure I understand the reason for having HBO on ROKU if you need a cable subscription in order to take advantage. I get it for devices like the iPad or a laptop, but if you are at home and have cable, what would be the point? Why wouldn’t you simply watch it on cable? Especially when they offer their programing on demand.

    I have to believe that this is HBO positioning themselves for the future. A future the television networks saw coming when they partnered to create HULU. It’s a future Netflix sees coming with their streaming service and now original programming. Any content provider who is not preparing for a more direct distribution system are just begging to be left behind.

    And why wouldn’t any business want to pursue a business plan that would open themselves up to a greater market share while profiting just as much? Even at a lower subscription rate, HBO would get 100% of those numbers, as opposed to whatever percentage cable providers and their dwindling customer base are offering. It’s a higher percentage of profit with a potential for far more customers at a minimal increase to overhead. Where is the downside?

  • Travis

    Are you frustrated with Comcast and their lack of response to your request to add support for HBO Go on Roku devices? Join our campaign and raise your voice!

  • Skanter

    Doesn’t work with Time Warner Cable – useless.

  • Phulltillt

    Don’t you people have friends that subscribe to HBO? You can have a friend set up the HBOGO account that DOES NOT allow you access to the cable or sat main account. They aren’t using it.

  • Taylor

    Douglas, please promote this for us DirecTV people. I’ve started a petition that I’m going to mail to DirecTV when I have enough signatures. I badly want to watch HBOGO and MAXGO on my Roku, but of course can’t because DirecTV doesn’t approve it. Here is a link to the petition.

  • four_strings

    This whole conversation is nearly reaching the point of obsolescence. Have you folks been keeping an eye on Netflix lately? Geez! Their library has been growing by leaps and bounds is just the last few weeks! It won’t be long before you’ll be able to watch those HBO shows on Netflix. Then all you’ll have to do is either pay to download the latest seasons on Amazon on Demand or you’ll have to watch a different show while you wait for the newest season to be released on Netflix.

    I’ve watched every season of several shows and once I’ve watched them all, I just find another show and do the same thing. I’m not a victim of “I HAVE to have the latest season of that show RIGHT NOW!” Nope. I can wait a few months while I watch something else. If you’re willing to jump through all those expensive hoops just to have the latest season of a show NOW, then you’re a sucker. Have some patience.

  • I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a subscription for HBO. You see, I don’t own a TV, but I’m willing to pay for a basic cable package and HBO in order to use HBOgo. I contacted both ATT&T as well as Time Warner Cable, both turned me down.

    Why can’t I pay for these services in order to watch HBO on my laptop?

  • Anonymous

    When you can get HBO to sell a channel subscription through your box INSTEAD of my maintaining an $80 a month cable account, THEN I’ll be interested. I’d happily pay $9.99 a month for HBO ONLY via a Roku device, but I’m not getting cabl TV , jut to get HBO, just to then watch HBO on the Roku.

  • HBO Go is basically the last straw for me with regard to HBO, there is no way I will use the service again. As a matter of principle. The minimum cost for me to get cable and an HBO subscription, after the introductory bait and switch period elapses, is around $100 a month after package, HBO, box rental and fees. That’s $1200 a year. Are they kidding? HBO Go is an insult to the consumer, and will just accelerate the death of ripoff cable service. For $1200 a year I can BUY every movie I want to see and have enough left over to take a vacation. And keep the movies I bought. Amazing that anyone would fall for this cr*p.

  • Keith

    I don’t understand the “Roku” or “Cable” only debate?

    I have both and I consider my Roku as an alternative source of media. I generally watch cable and if there is nothing on or there is something I want to watch on Netflix or Hulu then I pop over to the Roku.

    Who cares how I spend my money? anyone who calls someone a moron for their own personal spending preference is indeed a moron.

    That said, yes the HBO GO app is indeed a “premium” however for me, HBO on demand is a $5.99 /mo addition to my cable bill. So that makes HBO GO for the Roku a no brainer. And as a 1 time, $99 expense that allows me to watch HBO on demand (along with all the other apps), a huge win for me

  • JC

    There’s no point to HBO on Roku if you have to subscribe to cable in order to get it. Absolutely pointless.

