It’s officially official, people: Roku has made the leap across the pond! Your favorite little streaming players are now available for pre-order in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS can be pre-ordered now at for suggested retail prices of £49.99 and £99.99. Both models are expected to ship at the end of January.

Roku currently features more than 40 entertainment channels in the U.K. and Ireland including on-demand films and programmes from Netflix and Crackle (Crackle is currently not available in Ireland); live and on-demand sports from MLB.TV and Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation; music from Classical TV and TuneIn; photos and videos from Facebook and Flickr; news and entertainment from WSJ Live from the Wall Street Journal, and others from around the world – plus casual games like Angry Birds. We’ll be adding more major content channels soon, so stay tuned!


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  • marcoscu

    Hope you will be adding the UK TV catch up apps too soon!

  • Brilliant!!!. Can you please list the 40 channels which are available at launch, And please tell me that is one of those channels

  • Brilliant!!!. Can you please list the 40 channels which are available at launch, And please tell me that is one of those channels

  • Timmymorgan

    Will you be adding BBC iPlayer? Would love to know before I pay out, it’s between this and the Boxee box.

  • Jeff

    I can’t find it on

  • Les_rog

    hope we get British Tv here in the USA soon

  • Anonymous

    Where is the “Channels available in the UK” list? I looked and didn’t find.

    We all know, after all, that channels are limited by geography. 🙁

  • Dkeeble

    Just heard Roku is coming to the UK one thing saddens me! Why is the Roku LT $49.99 in the USA and £49.99 in the UK when the £ is equal to $1.48? Rip the UK off again

    • Average Joe

      the answer is VAT. 🙂

      • RokuUKSucks

        VAT in the UK is 20%. Assuming that the USA had no sales tax that should make the product sell for $99. It sells for $123. So its almost 25% more expensive after you correct for VAT. I think people in the UK have just gotten used to being ripped off because everything is more expensive. There is a grey market opportunity waiting to be exploited in this country in most product areas…

  • Looking forward to this, but have to agree with what has been said about pricing. I can see the Roku LT selling at £49.99 just about, but at £99.99 for the Roku 2 XS, no way.

    Also why is the UK paying this much for it. Its priced at $49.99 in the US. Thats £32.58. It should be getting sold at £34.99 for the Roku LT and £69.99 for the Roku 2 XS here in the UK. At the moment we are better off buying the box from the US and getting it shipped here. Even with shipping costs it will be cheaper then what you are selling them for.

    Selling the Roku LT at £34.99 and the Roku 2 XS at £69.99 twill make them sell well. At the Moment the Roku 2 XS is to close to the price of the Boxee Box. For £25 extra people will get the Boxee Box over the Roku 2 XS or just buy a Samsung Blu-ray Player with Smart Hub for around £200. Roku 2 XS does not offer enough to be priced at £100. The XBOX 360 only cost a bit more then that and people can use that to use Netflix. So you really have no justification to charge that much.

    I also would like to know what default channels it will come with. For it to do well it will need BBC iPlayer 4OD and itv player. Also and

  • Im so excited! This is gonna be freakin awesome!

  • Yawn

    i can’t get netflix or crackle and only see about 9 channels, not 40

    • paul

      Same here it worthless

  • Jeffreylloyd5

    I just ordered my Roku from Amazon can’t wait to try it out

  • PaddyIreland

    Will you be adding RTE player for Ireland?

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  • TV

    That’s great news. Content will only get better over time. Can’t wait to get one and try it out.

  • Delroy

    what are the 40 channels please?

  • Maria Cerase

    I have a roku purchased quite some time ago and I now that Netflix is finally available in Ireland… the Roku doesn’t find any activation code. Please launch when you are sure the service is going to be reliable.

  • Edwin Woodland

    can i use the usa roku in england?

    • Jac7jo

      Just had live chat with ROKU and they say yes but you will not get programming that has GEO filters applied- like Netflix and Hulu Plus etc.

  • Shane

    The boxes were removed form amazon, can’t find then anymore?

  • Chrisjcks

    Hi, can someone post the links please I can’t find them. Also, where is the XD version, I just want the 1080p version but don’t wish to pay for ‘gaming’ that I don’t want.

  • Patjd2000

    I ordered the Roku 3100EU XS AV Receiver Set-Top Box on Jan 17th with expected elivery of Feb 6-13.
    However, today I get an email form amazon saying the delivery is delayed until 2013?!?!
    Please explain why this has happened?

