Amazon has improved the very popular Amazon Instant Video channel on Roku. If you’re a movie lover (and seriously what Roku owner isn’t?), you’re going love these new changes.

Amazon has never looked better!:

  • The home screen is now split into two areas with viewing choices on the left and gorgeous artwork that highlights a new release on the right. I’m looking at Queen Elizabeth at the moment!
  • Once inside a section like Movies you can quickly scroll through titles with the new grid screen format.
  • You can search from almost anywhere within the Amazon channel by pressing the options (*) button on your remote control. (Pssst…If you have an older Roku remote without an options button, you can use the new Roku iPhone app.)
  • There’s a new category called “Editor’s Picks” in both the Movies and TV sections. If you are struggling with what to watch, give this category a spin.


The channel update is available to all Roku players today. Just make sure you have the latest Roku software. Select Settings > Player info > Check for update from your Roku player. To ensure you have the latest Amazon channel, simply go the Roku Channel Store from the Roku home screen and select Amazon Instant Video.

If you haven’t tried it recently, Amazon Instant Video is a great way to enjoy recent studio releases. Amazon boasts an incredible selection of new movies and TV episodes that makes the service a favorite in my own household. And, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch 13,000 movies and TV episodes for free!

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Happy Streaming Holidays!

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  • Anonymous

    Amazon on Roku is indeed great! Really happy that you’ve updated the channel, we’ve already been enjoying it for a while, and now it will hopefully be even better.

  • Nicole

    I don’t mind the Amazon update….but the NBC news update is awful. I want to go back to watching the longer segments of the Today Show…..not the 2 minute versions. ugh!!

    • Jbrtwork

      Yeah, the NBC channel sux. Go search the private channel Nowhere TV. It has the one-hour Today Show, Rachel Maddow, Morning Joe and much, much more. 60 Minutes video and CBS Sunday Morning, too.

      • Luvmychins

        Jbrtwork, Thank you so very much for the info on the Nowhere TV. “Googled” it and it took me back to Roku. What a fantastic channel. Why isn’t it in the Channel Store on Roku? Great news programs plus lots of other good stuff. This will be used more than any of my other Roku channels. I quit watching the news when they changed it to the little segments.

  • i like it . the only problem. new release row doesn’t update new titles that came out on tuesday. you have to go looking for them. i’m sure there are tooth fairy and the tales of desperaux fans out there , but they are not exactly new.

  • When will it be (or is it already) possible to have two people’s Amazon accounts on a single Roku (either within the same app or in a redundant app)? My wife and I both have separate accounts, but one Roku. Any way to manage this better than authorizing/unauthorizing the app each time we want to switch?

  • Butterflykas

    The only thing I don’t like is the price for “renting” a movie. If I can go to a RedBox and get a new release DVD for $1, why shouldn’t I or anyone else for that matter be able to get that same movie in a digital format for the same price? There’s no way streaming is more expensive than maintaining a DVD kiosk.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not so much about the cost of the kiosk vs the cost of the streaming. It’s about the convenience to YOU. You can leave your house, use a kiosk, and leave your house again to return a DVD for $1. Or you can browse a bigger selection and watch a movie without leaving your couch for $4 (or whatever it may be). There’s certainly value in the convenience for many people.

  • brad

    and they have closed captioning?!!! now if they want to do something useful, that would be one to consider.

  • brad

    and they have closed captioning?!!! now if they want to do something useful, that would be one to consider.

  • vrob

    I just tried it on my Roku and there was a micro delay between the sound and the video for the whole 2 hours.

  • Norman LaRoche

    Just great. I can find what I want much easier.

  • Tim Silva

    This is good news but with a major problem for many American families. First of all I love the interface, it was long overdue. But unfortunately Amazon decided to include GAY AND LESBIAN as a genre by itself, not considering the fact that many parents do not want their children to be exposed to this type of movies. As it is right now, before getting to the KIDS & FAMILY Genre our children have to pass through GAYS AND LESBIANS. If Amazon wants to include such genre in their lineup the proper way is to either allow for some type of Parent Control or include them as a sub-genre under SPECIAL INTEREST.

    • Pbysb

      Sounds like putting LGBT folk on the back of the bus thinking. If your kids are old enough to access it then I be they are wise / smart enough to search…Special Interest.

      • Sam

        As a Parent, that is their decision and not yours. Until Amazon corrects this tragedy so parents can block a genre as needed, I will not return as a customer nor will I recommend their service. Shoving this genre down my throat isn’t a good business practice, especially if I’m paying for it! Adios Amazon

        • catfanman

          Shoving your personal bigotry down our throats isn’t a very good practice either, nor is it american….let freedom ring. Amazon wasn’t set up for you and you alone, it I a movie site for everyone, and to deny anyone is a very bad business practice. Amazon has been a supporter of equal rights for everyone for years, and I hope they keep up the practice. This is why I am a paying prime member, and I buy all my movies from them, and rent, and do 3/4ths of all my shopping with them too. Think you amazon for being a true american company by promoting equality for all. We love you!

          • Rightagain

            catfanman, it’s called choice by the consumer. Or is it only ungodly choices that you can stand for.

          • jeff

            Catfanman you are missing the point, my kids don’t are young they don’t even know what sex is, I don’t want to be forced by amazon to explain what gay/lesbian is when they don’t know what sex is.

          • JDA

            Being gay and lesbian isn’t exclusively about sex.

    • Paul DB

      As much as you may not WANT them exposed to it, they may actually NEED to be exposed to it (without your knowledge, God knows!). Growing up in repressive households like yours will likely require many hours on the couch in future years, should your kids actually be LGBTQ–despite your best efforts to repress who they truly are. Kids are more likely to identify sexually somewhere along a continuum from purely heterosexual to purely homosexual–they’re BORN that way. No amount of repression on your part will ever make a difference in that regard. Not ever. Pull your head out and think about the children, for real.

      Programming about normal people enjoying happy lives despite society’s need to label their sexuality is healthy…it’s what most folks would WISH for their children. SPECIAL INTEREST category?? Let’s leave that for hiding truly kinky things like abusive families who try at all costs to define the sexual identity of their children by hiding anything to do with all other viable lifestyles and mass murderers who cracked somewhere along the line under the pressure of parents denying who they truly are. I’d certainly be in favor of considering that kind of activity as abnormal and not good for children. Yes, perhaps that’s it! And KINKY, in fact, would appear after KIDS & FAMILY!

      • I’m sure all gay and lesbian people want 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 year old little kids watching what they do. I guess choices and freedom are fine unless you don’t like something.

  • John Sullivan

    The Amazon update is an improvement but I don’t understand why they can’t put all the TV show seasons together under one subcategory or *at least* next to each other when scrolling. When I purchase multiple seasons of a TV show they do this.

  • CJS

    Bought a Roku in late December, and haven’t watched anything else since other than Amazon Instant Video. Having a blast catching up on old episodes of NYPD Blue that were never released on DVD. I see other shows that I am looking forward to watching (free for Prime members) and looking forward to those as well. Plan on adding Netflix eventually but for now I’m having fun with Amazon (and Pandora music). Have decided to cancel my Cable TV since I am tired of paying a fortune for some very mediocre channels with tons of commercials and, like most of us, could stand to save some money in 2012.

  • GoldenGirl

    I hate this new setup, is it at all possible to change it back to what it was?

  • Basset Wrangler

    The updated Amazon Roku app looks like the Amazon Fire TV interface. I actually liked the old interface’s display of the range in a category. It would also be nice to be able to scale down the thumbnail images so more can concurrently displayed.