[UPDATE: this post is a few years old, please visit this post for up-to-date tips!]

Whether you are new to Roku or a seasoned Proku (get it?) here’s a collection of tips and tricks to help you get the most from your player.

How to connect with Roku and why you should:
Facebook and Twitter are the best places to find out about the latest news, deals, giveaways and fan-friendly campaigns. With nearly 400,000 fans, Facebook is also a great place to get community supported help and find out what’s new with Roku.

How to find the latest channels:
We have over 750 channels spanning 22 categories in the Channel StoreAside from visiting the Channel Store on your Roku player, the blog is a great way to find out what’s new.  You will find in-depth posts on new channels, features and updates, and we make it a point to read through the comments.

Did you know?

Where to look if you need help
Having trouble playing? We update our FAQ with reported outages, but another great place to check is downrightnow.com. Simply click on the service you want to track and the crowd-powered site will let you know if there are reported issues with service.

We’re here to help! Reach out to our support team here.

We’ll keep this page updated, so check back for new tips and feel free to add your own in the comments. Happy Streaming!

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  • 323CAROL


    • Jody

      I also had some issues with my Roku. And I believe my support person was the same one you had Carol. I just disconnected from him and got another who could speak English very well. She couldn’t solve my problem so she had a new unit sent and I just hooked it up yesterday. works fine. It is not just Roku support who uses these non English speaking persons. I’ve experienced it with other support groups. I hope they wise up soon.

      • Colleendenning

        its because they work for less than we would and longer hours. they need to pay up and have ENGLISH specking people would be a big help.

        • Anonymous

          Good luck there. Too many BIG companies are paying into this method of outsourcing. Until we bring those jobs home, smaller companies will not follow suit.

        • Anonymous

          Good luck there. Too many BIG companies are paying into this method of outsourcing. Until we bring those jobs home, smaller companies will not follow suit.

          • Ex-Customer service rep

            The reason why we out source our customer service is because Americans won’t put up with the bull the other Americans give them when they call in.
            Americans get angry over to many little things. oops sorry I just screamed at you, my bad I forgot to plug it in.
            Of course they will just hang up and not say they are sorry for screaming at the poor customer service person who has a college degree working for $4.00 a day to support his or her family.
            Customer service is not a fun job when all people do is yell at you all day and all you do is answer the phone, you don’t make the product or run the bank.

          • Nameless Coward

            Agreed! I am a states side cust. serv rep and will second that

          • Jim

            Tech support is WORTHLESS if you can’t understand the technician “supporting” you. That goes for phone support or “Live Chat”. I had to ask the same questions four tiomes to an offshore “specialist” and still NEVER got an answer. They give you the standard responses to your questions as if they are canned. I gave up and will figured it out for myself.

    • Anonymous

      I used the live chat feature. It was very useful abd did not present any lnguage barriers.

      • Mary

        I used the live chat also and it was very helpful.

    • Anonymous

      I used the live chat feature. It was very useful abd did not present any lnguage barriers.

  • Fandango

    45 minutes was to long to wait

  • Ldygemni

    I think it is the bomb.

  • I’m not real great with hooking up or configuring electronics. So far I have set up our new Roku, added Channels, re-opened an old Netflix account and much more. I easily navigate through Roku programs and have had no technical issues. Oh and by the way there are times when “Too” should be used or “To” and “Then” or “Than” ……….Roku is awesome, go pay $170 bucks a month for cable or stop complaining!

    • Divad711

      some users are not as knowledgeable as others. Or for a variety of reasons. pain meds , hearing, or lack of concentration understanding accents of some customer service people etc.. This forum is for posting our comments and we should let the experts deal with their problems. we should not see our selfs as the complaints patrol. . Let those customers freely post what bothers them as they let us post our comments.. Just a thought… BTW Roku is an awesome product.

  • Charlie

    Just purchased and installed Roku2. Installation was easy, account set up was likewise. Had to call customer service to get a billing sorted out and they gave me four months credit toward my new streaming account selection. Great customer service.

  • HUMBUG01


    • Hewitt

      What did you end up doing with your router?

      • dee

        i had to take off my firewall..

  • Barry


    • I have been quite successful with Roksbox at $15 subscription and 1 month free (no cards) trial. You do have to set up a ‘server’, and several are available, none to difficult, but all require setup. I now have over 300 VHS and DVD’s converted to MP4. The ‘bad’ thing from my point of view is the conversion process for VHS. Each conversion takes the time that the film takes (typical about 2 hours). Converting to MP3’s of course depends on the starting format. Tapes and records require the same time it takes to listen to the music. CD’s are very fast, almost to fast!

  • Andy

    We need more file types to play via usb… converting to mp4s is the proverbial hell…

  • Jd

    I wish they had the “LOGO” channel I could add to my TV channels,,,, will this happen soon ?

  • Guy

    IPhone/iPad app doesn’t work. It won’t find Roku on the network.

    • Van

      It works fine as long as you are on the same network as your Roku box. Check your iPhone and make sure you are connected to WiFi and not 3G. Also make sure your phone is connected to your home WiFi signal and not an outside one.

  • Brandon West

    It would be nice to get an app for Blockbuster

    • Anonymous

      I second this!

