Here are some fun flicks to keep you out of harm’s way this Friday the 13th, muhahahahaha (cue spooky music). As always, if you have a suggestion on the perfect lazy Sunday flick, please post ‘em in the comments. Happy streaming!

Netflix New Releases:

  • Tucker & Dale vs. Evil– Backwoods boys Tucker and Dale see their peaceful cabin trip turn into a nightmare when college kids camping nearby accuse the duo of being psychotic killers (2010)
  • Office Space– I believe you have my stapler…. Mike Judge’s ode to corporate Nihilism is one of the most quotable workplace comedies ever (1999)
  • Eams: The Architect and The Painter– This documentary tells the story of the husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames, widely considered America’s most important designers  (2011)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • Parks and Recreation: The Comeback Kid– Leslie enlists everyone in staging an attention-getting event, while Ben explores new hobbies (2012)
  • Celebrity Wife Swap– Flavor Flav’s and Dee Snider’s wives, trade places…mayhem ensues (2012)
  • Modern Family: Egg Drop– Claire and Jay’s competitive streaks lead them to trouble (2012)

Crackle New Releases:

  • Sniper– It’s the Pringles chips of action franchises, watch one and you just can’t stop (1993)
  • Circuitry Man-A wacked-out surreal sci-fi camp comedy romp that succeeds because it doesn’t dare to take itself too seriously (1990)
  • Spun– Jason Schwartzman breaks bad in a meth-fueled descent into darkness tweaked with black humor and unexpected cameos (2003)

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • Moneyball– The story of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players (2011)
  • Killer Elite– Two of the world’s most elite operatives go up against the cunning leader of a secret military society, in this action-packed romp (2011)
  • What’s Your Number– A woman looks back at the past twenty men she’s had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love (2011)

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  • Cathylatham11

    Ok, I see these new releases on Crackle but I don’t have them. Like Spun I searched for it on Crackle, but don’t find it. Are these already supposed to be on, or are they “coming soon”