  • Anonymous

    this is why nobody in Europe even buys HBO. Look at usenet, its all french and german rips of HBO original series.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone that has DirecTV needs to write them-

    Also mention how you can’t use their iphone ipad / app on jailbroken devices. I am sick of both incredibly stupid policie

  • Drryl_wrrn

    I like the idea of being able to access HBO Plus but if I need cable to do so it undercuts the whole reason I use ROKU. Just saying…

  • Rezeeric

    Am I missing something? Streaming seems to be the present/future for the viewing audience. I find Monkeyface comments humorous, and curious if you really believe what you post, or just like to get a rise out of folks. HBO has some great series, and I was hoping to cancel cable and get HBO series thru my purchase of Hulu Plus, or thru Netflix, Amazon, or at the least, directly subscribe (pay) HBO. There are also some top of the line shows that are allowed to be streamed from ABC, NBC, and Comedy Central (Modern Family, 30 Rock, Daily Show). Re: Why HBO doesn’t offer streaming w/out cable, my assumption is either HBO is part owner of the cable companies, or waiting for a better offer from Hulu and others. I’m open clarity on the issue. I’m hoping its just a matter of time before HBO offers streaming w/out cable. Tired of paying over $100 for cable ($80 for general service, $10 for each DVR, $10 extra for HDTV, $4.99 for each on demand movie, etc).

  • Ryan

    I hope someone from HBO is reading this! The whole point of ROKU is for online streaming media subscriptions! CABLE IS IN THE PAST AND PROVIDERS RIP US OFF. If I could order HBO only I would. I want to watch Game of Thrones season 2 legally. I’ll pay for it, please give me an option because I hate comcast and don’t want to pay for cable.

  • Streaming Fan

    If you, like me, feel it is ridiculous non-cable users cannot pay a monthly fee to use HBO Go, you should sign this petition.

  • Mama Mo

    We are required to have cable ethernet service for Hubs’ job, but Comcast TV is so awful that I don’t watch it at all except for 2 programs a week. I’m going to get Roku and my choice of other services so that we have actual entertainment to watch once more, and for far, far less than we’d have to pay for cable TV. Comcast charges more for where we are than any other city I know of. It’s twice as much as my sons have to pay in Dallas. RIP – OFF. Roku, here I come! Getting a new iPad on Monday, and Roku as fast as it can get here.


    I have roku because I don’t want directv or cable. I want to subscribe to HBO, but I want to do it through Roku.

  • Long Dong Silver

    I’m perfectly willing to pay for HBO. I just don’t want to subsidize all the other idiotic cable channels out there in the process. If I want effing HGTV, I should be able to choose to have it, not have it forced on me by the anticompetitive cable industry.

  • Truebloodbinky-web

    I don’t watch enough TV to justify paying $110 (plus) for a cable subscription. I watch maybe 3 hours a week. I have Hulu plus and netflix, which normally would be adequate, except some of the programs I watch are HBO exclusive. I would like an a-la-carte option, and be willing to pay for it. If there is no option, I can buy the show season when it comes out on DVD. Waiting sucks, but until there is another option for people like me, and the cable company and HBO both end up losing. (The DVD price doesn’t equal months of HBO subscription fees anyway, and I get to keep the DVD’s forever. I can even loan them to friends and family.) Oh well. Patience pays.

  • pixishels

    i am with everyone else on this blog, I do not watch alot of tv and when I do have cable I watch maybe 3 or 4 channels. Which they are TNT, USA, History Channel, Hockey Channal and HBO, everything else is a waste of money for buy the whole package. SO I am very disppointed in buy the ruko when I was happy with my dvd player that just play netflix. Will Ruko people be working on making History Channels and HBO2Go link to ruko better without going through comcast? I pay $9.00 for Netflix, $10.00 for Hulu, $5 for HNL. I am have no problem paying $10.00 for HBO2Go too.

  • George Bush

    I do not pay $178.00 for the Triple Play From CONCAST I Pay $14.95 for AT&T Express $7.95 For Hulu $7.95 for Netflix. I Have The Best Magic Jack That Plugs In The Wall. $30.00 for More Tv Then I ever Had. Oh Yea you get Free U-verse on your PC when you get AT&T Net. I Do Have a 2200 Wineguard Square Shooter amp antenna..My son has Hbogo on his Concast and we my son and i watch a HBO show here at my House

    • George Bush

      Pluged In to my ROKU

  • Duh

    Where do all you morons get your internet? You are not screwing anyone, you are all paying the cable companies no matter how much you whine like little babies. You have internet, you spend 30-40 dollars a month on hulu and netflix and amazon and BLAH BLAH BLAH… you guys are all idiots that think you are putting one over on the “man”

  • G

    what blows is that I get my hbo through directv and ROKU doesn’t have a contract with directv. So I won’t subscribe to HBO until Roku gets it together. Standalone HBOgo would be great and they could price it like netflix, huluplus at 7.99 a month. Roku now has to work it out with Redbox streaming. I have the beta redbox streaming and they have a lot of bugs to work out especially where streaming quality is concerned.

  • p.s.

    What’s the point of HBO GO on Roku if you need a cable or satellite subscription first? If you had those things you wouldn’t need Roku.