    • Anonymous

      I second this!

  • Laurajean2199

    I am considering purchasing a roku and my husband who loves sports was wondering about MLB and NFL packages. Are they cheaper than satillite? Also do you get all the games. As for me I like old movies and some of the old TV programs like Columbo, Murder She Wrote and Donna Reed Show. Is there a place to go for these? Also I like to watch PBS shows can we get these? I know alot of questions but just trying to see if it is worth buying since we have satillite.

    Yuma, AZ

    • James

      Hi. I have a digital antennae I got from Walmart. 30$… I get a lot of PBS stations and local ABC, NBC, CBS etc…

      • Levixen1

        Hi I got rid of my satellite and went with Air channels. They do not want you to know it,but you will be very surprised at all the channels that ARE out there. They even bring back those OLD TV stations that I love so well when I was a kid. sure is nice to see batman (with Adam west) kick the joker and fall in love with the cat woman. Or on Saturday watch HE-MAN and SHE-RA just to name a few. and my all time favorite is Perry Mason. so yes there are some real big plus’s to not having satellite. BESIDES NOT HAVING A BILL.

    • Lovesfreeshipping

      We got the MLB pkg in August – new to Roku – for $10 for the rest of the season. It gives you ALL the mlb games except blackout ones in your area.. once the game is complete, you can watch the blackout ones. The playoff games are treated the same way – like blackout. I am sure the world series will be the same, but not sure. One nice feature is that you can join any game at any point in the game, broken down by half innings. It is also going to automatically sign us up for the next season on Feb 28 for full season price – which is about what one and a half months of our dishnetwork bill was……so we are going with it. Our men watch alot of baseball. 🙂 I live in the middle of Texas and the two blackout teams for us are Rangers and Astros. You can check out details on mlb.com website.

  • Charlie

    With so many channels available it would be convenient to be able to categorize or multi-categorize them. The user interface could be similar to the Channel Store – multiple rows for Music, Movies, News, Sports, Favorites etc. User-defined categories would also be a good thing.

    • I SO agree…I just got a Roku for Mother’s Day and, as I added channels, I wished for a way to categorize…especially my favorites…or even move the favorites that I watch most to the top

  • Lkanduri

    I had a defective unit that stopped working suddenly. I send an email to the support advocate and the problem was resolved promptly. Very happy with their super support.

  • Angiechilders

    looking forward to blockbuster also.

  • Gdemambro

    Can I get Boston MA local channels

  • barryc

    I see a number of comments, but hardly any replies from Roku. Why?

    • Bfmillerjr

      they really don’t exist they are figments of our imagination!!

  • Laurelk

    Is there a channel for live NFL games?

  • Laurelk

    Is there a channel for live NFL games?

    • Rtenngirl59

      not on Roku but you can watch on vipbox.tv any game you want

  • Lynnb

    Please add Acorn to your channel list.

  • Karen

    Can I get Angry Birds on my Roku LT?

    • Bob

      Pretty sure I saw the icon yesterday1

  • Captainartjohnson

    Needs a menu. Tried to find the series lost. Now I am.

    • guest

      Netflix had it as recent as a month ago. Lost was a great show!

  • Danjacruss

    Would be nice to have a few more simple games like Solitaire.

  • Virtuallyramesh

    I, too, would like a Blockbuster Channel on Roku. I hope this would happen soon.

  • SallyZ

    I am not techno smart but was able to hook up the roku myself. Only difficulty I had was finding roku on my tv screen. When I read directions again, used the input button on TV remote to go to video I, there it was on the screen!!! The rest was very simple. Reminder: write down the activation # when you are loading things like Amazon, Netflix, etc. ~ you don’t get a second chance to see it. Hope there will be an NFL or college football games option by next season so I don’t have to hook back up to cable 🙂

  • jmchugh

    I can’t find the cheat sheet roku bragged about in an email I received today, with a link which sent me to this page. Maybe they have a different idea of what a cheat sheet is…a blog?

  • Mnfox2004

    Have You Told The Cable Company That They Charge Too Much? Tell Them With A ROKU!

  • ggawlik

    The news channels I looked at, such as Fox News, only offer little snippets of their shows. Is there a way to get whole programs?

    • Rtenngirl59

      Fox news is live on Roku from 8am-3pm every day!

      • Unfortunately, that’s when most people are at work.

    • Mary

      Use a regular antenna like the “Leaf” from the Kim Kamando website.

  • Sparkie

    I received a Roku2 as a Christmas gift. I had never heard of Roku; which surprised me because I love gadgets! Initially, I was pleased….but the more I played around with it, I realized that the free movie channels they do have; the movies on them are older than the hills!! and or are movies that I have already seen! The movies on Crackle interupt the movie several times during viewing, to advertise what??? COMERCIALS!!!!! And I thought that was one of the “good” reasons to get one of these little black boxes!! And the other so-called movie channels??? You have to have a subscription in order to watch their movies!! What a Crock!! Might as well stay with Cable!!

