If you’re an avid Roku streamer you may have already spotted the iconic peacock in the Channel Store.  NBC News, our latest news channel, provides content from some of the nation’s top news programs, on demand.

When you add the NBC News channel to your Roku player, you’ll get instant access to the latest segments from NBC News programs including “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” America’s number one evening newscast; “TODAY,” America’s number one morning program; and “Meet the Press,” America’s number one Sunday public affairs program; plus the latest clips from “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Morning Joe.”

Find it in the Channel Store, or add NBC News to your Roku here.

Happy streaming!

*Update: All, I want to thank you for your feedback. We take your concerns and questions seriously. We hear you loud and clear and we’re actively working with NBC to address your comments.

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  • Anonymous

    This sounds great, but I’m confused about what’s being offered. You say it provides “live news updates” but then say the channel gives “instant access to the latest segments” which makes it sound like you only get content that’s already been broadcast. So, please clarify on what live content can be watched. Thank you!

    • Roku

      @Jensen_G Apologies for any confusion! The NBC News channel provides instant access to the latest video segments from top NBC News programs, post broadcast.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the clarification

      • Cjpavlov

        How is this different than the Newcaster channel?

        • I can’t imagine, on the user end, that it’s much different at all from Newscaster (which is all kinds of awesome). However, this is still something to get excited about because it’s a major network actually recognizing our community and offering content directly to us.

          • smm6419

            Hi Ryan, It is much different– because each program is chopped up into bits, with transitions between streaming to “retrieve” the next portion. It was something to look forward to, now many will probably get their news elsewhere.

      • Roku send out info regarding Mediafly where all these people can find what they are looking for… At least for now. I found the info in a blog post on this site. Thank goodness cause I was not at all happy with the change.

  • agentlotek

    By segments do you mean video clips/highlights from the shows or do you mean full episodes of the shows?

    • coastalbob

      No full episodes as I see it. Just clips & clippettes. 🙁

  • ExurbanKevin

    Now for NBC Sports (aka The Channel Soon-to-be Formerly Known As Versus) to follow suit.

  • Add a live stream for the regular programming of the Fox News Channel and that will really make my day.

  • Jeannecad

    I am also confused. You did clear up that it’s post broadcast. How long after the original broadcast? Also how does this differ from Newscaster previously provided?

  • Andy

    Is this any different from the NBC News content offered through the Roku Newscaster channel? E.g., are the streams higher video quality or something/

  • k8

    Does this mean changes to the Newscaster NBC feed?

  • I’m sorry, but until the major channels wake up to the fact that satellite and cable are unnecessary dinosaurs and devices like Roku are the future, we will continue to get these meaningless “channels”, instead of being able to enjoy full live streaming of the real deal.

    It completely baffles me why the networks are so happy to limit their audience to old tech and avoid the lucrative early adopter market where there is still a good deal of disposal income, even in these hard times. If I advertised on them, I’d want every opportunity to see they could throw at me.

    These “channels” are a sop to advertisers, just to make sure the right box is ticked. They universally offer Roku viewers insufficient incentives to completely cut the chord.

    I dare one of the networks to break the mold and be first to stream everything on Roku. It’s the future, why not embrace it?

  • coastalbob

    This was a big mistake. I just went to ROKU to watch last night’s Rachel Maddow show (full & complete) and all I can get is a ten minutes segment w/ T. Pawlenty. Nothing else. No actual full, complete, Maddow show. This is an unexpected DOWNGRADE as far as I’m concerned. All I’m now getting is cut and chopped little pieces.

  • Sadly, this is a big downgrade. I like watching TRMS full-length and uncut. I can’t find it on the new Roku channel. As a matter fact fact, I’d like to be able to watch entire shows and not just what is snipped.

  • Sooosally

    Not to bring up the competition 🙂 , but, Apple TV has had this under podcasts for a long time. At least it sounds like the same thing. I do like it. I often catch Meet The Press later on Sunday. And, often watch the Today Show later in the day. Actually though, the Today Show is not the whole show. I guess it’s about the first hour. Meet The Press is the whole program. I think the Nightly News is the whole program also. I guess since the Today Show is 4 friggin hours they just don’t do that. I do wish they’d put Hoda & Kathie Lee on there though. Maybe Roku will have that????

    • Newscaster has done it

      Roku has always been able to access NBC News content, it just had to be done in the Newscaster channel (which also allows access to other news content from other broadcasters such as CBS, ABC and PBS). This is just an official NBC News channel, that only offers NBC news content, but it doesn’t work as well (for my needs) as the Newscaster Channel.

  • Sfpurple1960


    • Neon

      It just goes to show you that intellect and income have little to do with each other at NBC.

  • Markadrianusa

    Big downgrade… no full TRMS or Morning Joe in big chunks. Plus there are commercials. Time to go back to Time Warner Cable. The loading is slower too.

  • Jake

    To some folks who have commented: Newscaster was not created by NBC News or Roku, but by thenowwhereman dot com. The Newscaster channel is able to pull streaming content of already broadcast (but full broadcasts/episodes) of NBC News content. NBC puts that content online and means for it to be viewed mainly in a web browser; for example you can easily watch the entire Nightly News online with a web browser soon after it airs. Yes, I totally agree that the new NBC News channel is pointless to download, because Newscaster already gives us better access to NBC’s online streaming content, but then again Newscaster is not an officially supported NBC product. Why NBC cuts up the broadcasts into segments for streaming to a Roku, but then allows web browsers to stream the full broadcast I don’t know.

  • JLS -Arkansas

    This new channel is not an improvement. Quite frankly, it sucks! On newscaster, I used to be able to watch the Rachel Maddow Show, Nightly News, Meet the Press, and a portion of Morning Joe easily. Now, I cannot find the Rachel Maddow Show OR Morning Joe, and the others are divided into a zillion short clips. At least you can “play all,” BUT, you have to arrow around to find the first clip! I left cable a while back because of the exorbitant price for unreliable service -no problem as I could find much of what I wanted via Newscaster. Maybe now cable will get my business again. Sorry, NBC… you really screwed this one up!

  • Jake

    No!!! I just entered the Newscaster channel and went to the NBC section, and guess what? The Newscaster channel no longer streams any NBC News content! It tells me NBC now has its own channel, and to watch content there. This is crummy! The NBC News channel sucks, everything is split into segements. It was so nice to come home from work and since I miss the broadcast, jump onto my Roku and watch the entire Nightly News broadcast. This now means I will have to pull out my laptop and watch it online and on a smaller screen, since you can still get the full broadcast through a web browser. I’m kind of upset about this, it is one of the reasons I got my Roku (after seeing a friend stream all this great NBC stuff on demand), so I hope this was NBC’s decision and not Roku’s, cause it just made the product a little less great.

  • Amy

    I don’t see The Rachel Maddow Show in the menu at all. It’s my favorite news show, and I hope to see it in my Roku again soon.

  • Libladysue

    All set to sit down after a long day at work with a steaming plate of Chinese takeout and an ice cold drink and watch last night’s Rachel Maddow show and…
    was treated to the “upgraded” NBC news channel “featuring clips from MSNBC”.
    Some upgrade NBC…I heartily agree that this latest “improvement” heartily sucks!! Please bring back the full shows and cut the “sound bite” news crap…

    • Why

      I agree the NBC channel is useless. For Rachel Maddow add the Itunes Podcas private channel(Google it) then search for her show, it’s there on Itunes. I’m not sure about Brian Williams but I assume it’s on itunes also.

  • Chaseno

    I think this is terrible. No complete shows. No Rachel Madow. I liked being able to catch a program when I couldn’t watch at the normal broadcast time. Plus I couldn’t get the Madow show any other way. So, I was hoping to catch last nights show today. Surpise!

    I personally don’t generally prefer to surf through a bunch of 2 minute clips looking for something that’s interesting. I almost never use channels that do that. It’s fine to offer content that way as an option, but don’t take away the complete shows. This is a big step backwards as far as I am concerned.

    • Jimmosk

      I just tried out two other Roku channels that still show the complete Rachel Maddow show as well as a lot of other news programs — MediaFly and Nowhere TV. The former was showing a day-old show, but Nowhere TV had the current ep, and a huge amount of other stuff I’m interested in seeing. The one challenge is that Nowhere TV isn’t listed in the Roku channel store; you have to activate it “by hand” through http://www.thenowhereman.com/roku

      • Ohleslie

        Thanks for the information. I just got this channel. Hope it really works. I was devastated to see what NBC has done. Not only does it end my pleasure over being able to see whole segments of Rachel Maddow, it is a horrible format! I hate the little clip of their selected moments thing. And it isn’t even working tonight. After each, commercial, each clip reverted to its title and if i selected it to play again, gave just the commercial and looped back to the title screen asgain. Yuck! I hate NBC for this!

        • newsjunkie

          As of April 1, MediaFly went dark–it’s focusing on “enterprise applications” now, and if you had an account it’s now good for nothing. So no more using MediaFly to watch Rachel Maddow, unfortunately. I 100% agree with all the other posters, the NBC channel is a complete and utter disaster. It has zero redeeming qualities. Thanks for thenowhereman tip, I’ll try that.

    • Anonymous

      Try Mediafly on the channell store…or you can download a private channel “nowheretv” Has RM, nightly news, Meet the Press and many many more. They work well for me and no more 20 – 30 seconds spots…same news just like Newscaster “used” to be. What a disaster, huh. I agree…but check those out. They work well.

    • RCD

      You hit the nail on the head! This new format of sound bites is a horrific diluted approach to news. I am appalled at the change and desperately miss my one full hour of Rachel Maddow before going to bed. I will need to find out how else I can view her entire show. Who’s brilliant idea was this? You should be ashamed!

    • Guest

      who on earth is Rachel Madow?

      • PaulT0903423

        Go back to Faux News! It suits you!

    • GA

      i agree this is a huge disappointment … DO NOT WAST YOUR TIME WATCHING ANY CHANNEL with this type of interactive format…

  • Anonymous

    “Happy streaming!” You gotta be kidding! Way to screw the viewers while making it sound like great news.

  • Kyle_d

    This is worthless. Why would I want to watch the news in minute long segments? I’ve always liked watching the news through my Roku player, as I don’t have cable, and don’t want to watchon my laptop. The Newscaster channel may not be sanctioned by NBC, but it was a hell of alot better than this pile of shhh they’ve released.

