We try hard to keep making Roku players better and better for our customers through regular software updates. Our original player only supported Netflix, and now those same players have well over 300 channels. Another aspect of our upgrade philosophy is to provide frequent, steady improvements, as opposed to large yearly upgrades.

Today, we are releasing a software update to Roku 2 and Roku LT players—version 4.2, build 1006—that continues the evolution of the Roku platform.

In this release, we focused on several improvements and enhancements:

  1. Support for more games – Added improvements to the 3D game experience on Roku 2. The first games to take advantages of these improvements—Downhill Bowling 2, Castle Warriors and Frisbee Forever—will be available in the Roku Channel Store shortly and are designed to work with the Game Remote.
  2. Mobile support – Added enhancements to support an official Roku iPhone app that will be in the iTunes App Store soon. Followed by Android for our non-iOS loving friends.
  3. MKV playback support – If you have a Roku 2 XS, you can use the USB Media Player channel to play MKV movie files from USB drives. Also, MP4 video playback has improved.
  4. Improved Wi-Fi performance – Added optimizations to enhance streaming quality and reliability over Wi-Fi in Roku 2 players.
  5. Improved Bluetooth Game Remote battery performance – Prolonged the battery life of the Roku Game Remote when it is used in conjunction with Wi-Fi networking on the player.
  6. Improved Game Remote responsiveness – Improved wakeup responsiveness of Roku Game Remove over Bluetooth for quicker actions during video playback.
  7. Improved audio performance – Fixed the cause of intermittent audio dropouts with some stereo receivers.
  8. Shop Roku Deals in the Roku Channel Store – Recently we added the ability to purchase Roku players within the Roku Channel Store; now you can bundle accessories with your purchase too, like an HDMI cable.

The Roku software update will be pushed automatically to all Roku 2 and Roku LT players over the next 48 hours. If you can’t wait, select Settings > Software update > Check now from your Roku player.

Send your ideas to improve the Roku player to the product team at feedback@roku.com.

Information on what we fixed in the previous 4.1 release can be found here.

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Director of Product Management, Roku
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  • Dave

    Any chance of .avi support in the future?

  • Anonymous

    Android app too?

  • Re:MKV support – Close, but no cigar. If it were streaming support, man, I would be out the door to my local reseller already. Literally came here just to check for that update.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks!! I am excited about the mkv support, but avi is essential!! Most of the vids I download are in avi format already and the only reason I have to convert them is for my Roku. I can play avi’s on my 360 just fine. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    • Rokafella05


      • Lj Mullen

        Yes you can play AVI using Plex there is just some lag and buffering issues.

    • Guest

      totally agree….. avi please!! asap

  • Jake

    Just downloaded the update, thanks Roku! You guys are always great to fix problems and improve. It’s just too bad we have to rely on content providers who aren’t always as great (yes NBC I’m talking to you).

    • Yomomma

      nbc rocks

  • Any chance of AVI support in the future? Most of my movies are AVI,

    • Guest

      AVI Support from usb drive is a MUST!!!!!!!!!!! not many videos are MKV….. 🙁

      • Letlovelive24

        not many videos are mkv? did you just spend the last decade in a bomb shelter?! Almost ALL quality video uses mkv now… roll with the times my friends, we have to let go of the records and VHS tapes.

    • SammerArnouk

      If no AVI support, I’m returning the device to Fry’s.

  • Thanks for the MKV support. Most of my videos are in MKV. Is it possible that a channel could be created that can see my media server on my network and I could stream them from there instead of the USB?

    Could the Roku support such a channel?

    • I would pay an extra 10 bucks for a one time purchase for a channel like this (Hint Hint)

      • Steve

        Chaneru is a private channel that plays media from a media server. I’ve been using it to stream my ripped DVDs and blu-rays

      • jm

        Aaron’s suggestion is a good one. Check out Plex Media Server at plexapp.com. I successfully stream MKVs (h264/AAC) and AVIs (Xvid/MP3) all the time.