    • Jimboz

      I was with DirecTV, paying 100.00 a month, and didn’t have any Movie channels. I was watching the same old *$^% year after year so I cancelled my account. I currently subscribe to Netflix and HuluPlus for 7.99 per month each, less than 20.00 total, and watch alot of the older Series’ and Movies. I enjoy the ‘older’ stuff more than the new stuff now-a-days and don’t miss DirecTV at all! I am not the type person that HAS to watch the latest movies. If I see a NEW movie I like I either go to the theatre or wait for it to come out on DVD. I mainly watch TV when I lay down for the night and really ‘listen’ more than I watch. Roku is a great Streaming device. I haven’t found anything to beat it. If someone wants to pay the price for DirecTV/Dish so they can have ‘access’ to newer programming, have at it. Roku fulfils my ‘TV’ needs and then some for a quarter of the price of Satelite TV. I am sure it is not for everyone…

  • Rozack1

    any apps for bbc america or history channel

    • Levixen1

      I second that.

    • guest

      If you have the USB Roku, you can download episodes from BBC.com and then watch on your Roku.

      • jdr

        Help us please! How would we go about downloading episodes on BBC?
        We love british comedy/mysteries.

    • guest

      If you have the USB Roku, you can download episodes from BBC.com and then watch on your Roku.

    • Sarahschoener

      Agreed! Would really love BBC shows.

    • RokuNewbie

      Yes BBC America and the real BBC !

  • Anonymous

    I’m a total noob to Roku. I have read many a forum and even chatted live with Roku support, but still need help getting started. Questions I’ve been asked:

    TV screen is bigger than laptop and iPad. It’s criminal to need a microscope for full appreciation of Gerard Butler’s 6-pack in 300 whilst watching squinty-eyed on the lappy.

    I was shocked to see in a Roku forum that the desire to record TV faves for repeat watching later was replied to as a crime worthy of death in the public square via a guillotine with very poor aim and never having been sharpened. Kindly explain how being able to stream some things from the intertubes removes the need to record ShamWow ads for repeated educational viewing later. To record TV, even non-streamed regular cable, should I buy a DVR or WD thingamajig?

    I have no clue, and neither does my life-long embarassed mother. More importantly, I would like to know if Roku means I can’t see non-internet cable shows like PBS and NatGeo anymore? Yes, I can get some PBS and NatGeo via the web, but content is extremely limited, leaving standard cable the primary source for full episodes. Does Roku mean I can ONLY see specific internet shows allowed by Roku, and NO regular cable? If so, then Roku makes me boo-hoo.

    I’m probably purchasing the Roku tonight, as the AppleTV thing seems like wireless cash-based handcuffs to iTunes. The Sony unit seemed possible, but after watching the video I couldn’t understand the guy’s accent enough to appreciate its features.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered.

  • Rebeccacelaya

    Just bout it and am very sad. Our TV is connected to a reciever so we have no sound coming from the ROKU. we connected it to the back of the TV. Any suggestions on how to deal with this issue???

    • Madmastermark

      Try connecting the left right audio component cables to your receiver and the video to your tv or the HDMI to the tv however you. Prefer

    • George

      yes.. You can use a HDMI switch box and plug your Roku through that. Also use open audio output ports on back of your TV. If you can’t figure it out Chat with Roku. They helped me do it.

  • val773

    I just brought my Roku. It was very easy to install and works great so far. My only complaint is that there are very few games in that section. A few more word games would be great.

    • Lstone707

      New to Roku. Where are you finding games?

    • Lstone707

      New to Roku. Where are you finding games?

  • Darryl7734

    I would like live news like Fox and CBS for Survivor…once we have live news I will get rid of my cable bill.

    • Ggawlik

      Live news is a great idea! I second that!!

    • Fox does stream live from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. but it would be great to have a 24hr live streaming news channel.

      • Definitely! And besides, most people are at work from 9-3 and I can’t get home in time to watch network newscasts. I personally would even be willing to buy a subscription for a Fox (or even CNN) live 24-hour feed. Having live news is the main reason I haven’t dumped cable TV.

      • Gone

        Fox isn’t news it’s propaganda.

        • Craigc

          Just becouse Fox doesnt give full on liberal only crap all the time you say its prop. Go back and suck on the cnn/msnbc teet. And smile all the way to political correctness nirvana.

          • Paula

            Justin.tv live streams Fox News Channel. I just added it to my ROKU today and it works great. (JUSTINTV is the code.)

          • Thomas Jones

            i see u r a little repub cocksucker lol

          • scott206

            Spoken like a true all-inclusive, respectful, tolerant, accepting liberal. It’s interesting how liberals claim to champion the gay agenda, and then turn around and use a gay slur as an insult. I thought there was supposed to be nothing wrong with being gay, interesting how you choose to show disrespect to someone by associating them with gay behavior and using a rather crude term.

    • Anonymous

      I have already rid myself of cable. Unfortunately, I was already under the impression I could access networks online with my XS. If they re available, I can’t find them via Roku. =(

      • Guidafamily

        We bought an antenna from Radio Shack for live TV. It works great.

    • Anonymous

      I have already rid myself of cable. Unfortunately, I was already under the impression I could access networks online with my XS. If they re available, I can’t find them via Roku. =(

    • Michael

      PlayOn streams from your PC to your Roku. Anything you can see on CBS online you can see on your Roku. I thought Survivor was on Hulu?