    And for those saying they’ll just use their Newscaster channel, it won’t play the news on there, it will just forward you to download the worthless NBC app. I have never been this disappointed with an “update”.

    • Esther

      Me too, NBC is a LOCAL CHANNEL AND SHOULD BE PROVIDED FOR FREE same as CBS and now you are required to have a subscription to cable or sattellite to watch “some channels” and that sucks! I pay for internet and that isnt cheap where I live and unfortunately for me an anttenna doesnt work in my area so I solely stream on roku and now NBC along with other channels (CBS) are making MONEY by doing this along with the internet/cable/sattellite companies…bunch of greedy mongrels!!Very dissappointed with THE CHANNEL people and internet providers for nickle and diming ALL OF US!!

  • Annoyed Guest

    This is terrible! Where are the full shows? Newscaster NBC was the best part of having a ROKU. Honestly, who considers this an upgrade?!

  • Jay Engle

    No more Rachel Maddow no more Morning Joe? What the hell is this garbage? What useless MBA thought random clips of nobodies doing midday news clips was what anyone wanted? This denigrates the product.

  • This is awful. I’d rather stream the podcasts then watch shows clip by clip.

  • SMM64119

    I really enjoyed the complete programming, it made me a fan of Brian William’s evening news, and other programs as well. This “update” is likely to send me to another network, unfortunately. I really enjoyed sitting down to watch the evening news, without interruption. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD FORMAT!

  • jbrtwork

    Please tell me this isn’t quite ready for prime time. Fragments of news segments… not even the whole segments! I enjoyed watching Rachel Maddow, the Nightly News, Morning Joe. Now, it’s all gone. Watching these fragments are going to give me a seizure!!!

    First, I felt ripped off by the shenanigans pulled by Netflix, and now ripped off by NBC.

    I wonder what Apple TV has to offer?

  • pd57-1

    The new NBC channel is the worst. We were able to get full shows before. Now surprise….no Rachel Maddow, No full news shows. Who is going to watch in 30 second clips.. it is total rubbish.

  • WBB

    I, too, am VERY annoyed with the fact that the Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe are simply NOT THERE! What is going on? I was very happy with the way it was until today! It was user friendly and the shows were easy to find. Now it’s a MESS! Please fix it!

  • Ldrkar47

    This is not an improvement! I just tried to watch the evening news with Brian Williams and it was painful. The same commercial played seven (7) times as I suffered through endless loading as the tiny segments continued. Plus, now Morning Joe (MSNBC) isn’t available. Whoever negotiated this change apparently isn’t a user!

  • pismith

    I am in agreement with most of these other comments. I just went to Roku to watch Rachel Maddow. What a shock. Were you actually aware of the great broadcast selection we Roku viewers had access to before today? What kind of upgrade do you mean exactly? This is a dreadful channel which offers me absolutely zero.

  • Fja314

    This is absolutely terrible!!!! One of the things I liked most about the Roku NBC content in the Newscaster channel was a full episode of NBC nightly news. Now they broken it up into individual segments. Terrible!!

  • Spydr2911

    This is TERRIBLE! There is no way to watch an entire Brian Williams broadcast. They are all chopped into bits that aren’t even in order. Who thought this was a bright idea? What a disaster. I’m glad NBC has recognized Roku but give us the whole broadcast, not segments!

  • Zeos_21

    You morons. Way to fuck up something great.

    No more Roku/Netflix for us.

  • demo21

    Thanks for the info about Apple TV! I’m downloading the Rachel Maddow show as I type this! Good-bye Roku, Newscaster, NBC until you get your act together and not ruin what was a good thing!

  • paulallanschaeffer

    Like 100% of the others who have already posted their disappointment, I agree this totally sucks! The newscaster was a huge part of my decision to drop cable because I could still catch up on my favorite nightly news program when I had time to watch it. And even better- commercial free! This is a huge disappointment. Please please please make the entire stream available again commercial free without these annoying clips that dont even transition properly.

  • Matthew

    Worst decision NBC / Roku have made thus far. NBC has taken away access to one of the primary reasons that we decided to cut the cable and utilize Roku as our primary television provider. NBC has made a large mistake in not making full episodes of their content readily available through their “upgraded” application. I honestly couldn’t wait to see the new app, after the Newscaster informed me that their dedicated channel was available, thinking that maybe now the NBC Nightly News would be available in HD! Instead what I got was an incredible disappointment. What a bummer NBC; you could have really made a difference…

  • Fred

    I echo the prior comments. Why would I want to watch NBC Nightly News sliced and diced into segments? Unwatchable.

  • dtyree77

    Wow, how unfortunate, I really liked NBC on Newscaster, I could watch the nightly news and Rachel Maddow. I don’t care for the new NBC channel, it doesn’t have the content I want and the short clips are painful to watch, they are poorly edited and the delay between clips is irritating.

    I was considering getting a Roku for Christmas for my mom, since it would make it much easier for her to catch the news and watch Netflix. But given this development, I don’t think I will.

  • Cowboy

    What a disappoinmnet…my wife and I looked foward to Rachel Madow each evening before Netflix..then on Sunday PM catch Meet the Press…no more..Why doesn’t NBC gives us a option li8ke 1.99 per mointh to get live steaming without commercial..Defin ately a downgrade

  • Guest

    NowhereTV (private channel: H9DWC) still streaming NBC content that was available on Roku Newscaster.

    • Go To mediafly they have lots of news that is still streaming.

  • Terrible!

    This is ridiculous! Give us our old news shows back, NO BODY wants to watch the news in 1 minute segments. This is as bad as Netflix charging customers with out telling them.

  • Jhnh558

    I agree with all that has been said: A great disappointment. No more Rachel Maddow. Stupid decision. I do not search a site looking for clips. I want the full Rachel Maddow show. Otherwise, I see no reason to go to the NBC site to hunt around through a mess of clips looking for one that might interest me.

  • Nathan

    This totally unusable. Give us our old NBC Newscaster back! People shouldn’t have to search for videos you’re interested in, you should be able I sit back and not have to keep clicking.

  • Njflemi

    An utter joke! Before I could get no commercial Morning Joe and Cramer. I, of course dont have to watch, but please Roku don”t brag about this crappy offering.

  • Anonymous


  • LLH

    Awful. I just want to watch the Nightly News all the way through. I don’t like the clips and the stops and starts and I’ll just stop watching now. And where’s Rachel? Maybe I’m missing something here, and there’s a way to go back to “the good ol’ days” of Roku news?

  • Senthil

    Where is the Rachel Maddow. NBC this is terrible.

  • Tom

    Rachel Maddow fans – you can find her on Mediafly. Install Mediafly from the News & Weather category in the channel store, then search on her name. You’ll find her show there. The other NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC podcasts previously found on Roku Newscaster are probably there as well, but I haven’t checked yet.

    • CA

      Thank you, Tom! So glad the show is still available on Roku!

    • This post was a life saver. In addititon I’ve found oodles of newsy stuff I’ve never watched before. Maybe NBC’s screw up was my gain.

    • Roger Blasedall

      Thank you for this tip! NBC’s loss is MediaFly’s gain. I understand NBC is looking for a business model here, but this is offensive to users. Good luck with that NBC. Thankfully there are still alternatives out there.

    • ohleslie

      Thanks Tom. I need to see Rachel Maddow daily. The new NBC format sucks in every way. They were way out in front of the other network offerings and now they’re the lamest.

    • Thank you Thank you Thank you. I just finished a rant about the change on the newscaster. I am not good with change, so it took me a minute. As I read your post I started to feel better and now I am back to normal. Whew I found a nice selection of News shows on Mediafly. As was said by others, Mediafly has given me an even better selection of full news broadcasts and podcasts. Thank you again.
      I turned off cable a year ago and this is how we keep up along with the radio and newspaper.

    • guest

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Kimbaface

      Thanks for the tip!

  • ER

    This sucks!!! No rachel madow. Annoying commericals and no full webcast to watch. Definitely don’t like this. Horrible.

  • Joshstrecker

    The channel sucks. I used to watch NBC nightly news now it’s a bunch of clips that make no sense. A real shame. This channel could have been so much more. Now I guess NBC has lost a viewer.

  • John

    What happened to the Rachel Maddow Show on my Roku box? Like exactly this very minute, I’m out of the living room and back to the laptop for entertainment and news. Does NBC have someone that they actually pay to think up ways to drive viewers from watching their shows? Geeze !

  • CA

    I agree with most comments here. This NBC channel is useless, a huge step backward from what most of us were enjoying from the NBC offerings on Newscaster. Why on earth would I want to watch a show (assuming I can even find anything in the mess of a menu) in 1 minute clips??! No more Rachel Maddow or Meet the Press full episodes! What a disappointment!

  • Yipeekaye

    Horrible. Time to get Apple TV?

  • Csmith932

    This is mind-bogglingly terrible. It’s no longer possible to actually watch a news show. Just clips. Clips as short as 14 seconds. Clips from a much smaller selection of shows. Clips that, even when chained together, have to load separately with no continuity and often start with commercials.

    Worst viewing experience ever.

    Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame shame.

    • Cmiles45

      No more Good morning Joe, Rachel and Chris Mathews, my line up in the morning which I look forward too. Now someone picks snippets of news for me to wach like I am a child with brain loss. VERY BAD move! I will leave NBC too and go somewhere where I am allowed to pick my news and listen to it ALL, not snippets. Bah! Shame is right!

  • Ravengirl32

    Truly awful. Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams are (I guess now were) the only News shows I watch. I may just stop using Roku and go back to cable.

  • RokuFanMike

    Doug – face it your caught. Your Roku collects dust under your TV and you never actually use it. I see no other explanation on how you can think this is an improvement in the Roku viewing experience. Sorry for yelling.

  • John

    The fix:
    1) Go to thenowhereman dot com.
    2) Click on the Roku link in the page header.
    3) Add Nowhere TV to your Roku account (a private channel that doesn’t show up in the Roku Channel Store). It says, “To install Nowhere TV on your Roku, click here.”
    4) On your Roku box, go in and then out of the Channel Store once.
    5) Nowhere TV will now show up at the far right side of your normal channel selections.
    6) Instant gratification !
    7) Plus . . . there’s a ton other feeds here 🙂

    • Speer

      AND…don’t forget to “turn off” that messed up new NBC channel…If everyone unsubscribes…they’ll get the message.

