Planning to show off a bunch of pics this holiday season? Put them up on the big screen, grab some ‘nog and kick back from the couch with the new Shutterfly channel. This is the latest addition to Roku’s growing Photo & Video category that already includes Facebook, Vimeo, Picasa and Flickr among other services

The Shutterfly Channel lets you access all of your personal albums, shared albums with friends and family, and even Shutterfly Share sites. It’s a breeze to navigate through slideshows using your Roku remote; just press PLAY on an album or folder to start an automatic slideshow. And, as a bonus feature, you can create Roku screensaver with either your own pictures or pictures that have been shared with you.

My own photos have never looked better. The morning I first showed the Shutterfly channel to my family, we sat around for hours laughing at photos we hadn’t seen in years…because who remembers to look at photos trapped on mobile devices. My parents have Roku players too, so now I can send them albums of their grandchildren to view on their widescreen TVs—without having to post them for the rest of the world to see.

The channel requires you to sign in to your Shutterfly account. If you are not familiar with Shutterfly, you can sign up for a free account at They have various tools to enable you to upload photos from your PC, Mac or phone. Photo storage is free and Shutterfly does not delete pictures.

Find it in the Channel Store or add it here.

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  • Issies Ver2

    I eager to know that Is there any Home personal Video sharing service like this shutterfly?

    • Anonymous

      Shutterfly has a personal (private) video sharing service but it is not part of this Roku channel. The Vimeo channel enables you to watch your personal videos.

  • Anonymous

    Every now and then I can get the channel to do a slideshow of pictures from all my albums on shutterfly (rather than just one album). However I have no idea how I manage to do it. Anyone help??

    • Anonymous

      anyone please?

  • Adriennelacroix

    I recently created and purchased two videograms on Shutterfly. I thought I would be able to view these on HDTV via the Roku, as these are part of my Shutterfly account. Is there a way to access this, or will this be something added? There is an advertisement about Roku on the Shutterfly site, so I really thought I would be able to view the videograms on my TV.

  • Bridget

    Even though I have my daughters soccer video on shutterfly on my computer it won’t transfer to my roku shutterfly, why? What can I do?