      • Only some of the older seasons of survivor are on Hulu

  • Jeanette112

    Why do you have to try to get new activation codes everytime you go on if you miss a few days?

  • Anonymous

    Is there already, or will there be, network channels available? Like NBC, CBS, ABC, TNT, etc? All offer the ability to watch full episodes of shows I want to see, but currently only available via PC. Or maybe there is a service that has these channels?

    Please let me know…

  • Anonymous

    Is there already, or will there be, network channels available? Like NBC, CBS, ABC, TNT, etc? All offer the ability to watch full episodes of shows I want to see, but currently only available via PC. Or maybe there is a service that has these channels?

    Please let me know…

  • Jsklink

    lets get the network (over the air) free channels on roku so i can use it more and get rid of evil comcast

    • Just Helping

      USTVNOW! I’m watching it as I type this. Google it. I dumped Comcast and won’t go back.

      • Butterfly197420

        Yeah this is only available if you’re abroad, not within the U.S.

        • Sunny

          I was in the same predicament for almost two months when I bought my first Roku device and put hold on my DirecTV subscription. I frustratingly searched the internet for ways to watch local channels on Roku, and there was no answer until last night(05/27/2012 when I came across this article: http://ragingtech.com/2011/03/10/really-get-free-live-streaming-tv-on-pc-roku-mobile/

          The last two paragraphs are what you need to read. In the last paragraph(“If you can wait for about an hour and do it again using your personal referral link and a different email address, USTNow runs specials from time to time for a free 4-hour “DVR” that lets you record shows to watch later when you “refer a friend.””), does not apply to what you want to achieve so don’t bother.

          Hope this help.


          • ok so i read this article and it sounds like something that i want and need ,but im pretty computer illiterate. i dont know what proxy to use or even how to use it. can you be of any assistance. thanks

    • Anonymous

      Get an antenna.

      • scottrock1965

        I know I’m about 5 yrs out on your comment but its still posted and still viewable so I’ll say this about your comment of “Get an Antenna” I live 80 miles from the local big city channel providers (OTA channel’s) and getting an antenna to reach out 80 miles is not possible. Hills, valleys, trees and the curvature of the earth make that nearly impossible to do. Besides wouldn’t it be easier to have local channels on your Roku instead of buying something else that won’t work due to being that far out. And yes that was my decision to make to move that far out but i did so to take care of my G-parents place because there is No one else to take care of it. So your simple answer of “Get an Antenna” isn’t actually a solution for all.

        • wacko413

          If you live that far from the nearest city, then I would be surprised if you are able to get good Internet speeds. With that said, your situation seems unique from vast majority of the US population.

          • scottrock1965

            I only get 7mbps for internet speed but its enough to run my Roku and surf the internet with my phone. And that’s about all I need. Would I like more–Lol! You damn right I would. But at least I can still get online and stream my Tv and that’s all I need it for but you’d be surprised at how many people live in a rural setting. And Im in Texas and everything in Texas is spread out. Just to go to Wal-Mart is a 25 mile trip one way. But there are thousands of us Rural dwellers. And I tried the antenna thing and even put it on a 50′ pole on top of a Telephone pole and at best I could only get on occasion when the weather cooperated 7 of 30 digital OTA channels but my internet works just fine for what I need it for. Again would I want more speed? Absolutely! Lol! Would I like to know what going on 80 miles from me? Sure. Which is why I wished they’d get local channels on Roku and they do if you live on the east and west coast. Here in the southwest region there’s nothing

    • Whoo hooo….Amen to that!!!

    • John Fischer

      I use MachTVPlus on Roku. Check them out http://www.machtvplus.us and tell them I sent you.

      • scottrock1965

        Yeah I was thrilled when I found them and dumped DishTv and saved myself $1200.00 ? A yr until Machtvplus folded and sold out leaving me to search and hunt for streaming app that was almost as good as Machtvplus was–Not that they were all that great but for the money I was saving, I could deal with it.

  • Oldfield Derek

    I’m new to all of this as well. So the advantage (if there is one) of having cable is that you still get live news, and live sports, correct? Are the tv shows on Hulu free? Or do you still pay a .99 fee to stream a show? I know Netlix requires a subscription, I’ve had one, and since cancelled. No new movies on Netflix, they are all old, not a very good selection.

  • ukguyinlv

    I’ve been a Roku user now for the last three weeks or so and actually am quite satisfied with the Roku XS. Hook up was relatively simple..I ditched Dish Network quite awhile back so saved money there. My only gripes are that i tried streaming movies from Hulu and Crackle ( maybe others.) but didn’t like the breaking up / buffering. I didn’t want to sign up with too many movie channels as that would defeat the object of saving $$, so for now i am more than satisfied with my subscription to Amazon Prime. Lots of free stuff plus new movies and lots of old stuff too. Like i said i’m still new and at the beginning of the Roku learning curve, but very satisfied and am recommending it to friends. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ROKU !!

    • Rtenngirl59

      we used to have alot of the buffering too and I upgraded my dsl to faster service & no more buffering problems & we run 2 roku’s & wireless laptops. We also use majic jack phone used through internet also. May be the speed of your service!