  • Tlsmart1

    Boo. Maybe I’ll take back the 3 roku boxes I just bought because the full NBC Nightly News was a big reason I got them. Too bad I threw away the packaging for 2 of them. This stinks!

  • Gordon

    Boo. The new app is a useless mishmash of 30 second soundbytes. Those might make sense on the Web when you can hyperlink to them; it’s utter rubbish here. Back to Apple TV for Rachel now.

  • Xpressyourself

    This SUCKS BIG TIME….Is this some December 6th JOKE???? Ditto to the comments below and the ones yet to follow I’m sure…..YIKES is this ever a BAD MOVE…this household goes where we can watch the FULL version of the news…chopped up pieces are for making stew or stir fry…..AND we go where we can watch Rachel Maddow and if that isn’t Roku we will now sit down and rethink our choices…there must be alternatives out there…..Thanks Tom…we’ll be looking into the Mediafly you suggested as we will not suffer Rachael withdrawal….seems people find something that works and then it gets all screwed up and we are once again told how wonderful the change is…UGH

  • Erica

    I’m trying to watch NBC nightly news and having to drink a whole bottle of wine to get through it. This is ridiculous. There is no apparent beginning or end to the stories so no way of knowing where to start the play all button. THEN, it has to load between each story. UGH! Take it back to newscaster. Why fix something that isn’t broken. Take it back to Newscaster.

  • Xpressyourself

    This SUCKS BIG TIME….Is this some December 6th JOKE???? Ditto to the comments below and the ones yet to follow I’m sure…..YIKES is this ever a BAD MOVE…this household goes where we can watch the FULL version of the news…chopped up pieces are for making stew or stir fry…..AND we go where we can watch Rachel Maddow and if that isn’t Roku we will now sit down and rethink our choices…there must be alternatives out there…..Thanks Tom…we’ll be looking into the Mediafly you suggested as we will not suffer Rachael withdrawal….seems people find something that works and then it gets all screwed up and we are once again told how wonderful the change is…UGH

    P.S. Also thanks John…Just saw your suggestion for thenowhereman.com and will also check it out….anyone else have any suggestions????

  • Rweissig

    Newscaster with the NBC news (Brian Williams) was far better than this current formatting of clips. When we could get through the news without much commercial interruption vs the tv version, it was far nicer to watch. Whoever decided to change the Newscaster for NBC is a total idiot!

  • uhhhuhuhhesaidpeacock

    The new NBC app is a joke.

  • Asdf

    I used to watch it almost every night… NOT NOW… the new channel SUCKS! The Advertisments are longer than the clips of news!

  • Anonymous

    THIS SUCKS…no more Rachel Maddow in its entirety!!! NBC, get a clue!

  • Awful retooling. Honestly the worst idea for “pieces” read 30 second clips of the nightly news and now no Rachel Maddow. Plus you have to sit through commercials. I won’t be using NBC for my news anymore since they’ve chosen a format that makes getting new…WORK! Back to BBC or Aljezeera.

  • Alcatraz

    Unfortunately, one can no longer watch the whole Rachel Maddow show on Roku. Anyone know why that is?

  • toml

    totally sucks! will not watch it…

  • Bro

    This new channel is the worst WTF were they thinking?

  • Guest

    This is a huge step in the wrong direction. I hope the network realizes this and goes back to the old format where viewers can watch entire shows. I suggest everyone here who does not like the new format, rate the channel. I rated it a 1 star; I would have given it zero stars if that was an option.

    • Cmiles45

      I am so grateful to NBC, I discovered Mediafly where I can peacefully watch all my favorite news programs including Rachel Maddow, Good morning Joe, etc. PLUS MUCH MORE! I never looked at this wonderful channel. It has all that NBC had plus more. And then…. after I watch all my programs, I can check out NBC’s little clips (if I have the time). Soooo, thank you NBC for telling me explore alternatives with my Roku.

  • Jenny J

    I am really disappointed with the new format too. I need to be able to watch the full length programs. I was really bummed to see that TRMS is not on there anymore. This is an evening ritual for me – bring back Maddow!!!

  • Solord

    This just devalued my roku player immensely ,no more Rachel Madow so why even bother. I can watch clips via my computer if thats what I choose to watch. I loved watching the news uninterrupted and when I wanted to view it, that was one of my choices and a big reason for purchasing this little box. What’s next, just snippets of movies too ??? It seems as though all of our choices as Americans just keep getting taken away 🙁

  • Bogus

    I’ll check out mediafly, but if I can’t find whole news shows there I’m chucking my Roku in the garbage and buying something else.

  • cablefree

    Fail Fail Fail!!!!! I understand wanting to cash in with hulu style pre-commercials, but couldn’t they of just added the full news broadcast with a couple of commercials? Who’s going to sit through endless clips?
    NBC stands for No Bloody Clue!

  • Bogus

    Okay. I checked out mediafly. Its all there. I won’t chuck you in the garbage. I’m sorry Roku. I love you.

  • Solord

    I just don’t understand why anyone would think this is okay. You have taken something that was really perfect and simply RUINED it for most people. If I want to view clips I know where my computer is, please undo this awful situation. I want my Rachel !

  • Solord

    This is just about money and you know it !

  • tideguy

    This is a step in the wrong direction. It’s useless chopping up a newscast into clips. One of the reasons I bought Roku is so I could watch newscasts without it being cut into You Tube-like clips

  • Lee Porter

    I seem to remember a big mistake Netflix made a few months ago, I hope Roku is not heading down the same road ! If I want to watch CLIPS I will sit at my computer. This is total BS !

  • Wildykat

    This sucks!!!! Why can’t they have a real nbc channel that offers all their shows and not just clips??
    Huge mistake. I’ve removed this channel. Nbc’s loss.

  • Wildykat

    Nowhere TV has TRMS in full.

  • I concur with other comments. I went to watch the News program and found instead a channel that makes it into little bits that must be loaded separately. I won’t watch it like that. Bring back the entire broadcast with the station advertisements.

  • Amarks41

    I am sooooooo glad I found this blog!!! This new NBC format sucks! It’s horribly jarring to watch the clips rather than complete shows. Soooooooo I’m dumping NBC just like I just dumped my cable company. I’m off to Mediafly!

  • Miphonenosugref

    Bad move – like Netflix this is a step backward. Bring back the complete newscast in one segment, not clips.

  • Jimv

    The intentions may have been good but the functionality is absolutely awful.

    Who in their right mind wants to watch the evening news in 1-2 minute segments at a time? To add insult to injury- then a commercial is inserted in between every 1-3 minutes of news segments. Isn’t one of the driving principles in watching nightly news on a streaming feed such as Roku is to minimize (not significantly increase) the # of commercials per segment?

    The prior NBC News version on Roku was excellent – in particular the full evening news segment with Brian Williams. A great way to lose loyal viewers in a rapid fashion!

  • Janesatelier

    Absolute Disaster! Who wants their news program in 40 second clips? Where is Rachel Maddow? What a complete waste of time.

  • JHM

    +1 Voice saying this is a major downgrde. What a terrible way to watch the news.

  • Moxyfemme

    I’m with the This Is Complete Crap crowd! The full episodes of Rachel Maddow and Nightly News are my morning news source. This clip thing is ridiculous. Who wants to watch the news in pieces? Lame lame lame

  • guest

    I agree, keep the complete shows. Also, I notice the clips end very abruptly and sometimes in the middle of a sentence. Not that I care, but I’ve even seen the commercials end early. This seems poorly done, I much prefer the Roku Newscaster version of the NBC Channel.

  • Runwithmaggieb

    No Rachel Maddow-frustrated.

  • What have you done to the news? Come on we watched the full shows on a daily basis the next morning now you have screwed up the news so it is in Segments…WTF who wants to watch segments. I selected play all and it still only played in SEGMENTS with some being 36 seconds…. May stop promoting how wonderful my ROKU is to everyone if this is not fixed……YOU all know what happened to NETFLIX? I know it is not a subscriptions service but I will not buy another one as planned with your new upgrade… I AM NOT HAPPY….. FIX IT

  • Gazzizza

    I am posting this comment to register my discontent with the new app. Like others, I appreciated the access to full episodes of Rachel Maddow and Nightly News with Brian Williams. I would be happy to extend my complaint directly to NBC if I knew where to go to do so.

  • Art Vandelay

    This really sucks. I don’t want to watch all of these “segments”. I want to watch the Rachel Maddow Show. I want to watch the evening news with Brian Williams. Please bring back the whole shows.

  • Runwithmaggieb

    What I tried to leave on the MSNBC feedback page-but couldn’t because the “submit” button wouldn’t take it.

    Roku update-

    Honestly, I’d lost interest in your network prior to Rachel Maddow in its entirety on ROKU. Now I have it on my phone, watch it on Roku, and via the web. It changed my opinion of your network, and caused me to watch many of your other programs.

    Your updated channel, (although undertaken through strong advice I am sure) has lost what made it the number one choice for many people. Short snippets-not interested. You must deliberately set out to watch ROKU. Most people intend to commit a portion of time to this activity. It is not something on in the background.

    In short, you had my “eyes” and your advertisers had my attention, unlike my regular television, which I rarely sit through one ad with.

    You’ve lost me. Definitely one new fan disappointed,

    Margaret Becker

  • Debra Mazza

    I echo all the other comments here….this is terrible. I like to watch the whole Rachel Maddow show, not just clips. I can’t just sit down and watch a full episode, I have to pick clips to watch. Maybe this would appeal to those who only have the attention span for a you tube video, but who else would this appeal to? I’m going to check out MediaFly and Nowhere TV like mentioned below. Hopefully NBC will rethink this format….soon.

  • Linda

    Not only does it suck to not be able to watch an entire program we can’t even watch a full story as they are cut off before they are completed to show a commercial. Plus we have to deal with streaming between each story. It is the worst thing they have done. I will probably stop watching NBC news all together. Thanks for the ideas of other ways to get the news on Roku.

  • Speer

    morning Joe, rachel, the news…in pieces…THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE WORK AND CAN’T CATCH THEM WHEN THEY ARE NORMALLY ON…GIVE ‘EM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  • Georg

    FUBAR. All those new advertisements are going to be lonely because no one is going to put up with your unusable and unwatchable “network.”