        • Rokafella05

          I am trying to stream mkv, xvid and avi files over wifi likr i do with my xbox, which roku box will do that for me? Thank you in advance

        • Guest

          i dont want a program to stream. i want my roku to support my network and see my pc and stream my avi files from it… plain and simple

    • Aaron Key


    • Aaron Key


    • Aaron Key


    • Thanks for all the advice. I installed Plex on my Linux server and it’s working pretty well. It’s a little slow loading for my taste, and I’m having problems seeing files a few folders deep, other than that I’m thoroughly satisfied with Plex. It was easy to set up and configure, and best of all it plays all my files. And I don’t have to shell out any extra money to do it!

  • Morm110575

    Any change for justintv on HD???? right now the justin tv is not clear signal…..

  • to be a real winner you must include support for streaming without a 3rd party, as well as .avi playback. also, please fix the serious lag issue with the game remote, at times it can take up to 30+ seconds before it responds to any input onscreen. Until the above are included, my ps3 is still the winner for media, unfortunately its loud as hell, and this is why i have a roku!

    • Anonymous


      We did make a fix for lag issue. The post above has been edited to include it as point #6. We should have mentioned it.

      Please fully update your Roku player and then write me at feedback@roku.com to let me know if anything has changed for you.


      • RonH

        OK, Ive read the WHOLE blog, Ive been looking for a video streamer 4 nearly a year, done a bunch of research on them, considered roku, kept looking reading and checking. the question for AVI has been ask MANY times by MANY people. But rather than answer the question in either a sentence OR A SIMPLE YES, NO, OR HELL YOU COULD GIVE A MAYBE but no, the question for AVI support KEEPS GETTING IGNORED, you do updates for other s–t. WHY NOT AVI? cowards. Another thing to consider/invent, a box that does it all, send, recieve, stream, let you turn your PC into a DVR, Useing all file formats. That would be a great device well worth buying. OH WELL, since you refuse a simple answer to AVI, that leads me to believe roku likes giving their customers the run around. Therefore you lost me as a customer. Guess I’ll buy the WD Live and a Easy Cap. SO LONG, peckerheads

  • Mccoy016

    espn 3 would be great

  • Anonymous

    Any thoughts on AirPlay support?

  • DCJoeDog

    It’s amazing how you ignore you ROKU HD/XD/XDS models. Thank you for fulfilling the needs of a customer who bought a unit and then a month or so later the new unit came out with no mention it was coming on the main site so I could wait and get the new one. THANKS a lot for that. I’m not bitter, you are all greedy, I get that.

    • Tom Markworth

      Hi, Please see my response to Greg below.

    • chris

      I too bought the top of the line xds only to have the new roku 2 model come out about 2 months later.. the roku 2 came out. At least tivo and others give you an UPGRADE option to take into acct you just bought a new unit and wished to get the new one, or some sort of trade in..
      I wonder if that will ever be available. I havent seen a firmware upgrade (major) for the older rokus in ages.. chris

    • It’s amazing that you were too cheap to put an USB port on the XD so people who look and say, ” I dont need an ethernet port” get screwed,


      It’s a great player for what it does but I’ll look hard at your competition in the future.

      Of course you could have just allowed network streaming from a media server and that would have solved it too…

    • Onix_medina

      Apple does it all the time, its just the way it is and of course you are bitter, I would be too….

    • The Roku 2 was publicized well in advance of it’s release. Perhaps you should practice being an educated consumer and not a mindless retail zombie.

    • Dr.K

      I think the approach is refreshing… Other companies are well known for pushing products every 6mo to a year with almost no practical improvement over the prior versions. Those are the greedy companies that have created thier perfect fad producing systems of money consumption. Then there’s Roku… “Hey I finaly made some outstanding improvements… would you like to buy it?”. Hat’s off to Roku! keep doing what you do so well.