    • Rtenngirl59

      we used to have alot of the buffering too and I upgraded my dsl to faster service & no more buffering problems & we run 2 roku’s & wireless laptops. We also use majic jack phone used through internet also. May be the speed of your service!

    • gardengal

      You need FAST internet or the “breaking up” will happen.

  • Chrisvt3

    You Tube- Please

    • Minihorsefrodo

      I second that

    • mary e

      you can get you tube through playon.tv app

      • Michael

        PlayOn does cost but right now it is $40 lifetime sub. It also has Media Streamer on it so you can add folders from any/multiple computers on your network and stream it right on the Roku. I stream my movies and Music I bought off of ITunes right onto the Roku.

    • George

      You can get You Tube on Rate Pix channel

    • greg

      I know its another device, but if you have a Wii hooked up, you can get YouTube there…

  • Himileageoldie

    I am uneasy about having to give my credit card number just to activate my Roku unit. Especially when I am not sure what my credit card will be charged for. I think your activation page could be revised to allow a new purchaser to activate THEN offer him what you have for sale AFTER the activation. I have seen too many sites that want your credit card info before they tell you how much or they try to rope the customer into a commitment that is hard to “un-do”. I don’t like to give open ended access to my card with no foreknowledge of the consequences.

    • Get a $50 prepaid credit card and use that instead of your normal credit card.

    • Dave

      Roku is free in and of itself so they don’t charge your credit card except for $1.00 which I’m not sure what that charge was about. The card number is kept on file so you can buy the paid-for apps quicker and those give you warning that they cost money so you don’t accidentally buy something thinking it’s free. Most of the stuff is free though. There also is no “commitment” that I’ve noticed with the Roku. There might be with individual companies that offer apps on the roku so you have to check out each individual paid-for app for details. With roku though if you don’t like it you just delete your account and your card number is gone from their system in the same day as far as I know.

      • Geezer

        I believe the $1 charge is put on the card to verify the card… Restaurants do that too before giving you the slip to sign; ditto gas station pumps. I don’t think they actually ever go ahead and take the dollar.

        • Tammy

          It’s should just be a $1 authorization and should drop off your credit card and not actually charge the card.

          • tafelice

            I feel so special to discover that you really DON”T need to give you CREDIT CARD. Go to support while you are in the /LINK window and start a chat. Say as I did that I really don’t want to give my credit card as I don’t plan to buy anything. The chat person will do your activation no card needed.

            There is also a second way around it, and that is to activate with a credit card, then go into managing your account and remove the credit card. That is actually in their FAQ section (reading between the lines). Hope this helps, because I HATE HATE HATE to give out my CC just “BECAUSE”

            Let me know how this worked

  • Mermona

    Not sure where else to ask this question. Most blogs I’ve seen have people complaining about how bad their Roku experience has been. That’s not been the case for us. We’ve enjoyed using our Roku for a couple of years now with no problem. It helped us save money as we got rid of cable and just use a digital antenna for local stations so we can watch news. Anyway, most recently I have had a problem with the Roku. Every time that I want to switch to Pandora I have the account by entering the code and then getting into my Pandora account. Used to just go to Pandora and it would automatically start playing. Any ideas what could be happening? It’s maddening to have to get up once again to write the code down, go to my computer and link it when I know it used to just do it automatically.

    • Dave

      Go to roku.com instead of to the roku blog. Go to their support page and then scroll down to “roku troubleshooting” and click the link for “contact support” if you haven’t resolved the issue yet. I hope I don’t run into this problem, I love Pandora! 🙂

      • Lovesfreeshipping

        Have you tried deleting your Pandora account, then reloading it? I had similar problems on other channels, and this fixed it.

      • Lovesfreeshipping

        Have you tried deleting your Pandora account, then reloading it? I had similar problems on other channels, and this fixed it.

    • George

      You say you got rid of cable. What do you do to get the internet?

  • Okay, I was told that Roku had RT Russia Today. Specifically the Alyonna Show which is terrific but I haven’t been able to find it.

  • Anonymous

    Ruku App is not available in Canada? Why?

    • Anonymous

      iPhone app I mean.. Android app looks like it’s available here but it says it’s not compatible with my galaxy tablet 10.1

  • Eadster

    I LOVE having iTunes on my Roku. I learned about it from a Roku posting on Facebook.

    • George

      How do you do it?

  • Eadster

    I LOVE having iTunes on my Roku. I learned about it from a Roku posting on Facebook.

  • Decapo

    What are the A B buttons for?

    • Steve Lamb

      Action buttons for gaming.



  • Pete

    Tell HBO that we don’t want to go through our cable company to have HBOgo. why can’t I just give HBO $5 a month or something?

    • Matt

      Comcast won’t let HBOGO be shown on Roku. After this True Blood season is over, I’m dumping HBO and letting Comcast know why!!

      • Tammy

        One of the reason’s I wanted the Roku over other streamers was HBOGO but Comcast won’t allow. I hate Comcast.

        • Michael

          Just find a friend with cable, Dish, or DirectTv and have them sign up an account. My uncle lives down the street from me and I use his Dish account. So I use HBO GO all the time and give him $5.00 a month to pay on his cable bill.