  • cablefree

    I confirm Mediafly does indeed have the FULL nightly news broadcast and RM available! Plus some other great content.

    You can create a personal favorites and include NBC and some other great feeds (Chelsea lately, the Soup, CNN, Kieth Olberman’s new show, etc.) for easier access.

    It’s actually a better option than the newscaster channel without having to wade through stuff you don’t want (like audio feeds)

    Other than the minor inconvenience of having to register a new channel, it’s a blessing in disguise. 🙂 Thanks so much to the poster who mentioned the workaround!

  • demo21

    I’m hoping (and sure) that Douglas, Roku Marketing Manager, is reading these posts. There is not a single positive post about the NBC issue. I cannot in all honesty recommend buying a Roku device unless they modify the NBC channel to get whole shows and all of the previous shows. Furthermore, I thank all of the commentators and info re: Mediafly etc. for their input! Maybe this is a “Occupy Roku and NBC” moment!

    • Hiya demo21 – I am in fact listening 🙂 we have made NBC aware of all feedback we are getting. No need for pepper spray. Thanks for all the comments – they really do help.

  • JWas

    This new format is HORRIBLE!!! Don’t waste your time with this new NBC News channel! You can, however, find full episodes (including Rachel Maddow) on Nowhere TV channel. Hey NBC- if it ain’t broke….

  • Katie B.

    Until now, Roku’s NBC news offering has always been my second-most viewed Roku channel, following Netflix instant streaming. I looked forward to viewing NBC Nightly News, Morning Joe, and the Rachel Maddow Show, in full, the same evening or day following their network broadcast. The new Roku NBC channel offering, a gazillion various news snippets, mostly unidentified as to program, date, and ssequence, and including useless weird news clips about 5-legged sheep and 6-month-old entertainment blurbs interspersed with a redundant advertisement, is a total FAIL. Please give us back complete programs and relevant news.

    After reading some of the other comments, I guess a check of MediaFly is in order.

  • Dchristianmuro

    Who thought up this crap! Dear God. I mean you had the news already and Rachel Maddow in entirety now, I have to watch the news in one minute segments and… NO MADDOW! Seriously? WTF!!!

  • Gerard

    I miss the full NBC Nightly News!

  • Philfree67

    Greetings. My normal approach would be calm and rational. Since it is now clear to me that NBC lacks self awareness I fell pressed to take another approach.

    I had been watching Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow on ROKU. Even though I was only able to access the previous days episodes, I got full content.

    As of yesterday, December 6th, I have been forced to conclude that an executives pre-adolescent spawn was assigned the task of designing the new format on NBC’s ROKU channel.

    Who wants to search for 20 minutes to play a two or three minute clip of a news program?

    I can only conclude that some dire circumstance caused NBC to post it’s content in such an inept manner.
    NBC purposefully planed to alienate all viewers of alternative sourcing.
    NBC ashamed of it’s own content.
    NBC lacks the necessary funds to design a useful format.

  • Fpiracci

    like everyone else, what a disappointment. snippets are terrible. I travel 40% of the week and use regular TV to watch morning joe, cramer, Brian Jennings, etc because they were so easy to watch on Roku. Guess I’ll try another network. Too bad NBC NEWS. You were the leader on-line until this catastrophe!

  • All, I want to thank you for your feedback. We take your concerns and questions seriously. We hear you loud and clear and we’re actively working with NBC to address your comments.

  • Moodsman

    Major fail for both Roku and NBC.
    And the hypocrisy of advertising it on this blog as a new ‘feature’ just makes me hate the change even more.
    I’ll find another way to watch what I want to watch, or maybe not watch it at all.
    Since I am annoyed by NBC’s choice, I will probably not watch their ‘regular’ stuff either. One less viewer to count.
    I already deleted the “new and improved” channel from my Roku.

  • Jen

    I agree this terrible. We used to be able to watch the entire Today news show now it’s just clips in random order. How can we just watch an entire show?????? Make this happen NBC.

  • Aphrodite

    I just went into a panic when I couldn’t find Rachel Maddow. Panic followed by Anger. Of alll the things to remove ~!@#$%^&*. Thanks for the suggestion on MediaFly. I can calm down now. That was just the dumbest move NBC….Now I wont be watching your channel at all…

  • Lsmg

    The new NBC Channel on the ROKU Channel store is TERRIBLE. First of all there is NO RACHEL MADDOW. She is not available. HORRORS. Also, one has to scroll through all of the options to find the latest of whatever show you want to watch. What a waste of time. Please bring back Rachel Maddow – or let me know where to find her. This is the worst thing that has happened since I owned the ROKU box. I wanted a thumbs down. But it wouldn’t allow me to thumbs down. Very disappointed.

  • 805joe

    Really disappointed with this. I’d rather sit through a whole airing of Rachel Maddow et.al. over clicking on 2-minute segments.

    Who came up with this idea? Can they be fired, please?

  • GoshDarn

    Absolutely horrible implementation. Come on Roku, don’t you guys do any Quality Assurance testing. This is a horrible app and should be pulled. It’s slow, buggy and a terrible user experience for your users. Pull it from the App list until NBC fixes it. The complaints are mounting everywhere and this is reflecting poorly on Roku (if they allow sub standard apps, this lowers the value of the device) and it reflects even worse on NBC. This is the most schizophrenic streaming experience I’ve ever had. This is like what the web was like 8 years ago… choppy, disjointed, unintuitive, streaming experience. I WANT MY NBC BACK!

  • Anonymous

    Bring back the full video news cast of the “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” on Roku Newscaster. It was the only show that is available in video format on the day taped. We have been loyal viewers of the Nightly News via Roku Newscaster for quite some time. We tried the NBC News Channel and do not like the format. There’s a million individual news clips that have an advertisement at the beginning of each, and were very short and choppy. Big mistake!

  • NBC Petition

    Please sign the petition to get NBC to fix their Roku channel. Let’s get some awareness going on this and get them to fix it!


  • Matthew

    Where are the replies from either Roku or NBC? With all the discontent and negative sentiment from avid Roku users, it surprises me that neither NBC or Roku are involved in the blog? It doesn’t appear as though they care about the mess they’ve created for their fan base.

  • Anonymous

    I watched the news every night on Roku. The new format is complete crap. NBC should fire whoever put this channel together. You just lost a viewer. RIP.

  • Kestas

    See “NBC nightly news with Brian William?” How? NBC has destroyed the half hour segment by shattering it into multiple incoherent segments that require separate downloads. Evidently the programmers at NBC have nothing better to do and don’t watch the nightly news themselves. They ruined a perfectly enjoyable segment.

  • jinky1969

    Bad bad bad. I liked watching the full evening news broadcast, an hour of morning joe and the today show. I was hoping rock center would be added. This is a step backwards…worse than youtube!

  • Pishposh

    We love watching NBC news as a family after all homework is done, but the new format sucks. i have to go click on each segment and i dont know where it starts. Can we have the option of seeing the full news also. Having segments is a good idea, but not if it compromises the full episode.

  • peter

    New format is terrible. Loved the newscaster version because I could put on a full episdoe of the show I wanted. Now I have to sort through a bunch of clips, and maybe, if I work at it, I will find some (but not all)of what I was looking for.

  • Guest

    Horrible. News is missing from today show. No Joe Scarborough

  • Warren

    There were two shows I watched without fail every day with my Roku. The NBC nightly news, and Mad Money. I sure hope that NBC can find a way to bring back the whole shows to the new channel. The roku has lost a lot of value without being able to watch entire news programs.

  • Heymcvey

    This sucks. NBC was the only channel with fairly current podcasts. Now it’s just unwatchable.

  • Jonathan

    Yes, I am also disappointed. I removed the channel immediately. The whole point of NBC news channel is that you could watch the entire Nightly News, and you could watch Rachel Maddow. It’s frankly insulting to think that Roku users would see this as a useful upgrade. I’ll certainly watch those shows through Mediafly, etc.–or on my computer if they become unavailable. I definitely will not watch clips. It’s amazing and offensive that companies like to present downgraded services as something new and exciting–that goes for Roku, as well.

  • Josh

    This is definitely because NBC was bought by Comcast. I hope you like your new Cable Overlords, NBC!

  • Dwaynejones

    I want the full Rachel Maddow Show back! It was my faveorite and the only show I watched everyday, please bring it back!!!!!!

  • JF

    Where is Rachel??!!

  • Anonymous

    I would like to add my voice of discontent to the others here, as I also have found Roku to be wonderful, especially since I was able to still watch good news programs, like the Rachel Maddow show, without having to pay ridiculous cable prices. At least Democracy Now has its own channel, but I still enjoy TRMS nightly and was quite disappointed when I saw the format on the new NBC channel. Honestly, the clips are extremely annoying. Some of us still have the attention span and desire to watch an hour-long (or so) news program. Thank you to all of you below for the tips. I will try Mediafly and see how that works out.

  • Anonymous

    Add one more to the negative reaction about the short clips and the lack of Rachel Maddow. Is this so we are happy to pay for full shows later? Get real with the “happy streaming.”

  • Julianingle

    This is a terrible move by NBC and Roku. Watching Rachel Maddow in its entirety was a must watch in the mornings for me. Clips make for a terrible viewing experience.
    I no longer have use for my Roku as I’ll be watching Rachel Maddow show on iTunes from now on.
    Please pass these comments to NBC. Judging by the comments all over the blogosphere – the new channel has ruined the experience for several people.

  • Gyntista

    The idiots who came up with this idea should go work for Coca Cola—maybe you can suggest getting rid of Classic Coke and replacing it with Koolaid or something. Nobody watches NBC anyway. Why would they? They watch MSNBC, and primarily for Rachel Maddow and Joe Scarborough. If you gave us more choices of MSNBC programming that would be great too—but the move should have been towards WHOLE PROGRAMS, not robbing viewers of what they did have to chop up the content into myriad topics. Seriously, FIRE the dolts who came up with this change.

  • waterbird

    MSNBC was my favorite main stream media channel. That being said, I will not be watching them anymore due to the release of their new channel. It is awful. I agree with the other posters who have made the point of the elimination of whole shows or as in Morning Joe (no longer available) a portion of the broadcast. I am not interest in watching a few minute clips and then go thru the reloading process. It also streams very poorly with constant breaks and attempts at reloading the content. Very poor. ZERO STARS!