  • DCJoeDog

    It’s amazing how you ignore you ROKU HD/XD/XDS models. Thank you for fulfilling the needs of a customer who bought a unit and then a month or so later the new unit came out with no mention it was coming on the main site so I could wait and get the new one. THANKS a lot for that. I’m not bitter, you are all greedy, I get that.

  • Greg S.

    Will there be an update for the original Roku units (non-Roku 2 units)? It is great that you have a new update for Roku 2, BUT you need to at least mention when the same relevant updates will be available for the original Roku models. These models are still quite new!

    • Tom M.

      Hi Greg,

      We do make regular software updates to original Roku players. Recently, we rolled to firmware 3.1 for those products.

      As for the Roku 2 announcements:
      * The original Roku players do not have a Bluetooth chip or a processor that supports 3D games. So the new games and Bluetooth remote announcements wouldn’t apply. That’s a hardware constraint.
      * The original Roku players already have MKV support. Roku XDS and Roku HD-XR are the two original Roku players that have USB ports. If you own one of those products, you can install the Roku USB Media Player channel and play MKV files.
      * We already rolled out the firmware changes so the new Roku iPhone app can work with all original Roku players.
      * The other improvements are really bug fixes that don’t apply to original Roku players. We still, however, fix bugs with original players as we learn about them.

      We don’t usually announce software updates on our blog, but will do so when the release is big enough.

      I hope that helps.


      • Pete Biaggio

        Nice concise response to those who felt neglected!

      • Nas Banov

        Regarding this update, the Hulu+ channel is unusable with iPhone/Android remote control apps! Keyboard does not work there and FF/Rew buttons “stick” and get carried away to the end of the video with no way to stop that, no matter what you press. The 4.2.1006 firmware partially fixes the forward/rewind issue – but on Roku1 it is still a catastrophe

      • chris

        Will there be an upgrade or trade-in program for us people that bought a roku xds and 1-2 months later a new roku2 came out? reply to cjcj1234@hotmail.cmo

      • why the fuck would anyone want to have transfer movies to our computer, to our usb, then play it on roku. And have to repeat this process every time we wanted to watch a movie. ROKU fuckin blows. man up and just stream all media from pc like wd live .. idiots

  • so i bought the roku xds and i get no love thanks a lot roku

  • Sammy

    Any plan for official youtube access on Roku 2?

  • RokuDev


    To think, Roku only a few years ago was basically a Netflix Box. That’s it! And to see it for what it is today… It’s AMAZING!

    I don’t work for Roku. I’m just a Roku Channel Developer. Which means I work on my own, and the good folks at Roku review my content and make sure it’s good enough for public viewing. However, I just really wanted to throw in my 2¢ here, so to speak. And maybe address some questions listed below.

    YouTube is a licensing issue. Look, we all know YouTube (Google) is a money making machine. And because of the way the YouTube video files are transported through the Roku player, YouTube can’t display their paid ads. Bandwidth, servers, network pipes, etc., all cost money. YouTube ads are why we all receive YouTube for free, on our PC’s, Android devices, and laptops. It’s YouTube/Google who needs to come up with a monetized channel, not Roku.

    DCJoeDog, Please! Technology changes so fast that when the containers come in from China, most electronic devices in them are obsolete when they hit the U.S. port. Give our friend’s at Roku a break. If you only knew the thousands and thousands of hours which it takes to develop a device like this, and get it on the market, you would fall over in your chair. Roku is doing a great job! Remember when you bought your first 286 PC? Then they had the 286SX, then the 386, the 396SX, 486, 486DX… point made? It’s the old “you have to pay to play thing”. Roku… same or lower price, and I get a better product? I can live with that. Roku does in fact push updates to the older boxes.

    dariusOne: “to be a real winner you must include support for streaming without a 3rd party” Really? Ugggg! You make a me crazy! Roku is a platform and device developer. They don’t have a studio and camera teams running around the world to bring content to us. They allow ANYONE with good video and/or audio, with BrightScript programming skills, into into the Chanel Store. Roku IS a REAL winner. They proved that when the one millionth box went out the door. 🙂

    Please remember, this is not the PC, Laptop or Smart Phone you paid hundreds of dollars for. It’s a little box that brings the world right to your TV screen. When you really think about what it does, you made the best electronic device purchase EVER! IPTV is very new, and it’s here to stay. Soon it will be common place. Let’s grow with Roku and stay positive. We are all part of a very exciting time in television. And you can say you were there! 🙂

    Again, let’s not forget.. Roku is not a video content provider. If you want to see your shows on Roku, you need to contact the content producers, Ask them “why are you not on Roku?” It’s the content producers who will bring these show to us, not Roku.