          • rialliso

            that is called pirating and is illegal. I am not saying don’t do it. I have done it. just don’t advertise to the world you are doing it.

          • John Gillman

            not pirating,there paying for it.

          • Phil Smith

            The friend is not allowed to sell it .. it’s called pirating. I’m not sure if it’s illegal but it certainly is violating the contractual agreement with his provider and could result in the loss of service or a civil law suit.

  • JaberRyan2

    ESPN Please

  • Add Slingbox

  • Add Slingbox

  • Anonymous

    I just started ROKU today, so I’m lost in the weeds! BUT, I’ll figure it out before it’s Obsolite!

  • Anonymous

    Question, some of the programs I want, say they are on another “program name?” in other words, offered by another station (?) so how do I get to that station, and is there a charge, or will I automatically be able to go to those shows??? Does anyone know? I’m new to this. Thanks.

  • Terry Sullivan

    HBO Go is a poor value

  • Dave

    Would love to see a vudu or ultraviolet app on here as I use those through my blu-ray player to own/rent movies/tv shows but would find it more convenient to use them through my Roku.

  • mary evans

    are you ever going to be getting a live news app. i know you now have fox but that is mostly political news. I was hoping for cnn live stream. thanks

  • v. Skojec

    Can I access regular chanels with roku or do I need an antena?

  • Anonymous

    How about more MSNBC with Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews and Rachael Maddow,and the rest of the MSNBC line up.

  • Yellowhellmut09

    Just got Romulus. Like so far. Would like to see a paid version do the Disney channel, clips won’t cut is w/my kids who love the full shows an movies. Also how about a Hub channel. I would pay for that. Plus local tv. I really want to cut the cord w/time warner. Fulfill this wish an there goes time Warner.

    • Yellowhellmut09

      Roku spell correction

  • Price2544

    I’m new to Roku. I would like to add a news channel to Roku. Does this cost anything?

    • Tomas’

      I have two Rokus , on in Arizona and one in WA State- Roku 2XS models. I love them. I use Newscaster channel (free) with has podcasts from CBS, PBS, NBC etc. The also offer a live stream from Al Jazerra English. That is one of my favorites, Real news (not owned by Disney)
      Also on the Tunein channel, you can get live feeds from BBC, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp- super pacific rim reports), Great news info without corporate input and influence. I LOVE ROKU, cut the cable. I installed a digitenna (US Made ) antenna in AZ and got 50 HD Channels free., Working on a bigger antenna and amp for my Island home in Washington. GO ROKU!!

  • Lindsay

    I want to watch NFL, College Football, Golf and NASCAR Live…can I do this with Roku?

  • Peggy weems


  • Juselton

    I am personally very disappointed since I love movies. Those available are old and I was hoping for more current movies that I don’t need to pay extra for. I guess I will stay with cable.

    • George

      I’ve noticed that too… Only had it a few days though…

  • Techfem50

    Would love to see BBC America as an additional channel choice.

  • guest

    I am new to the roku and would like to know if the Olympics be on and if so what channel can I watch it?

  • Selopescu

    Before buying Roku, i noted it gave access to the channel Live Station, livestation.com, which gives access to a wide range of international news– but it seems no longer–anybody can elucidate the mysterious disappearance of Livestation from Roku channels? not listed on private channels either

  • Kara

    I’d like to see the Oprah channel

    • Lovesfreeshipping

      girl that is a regular roku channel.. just look for it. and it has alot.. remember its called OWN

  • Fartzrfree

    Film On is pretty interesting and I like it on my iPhone. Lots of variety including movies.

    • George

      how do you launch your Roku Channels on your Iphone? The Roku app doesn’t do that

  • Dave

    Where can I find the series “Dexter” on Roku?
    I found it once, and can no longer locate it. I am looking for all the seasons.
    Thank you in advance for the help!

  • Pete

    I have no problems with getting movies on Crackle and Hulu, and am, signed up with Netflix, but I cannot get any of their movies. They will download, but when I get “Play”, it comes up with you have lost your internet connection, unplug your ROKU2 XS, for ten seconds then plug the power back in, but this, after receiving this same things to do, and I have followed these direction without any success. Why can I not get Netflix when I get everything else without any problems? I have a Cisco linksys E3000, wireless, and an AT&T WESTELL ADSL2 Router, and have the ROKU2 XS media player pluged into my Samsung LED 55″ flat screen HD TV with a HDMI cable, which is only 17 feet from from my wireless linksys. What would you suggest that I do, as everything is connected properly?

  • George

    I like the fact that you have live chat and it’s been very helpful when I used it.

  • deafgecko

    roku is pretty simple BUT i am deep very disppointment due no closed captional or subtitle cuz i born deaf and very depend on closed captioanl all my life the FCC law says it require to have subtitle or close captianl so fix this bug

    • Lovesfreeshipping

      huluplus has closed caption

    • Lovesfreeshipping

      huluplus has closed caption

  • Kitsapian

    I find it odd that on a company blog that states “Get all the news on the Roku revolution here . . . ” you tout Facebook (out of which I dropped 2 years ago) and Twitter (into which I have never ventured) as “the best places to find out about the latest news” about Roku. Have the confidence of your own product.

