Every year we like to wrap up fun holiday entertainment and deliver it in the Roku Holiday Channel. This year is no different—even the ever popular Yule Log is back, this time in HD! Have yourself a merry little Roku and enjoy our gift this season.

Here’s what you’ll get when you add the Holiday Channel to your Roku player.

  • Disney.com  Fun animated video shorts to get the whole family in the holiday spirit
  • AOL HD  Bring the holidays home with simple decorating, wrapping and cooking tips
  • CHOW Helpful how-to’s for effortless holiday entertaining
  • CNET Tech the halls with the latest and greatest holiday gadgets
  • TuneIn Radio Set a festive mood with your favorite holiday music
  • Yule Log  Cozy up to a crackling HD fire

You can find the Roku Holiday Channel in the Channel Store or add it here.  Happy Streaming Holidays!

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  • Jheberg

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the Hallmark Channel and Daystar on Roku, can you make that happen soon please?

    • krystal

      id like to get roku but i want hallmark channel all year before i get roku. I know alot of people that would like to get roku but that is the only way plus. All my friend have Grandchildren and want Disney jr station also. So let me know when this will happen as i will get all my friends to get Roku. Thank you

  • Jheberg

    My son says, also ABC Family because of the 25 Days of Christmas!

  • Jake

    Roku just makes the hardware (aka the little box). It is up to content providers like Hallmark and ABC to make their own channels, and provide the content. Asking Roku to add channels/content is like asking Samsung to start making their own movies to watch on their DVD and Bluray players.

  • Ronswan1

    I think it’s time for Roku to give full disclosure of cost and terms on all New media when on the Blog.

  • Ronswan1

    I think it’s time for Roku to give full disclosure of cost and terms on all New media when on the Blog.

  • Doctormelodious

    Sounds cool, but it doesn’t show up in the list of channels on your web site. Where do I find it?

    • Doctormelodious

      Okay, figured it out. The “add it here” link in the above blog post doesn’t work right (at least in Firefox), but I reverse engineered it. To add this channel from your computer, open another tab in your browser, go to https://owner.roku.com and log in. Then go to https://owner.roku.com/Add/Holiday and you’ll see the channel and be able to confirm the add.

      • Doctormelodious

        …or else they have fixed the link since the post was first made…

  • Jjj128

    I could not find the holiday channel on the channel store. Where can I find it?

  • jackrock

    I added the holiday channel but it does not do anything. When I select it, I get a screen that says Happy 2014 Hope you enjoyed the Roku Holiday Fun channel! Then all I can do is click OK to get out. There does not appear to actually be any content, just that greeting.

  • Catherine

    Yes, I really hope Roku will add Halmark. Then it would be impressive.