  • Internet User in 2013

    I dont have a TV provider thats why I have a Roku. How come I can’t subscribe directly to HBO Go and watch the shows on my Roku? I don’t want a TV provider I just want to watch HBO shows.

  • jjester

    There are two shows that I want to see on HBO, if I use amazon to watch them they charge twenty dollars and up to watch the season. Other popular TV programs are not available on Netflix on Hulu Plus. I would however pay a little extra for a package of television and movie channels just to have a choice of what I want to watch and when I want to watch them. I was tired of turning on the TV to watch shows that I have already seen because there was nothing on the other 500 channels. If networks wanted to offer their shows in a package plan that allows me to select and charge a flat 25 dollar charge, I’d pay it.

  • Guest

    HBO is a subsidary of Time Warner, sister company of Time Warner Cable, and there lies the rub. Until TW recognizes that cable is a dying animal (unlikely to happen, since many of the leaders are the same bunch that thought it was a good idea to merge with a dying AOL) it will not stop trying to use HBO, CW and other subsidiaries to prop up TWC.

  • TechSon

    HBO is a subsidary of Time Warner, sister company of Time Warner Cable,
    and there lies the rub. Until TW recognizes that cable is a dying
    animal (unlikely to happen, since many of the leaders are the same bunch
    that thought it was a good idea to merge with a dying AOL) it will not
    stop trying to use HBO, CW and other subsidiaries to prop up TWC.

  • GOD

    In reading the comments below it seems that Monkeyface enjoys handing over money to the greed of others and also thinks people are cheap and/or stupid for wanting to pay a fair price for something. The more technology (gadgets) we get the colder and more disconnected people seem to be. HBO needs to offer their service directly to the customer….it’s a very simple solution.
    Monkeyface – let the drama go…………

  • MacBernac

    OMG. The Sopranos.

  • Ida Rathernotsay

    I agree, what’s the point of having HBO to go on a Roku player if you have cable? You buy Roku to get rid of the cost of cable. What a pointless idea.

  • Nance

    Wow I can’t believe how much ppl are realizing that these cable companies are thieves! I pulled the plug on cable too and yes Roku, Chromecast, Netfix. etc….the best way to go at this time. Getting layed off soon and I’m not sure how soon I’ll find another job! Cable is just a luxury at this point! These companies WILL sooner or later go out of business. Mark my words.

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    SAME PROBLEM.. Are these Guys and OTHERS IDIOTS??? We who Buy ROKU usually do not have CABLE TV…. That is the Whole Point.. We are not so rich we will have Cable and Pay for ROKU so we can pay to have same programs…!
    I too would be happy to pay for HBO monthly streaming BUT looks like — NETFLIX will keep the Market.

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Ok.. What no one will say… Everything New Movies and even HBO shows are Downloadable via various sources. IS IT Legal–NO …. but People hate being robbed and denied by corporations… If they want to steal, so will the public. If HBO gets with the program and starts selling ‘Pure Streaming” subscriptions…. They will be upsetting the Cable Deals they have made, but perhaps prevent PIRACY and put them in the near lead with other Streamers
    If ANY company STARTS a GOOD Streaming Company LIKE – a “Commercial Free HULU” and Add Current and Good Movies like HBO——THEY would BECOME the next company to TAKE the STREAMING industry like HBO took the Cable Company way back when.

  • shirley thomas

    I love my Roku player, it save me money.

  • 777mak

    I like my Roku. I still get ads from Dish asking me to come back but they only offer the reasonable plans for one year then jack up the prices. I’ll stick with my Roku.

  • Kim Kacer

    Ok, so iow HBO is stupid, because they are NOT tapping into a market they COULD easily tap into those who have DUMPED cable because cable companies = crooks. Smooth move there morons.

  • Brent Stoltzfus

    I’ll subscribe when HBO has a channel for a reasonable price. This is a farce.

  • elw

    does anyone know if the roku 3 has an internal data meter?

  • Bridget

    Yess.. I agree. I don’t have cable. I bought a Roku player. It is pointless if the only way u can order HBO GO is if u have a curret cable provider. That is why I bought a ROku. Because cable companies are BIG Rip Offs. Roku should have streaming for HBO & Showtime. Just like Hula plus-is offering showtime if u have a suscription. Well Netflix ought to offer HBO with there supscription. This would make so much sense!!! THis is why people are buying Roku’s. Because it is too costly to have cable providers anymore!

  • Dave H

    What about HBO NOW? I have an HBO NOW account and have had for some time. I know that HBO NOW is available through Roku but I don’t know how to connect the two. Any ideas? Maybe I need to cancel my existing HBO NOW account and resubscribe through Roku?