New to Roku? We’ve compiled some helpful links to get the most from your soon-to-be favorite little black box. Did you know you can travel with your Roku player, or use your Roku as a DVR? Read on to find out more.

Roku 101: everything you need to know (about your Roku)
We’re constantly adding new entertainment choices and features to make sure you have the best streaming player out there. Part that promise is to make sure you know all the tips and tricks for your new favorite toy. We’ve crammed some useful information into a cheat sheet on our blog to help you on your way.

Our friends at have compiled a few key tips on your new Roku player. From setting up to finding something interesting to watch, they have it all covered. Check out the article here.

Instant Watcher
Want to know what the latest Netflix streaming titles are? This site is dedicated to helping you find the best streaming entertainment Netflix has to offer. You can even sort through NYT critic’s choice for some great cinematic treasures.

Roku Guide
The team over at does an excellent job of reviewing all the new channels, games and entertainment choices Roku has offer. If you haven’t stopped by before, now is a great time, their “essential channel guide” will help you sort through the 400 channels in our Channel Store.

Welcome to Roku and happy streaming!

Did we miss something? Let us know if there are more sites out there that you find useful in the comments below.

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  • Danny

    I would like to listen to my Sirius Radio on Roku player using my Sirius account.!

    • Dougbrown12

      Call Sirius and get them to make a Roku channel. I prefer Pandora andit is free. Had XM and it is no better than Pandora. XM gone, Cable gone, DirectTV gone. I had to learn how to decide what to watch or listen too before turning on the TV or stereo.

  • Sue

    Moved our Roku from one TV to another and now we can’t connect. Why

    • As in the internet can’t connect?

    • As in the internet can’t connect?

    • Mabusjoe

      Too far from the Wifi?

    • Mabusjoe

      Too far from the Wifi?

  • Cozumeldeb

    Sorry for probably a often asked question, but I can’t find the in cozumel mx half the year. Will the Roku work here?

    • Ken

      The same goes for me. I am in Cozumel have a home here. Love ROKU in the states with Netflix. Found out yesterday Netflix dosen’t stream in Mx.
      What did you find?

      • Netflix works for me in play del carmen

  • Santanamart

    What is upwith popcorn flicks loading themovie I choose every 30 seconds on all movies all the time?

  • Zx3_2000

    I recieved a unit for Christmas and I do not have a receipt, How do I take advantage of your 30 day satisfaction and return it?..

    • Katzize59

      Have you tried your Roku unit? I bought one last May and have now purchased 3 more…I have one on every TV in the house and got rid of RIP-OFF cable TV…never have a problem with “nothing on TV” anymore!!! LOVE ROKU!!!

      • Hendershot

        Well, what i am wondering is how did you learn to like it. I, mean, i made it work and everything only thing is everything is old, dead or on demand. Nothing LIVE. I am totally disappointed so far. I have the Roku 2 xs. Its like one of those technologies that almost works.8-(

        • Dougbrown12

          Give it some time, dont let an ESO error get you down. Learn HuluPlus.

          ESO= Equipment Superior to Operator

        • Katzize59

          There are so many documentaries and movies I HAVEN’T seen…I’m happy to surf through the FREE channels as well as Netflix – also have HuluPlus – but, I really don’t like TV shows. I can surf through cable TV and it’s all old or dead (and I have to put up with ANNOYING commercials)…and, now I’m saving $75 a month…that makes me REALLY happy…I don’t like being on a “schedule” to watch certain things, so, a DVR was also necessary. Now, I don’t need all the expensive bells and whistles to watch what I want.

          • Hendershot

            You make some good points. I absolutely love good documentaries like I usually watch on the the History Channel or the Military Channel. Sometimes i just want a local channel though. You know, a news cast or an update on current events through a cable broadcast. But the content is so bizarre. People you have never heard of and the constant upselling on things you would think you are going to be free only to find out, if you are not careful, that it is just a trial leading to a bill later. I just want more LIVE web TV. Another thing. Even though i have a world class monster trophy gateway modem capable of 130Mbps and a great fiber optic cable hook up from Comcast i still spend a lot of time ‘loading’ with a lot of interruptions for more ‘loading’.
            So the pros are doing away with commercials and saving the 50$ a month i was paying. I guess i will have to just work with it and look for the good. I am not going back to paying the cable again. Just saying there is some real disappointment on not getting live TV like I expected,

    • Dougbrown12

      I’ll give you $20 for it.

  • Dissatisfied

    Worst ordering and customer service experience in my life. ROKU’s CSRs are not based in the US and therefore have no power or insight to help new customers looking to get refunds or technical support. Terrible experience. Avoid ordering from the Roku website at all costs.

    • Pissed at Roku

      Agreed. So frustrated with CS I could scream. Bought a Roku 3 and it is defective: I’ve been jumping through hoops for a week trying to get it replaced by Roku.

  • Storliestrven

    i would likr gma on abc liuve

    • Matt

      Ya I’m trying a way myself to stream live ABC, because I dont get local channels in my area at all! iF YOU’VE FOUND A WAY PLEASE LET ME KNOW

  • Thowes9

    Doug: Love my new Roku 2 and reading your blog about Roku. Please fill us in about the official YouTube channel that was discussed back in September. Eagerly awaiting it.


  • BJK1

    I would like to get more info ablout travelling with my Roku?

  • Sultanofswing

    I have created a roku private channel for my website which succesfully uses amazon S3 to host video files. I was able to get the roku player to play the vidoe from amazon S3 but only by making the video readable by the public when normally I have a bucket policy that only allows you to view the video if the referer header in the HTTP request comes from my website.