    • Patjd2000


  • MH

    Hi Just received new Roku over here in the UK. Very pleased with it. One question I do have is why are we not allowed to add Justintv, and Filmon as Private Channels? Surely if Apple allows them to be used in the UK as apps from Itunes UK, Roku could allow access?

  • Does Roku product has discounts as well? I want to acquire and will purchase about 2-3 products since I love their products. Can you please email me?

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    • Justin

      Yeap! Right now, you can save 10 bucks on Roku 2 XS & XD. More info on Roku streaming playerhere.

  • Tom Buckley

    I recently got the Roku 2 from a relation in the u.s. I set it up by opening a Roku account and I have a Netflix account. I can use Netflix through a laptop fine and can also run many of the Roku applications but when I try to access Netlix on the Roku it goes of f trying to make contact but never returns. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only problem setting up the Roku was that the closest time zone I could find was Costa Rica

  • naz

    when is roku adding bbe1 bbc2 itv e4 4od sand other tv catup

  • Did you Forget to make the currency conversion from Dollors to Pounds, becaue your “49.99” price is actually 79 Dollors or 60 euro’s
    Whats up with gauging the Irish and English?
    And Will a US purchased Roku Work in Ireland and the UK?

  • Rjill7475

    Plz suggest why roku is better than unotelly or unblock or any other vpnstrong like service

  • R Barry

    The ROKU and Netflik movie channels for Ireland are a waste of time,and untill such time as Crackle and other movie channels are available in Ireland ,I suggest that you wait untill they area, I have discontinued my ROKU LT and NETFLICK after only 7 days usuage.

    • Michairl

      LOL…buy a proxy ip from america for 3.99 dollars per month. with netflix that means the over all cost rises to 10 euro a month but and here it is man…Netflix usa is amazing. the stuff they have on it god such a difference. Have my wee runnig tru the proxy and also my tablet. Love Netflix now.

  • R Barry

    The ROKU and Netflik movie channels for Ireland are a waste of time,and untill such time as Crackle and other movie channels are available in Ireland ,I suggest that you wait untill they area, I have discontinued my ROKU LT and NETFLICK after only 7 days usuage.

  • lemcabuhat

    I live in Mexico and with TelMex I get a maximum download speed of 5mbs.

    I LOVE MY ROKU!!!!!

    I use it with GetUSAWebsites.TV (Access code 816) They’re different in that they only jump in when the geo check is done, but the rest of the time it’s a direct connection NOT going through a proxy. The result is that I ALWAYS get a HD signal awesome video on Netflix, and Hulu. I hate other services where too many users bog down the server, and the quality goes up and down. (Mostly down and skipping!) Grrrrr….

    I think GetUSAWebsites approach is superior, and am VERY happy.

    My local friend has only a 1.7mbs download speed, and they are using it with their Roku and they love it too.

    GetUSAWebsites has 2 plans. Basic is $4.99 and Deluxe is $7.99 a month. I seriously couldn’t live without it!

  • Bill

    I’m in ireland, theres a new version of the roku interface/os out search function on the main page, lets you search for titles on netflix, hulu, amazon etc…very exciting until you select a title, search and get nothing! Question for whoever reads this from roku: are we going to get access to these channels (other than the very limited netflix choices we have) or is this just a pointless addition?

    • paul

      You can’t get any of good channels in Ireland if I had of known this I would not bothered buying a roku box,

  • Bill

    See it says you’re hiring! Why don’t you hire someone to check this ‘blog’ and respond to some of the comments from time to time?

  • can you access RTE player in the UK through Roku?

  • cathalj

    Just recieved my Roku 2 XS , however i cant pair it with my router – a cisco EPC2425 from UPC – any ideas anyone?? Any help very much appreciated!!

  • RokuUKSucks

    Why is the Roku so much more expensive in the Uk than in the USA and they are also selling old models!? The Roku 2 sells for effectively $123.4 in the Uk (Its $79 in the USA) and the Roku 3 only costs $99 in the USA. You cant buy the roku 3 in the UK. Do they think we are stupid when they match the £ with the $?

  • Jim

    Just bought a Roku LT in Maplins, netflix is not in the channel store, how can I get it??

  • jim weldon

    I have roku stream stick but it will not pair up To remote can anyone help roku help li e cannot

  • gonedownthetubes

    can I get any british tv channells on the roku 2, I live in Ireland

  • IrishPerson

    A terrible box for people in Ireland wouldn’t recommend…

  • colm Eglington

    What a waste of Money. Full of rubbish no decent content for Ireland. Why sell it here. On the box it has BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and others. Rubbish gonna bin it!!

  • Jim Monaghan

    Can I get Channel 4 or All 4
    In the Republic of Ireland