  • DGGallery

    I dumped Time Warner and refuse to go back! I love my Roku!

  • Burk

    Hey- how about letting us make our computers into Roku command center by improving the channel display and acquisition process online? I have found it easy to add channels by the private code method, but otherwise, I have no idea online what channels I have, nor can I select new non-private ones. What’s up with that?

  • G Powell

    There are some channels that simply state add channel now, with no discussion of cost. am I authorizing my credit card to be charged every-time I select add channel? Thank you

  • It guy

    I hate Comcast if charter is an option in your area get it

  • mnovie30

    We need YouTube channel, please!

  • LBCJ5

    I just purchased a Roku 2 XD player and HDMI cable. How can I get the audio to come thru my stereo so I can listen to what I’m watching thru my stereo speakers? Is this possible to do? Maybe run audio cables from tv to stereo?

    • Chuck58

      If you have a newer stereo receiver with HDMI inputs you can put the HDMI cable into the receiver, then connect an HDMI out cable to you TV so you can get the video from the ROKU. Or if the receiver is older connect the HDMI to your TV then with the audio out on the TV use RCA cables from your TV to an input on the stereo. Maybe you already figured this out.

  • Rherrick

    Is there a monthly charge for the service

  • How can I delete movies

  • Mjplatt

    Does anyone know of a website thatlists all available channels for Roku?

  • Gary 2

    Roku say there are over 600 channels to choose from. Quite a lot!

    and I probably will never see the whole list…but what would save my valuable time, is to list them either “Free” or “Subscription” this would save me a lot of frustration looking for a channel – only to find I have to pay for it!

    • MOM

      I agree with a list of “Free” or “Subscription” too.

  • I thought the Roku would simplify my televisions viewing with promises of streaming what I want, when I want. No more DVR! Then I wasted a hundred dollars on the Roku3.
    I still have cable, went and bought a smart blue-ray player and put the roku back in the box.

  • Dedee

    I have 2Rokus theXS does not get real hot to touch, but theHD is another story! I’m afraid to leave the HD plugged in, anyone else have issues with the HD?

  • Pati

    How do I get Sirius radio on my Roku?

  • Philip Bunker

    MSNBC for Morning Joe, please!

  • zoomover

    Why does the HBO app keep disappearing??????

  • Sunshine

    HBOGO is not allowed with DirectTV – why is that?

  • plmnji

    It appears there are lots of people with tons of questions posting here . . . . but nobody ever answers any of them – Why is that?

  • promytius

    plex media server link goes to an email link – could you fix that?

  • Lori Eddy

    how do I check for new channels with my roku remote now that I have connected a digital antenna?

  • bizar

    what kind of channels are there

  • meg

    Just an FYI if you are having problems resetting your ROKU 2 XD and the remote isn’t working or moving past the “English” point, open up the remote check to see if there is a small round looking thing below the battery opening, press it and your remote will light up and again start to work, taking you through each set up step. I discovered it by accident tonight! I tried all the steps I researched nothing worked until I got mad and opened up the battery compartment on the remote! Then I saw this small button (barely) and pressed it wow it worked! Easy wonderful fix if only I had known like a lot of other people out there! And no one posted this! I bought my remote online standard roku remote…with the two additional buttons in the front on the bottom.

  • joenta

    how to add favorites on my roku without A-B game buttons on my remote?

  • chivirisnice

    go to this site the only thing you have to do is change to VPN to mexico and you will get American HBO Starz etc Movies free channels check the site http://comprausamex.com/rokuabc.html

  • Mylon Jeremy Wright

    Does Roku services cost money?

  • Jackie Rosenfeld

    New to roku and completely lost. I switched because I’m tired of Comcast. I plan on purchasing an antenna to access live tv. Any tips, channels, etc. I should know about?

  • Larry Jaason Eustice Artist

    I CANNOT ever find an answer to this. I know Roku Stick has limited memory so I have a simple question I cannot seem to get answered. What is the idea amount of channels to have in you channel list before performance decreases? YES I know each channel may have different memory ammounts to them but there has to be a general idea or range for best performance.

  • R Langland

    So I just bought a Roku 3 and after looking at the available content it doesn’t do anything different than my computer or my apps tv or my apps blueray player or my cell phone. Where is the great stuff. I had people tell me how wonderful this thing was.

  • kris

    How comes Roku charges a dollar to register Amazon to the Roku streaming stick or is it a dollar to have them put your account on hold for future purchases of games and tv/movies

  • Mike

    Can the roku usb media player work even without internet if it’s installed

  • Barbara

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I accidentally pushed the wrong button on my ROKU remote. Now the home page, the search, everything is magnified or enlarged. I can’t use search because I can’t see all the letters, they’re too big. How can I get it back to normal? Thanks

    • Mike Duin

      Hi Barbara,

      Perhaps our support team can help you with this – you can reach them here: http://bit.ly/rokuhelps

      Kind regards,


  • Dan Vanlandingham

    My Dad just bought a second Roku2 and an antenna for his back bedroom.How do I make it work?Do I need a long length of ethernet cable to run from the modem to the second receiver?