    Enjoy Your Roku! 🙂

    • Nas Banov

      Regarding missing YouTube, reason being the ads/licensing – that’s crap talk.

      I just checked the top 20 digital media devices on Amazon and all of them play YouTube videos: AppleTV, WD TV, Boxee, Tivo, Sony SMP.. even Netgear NeoTV. Notice what is missing? Roku is. How come all the others could get permission from YouTube and Roku can’t? Regarding ads, if that was hard to add on Roku, there will be no Crackle and Hulu+ channels. So what’s the reason then? I guess Roku does not consider YouTube strategically important to spend resources on that – unlike the enumerated above, Roku is small company and has to triage its efforts.

      • RokuDev

        Hi Nas,

        Yes, it’s very easy to put commercials into a Roku package. I have done it myself, and it works just fine.

        All I can say is, talk to YouTube. According to Zatz Not Funny editor Dave Zatz, “We received a takedown notice from YouTube’s legal team and are in the midst of negotiations with them,” a Roku official told Zatz.

        It is kind of goofy. If you look at the Roku as a small PC. And if you can go by a Dell or an HP and view YouTube on it, why not on a Roku? Which is a computer of sorts.

        If I was the CEO or YouTube/Google, I would see Roku as another source of revenue. But maybe with a little over one million boxes on the market, it’s just not a big enough fish for Google yet. Who really knows? But you have to think it’s a money thing. And not on the part of Roku.

        Roku doesn’t even charge us developers a penny to put our public channels up. So I’m sure they don’t want to charge YouTube. It’s more like YouTube wants to charge Roku is my guess. And I do say “guess”.

        I can live without YouTube, even though I get it on my Sony Brevia. Most of the videos are repeated too many times in search. Many of the full movies are old public domain or Bollywood. I mean, we have Netflix on these things! What more could you ask for? Public channels are just a bonus to me on the Roku box.

        Unless, you like watching bum fights, people blowing up pop bottles, and kids #arfing from chugging too much milk… I personally find no entertainment value on YouTube as a whole. I seldom visit it anymore. Plus, many parents may like the fact their kids don’t have access to the trash you find on YouTube. Netflix is an option, so if you don’t subscribe to the service your kids don’t have access. Roku public channels provide good clean content with value. That’s a real plus to me and my family, and one of the reasons our Roku is our primary source of TV viewing. It’s the only box in our TV room.

        Also, if you did a little research on the web, I don’t think you world be upset about “no YouTube”. (read between the lines). 😉

        • Sparrow

          You can spin it anyway you like but no You Tube is not running on all cylinders and saying its OK. Where else can you see a collection of billions of video uploads some good some horrible but the greatest thing about freedom is it is entirely your choice.

          • Utoobsux

            No YouTube is perfect 🙂
            YouTube has turned into the garbage that ruined cable T.V…. I’m going to buy a Roku because I hate cable programing and its a plus that they don’t support garbage 🙂

    • lenin lukose

      Just share your favorite videos on facebook to only you.. go to facebook app in roku and then play the videos … !!!!

  • Dmopsx

    what about an update for the original roku player?

  • Rob

    Hey guys, I love my Roku 2 XS! Thanks for the continued support. This keeps me a Roku fan for the future.

    I’m really looking forward to the official Roku remote. Although I have financially supported third-party software companies (and there are a few good Roku apps out there), it would be nice to have extended functionality from my wifi iOS remote app. I would highly recommend extending your API so that extra software keyboard options work as expected on the Roku.