  • Kelly

    I fully agree with all those who hate this new format. My morning ritual was Morning Joe in its entirety. The MAIN thing we have the ROKU for was streaming NBC news shows. Nobody wants random 3 minute disjointed clips. Really really disappointed in this change. What could have possibly been the reason for this?

  • Jcrand525

    I just purchased a ROKU box for a family member. When I get it, I am sending it back and looking for alternatives. The new format for NBC news is, to say the lease…HORRIBLE. If it doesn’t come back soon the way it was, I will look for another means to get this program. ROKU…Wake up. Take a look at the reviews that you are getting. Are you going to be like NetFlix, or BOA? Listen to the people that are buying and using your products. The only way you will listen is through your pocket books. There are other companies out there. Be wise.

  • Dana Hand

    The new NBC app is TERRIBLE. You can’t see a complete video cast, only snippets of shows. That means repeated retrievals, long waits, and no sense of the flow of the news. Please tell NBC to get back on Newscaster and fire the idiots who dreamed up this change.

  • Gwalkernc

    Copy of my comment to NBC Nightly News Contact Us link on their site:
    I have been watching rebroadcasts of the Nightly News on the Roku Newscaster channel. The process was simple: once on the NBC icon, select the Nightly News, and the entire broadcast of the previous nights show was replayed. Upon following the same process today, I was informed that NBC news now had it’s own Roku Channel. I was thrilled to have even more functionality. I was very disappointed at the new interface. I was prompted to select each news segment. I tried to find an option to play the whole thing through and saw that there was an option to “play all.” The problem is that I could not tell where the broadcasts started. I selected one of the segments, and selected play all. Because I could not tell where the broadcast started, the segment I selected was in the middle of the broadcast. The play all feature provided a very bad experience because at the end of the currently playing segment it was cut short, then the next segment had to be loaded (took a few seconds) and then the next one played. It made for a very choppy viewing. Fort the first time I can remember, I opted to view the news cast on CBS. I like Brian Williams, the NBC “family”, and would like to stay. If Mr Williams is serious about this being a family, I would expect that he would be disappointed with the new NBC News Channel experience.

    Please view the show on your own to validate my experience. If I am following the wrong process, please let me know the correct one.


  • marina

    I hate the new channel. The individual segments are terrible, each one takes like 3 minutes to load, and never gives you a seamless broadcasts. What I enjoy about NBC is the full shows, I have always started my morning with The Today Show, and now these clips make this impossible as you never see the hosts interact and it takes twice as long as the normal show so I don’t have time to watch it as a I get ready for the day.
    Their logic may be that you can get the podcasts off of iTunes if you don’t have antenna or cable access (like me), but this is ridiculous. I bought a Roku and a TV so I could pull up shows instantly not take 20 minutes to start my computer go through all the updates, wait 8 minutes for the show to download and another 2 minutes of buffering. I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME.
    NBC needs to return to its original mission of making news available to as large an audience as possible. It baffles me why NBC would choose to alienate the growing audience of Roku. I need my computer to do work and can’t afford to overload it with trying to run a broadcast while I do work. I cannot afford a tablet nor another computer either. NBC please reconsider and add full podcasts to your new channel. If we wanted to watch just clips there are other Roku channels we could do that on.

  • Mike

    NBC has really screwed this up. On Roku as well as on the XBOX update. Run a commercial then a 30 second clip is not friendly UI. Get a clue.

  • MediaInquiries

    Thank you for your feedback on the NBC News app on Roku. We hear you and are taking all of your feedback into consideration for product updates. — NBC News & Msnbc Digital Network Product Teams

    • Rick Perrywinkle

      In related news, Roku announced that they are updating the Netflix channel by replacing it with video of a turd.

    • Helbent

      I hope you’ve read all the posts here. Nobody is happy with what you’ve put up. Bad content, and in my area, Phoenix, AZ, I can’t get the bad content to load half of the time. NBC news in a blender is what you’ve given us and we don’t like it!

    • pro

      WHAT? 2 years later and the NBC app is still crapp?

  • demo21

    I tried the Rachel Maddow show on both Mediafly and Nowhere. I got the show okay, but it kept having to reload to continue the program. I’m wondering what the basic download bandwidth required (in megabits/sec) is necessary to stream the show in an uninterrupted fashion. I did not get interrruptions while watching Rachel on the “old” NBC station. I’m getting 2-3 megabits/sec on my cable when I do a speed check.

  • RM

    I absolutely hate the new NBC channel!!!! It is terrible. Please change it back so I can watch dreamy Brian Williams start to finish. It sucks chopped up into mini-segments.

  • Neon

    It SUCKS ! I used to enjoy watching full programs not choppy confusing commercial laced snips. I am removing it from my list, you ruined a good thing. Bad ideas, bad outcome. I am also going to let your advertisers know that I will no longer be seeing their commercials.

  • Sherricrim

    I agree with all the negative comments. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Nightly News with Brian Williams. This new format is horrible — TOO annoying to even tolerate for five minutes. I am glad I read this blog to learn I can access Nowhere News and Mediafly and watch a complete segment of Nightly News.

  • MVT2216

    This is a very bad decision. Previously, one could watch the entire evening news about two hours after it was broadcast. For those of us that can’t see the program when it broadcast, we had the ability to watch later in the evening. Also, we could catch up with Rachael Maddow. Now, there doesn’t seem to be the ability to watch either of those programs.Clicking on individual podcasts is not coherent and Rachel Maddow’s program is not available at all. This was a very bad move.

  • D35martin6

    This is terrible…what was wrong with watching Rachel Madow in it’s entirety? These little chopped up segments of shows are stupid. Put Rachel back on! Put Morning Joe back on! Another example of not leaving well enough alone.

  • Moodsman

    The truth comes out.
    This change to NBC took place at about the same time that the XBox update came out, which basically turns the XBox into a ROKU clone.
    The XBox isn’t supposed to compete with traditional cable, so the option for cable show equivalents needed to be crippled on the XBox.
    NBC is a close partner to Microsoft, so if the XBox was going to be able to show only snippets of shows, so would everybody else.
    And that is why the ROKU NBC channel was crippled… because it has to show nothing better than the XBox video channel system.

  • Knobs234

    This Sucks. The NBC Channel Sucks. Its didnt even work well. Was planning on getting two more rokus for family for christmas. But without NBC Nightly News this is a no go. Lame.

  • Nicole

    I don’t want to watch clips – I want to watch the entire Rachel Madow show! Please fix ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if it will help or not, but found this petition to sign. Maybe it will help…maybe not. Add this petition to your comments and keep it going. It’s worth a try.

  • Kkirton1

    Please change back! I need my Rachel Maddow, no not segments but the entire thing!!!

  • Greengardenhoe

    Wow! Poor decison on NBC’s part. Most of us enjoy our streaming commercial free and this new channel is not one I will keep in my line up. I thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee with Nightly News and now having to sort through 2 minute clips or watching a 45 second commercial between each clips is why I got rid of cable. This cannot be the future of Roku. I see that it is available on Nowhere TV, but no quality in picture there. For such a large corporation, you’d think it would attempt to keep customers by continuing to offer commercial free content and just provide us the NEWS we are seeking. The rest is just crap!

  • madowfan

    I don’t know why people tend to change things when they work so well. I can understand NBC to have their own channel (although inconvenient), but having to split in little pieces the Nightly News or removing the Rachel Madow show have no explanation.
    Every night we watching NBC Nightly News and Rachel Madow and enjoy them a lot, what can we do now?

  • ImissNightlyNews

    Where is my Nightly News? This new channel SUCKS! Please restore NBC News to Roku Newscaster ASAP!!!


    I am glad I’m not the only one who is VERY DISAPPOINTED with this channel and NBC’s decision to go this route. Let me help you understand something…People who actually watch the news, are usually big boys and girls. We can handle more than 30 second Romper Room clips.

    First ABC news did this, which was the only MSM I was watching. They went the Romper Room format, so I switched to NBC…more Romper Room crap. Whoever at NBC/Roku thought this was a good idea…I have a suggestion for them. They should be banished to only making coffee in the office. They obviously don’t have half a clue how to present a news channel, nor how to put it in a usable format.

    VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arnold Carson

    The new NBC channel is terrible as compared to the previous offering. Plays like the iPod application, which is not appropriate for the Roku! Terrible step back for what had been the best news on the Internet. No more!

  • Bogus

    You can get the Rachel Maddow show and NBC evening news and a bunch of other good stuff if you go to the channel store and load Mediaflys. Its all there, you just have to go through a few more clicks to get it. I was pissed too.

  • SR

    It’s true, it’s true, NBC news channel…you really got this one wrong. I think you know we don’t want our news in segments…so what gives? This new channel is subpar in format and incomplete in content. Don’t mess with our news…pleeeease?? Bring back Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow in full eps. Thank you.

  • jdr5ca

    For months now I was watching Nightly News daily via Roku. Come home, turn on the news while making dinner.

    This new shredded format for a news broadcast is insane. How could anyone think this was a good idea? I’ll never watch like this where I have to click every 30 s to watch another fragment.

    Somebody has decided to tell all the viewers “please go away and stop watching”

    • Vonwelling

      NBC wants to make it so bad people go back to cable TV. I think they make far more $$$ off of cable TV. The networks are very upset viewers are leaving cable. I think this is a slick move by NBC to change some viewers from online streaming back to traditional cable TV. It won’t work with me. I’ve dumped cable TV as a permanent solution. I can live fine without NBC.

  • Janesatelier

    Ok. Have Mediafly and NowhereTV installed. Now, can someone tell me how to delete the useless NBC channel?

    • Gordon

      Select it on the home screen and use the * (star) button on your remote; it brings up a menu.

  • Guest

    Who wants to watch the Nightly News in discontinuous, out of sequence snippets? If they don’t go back to the Newscaster format, I’m done with NBC. What a disappointment.

  • BeamanTC

    I have just read the previous 5 or 6 reviews, all negative, and I AGREE with every one of them. I would rather see the entire show without having to reload every couple of minutes and sometimes even more frequently. I want to see the entire Rachel Maddow show, NBC Nightly News, and so forth without having to reload. That’s the way it used to be. Bring it back! What a horrible surprise I got last night.