  • kurt uehlein

    I’m looking to buy the remote that works with headphones. How can I tell which model I have? (I’ve got the Roku 2, but I see that there are 2 different “flavors” when it comes to choosing the remote: 2450d 2450x)

  • George Wylie

    My roku works great in all channels, including amazon. I can buy any movies and get free the amazon originals but strange as it might sound and I have spent many hours trying to fix it. But I CANNOT get the prime movies to play for free even though I have been a prime customer for over 2 years. Help me with any suggestions.

  • karen

    How can I tell which player I have

  • John Rockwell

    USTVNOW just emailed saying that they are closing their doors. They are recommending that their viewers switch to USEMYTV.com. Does anyone have knowledge of this? Roku tech support says it is not a channel. Will it be? I am abroad and would still like access to US programming. I would like to avoid a VPN and just go thru my Rokus.

    • Iptv Guy

      I can get you all your live TV channls for a small monthly fee with a private Roku channel if you are interested and want more details. email me 1iptvguy@gmail.com

  • Tawanna Lovinherhusband Jones

    Why everytime I try to watch a show are anything the roku3 say retrieving and say that every 3 second

  • Tawanna Lovinherhusband Jones

    My roku3 keep stopping every second interrupting what I watch why is it doing that

  • Dardrekia King

    I have the roku 1 and I’ve been using it for 2 or 3 years I love it, Can’t wait to get the 3 or 4.

  • Melissa Harrigan

    Fantastic blog post . I loved the details ! Does anyone know where my company could possibly access a sample IRS 1040 – Schedule E form to work with ?

  • ptave4

    My niece just purchased a roku. If I put in WiFi will she have access to all my channels such as HBO and showtime? Please respond

  • Brandon

    Hello if I own a roku player the box and what not, do I have to pay to keep it working?

  • Camwi

    Why isn’t an “off” button provided on the remote for Roku 2?

  • alex2028

    nice blog i have enjoyed this blog very much. http://ableinfoservices.com/roku-activation-code/

  • Sarah Bass

    Even under the different categories, how about marking movies as WATCHED, CONTINUE or leave the ones UNMARKED that we haven’t watched at all. I have so many under CONTINUE WATCHING because I don’t remember the ones I’ve watched, so I began watching again to realize I’ve watched it before. I’ve watched so many that I can’t remember the titles. Thank you.

  • Matt

    If you downloaded a movie on roku, can you watch it again without internet?

  • Erich

    Question to anyone, have a feeling it’s an obvious answer but I just spent 6 hours on the phone for a simpme Verizon change of adress only to get an appointment in 7 days. So with the Roku and a change of address is there anything I need to do? Thanks to the community for any assistance.

  • Becky Evans Jensen

    I have 4 rokus in my home. All are registered under the same account , if I buy say the UFC fight off my UFC channel will it stream to all my tvs?

  • Dan

    Can i view my roku’s history ?

  • Phil Loudermilk

    FAQ link on this page does not work at least in my browser which is Vivaldi for Linux, not a big issue just want to let someone know.

  • lish

    CLASSICAL ATM HACKERS, is the only genuine ATM cloned card vendor which i have tested and confirmed. So i met this hacker online and we emailed back & forth about an ATM card and how they create them and sells them thus was curious how this could be true. I was in trouble financially two weeks ago so i told him i need one asap. I western union some money to him and to my greatest shock, the card was shipped to me in 44 hrs. When i got it i went to a near by ATM which was across the street from my house and i asked for $9000 and it actually dispensed the fucking cash{ WHAT A MIRACLE} so since then I’ve been able to get money freely with no pin. Contact their email if you truly need this card. (martinshackers22@gmail.com , martinshackers22@gmail.com)….

  • Miranda

    Ok here’s the deal! I have two roku. One stick, one roku 3. If me and my daughter try and watch two things on demand I get a message saying your video has stopped because content is being viewed on another device. But if one of us is watching live TV it doesn’t do that! What’s the deal? I had sling reset my account twice and it continues to do that. Can someone help?

  • Richard McKinnie

    how to stop roku talking to me

  • Pam Topper

    Can you help me? I lost all of my information in the floods in the
    spring AND down here I am finally getting back to my television. I have the remote with Netflix, Amazon,
    Rdio, and Google Play. I can’t find a picture on the internet to tell
    me what I have so I can’t get technical support.. I have tried the
    “unplug/remove batteries/push button” and the “homex5/up/rwd x2/ff x2”,
    and “unplug everything” methods. I cannot get past the Home Page. The
    remote will not work past that point! (tears)

  • desktop or media server. , download stream You new Roku a good products from your TV with Roku Deals

  • Peter

    Always have problems setting up new channels. So pissed off right now about to go back to Apple TV
    Trying to connect to Britbox and trying all day.

  • Debbie Boege-Tobin

    The CBS app on my Roku stops working/cuts off, often multiple times, during a single episode of various shows. Is this a Roku issue or CBS app issue? Any suggestions on how/if it can be fixed would be greatly appreciated! I really don’t like paying monthly for this CBS service when it works so poorly.

  • Syndi

    Do only certain Roku apps only work on certain Roku devices? I added Britbox and it is showing on my Roku stick but in the other room where I have my Roku XD the app does not show up at all.
    I subscribed to Britbox through the Roku website.