    For instance, when doing searches for titles in your iOS app, hitting the return button should execute the “Go” function of the Roku search keypad. Currently, to my knowledge all 3rd party iOS Roku apps don’t have this capability due to the lack of an API function. So after typing in a title, you have to then navigate to the onscreen Go button and click that.

    I would also recommend more navigation through the iOS app. For instance, if a user loads up his Netflix queue, why not stream the list of titles and cover art to the iOS device? Then, when I click a movie, that loads up directly on the TV. For reference, see the excellent interface the Plexapp has developed.

    • Nas Banov

      Regarding searches, i just tried in “Remote for Roku” iOS app – both in Netflix and (“non-existent”) YouTube channel, tapping Return works as expected. So it’s not API limitation, I figure it’s fault of the remote app you are using or the channel you tried.

      Regarding improving the functionality of wifi devices as “smart remotes”, i am all there with you – should at least let the remote know which channel is running now and a tighter integration with the top channels should be made (like the one you described, being able to browse the movie list on the phone and choose which one to run).

      And not to forget the game remote functionality – remotes should be able to send accelerator measurements to the player as the much maligned bluetooth remote does.

  • Reed Reginald

    Tom will you answer the question about avi support? it has been asked many times in this blog. I am sure you know that avi is one of, if not the most popular format. How hard is it to add support for this format? to be honest avi support will seal the deal and prompt me to purchase the Roku 2 XS. otherwise, Boxee here I come!!!

  • Anonymous


    We did make a fix for lag issue. The post above has been edited to include it as point #6. We should have mentioned it.

    Please fully update your Roku player and then write me at feedback@roku.com to let me know if anything has changed for you.

    Tom Markworth

    • Siva

      It looks like it has been more than 3 months since everyone started asking for .avi support and other formats (xvid etc..) . Has there been a software update with these features. I am hoping you are listening to your customers..

  • Bernice H

    This is interesting reading, but most of it means nothing to me…but that’s ok! I have a roku xd..we really need closed captioning, subtitles, other than what is on the movie itself, ie foreign and some eng movies. I just bought this several months ago, now I understand Roku 2 has that ability? And not the xd? Is this a difficult thing to upgrade the xd to be able to do cc? We sit here and say Huh? what did he say? huh? what did she say? Comical but we also blast company out of the house when we are watching something, cc would be a big help, but I am not ready to buy another Roku yet.

    Any chance of cc on xd?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Bernice,

      We do not have a way to make closed captioning available across all Roku channels at this point. The English subtitles/closed captions come as part of the video/audio stream from our partners. The major partners that offer CC on Roku are Hulu Plus and Netflix. Hulu Plus offers CC on a number of TV shows on all Roku players. Netflix offers CC too on some movies and TV shows. However, the Netflix streams that include CC aren’t supported on original Roku players, only on Roku 2 and Roku LT. Other partners do not have subtitles/CC. I certainly wish we could offer them on all videos in all channels. That is something to strive for in the world of Internet delivered video programming.

      Kind regards,

  • Raidelmolano

    What about youtube!!!!????

  • I just purchased two of the Roku units then within a month you release roku 2 – now no more updates for us? I am feeling a bit cheated and not about to purchase new equipment and disenchanted with Roku because of this.

    • chris

      i agree, it bugs me everytime i turn my roku xds on and here and see all the roku 2 advertisements and feature.. geez.

  • I just posted a similar content then ran across yours. I understand dropping support for old products – but they dropped support a month after I bought two Roku XDs – no more updates. I like roku – but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth – so I’ll be looking for something else when it comes time to upgrade.

  • Reed Reginald

    wow, still no yes or no answer for the support of avi files? please answer the question because I am buying a media box this weekend and i really need to know so that I can make the right purchase

  • Cybergarz

    Great to see updates happening! For your mobile apps, don’t forget Windows Phones, please!

