Today is a big day for us at Roku. It’s the day we begin shipping the first Roku player to hit a $49 price point….the Roku LT.

But it’s an even bigger day for Roku customers. In an economy that remains really tough, a lot of happy people will be able to give and receive a small box of Roku awesomeness this holiday season.

Don’t let the $49 price tag fool you. We didn’t scrimp on features. Here’s what you or your gift recipient can expect:

  • Same easy-to-learn, simple-to-use interface as the Roku 2, which just won the 2011 CNET Editors’ Choice award for the streaming media category.
  • Same great channel lineup as the Roku 2: Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Disney, Crackle, NHL Game Center. Plus over 350 other entertaining channels. Really, the only Roku channels not supported on the Roku LT are those that require our game remote or a USB port.
  • Up to 720p HD streaming quality. That’s right, the Roku LT is not a standard definition player.
  • Both HDMI and composite video to connect to virtually any TV.
  • The latest Netflix streams with support for subtitles and 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus pass-through on select titles.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi b/g/n.

To learn more about the Roku LT or to order one now, go here. Happy streaming holidays from the Roku team!

**UPDATE – The Roku LT just won its own CNET Editor’s Choice award! Read CNET’s review of our “killer $50 streaming-media box” here. **

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  • Holy cow guys, great work. If I had a reason to buy one of these I would. Brilliant!

  • What’s with the Prince and The Revolution color scheme?

    • I second this comment. I want my entertainment devices to be basic black and blend into the background. I am sticking with my old style original Roku until they quit it with the purple tags and neon.

      • Erika Gray

        I personally like the new colors. I HATE EVERYTHING BLACK. It’s sooooo boring.

      • I also like the new colors. It makes a great conversation piece when people ask, “what’s that little thing plugged into your TV?” and I get to show off what that little box can actually do. I’ve already had 3 different people pick one up for themselves.

    • I second this comment. I want my entertainment devices to be basic black and blend into the background. I am sticking with my old style original Roku until they quit it with the purple tags and neon.

  • Looks like the same crappy remote though, which means I need to add $20-$30 for when they break every other month.

  • Debbie

    I love my Roku, but overpaid for it on QVC. I’d love to buy more for my kids rooms…but will wait for the gaming one to hit a $49 price point.

  • Denman

    Just wish the newer boxes had better wifi reception. I have to use my “old” Roku box in one room of my house as the my newer Roku 2 won’t pick up the signal. Other than that, they are a great value.

  • Love love love my Roku, I will be getting on of these for my daughter for Christmas

  • Where’s the incentive? Since it costs $10 to ship, we may as well buy the $59 one with free shipping. Why get a “lesser” roku for the same money? My family has bought 4 roku in the past month; cutting the DirectTV cord and getting moving forward with technology. We have bought two $99 and two $59 rokus. I want to buy one for my sister-in-law for Xmas… but, again, I don’t see any savings or incentive on this “new” $49 roku when it does not ship free. DO you plan to run a free ship special?

  • IwsIoTJuDLO0Nclb

    I can’t believe you only have one of your 4 players with an ethernet connection. This is unlike last year when all 3 of your players had ethernet connections.

  • IwsIoTJuDLO0Nclb

    Plus I will add that my wifi is only 2-3 MB at best while my ethernet is 20MB so having wireless only in all but its top-of-the-line model is really not that great a solution. Look on wikipedia and you can see all of the Roku models and their history and easily discern for yourself that Roku has drastically cut down on the hardware options for its consumers in its new product line by removing the ethernet option.

  • Plcrussell

    When will YouTube be added?

  • JOT Browne

    HI Tom:

    Can you tell me if this will work with an older flat screen toshiba TV. It is not Hdtv so I wonder if it can still be hooked up properly without the hdtv cable? Thanks for you help. Look forward to your blogs posts…

    • Root

      Yes they support standard composite inputs.

  • KSV

    Aside from access to Netflix the three best things on Roku were NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams (unsegmented), the Rachel Maddow show, and PBS Nightly Business Report. After recent changes only Brian Williams remains under the new NBC channel and its sadly segmented in a way that is unwatchable. It’s back to cable for all of these. Hopefully this is not the future.

  • Carolr

    Which is newer: Roku 2 XDS or XS? Am trying to decide for Christmas gift.

  • Ronkocher12

    Do any of the boxes support subtitles?

  • Hey Tom~why not get some folks THAT SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND ENGLISH in your telephone support department. I’ve read some HORRIBLE “reviews” about your “customer service sucking the big one”………I notice that all you “writers” are Anglo~but your “support” is outsourced, making it a pain in the ASS for those of us who have to “decipher Mandarin Chinese” and other languages that are not our vernacular.