    I would like to have some help modifying the brigthscript so that it passes the referrer header to Amazon S3 correctly with my site so that it will allow the video to play without having to turn on read for anyone in my S3 bucket.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Pam Grimm

    Question: I’ve had Roku for five years, the earliest model. I think I read on the Roku site once that the top model now let’s you access Roku from any tv in the house, true? I can’t find this info on their site anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck .

  • OneSearchToRuleThemAll

    Am I the only one who is still looking for one central place, website, app, or something that can search ALL the Roku channels? I can’t believe it doesn’t exist. Yet it doesn’t.

    Or does it?

  • Thelumbergurl

    Will the ROKU work with older tv’s.

    • Kcggotwings

      yep. if you have the composite (red-white-yellow) cord connection. I hooked it up to my old tv that way and my parents older tv and it worked fine. I have a roku 2 xs (I hear its not good for netflix, but I dont have netflix. Try the roku2 ds if you want it for netflix). Otherwise I use the HDMI cord.

      • 2011thejackson5

        I am trying to hook my Roku2 up to an older tv and I have composite audio video cable but there is nowhere on the roku to hook it up. Any suggestions?

  • Pkumar

    Would Roku work with Sony KV 32FS120?

  • Beabaldridge

    How do you use the Roku as a DVR? We just cancelled DISH and are exclusively using Roku and an antenna for local channels. Whew! What a relief and freedom!

    • Lanelleishandymom

      Did you get an answer?? I want to know the same thing and can’t find the info.

    • Lanelleishandymom

      Found a video about how to do it:

      Scroll near the middle/bottom of the page

  • Campbellkidz

    How can we use our ROKU as a DVR…….I can’t find the info anywhere…Please help!
    p.s. LOVE OUR ROKU!!! Freedom from !#%^$#@!#%! commercials!

    • Kcggotwings

      the only thing I have seen is the nowhereman dvr by cord cutters. but you have to have an apple itv component. I’ll keep looking.

  • Disappointed Roku Buyer

    Just bought a Roku XD. Can’t connect to the internet. It’s not my network. It’s a bug in the Roku. Please test more before taking our money 🙁

  • roku needs web browser

  • Craig

    Has anyone used Roku connected with a wireless hotspot? I can’t find any definitive info on if/how this is done.

    • TommyG

      Yes. My my boss hooked hers up that way. I wouldn’t recommend as a permanent solution for your house for obvious reasons. Great for when you travel though.

      • TommyG

        It works just like you would think. Turn your hotspot on, tell your Roku to feed off of that signal.

  • cschweg

    Do I have to have a router to hook the Roku up to. I do have a wifi connection but no router

  • Kris Allen

    how do i hook up my roku to my fiber optic cable box so i can watch it sometimes or still watch cable?my tv is not hdmi ready.

  • gpw

    Can I run a roku through a dvr to my old tv?

  • Marily Perez

    I have problem with the sound I can’t hear anything unless I’m using the headphones.

    • Stev en

      You need to get a separate $5-10 generic remote to control your TV. The Roku remote won’t control volume on a TV, except when using headphones, and yours is likely turned all the way down.

  • Ryan Barngrover

    i want to be able to pause .. rewind…? does this do that or do i need a dvr?

  • phyllis

    should i set the tv on dvr to get it to work the and are not talking to each other

  • Taylor

    I will turn my television completely off, then come back an hour later and my Roku has turned the tv back on for “sleep mode” because all you can see is the Roku screensaver. Any suggestions?

  • CJW

    Not seeing anything about being able to use it as a DVR. I’m thinking about getting one but don’t/can’t watch live TV, so if I can’t use it as a DVR then it’s pointless to get one. I can already access Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon on my PS3. How can we use it as a DVR for our cable channels?

  • Mikaël Msquared

    How do I connect my Roku Express, with my flatscreen tv, my dvr and wireless Sennheiser headphones (for the hearing impaired). Any suggestions are appreciated 🙂

  • Harry Peter Rose

    moving house how do I change my email address shall not know new email address until after I move…. so how do I access my roku account?

  • Heidi Jo Brandt

    i just bought a roku express plus and there is no logo showing on my screen. i have checked the connections several times and changed the hdmi ports as well as direct power, not through usb. what can I try

  • Kelly

    How do you keep the Roku Sharp TV from narrating everything you do out loud?

  • judy mcfarlane

    I wanted to add MHz to my roku viewing. So I clicked on it, then went to my computer as instructed to give my billing information, email, etc. Then I was instructed to go back to my TV screen and use the code to activate, then instructed to go back to my computer, go into However, no such site came up so I searched the other similar sites and went into the most significant and typed in my problem, then was directed to a Pro Tech but only if I provided a $5.00 refundable deposit. What!!! No way. So then I could not figure out what to do and called Roku but after talking to a tech for many minutes, the connection was lost. Now I am wondering if I should establish a credit card account directly with Roku and if so, will this allow me to simply, without problems, just click on a Pay for View Movie or add CNN or sling or MHz.

    Appreciate input.

  • janet

    I changed my server need to put in new network

  • Bernie

    if I have two or more roku devices in my home can I have different programming on each tv/rocu?

  • Aaron Mackey

    I lost the remote to my Roku 2 XD so I’ve been using an app. We recently just switched internet service providers and can’t connect the Roku to the new network because the digital apps can’t connect to the Roku because the Roku isn’t connected to the new network. Any suggestions?

  • John Heidel

    I have 2 Roku express boxes, one on the TV downstairs and one on the TV upstairs. I have a subscription to MLB.TV. My wife and I like different teams, when she is watching her team upstairs and i am watching mine downstairs, both games are constantly being disrupted to download. When only one is being played there is no problem and you get constant streaming.
    Anybody have a idea what causes this?