With over 350 channels in the Channel Store, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest and greatest on Roku.  Here’s a quick cheat sheet on what’s new in the Channel Store this week.


Fandor caters to both independent film fans and mainstream movie lovers with one of the web’s largest collections of entertaining films that celebrate a love of cinema.  From documentaries to the avant-garde, you will discover thought-provoking and unexpected hidden cinematic gems.  Fandor requires a monthly subscription, which will give you unlimited films for $10 per month.  To learn more, visit www.fandor.com/roku.

Two new channels from Sportskool will help you kick your fitness regime into high-gear. The Endurance Channel is perfect when you’re gearing up for marathon or even triathlon-level competition. Pros like Carey Bond, Eric Haar and Lokelani McMichale will have you running, swimming and biking longer and safer to avoid injury. And if your team is counting on you to be at the top of your game, Sportskool’s Team Sports Channel delivers the world class, one-on-one coaching edge you need. Whether your game is football, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball or streetball, make Sportskool’s Doug Flutie, Mia Hamm, Misty May, Bill Walton, Tony Gwynn and others the winning secret in your training schedule.  You can find them both in the Channel Store.

WSJ Live
From the Wall Street Journal, WSJ Live brings you the latest on-demand live news updates. With over 2,000 reporters across the globe, you will find the latest from Tech, Markets, Opinion and more. Plus, access the entire video archive of the Wall Street Journal. Find it in the Channel Store, or add WSJ Live here.



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  • WSJ Live rocks!

  • Michael

    Still want to see VUDU

  • Kevin

    How about Discovery, Vudu, You Tube & TLC!

  • I made a recommendation that you add “New to the Channel Store” and here it is! Talk about customer service! Thank You Roku!

  • Cliff

    If you have hulu-plus, then you should have no trouble adding the regular (and free) Hulu itself.

    • Thepit2004

      how is that possible .. i would like to try it show me please …

      • Shells

        I would like to ad Hulu also

  • Enamelrod

    is there a sec channel or not?

  • Amazon Cloud Player

  • Morm110575

    How i can make justin tv work clear??? becouse now is not clear

  • Morm110575

    How i can make justin tv work clear??? becouse now is not clear

  • Wglee

    Where is NBA Game Time?

  • Cappy

    I really love ROKU !!!! I would love it even more if we could have access to much more recent HD movie releases like what is available on VUDU !!!!!

  • Mixednutz8

    How about the NFL channel?

  • Mixednutz8

    How about the NFL channel?

  • I love my Roku but this is a bust…why cant they get channels like crackle instead of all this crap they are putting on that nobody wants?

  • ECW

    I have had a Roku for several years, unfortunately there is not much “on” that folks would actually watch. When I first started with Roku, Netflix was pretty good, but as time passed it changed and got progressively worst. I canceled Netflix. Where is Facebook, YouTube, etc. As a device, it works flawlessly but there is not much real content. I no longer recommend Roku to my friends.

  • mikeboat

    TRY noobroom9.com you’ll be amazed at what a great channel can do.

  • c

    is TLC avail on roku3?