  • Wine_lover74

    this is a horrible channel. Previous NBC news had the whole episodes, not 20 second blurbs – that is not news!

  • ms.elaineous

    Like everyone else here I HATE the new format!!! We watch Brian Williams every night when we wind down for the night and the new format sucks! Who wants to sit and watch a bunch of clips load without Brian’s commentary and the exact same commercial over and over??? I will go check out Mediafly – thanks to those who gave us that tidbit. The NBC Channel needs to re-do this format before we all go and never come back.

  • Annie

    We always used to watch the “Mad Money” show by Kramer, each evening on the “Newscaster Channel” under NBC; but it has dissapeared. This is a real DISAPPOINTMENT!!! We have found a few clips; but this is not worth hunting down…We now are watching the show on our computer.

    HATE THE NEW FORMAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Esp. the Mad Money Show!


    Thank you!

  • mwg147

    I’m rarely home in time to catch the live broadcast, and It was so nice to come home, spend time with the family, and then watch the Nightly News via Newscaster later. Unless the full broadcast is made available again, I’ll turn to other sources that can meet my needs. Bye NBC…

  • JuliainMD

    I was so disappointed with NBC news left Roku Newscaster. What a big mistake! Just as others have said, no one wants to watch 2 minute clips to catch an entire news show. I always enjoyed watching Meet the Press, Nightly News and Morning Joe and now they are in 2 minute clips. Are you kidding me? What about the Suze Orman show? How hard is it to keep the entire show in one piece! Please fix this or else I may have to go back to cable. First, I will check out MediaFly and NowhereTV like others have suggested. NBC/Roku- you really screwed up!

  • Nelson

    It was such a pleasure to sit down with my wife and watch NBC news later in the evening when we had time. Those times have ended due to the new format, which is impossible to enjoy. We’ll be looking for an alternative.

  • Laur

    Manners, please! Just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a jerk. I agree with the content of the messages I’ve read but am appalled at the delivery. A simple: “please bring the Rachel Maddow show back to Roku” from the same number who felt it necessary to ridicule and condemn would have done the trick. Now I’m not asking what’s wrong with NBC, I’m asking what’s wrong with YOU!

  • 1ofamillion

    OK, NBC and Roku – – – you are only hearing from a very small percentage of unhappy watchers. There are tens of thousands of dissatisfied viewers out there who can’t believe what you’ve done to a great lineup. There is still time!!! Fix it quick!!! Pleasssseeeee.

  • onEye

    What the!!!! I thought you folks at roku knew what you were doing. I expect the network guys to be idiots. PUT NBC BACK ON NEWSCASTER!!! and while your at it, add the rest of the MSNBC news lineup on there.

  • Roku Fan

    Just saw this on my Roku. Want to pitch in and say it TOTALLY sucks. Complete downgrade of the NBC content that was there before. Please, please, remove this and put it back the way it was before. I loved watching Maddow and Meet the Press on Roku. What’s there now is a disaster.

    I think I see what happened: BBC on other Internet TV platforms has a very similar format. They made internet TV products first and NBC is playing catchup by replicating. Unfortunately not by doing it well. There was obviously something really special about the previous NBC area of the “Roku Newscaster” app — just look at the disappointment. There’s something to that app. If you want to make an app that people love, study what was done correctly there. Or at least just put it back! Seriously though, would love it it was put back.

  • SuburbanExile

    As regular Morning Joe, Nightly News, and Meet the Press watchers on the old Newscast Roku channel, we HATE, HATE, HATE the changes. Everything is split into 3 minute sections divided by commercials. They stall. They’re disjointed. They are incredibly poorly edited losing huge chunks of material between sections. And Morning Joe is nowhere to be found. Bring them back!!! Please?

  • visualmedium

    Who thought that this format is what viewers would want? I don’t want to watch shows in clips. Even if you select the play all options, the clips aren’t ordered in the order of broadcast. WTF?

  • Cunt

    WnnnNNNnnnnNNNNNnnnnNNNBC. So annoying. I shall get my news elsewhere.

  • ArtimisFowl

    It is awful. I can’t stand to use the new station and I had previously relied on the NBC Evening News and other news programs available on Roku. Please, go back to whole show format!

  • andrew

    Just echoing the already overwhelming sentiment here…the NBC app is terrible. NBC streaming was MUCH better in Newscaster

  • Linda Bjarkman

    I agree – this is terrible. I like to watch an entire broadcast – not little bits and pieces. I’ll have to find another station.

  • The new NBC channel is awful!!!! What the heck happened? How greedy and crappy of NBC to make me watch commercials after every 2 minute clip. What about complete shows with a couple commercials instead. I seriously hope someone at NBC reads these because they should be fired for a terrible change. forget NBC, I’ve decided on sticking with CBS.

  • Perkindc

    I think my favorite part of the channel is waiting for the page to reload in the middle of an interview. I decided to search for some troubleshooting options on the internet in the middle of a load. Yup still waiting.

  • Greatlifebylucinda

    I want to be able to watch Rachel Maddow again. This sucks!

  • tdog

    the channel is a piece of crap

  • Satyajit GP

    New MSNBC Roku Channel is saddest thing that has happened to Roku and MSNBC.

    With converting your smooth flowing full episode content into chunks and pieces you have taken away best thing about MSNBC on Roku, i.e. making it more like my computer then like my Cable/TV.

    Different content needs different user experience, ‘news’ which is very important to TV viewing experience needs to be something that is ‘presented’, without you have to choose and pick to for 10 minutes. News is relative to ‘Time/Date’ not ‘Content’ or ‘Shows’, (Opinion content like TRMS, are different from news). I wish NewsCaster was something arranged by ‘Date’ and then by channel and then by shows, please don’t try to arrange by random categories (like the new MSNBC does), keep it by dates, that is how i want my news, that content is not a movie i am going to watch for 2 hrs, i don’t want to spend 10 minutes browsing/selecting with tiny remote, I need instance flow of information without much brain-fatigue. I look at you for news not for a quiz. Make it a charged channel but full continues episodes and TV like viewing experience.

    Live channels like Al-Jazeera are super cool. Add more.

    I with you had product managers who has tried to live with Roku without subscribing to Cable. MSNBC content was one of the best things because it allowed me to sit back and experience it like ‘Classical TV’, I think Roku has to realize why Cable works in such a large quantity compared to Roku.

    Sometimes I don’t want a ‘Smart TV’, I just want an ‘Idiot Box’, I want to relax, quickly move between channels without having to think and decide. I want an easy viewing experience just like it’s available on Cable, otherwise I will always feel I am missing something.

    I am cut Cable about 8-9 months back, but now I am feeling like I am not getting the kind of entertainment experience I get with Cable. I already have HDMI out on my laptop, so I can get it to work like DVP anyhow, so what’s the point if DVP is going to give me computer like interface.

    I don’t have problems with Advt. but bring back continues smooth flowing content that does not ‘cut’ last sentence or does not give a clue about start and end. For news

  • BLucas

    This channel is unwatchable. When they were in Newscaster, Nightly News and Rachel Maddow (and sometimes the Today Show) were daily views for me. Now I don’t bother at all. Separating everything into clips has lead to a sucky viewing experience.

  • Alex

    Incredibly hard to navigate I want to zero in on Shows like Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe. Somebody had a good idea, I think not!

  • Rwnnewyork

    You guys have made NBC news impossible for me to watch, You turned one of your best channels into one of your worst.

  • Privatebecause

    You should have left the news as it was instead of segments. I took it off of my favorites, now it is a hassle to watch the news as I have to watch it at a specified time. You might want to consider putting it back the way it was

  • Anonymous

    Ok..It’s back and no more complaints from me. NowhereTV on the ROKU has NBC streaming and updated every evening…along with Mediafly…although with Mediafly I don’t see it updated as often as NowhereTV. They also have Rachel Maddow, along with Meet the Press, 60 minutes and many many others. NowhereTV is not on the Channel Icon. You have to go online and they will send it to your ROKU box…but it works and no more 20 and 30 seconds spots. I’ve dumped Newscaster along with the NBC Channel. The 2 channels above work very well. You will be happy, like I am…until someone up at the top decides to change this one. Get it and enjoy it while you can!

  • CG

    The new format is awful. Watching the today show, and brian williams account for at least 50% of my viewing on Roku. Watching 1 minute segments is terrible. Please change this back to how it was….let me have my Matt Lauer and Brian Williams!!

  • DP

    Bad move. You’ve taken away content that was my main interest. CNBC and NBC channels are horrible. Bring back Newscaster. I was going to get another Roku for my other TV. Now I guess I’ll just sell this thing on Craigslist and get an Apple TV. At least I know that I can get the content I want over there.

  • ByEdHowell

    I am used to having to watch Nightly News in segments on the web site but at least they played in order. Here they play backwards… I. have to go left one by one to play in order. I wish NBC would play a full newscast. But CBS also pulled full video newscasts from another service. Why can’t the networks just run full video and have commercials? It would be worth it to see newscast later. Still, nice to see Nightly News on TV again.

  • NBC Petition

    I don’t want to be seen as spamming but we need more of you to sign the petition.
    Please take a moment and do so and pass it on.


  • Waketosleep

    I agree with Chaseno’s comments! Exactly!

  • Shultz

    The new NBC channel is awful. I enjoyed the Nightly News on Newscaster but it is now completely unwatchable. They have chopped it up into little bits and sprinkled the same exact commercial in front of each piece, some of which are just a few seconds long! What was NBC thinking?? I’m fine with having to watch a short ad before the show, but can’t we have the option to watch in it’s entirety from start to finish as before? I deleted this channel with a “Hate it” rating immediately, and it looks like a lot of people have done the same seeing that it’s almost down to 1 star. What a joke.

  • Whaledetective

    this new NBC channel stinks (relatively calm word) I can’t get NBC on my regular tv now I have to watch segment by segment…iut sucks. go back to the way it was.

  • Hi-Tech Redneck

    Are any of you fucking idiots from NBC or Roku reading these comments or do you just have your heads shoved as far up your asses now as you did when you came out with this stupid format. Nobody likes the new segmenting and, no, we just won’t get used to it. Fuck you dumb asses, I’m going elsewhere for my news.