  • since the update, my remote barely works- I was able to get in to channels but then could not navigate through them – could not search etc – is this because of the update? I have not had this issue before. Thanks

  • Do yo plan to update the Netflix app so it works in latinamerica? Yesterday Apple did this with their iOS apps and also for the Apple TV.

    • CEMA65

      Is this a Roku issue or a Netflix one? If it’s up to Roku then I agree with Juan Carlos: Please update Netflix!!

  • Colin

    Ever since you rolled out the new update, the Netflix channel is missing the subtitles. I even viewed the same title on my Ipad Netflix app and it was fine there. So either Netflix’s recent update messed you guys up, or something went haywire on your build…Are you aware and what is the timeline to fix? Thanks!

  • tonysg

    Love my Roku, but after the update I haven’t been able to get into any of the channels. I get stuck on the main menu.

  • JCV

    Hi Tom, several series/seasons of Netflix still don’t show subtitles despite them being available and despite they are being shown on PS3/Ipad/Iphone – wondering if you are still working to fix this on an upcoming update – FYI, support is blaming Neflix for this, however don’t know if it is true or not. Thanks

  • Phoban01

    can anyone find these new games? I cant….

  • WSZ

    Where are all the ethernet ports? Only the XS has one. Wired connections are better than wireless so why have you done away with them?

  • Gauravsri

    Roku2 sucks. Just got a new roku2 which has problem with wireless connectivity all the time. Going back to the company.

  • D308

    Ok Roku,

    What did you do to my XDS? It was working fine last night and the previous year. Now, today, (Xmas) it doesn’t work wirelessly. I had tried resetting and just about everything else but it won’t work wirelessly. It does work hardwired. Yes, my wireless system is fine. All other computers, phones, printers and Ipods work fine.
    It sees the network but won’t connect.
    Did you push out an upgrade? Or in this case a downgrade? Tech support wants money to talk to me.

  • Roku is rocking the house! But still missing the critical must-have: AVI support. I know it’s possible. Tom, what would it take to make this happen?

  • Can’t find internet after this update! GRRRR

  • Stops recognizing wireless after this update.

  • Rhys

    Please, please, please add .AVI support. :o)
    My Roku 2 is awesome but all my movies I have archived are .AVI. I have a WD media player that I was hoping to fully replace with my Roku 2 XS but it looks like I might have to keep them both hooked up. A bunch of people at my work have a Roku 2 and the only complaint that everyone has is the file support. Adding .AVI support would definitely help in this area! I love this micro streaming media player but the one thing that would catapult this over all the competition is file support.

    You guys are awesome!

  • OS

    I contacted customer support three times (after xmas) trying to confirm .MKV playback. Each time they state it is not supported, I referenced this blog post but have not gotten a direct response. The reason is because the website only states MP4. Any help?

  • how about allowing me to connect my bluetooth headset to the roku?
    Also has anyone connected to a roku from a computer? if so what services did the roku2 offer you?

  • Hcmaravilla

    how bout the 2100x, will we get this update?

  • Grimm

    Curious – will unity developers be able to create games for the roku soon?

  • Guest

    NEED support to play .avi files from usb NTFS drive…

  • Majical

    Is the iPhone remote app functionality (e.g. start and stop and change stations) supported via a PC on the same local network as the Roku device? Seems like it should be easy now that you have built in that functionality into the Roku iPhone App.

  • wende west

    How do I stream a Los Angeles TV channel through my Roku to my HDTV???
    I can stream KTLA the CW, on my computer, but how do I now get that to my Roku? I have one of the first/original Rokus.

  • Annep

    Really need closed captioning enabled. It is mandated by the ADA.

    • DeafTimberWolf

      Yes, I am deaf and want Roku to add closed caption options to Roku settings so I can watch any channel with CC.

  • Onix_medina

    Ok Roku! I just fell in love with you and crashed in disappointment! Why no .avi support?? Why no youtube?? And seriously, why no home media streaming!?!? Please fix those 3 issues by the time the Roku stick comes out and I will buy one of them for each of my 5 bedrooms!! You guys could be hands down better than Apple TV….

