This has been a big year for us here at Roku. In July, we announced the Roku 2 family, which brings casual games to the TV and just last month we unveiled the Roku LT, which is only $49.99. We continue to add the best streaming entertainment with premier channels like HBO GO and a host of new games like PAC-MAN. Now we’re looking forward to kicking off 2012 by expanding into Europe and Canada!

That’s right; your favorite little streaming player is going global. Starting early next year, consumers in the UK and Canada will be able to purchase Roku streaming players. For those wondering which models, how much and where to buy – we’ll share those details at a later date.

We’re also extending our platform to international developers to support region-specific channels. And just like the Roku channels here in the U.S., content can be free, ad supported or paid. Content owners interested in developing channels for the UK or Canada should contact us at

Happy streaming!

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  • After owing Roku for more than a year in the Caribbean, the above blog post make me feel like am doing something illegal.

    • Al Carra

      I am also in the Caribbean and after reading your comment would like to know if you have any problems receiving content on your Roku? I have already ordered Roku 2 but have not received it yet. Any insight? I am located in Carriacou.

      • moses

        i have no problem and i am in jamaica i watch what i want to watch

        • guest

          Could you ? Please show me How to Use Roku ? in Jamaica

          • Moses

            Sure noprob email me @ or
            I get all the channels I want when I want it
            I can tell u what to do

  • Corey Woods

    When will Roku be adding YouTube to it’s list of channels?

  • MattJT

    does this mean that if I travel I can take my Roku box with me and use it abroad?

    • Sylvie

      I would also like to know if I go to Canada, can I bring my ROKU and what my Netflix account from Montreal…

  • Is Roku officially available in UK now?

    I tried to inquire about it but i guess very few have heard about it.. can you tell us the places where it is available right now?

  • Cnevitt1

    I am using VPN express in Beijing. Can I use Roku with VPN Expresss to stream channels? When we try to stream now it is very slow and sometimes does not work at all.

  • Sandal

    Any ideas when Roku will be available in Brazil ?


  • Rwanderer44

    Bought 3 of their top boxes and all of them are garbage. Freeze all the time, plays for 30 seconds then loads for a minute happens over and over would never buy anything roku again. I know its not my internet have the fastest comcast offers svend it never messes up. I also have one hardwired and does the same if not worst.

  • Randy Pilch

    We have had RoKu since it first came out and have never had problem on with it, it works great, we watch it everyday, looking forward to getting a RoKu 2.

  • Hmm. Now Netflix is coming to UK, I really can’t decide whether Boxee or Roku will be the better choice. I’ve just ordered a Boxee for Christmas but amazon reviews say that 4od doesn’t work and iplayer desyncs a lot, also it chose blinkbox over lovefilm, so I doubt it’s going to have netflix? I really wish netflix and roku came out this year so I could make an informed decision.

  • we support you give it your all!

  • Tyrone

    Roku is good while it works, but it ever quits working correctly, put it in the trash!
    This company has the worst customer service we have ever encountered!
    After hours of trying to get an RMA for service under our warranty, we gave up!
    Never again will buy a Roku–using our laptop instead.

  • Nicholas Adkisson

    Can you add youtube to the list of apps

  • Emloc07

    I just got a Roku 2 for Christmas and I love the idea, it made for a great family night watching Netflix movies. however, i noticed you included a microSD card slot but no way to upload your home movies onto the card to share with the family? this would be a great improvement i hope to see it in a future software update

  • Bshpx2

    Why does this blog exist if questions never get answerd?

  • Dysan21

    When will netflix work on Roku 2 in the Caribbean? I can watch on the PC but not on the roku 2 box

  • Cptadam80

    I just moved overseas and am wondering if I can get access to Netflix or Hulu while I’m here. I have a proxy server that I can log in to, but don’t know where I would put that in.

  • Techguytr

    what about the other parts of europe.I’m living in Turkey.. does roku have plans for Turkey also…?

  • Herbsmon2000

    can you watch nexflix on roku in jamaica

  • Herbsmon2000

    can you watch netflix on roku in jamaica

    • I asked them about this from Antigua . They say definitely no, and no plans to fix it .I would use a pc hooked up to the TV, but in practice that is very clumsy with no remote or on-screen use-ability.

  • Ben

    Will we be able to get roku in Japan?

  • Nickolai

    i live in the caribbean and was considering getting a roku, can anyone tell me how much of the content is blocked/accessible please..

  • avila

    hii i live on st.maarten and i ordered a roku2 online and when i set it up and trying to add the channels its telling me that the channels is not supported by web in my region can someone help me please

  • Donnie Knight

    When will Netflix work on roku 3 in the Caribbean? I live in saint.martin French side collectivite

    • Wanda Babb

      I live in Trinidad. I purchased a roku 3 in December 2014. There is no Netflix (which I get on my laptop), and none of the premium channels they advertise. All we get are old outdated movies from the 1960″s. Waste of money and I cant get a refund. Roku 3 should have advised that it does not work in the Caribbean.