  • Junk

    NBChannel not working correctly. Interruptions in streaming that didn,t occur before. I used to just play the nightly news and now its a bunch of eppisodes that don,t play in order. Now it,s time to watch CBS. It also has more commercials that I can,t fast forward. I want a pay service that eliminates commercials for a fee.

  • Christian Cutler

    We want to reiterate what user: Chaseno has said. We, too, think this change is terrible.

  • Steve Holm

    Who in the world makes decisions like this?

    This is a terrible one. Please, please, please go back to the way you presented the news program before, all in one segment. The idea of breaking it up into pieces does not work!

    Thanks for listening

  • Robertarob

    What happened to MAD MONEY? And the SUSIE ORMAN SHOW?? My favorites!!

  • Ratnagourney

    Horrible! NBC please go back to whole episodes or I will watch another Channel. I enjoy watching the News with Brian Williams in the morning, but now the show is all
    chopped up and segegments cut off before they are over. Please fix!

  • Rat Nagourney

    The new NBC channel is a step backwards. I enjoyed watching the Nightly News with Brian Williams the following morning. Now it’s all choppy and the segments end too soon. I prefer the old way where I could let the entire episode play. Will Rock Center be available in the future? Hope you guys fix this soon.

  • Kris

    This new channel is terrible! We have watched the news channel version of the Today Show since it came out, daily. This new Channel only plays clips and truncated versions at that. The same commercial plays constantly. As much as we love NBC news, we are going elsewhere!

  • Kimbaface

    I am so angry at this change. Every morning I watched Morning Joe and now it’s gone. In the evenings, I would get to see Rachel Maddow. I don’t want to have to search through the heavy entertainment content to find a 2-5 minute clip from these shows which, frankly, don’t even seem to be there most of the time. Clearly I’m not alone. I hope the barage of negative feedback will make NBC get a clue and fix this. In the meantime, I am watching Al Jazeera English which just steams live through the Newscaster Channel.

  • Ecuagatas

    Is this the worst or what? If it is not broken, don’t fix it. The new format is unwatchable. Boo!


    I am equally disappointed with the content and performance of the NBC News channel on Roku. I had previously become an avid watcher of Nightly News to get caught up on the days happenings. The new channel is absolutely horrible both in content and performance. The snippets of info never complete their presentation – in EVERY case the segments get cutoff at the end (at least a few seconds) so that the info presented is incomplete. I absolutely hate it. Roku is no longer my source for daily news now – I’ve succumbed to reading it on my iphone or having to wait till the following day to watch the previous nights’ news on ABC or CNN channels thru Newscaster.
    Roku technical folks: please, PLEASE fix the NBC News channel! Please add back the content that you wiped off when you moved from newscaster.
    Roku is absolutely amazing and I will NEVER go back to COX cable, however the system needs to perform better else I will find myself returning to the internet for content. Honestly, I don’t want to do that.

  • Cliff

    I watched several of your shows daily on Roku Newscaster and enjoyed it. I’ve tried to watch your NBC News from the new Roku client but find it a real chore and get no enjoyment in watching. I’ll take a look from time to time in hopes of improvement, but get my news elsewhere until that day.

    Good luck.

  • Schwerin

    Why did NBC make this WRONG decision?? We used to be devoted fans of “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” and “Meet the Press” — now we can’t stand watching these shows in short clips where stories get cut off in the middle of a reporter’s sentence!! This absolutely ridiculous!! I don’t see the purpose of this new set up. It’s completely TERRIBLE!! NEED FULL-LENGTH SHOWS BACK!!

  • Chad

    NBC has lost me for online streaming. Their new format of news soundbites are so poorly done, that it is a fractured mess. Hopefully someone else will come along to offer a complete news show.

  • Alison Warp

    Looks like I have plenty of company…I just want to watch full nightly news or meet the press. Put in a commercial…I don’t care. Too much effort to watch in segments, especially Boehner since he keeps repeating himself ..”kick the can down the road” blah, blah, blah.

  • TH

    Yeah. the new NBC channel absolutely blows. Its impossible to watch.

  • Horrible changes. The NBC offerings on Newscaster were 90% of the reason I used the device. Luckily I’m within the return period for the three additional Rokus I just purchased for my offices.

  • worst roku channel ever. seriously. I watched Nightly News when it was on Newscaster. Now it is choppy, takes forever to load, doesn’t show full segments. it is just a horrible horrible user experience. very annoying and frustrating.

  • Ldgray123

    This new channel is not an improvement. Quite frankly, it sucks! On newscaster, I used to be able to watch the Rachel Maddow Show, Nightly News, Meet the Press, and a portion of Morning Joe easily. Now, I cannot find the Rachel Maddow Show OR Morning Joe, and the others are divided into a zillion short clips. At least you can “play all,” BUT, you have to arrow around to find the first clip! I left cable a while back because of the exorbitant price for unreliable service -no problem as I could find much of what I wanted via Newscaster. Maybe now cable will get my business again. Sorry, NBC… you really screwed this one up!

  • Magumtata


  • Robert Wheeler

    NBC was recently bought by right-wing Comcast and just as we enter an election year. No surprise they are tightly controlling the news, they will do anything to get Obama out of the White House. How does corporate run America differ from a dictatorship?

    • Vonwelling

      Yep, that’s how I read this too. It’s the Comcast effect, reigning in NBC to make it a right-wing clone. Fox news lite.

  • Jeds1210

    I really hope that this recent change to NEWSCASTER was not a roku decision!!! I, like so many others, am totally disgusted with whom ever made this decision. Am having trouble with one of two roku boxes that I have (bigest problem is that roku outsources to India and the phone “help” there is useless with no where else to go…) and this change really adds to my ill feelings for roku. Will try the alternative news sources for the Maddow show and Nightly News. Roku/NBC/MSNBC, read and heed these blogs….What say Douglas…dare you comment????

  • Gorwell

    Lame. No Maddie. Wut? And no.complete shows. Here, have a 1 star I hahated it review.

  • Urbanastro

    The NBC news channel stinks! Nowhere tv is a much more useful channel

  • Billymcshane

    Where is Kramer?

  • Erik

    worst channel ever created on Roku. I expect much better. It’s like they are trying to send viewers to their competitors ABC, CBS, and FOX!

  • Cs102biz

    What a disappointment. I really don’t like not being able to watch the entire show. And when you set it to “Play All” clips it plays them in reverse order from the original broadcast. Why did they mess with this???

  • Nick from DC

    Agree with all comments below, this new NBC channel is awful. No thought went into it’s design. You are going to loss a huge fanbase is you can correct this. My feedback is Roku should revert back to NBC content on Roku Newscaster or revamp your NBC channel intelligently next time. No complete nbc shows on the NBC channel, Who are you kiddin?!

  • Helbent

    Not only is the content bad, NBC news in a blender, half of the time clips wont load. I don’t have this problem with any other ROKU channel. Really unhappy with this channel!

  • Helbent

    Went from one of my favorite ROKU channels to the worst. Content is a scrambled mess and half of the time it wont load up. Horrible!

  • Buckchow

    This is a terrible idea. I think they should fire this Douglas guy or whoever thought this was a good idea. I’m honestly gave it a shot but I can’t do it. The new interface is terrible. I can’t watch Brian Williams in its entirety. The clips aren’t organized in an intuitive way. And to top it off, we’ve been very disturbed by some of the ad that pop-up with out warning or at least give you a way to choice otherwise. Who’s plays a horror flick preview on primetime?! Idiots!!!

  • sewhidbey

    Douglas: What happened to the Rachel Maddow?

    Can I get my money back for my Roku box, please?

    If I want to watch a whole series of short clips that apparently appeal to those with attention issues or who are part of the Sesame Street generation, I can go online to Google News.

    I actually want to see a program, Rachel, specifically, and pay attention for about 40 minutes.

    Restore Rachel and NBC as they were before this misguided programming took her away.

  • Kylie Stanley

    Agree with most of the complaints here. I’ve been a loud advocate of Roku and the news channel. It was a huge reason I didn’t order cable this year. Now I can’t watch any of the shows in extensive sections. I hate the 2 minute clips. Not helpful at all. Please return to full shows or large clips!

  • VJP

    We used to watch NBC every night, loved Brian Williams Nightly News the Today show. No longer watch either since the new version has been implemented as it’s annoying and the clips are usually cut short, which makes for frustrating viewing. Don’t watch Anderson Cooper anymore either as his now 10 minute long segment is more about the “Ridiculist” than anything else – I think he’s bigger than that drivel he has resorted to. Sad that what were two great options have downgraded themselves. Please change it back – sometimes change is not always a good thing!

  • Npc_steve

    Before NBC decided to launch their own channel, I watched the nightly news feed every day… now it is a bunch of small clips that have to bufferwith each segment, please add a full show stream like we had before. Is that too much to ask? I will keep checking back, but until then I won’t be watching.

  • Dads33kids

    Only clips ? Bring back the full show.

  • Guest

    WSJ and MS NBC apps are just as bad. When they advertise that something is “live” then it should be live. Do they think that we like to be tricked? Just terrible decisions being made by all companies involved

  • Karen_in_Boston

    Thought I’d share an alternative: Nowhere TV private channel on Roku. Here’s a link: http://www.rokuguide.com/private-channels/nowhere-tv

    I just added this private channel and am now watching full episodes of TRMS and of NBC Nightly News. From what I see, I like this better than Media Fly. It’s pretty user friendly in terms of finding the shows you want to watch.

    Enjoy! And thanks to the people who developed this and to Roku for making this available. THIS is the reason I have a Roku; and I will continue to highly recommend my friends and family get a Roku!

  • Afinati

    My favorite thing about having a Roku, apart from easy access to Netflix, was the NBC section of Newscaster. I watched Nightly News and Meet the Press whenever they aired. Now that it’s broken down into segments, I never use Roku to watch them. There is no way that breaking down an episode into a billion tiny chunks is anything but disconnected from what nearly everyone would want in a viewing experience. Seriously, what was whoever programmed this thinking??? I know… commercials. If you really wanna plug your commercials which I mute and often refuse to buy products from in defiant protest, you can fit them into full episodes, yeh know…. 😛

  • Vonwelling

    The new NBC News channel is ridiculous. Who wants to watch a bunch of chopped up video segments, and who wants to sit and listen to chopped up audio only on a television for other segments. It was far better before the changes.