  • ahmed711

    In order to see ROKU is everybody device around the globe, I think the area of free Movies, TV channels and Radio stations, should expand to cover the maximum possible users media shows interest, (make your calculation for languages to be obtained among the device channels, as per population of users or whatever you find right way for such kind of calculation as an example) for myself, exactly I am pointing to Middle and Far East, other users can improve my idea by adding thier comments and suggestions.

  • Where are the AVIs???

  • ahmed711

    OMG, I have placed an order for Roku 2 XD through ROKU.COM, I am living in United Arab Emirates, the website accepted my overseas order and charged me extra for the international shipping fees, now where is the problem? only now I discovered the fact, that 99% of ROKU features (Netflix, Huluplus, Crackle & etc..) are licensed within US only, and there is no announcement at their website for overseas customers about this issue and fact, even the system accepting the orders and charging the overseas shipping fees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg

      Ahmed….relax. That is not a problem. I am in Canada and we have the same problem, but a simple work around is available and 100% reliable.

      I use a service called unblock-us and it gives you a US and UK DNS address which bypasses the “out-of-country” issues. $4 a month and I can access Hulu+ and US version of Netflix etc.

      Best $4 i have spent

      • ahmed711

        Thank you …. really great solution with simple process and reasonable value, but I feel sorry that I cancelled my order due to this confusion but also I have switched to Logitech Revue and I have ordered one (on its way to me), so your solution still needed, thank you once again, think not only me, maybe many people read your comment and being benefited from it.

  • Joninaervin

    The competition (Boxee Box) has stepped up and provided an option for a USB antenna for local live tv. Local live tv for my area is where the new Roku models or firmware update needs to be going, IMHO. I know something called Skitter is out, but it has licensing problems which prevent it from reaching me here in Memphis, so it has to come from the manufacturer. When can we expect that USB for the XS and other USB Roku models?

  • Bbqjimross@gmail.com

    AVI SUPPORT!!!!!!!

  • JoePetri.com

    So my roku 2 won’t update and I cannot access my amazon prime account with out this update. What is the deal?

  • Steve

    Where is YouTube.

  • Sp_zer0_1979

    why won’t you answer regarding avi files?

  • G. Holt

    Roku2 won’t connect to netgear wifi extender

  • R Beal

    i have had my unit for approximately 60 days and just stopped working. Does not turn on even after unplugging, replugging and resetting?

  • Mr4ward

    .AVI support YESSSSSSS PLEASE ….

    • Dreamer

      You can use mkvtoolnix or mkvmerge to change the container from Abu to mkv without loosing any quality, its quick. Avi is old and should not be supported anymore. Mkv is he best.

  • Twisterlight

    4.2 is amazing update everything works great and now I can mp4 files really good.
    But, I got kids which they are not happy about Netflix app. In your next update can you make the Netflix little
    More better what it use to be. I love everything but what will be great to see on 4.3 new update 2012.
    1. Just for kids browers
    2. 500 instant queue my queue alone
    3. Netflix setting disable the search to keep kids out of search
    4. Roku 3d logo upload buffing needs be fix
    5. My Roku data stream files photos music video from the computer to Roku
    6. My channel store needs to add private channel
    7. Disable search,genre,brower Netflix setting future
    8. Subtitles in setting area
    9. 1080p buffing Internet problem
    10. Buffing hd movies

  • Anonymous

    Can I play content from my iPad onto Roku?

  • Noor

    Sweet 4.3 is out I hope Netflix setting feature is back. I got kids and they love the 500 instant queue way.
    1)Netflix setting search and genre disable
    2) 599 instant queue feature 6 movies ion a row and 4 down makes 12 movies on one big screen
    3) buffering 5 dots HD 1080p works with changing or stop the movie
    4) Roku interface new background banners screensaver layout color
    5) Roku fun stuff buy movie tickets, weather check , stock , rss news , Facebook , twitter,
    6) touch screen mobile game to play games
    7) subtitles and captions in setting on and off future
    8) Roku setting add more setting stuff and bugs fix, Netflix setting, disable search, display fix, 7.1 surround, subtitles caption, keyboard wireless,
    9) USB drive new look, speed, avi mp4, mp3, photos graphics display 1080p, videos HD 1080p .mov .mp4 .H264 and more make it more better
    10) just for kids and 500 queue feature for people whom don’t like the search

    New update for Vimeo channel, disneychannel,Netflix,Hulu plus, USB, news apps,more kids apps free episode free movies

    It will be great to see Netflix 500 instant queue, Netflix setting, just for kids and a way to disable the search.
    I got roku 2 summer 2011 dispointed that their was no disable search feature on 4.0 new update. It will be great to see this feature be back and remove search and genre. It will be great to add our own movies. Netflix

  • Wolf

    Has anyone from Roku addressed if they will be adding AVI in the near future? If they have I cant not find it and would lead me to believe even though it is constantly requested they eirther cant do it or could care less. I wish they would let us know as that is what has been from purchasing one.

  • Brad Ruppert

    AVI support is a must. In your next update I would really like to see this.

  • ss60

    roku box wont turn on when plugged in

  • ss60

    roku box wont turn on when plugged in

  • Sam

    how come I cannot play MKV??? For me, the most important function is play movie via the usb. Otherwise it is a piece of junk to me….

  • Omnizero

    It’s hard to understand the unanswered .AVI questions. The codec is widely available and can be implemented into the ROKU 2 OS. This is one of the biggest crippling effect of the ROKU 2 line. I personally bought this device because it sounded like this device would be future proof. Other streaming device companies are getting further ahead at this time. I have to assume it’s a legal matter.

  • I am so tired of hearing these little wannabe roku representatives make excuses for why roku STILL doesn’t have YouTube like the customers were promised, and hearing people shifting the blame and trying to convince people they don’t want/need YouTube. ROKU stop patronizing your customers. I don’t care why you have yet to get youtube on your streaming player but its time to fix it. If they want money, PAY IT, if roku needs updating, GET IT DONE. This is absolutely unacceptable on a 2012 streaming player. I can not, and will not, give a recommendation to others to get this box until you can give us a basic service that is to be expected in any modern stream box. (my peers are in the age groups of 20-28, you know, the ones with all the disposable income)

    There is simply no good excuse for why we have had to wait so long to get such a basic functionality. Youtube is filled with reviews, tutorials, documentaries, music videos, old tv shows, new tv shows, etc, it is more than just ‘videos of cats’. Please have enough respect for your loyal customer base to invest the time, money, or whatever it takes to GET YOUTUBE.

  • George Tang

    Please bring Airplay to Roku!

    I don’t want to go out and buy AppleTV just to display some pictures of video from my iPhone from time to time.

    Roku does NetFlix and Amazon Prime Video…

  • Pete

    Airplay Support for Roku!!!!!!!

  • ali

    I almost ran to the store today to buy a Roku, then saw that it doesn’t support .avi. Grrr

  • Nancy Rector

    DEFINITELY need avi support. Bought the better Roku so I could watch all my avi movies… never dreaming it was not supported. Thats crazy. 😛

  • Linda

    Can I connect my Roku@ XD to TV without using compuer? And if so how? I do have a NetGear router.

  • Glenn

    I have the Roku XS and when I hook up a WD passport, the MKV video shows, but the sound is all static. When I hook the same drive to my WD Live Plus, every file works like a charm. Any help would be appreciated. It did update to the most recent firmware.

  • Geoff

    AVI support, please!

  • Yomama

    The best thing we can do is ditch ALL of the ROKU’s, spread the word of what a waste they are to ALL of our family, friends and co-workers, then find devices that will play our .avi files. These guys shouldn’t mind losing the share of the market that .avi represent… most of it, I would presume.

  • Don’t purchase ROKU products. They will not support older players and you will have to purchase new players to keep up. WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  • Fretts