    • No longer a MSNBC fan

      I will second that……and let’s NOT forget they mucked up the streaming performance for all those who only have low bandwidth DSL. There previous version would cache and adjust automatically with all Roku boxes……even the earlier versions and worked like a champ. Now even these short lame clips stop and reload many times on DSL TOTALY unuseable!!!

  • Chwsmith

    I know I’m adding to the chorus, but I would take the old videocast of the nightly news over the new channel any day. Full shows are key. Tried the NBC channel twice and it was a horrible way to watch the nightly news.

  • Dwc47

    I deeply resent NBC’s spoon-fed pablum clips. I no longer watch NBC on roku.

  • Dwc47

    By the way, you can no longer get Mediafly on roku. It seems every day in every way roku is moving backward. Today I dug out my rabbit ears. With rabbit ears I can at least watch NBC Nightly News in its entirety!

  • Kapaia

    NBC streaming sucks. Here is why:
    a) Cannot find Rachel Maddow, sometimes you can see a picture of her and know to click on that link, most times, you do not have a clue.
    b) You cannot stream the day’s news. You can only click on stories, or if you select all, you may be exposed to the deadly repeating quaterback commercial (what product was that?).
    c) NBC podcast video was great and encouraged more NBC watching.
    d) Where is PBS business nightly news video? This was a fav. program
    e) I bought two roku boxes late last year and we really enjoyed them. Now with the loss of NBC news, PBS business and Rachel M I am looking for another product.
    f) I am so disappointed with my rokus that I hooked up my old laptop to the TV and turned off the roku’s. It is kludgy with a lot of cables and wires, but at least I have some selectability of programming.
    g) By the way, why does Roku make it so hard to search for anything? a really junk search engine.
    h) In sum, Roku is NOT the way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Download Nowhere TV…It has NBC, Rachel Maddow, Meet the press….EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED…and no short clips….So much better than Newscaster and the NBC Channel. Hope they don’t pull this one off like they did on Newscaster…but it works well with a lot more options.

  • Madamijr

    I agree with these other guys. If they just put the full podcast of all msnbc had to offer it would of been a better offer. They must of did this to show the channel had lots to offer. It too takes too much time for me to push a icon evey one to two mins. Thanks

  • Michael Jordan

    I’m not a reactionary consumer so I gave NBC’s Roku channel a month-long fair shot. The verdict is one big fat FAIL!

    First off, they took off Rachel Maddow. That was a huge mistake. Then they turned the NBC Nightly News thing into a chopped salad of segments. Who the hell watches the news like that? And have you noticed that the segments cut off a second or two before they complete? Now that is just inexcusable! Do the people at NBC who green-lighted this even OWN a Roku box and see what we see? Or did they see it was a mess and just not care?

    Well, I can’t reward this kind of MALPRACTICE any longer. If I can’t watch NBC on Roku the way it should be presented I won’t watch it all. I’m de-installing the channel tonight!

  • Michael Jordan

    It looks to me like some suit at NBC said “hey let’s break it up in segments so we can show more commericals! Yeah! Our viewers are just a bunch of slack-jawed stupid sheep. They won’t care!”

    Wrong! I got rid of cable BECAUSE of stuff like this, Don’t you get it, NBC? If you’re going to treat Roku like it’s the same wasteland as cable, I might as well watch cable wasteland!

    NBC gets uninstalled from my Roku tonight!!!! I suggest we all do the same and send a message!
    We did it with Bank of America and we did it with Verizon. It’s time to SEND NBC A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR.


  • Michael Jordan

    Stop griping about it and start ACTING!
    Complaining about it and watching it anyway doesn’t convince NBC it needs to change anything.

    • Bert

      I de-installed it after having tried it several times. It’s a ridiculous approach to Internet TV.

  • Tarryh

    Dumb and irritating. Someone at NBC is tone deaf. We do not use ROKU on IPhones or Pads, but on our TV. I do not want 25 second clips on my TV. I want the show. Hello???

  • Bert

    This has to be one of the most stupidest moves ever by NBC/MSNBC! No wonder they are always scrambling for viewers. They don’t know how to run the business!

  • Nomestar2001


  • Customer service 101: be up front about a change (i.e. go ahead and ‘fess up, up front, that the move is actually going to remove a very popular show from the service) and then while you’re at it, offer a solution, so a customer doesn’t have to skim through other user comments to find what they’re looking for. Surely you have the numbers, and surely the numbers showed that the Maddow show was getting traffic from your users. A ‘teachable’ moment if I ever saw one.

  • Atlbud3

    On Roku Newsater, NBC let us see the first hour of Today, the full Nightly News with Brian Williams, and the full Rachel Maddow show. With the new NBC channel on Roku, we get nothing but commercial laden clips, a USELESS waste of time. I guess I’m forced to watch “fair and balanced Fox” which sucks.

  • Flagaz

    Little 1-2 minute clips? just silly … Why not offer some whole programs & make me watch commercials? …. I can’t see flipping to to this Roku channel too often ….

  • Solord

    No more MediaFly = no more Rachel Maddow, this Roku player is starting to seem like the same old tired BS ! I may chuck this in the TRASH with the other outdated tech garbage.

  • newsjunkie

    All right, Roku / NBC. It’s been 4 months since you learned that EVERYONE hates your channel. Where is the new, improved NBC channel? And barring that, why can’t we just go back to the way it was before, with TRMS available on Newscaster? The NBC channel is a waste of time when it works, which it often doesn’t.

    Mind you, that’s not to say that Roku Newscaster is anything to write home about. It’s sole redeeming qualities were whole episodes of TRMS and Nightly News. Lacking those, it is relentlessly bad. What is with these stupid “digest” shows, like the abbreviated Anderson Cooper 360? And what is with the audio-only shows, like Piers Morgan tonight? If I wanted to listen to news I would turn on NPR. Completely ridiculous. Do some market research before you waste time creating stupid channels that don’t do anyone any good. If I could watch MSNBC evening shows in their entirety then I would probably have already upgraded my Roku. As it is, I’m not throwing any more money into it. I already cancelled my Hulu subscription, because the Hulu channel made Roku crash every single time I tried to use it. I plan to go back to Cable and ditch the Roku entirely in the next 6 months (I’d do it now, but we’re moving this summer and it seems stupid to get a cable contract for so short a time). I gave Roku 2 years, and it’s worse now than it was when I got it. Failed experiment.

  • Beki

    Still, Still, Stilllllll
    No Rachel Maddow eps? She needs her own line of full episodes, not just clips of what someone else thinks is interesting.

  • Guest

    This is NOT what I want; you post stories, I want EPISODES!

  • 98321

    Why do NBC Ruko channel shows freeze in the middle of the posted segment? I even checked the video on the NBC site, same problem. Seems to be a NBC problem. Are they aware?

    I wish to watch up with Chris Hayes and Melissa Perry-Lacewell

  • Anonymoustrocity

    I installed this channel as soon as I saw it. I hated it then, removed it, tried it again months later, hated it still, removed it again. One good thing I noticed was that I was able to FF/rewind through clips. Not good enough. I guess I’ll just keep streaming. The whole point of a Roku is that you can watch programming on a television. If I wanted clips, I’d go to AOL or HuffPo and camp out watching ads for 2 minute clips on my computer.

  • Anonymoustrocity

    Oops, I mean I’ll guess I’ll just keep iTuning. Or I’ll try that thenowhereman site I read about below.

  • LA_Hokie

    I don’t mind the segmented approach to the news, but the segments don’t seem to go in any logical order and the grouping of dates my segment seems illogical (eg, after the last segment of the 23rd I should get to the first segment of the 24th…but I don’t).
    Also, for good measure, I’d really like to see Rock Center on this channel – it’s become one of my favorite TV news mags.

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  • Anonymoustrocity

    I really miss MediaFly. They had so much content it was unbelievably good. I found it last year and never thought it’d end until that fateful day I turned on their channel to watch Maddow and saw their break-up letter.

  • Tdeveneau

    What about the rest of MSNBC? Puhleeez

  • Anonymous

    Just bought a Roku and pleased to see NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC, but disappointed in how the shows are organized: if you organize by show rather than by topic, then I would know whether I am watching the show I want to watch. For instance, today I wanted to see what Rachel Maddow talked about last night and it is difficult from the clips to determine which refer to her show specifically.

  • name

    This is a very stupid channel and you cannot simply pick an nbc new show to watch, but they have some type of clips from random shows instead. If people want to watch whatever crap is on the tv, they would simply WATCH IT ON TV. Uninstalling right now.

  • Me

    NBC never even posts clips of Rachel Maddow, so why use her name in the channel description? What a waste of everyone’s time who searches through the endless list of uninteresting 30-second clips looking for her show? I didn’t have any luck with Mediafly. I guess they no longer have a Roku channel.

  • Phyllis A Baker

    I have found the NBC News channel on Roku, but I do not want segments of lots of shows. I want to be able to get full episodes of the MSNBC shows, i.e. Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, etc without trying to find individual clips of everything! Please do this for us.

  • rocky jomane

    Sounds like it is not even worth adding the channel for free. When or if it becomes possible to watch a complete news show there will clearly be many interested viewers.

  • salty

    went to the pigpen but rachel madow wasnt there maybe she hid deep in the mud

  • Bill Eastman

    CBSN just launched today…I HOPE that NBC will follow with something similar. I like the idea of continually updated news.

  • Scott

    Need more petition signatures. It’s an old petition but still valid. Share it with people you know. https://www.change.org/p/nbc-please-fix-the-nbc-roku-channel

  • atlld

    NBC should just fire whoever they’re paying to manage this channel. I hope it gets better in the future, but right now it sucks.

  • Kamich

    Love the concept…. been waiting for streaming news on Roku… but this is un-watchable, just so many reruns of the Swipper ad, back to back to back ad naseum…. Please!

  • Darrin Tyler

    useless, it should be LIVE. If it isn’t live wtf is the point in this?

  • Guest973

    Fix the NBC Roku service. It is the only news service which requires constant reloading during streaming! And the only one which cuts reports too short and with great delays!

  • tpooler

    Where is the MSNBC live stream? Seems like so many have live streams but not MSNBC. Waiting on it before cutting the cord with Directv.