Calling all Roku Revolutionaries! You deserve a reward.  Tell us which insider-community benefits sound the most exciting in the comments below.

  • A chance to suggest new features to our product team
  • Discounts to give out to friends and family
  • Access to insider-only events
  • Early access to new Roku products and features
  • The ability to help other Roku fans
  • A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku
  • Limited edition Roku swag

Did we miss something?  Post your suggestions too – we’re all ears!

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  • Guest

    This is what I would love to see: Early access to new Roku products and features.

  • All of them sound amazing. Why would I not want to help the company thats changing media?

    • Mattadams007

      Browser/Web Browser Software with QWERTY Remote *a la Boxee.*

  • Discounts to give out to friends and family!

  • I’d like “Early access to new Roku products and features” and “A chance to suggest new features to our product team” the most.

  • Craig Pifer

    How about all of the above? I would love some Roku swag, and I also think that it is important for the developer to listen to the customers in regards to features. It would be great to have some influence in the future of the technology.

  • I’d like to see the rewards in the following order:

    A chance to suggest new features to our product team
    Early access to new Roku products and features
    Limited edition Roku swag.

  • special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku

  • swag

  • A chance to suggest new features to our product team
    Discounts to give out to friends and family
    Early access to new Roku products and features
    And I second the swag idea!

  • Ccdcummings


  • $5-$10 off a another Roku. (Even if it is a model below what you own)

  • Not just early access, but I want to BETA Test some hardware and software.

  • Swag is always fun!

  • Mark Langston

    I’d most like A chance to suggest new features to our product team. The ability to have a conversation with the product team and give them direct user feedback and ideas on how to improve the product is, in my opinion, invaluable. In my experience users (of ANYTHING: a product, a tool, a weapon, etc.) will have (sometimes very good) ideas of how to improve upon the existing functionality, no matter how well thought-out the original design is.

  • Matt

    I’d have to say early access to new Roku products and features

  • Bgdg1968

    i would love to see more Bluetooth connectivity being able to listen to pandora on my portable Bluetooth speaker would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    A chance to suggest new features to our product team

  • Robert Steagall

    Beta testing new channels would be awesome!

  • birdinchicago

    Access to MORE top-rated films, including those from indie studios.

  • Swag and discounts!

  • Rvandusen1

    I would like to see a chance to talk to the product team and suggest new features. Also, some discounts to give to friends. How about a free month to netflix or amazon or hulu even if you have those services.

  • Swag. If that means I’m a shallow, materialistic consumer, well, d’uh. Preferably the swag will feature the irascible Roku the Raccoon, who is the most adorable purple anthropomorphic raccoon mascot I just made up.
    Also, awards of Netflix/Amazon free month coupons would be righteous.
    Thank you for asking.

  • Cjpiano

    Early access to new Roku products and features
    Limited edition Roku swag
    Discounts to give out to friends and family

  • Jazzymom

    wish there was youtube access. I just bought mine friday and slowly learning my way around. I wish the private listings were not private. lol. Had a friend of mine not told me about all of them I was on my way to take mine back to the store. But once I realized there was even more I am in love.

  • Tracyt42

    I would like discounts for a new Roku for the long term Roku lovers.
    I would really really like the newsletter.
    Voting on new features and channels

  • I want to have a browser for online streaming.

  • And also please add app for youtube.

  • Guest

    Discounts for family or purchase of additional Rokus per family.

  • I like that you are able to share discounts with family and friends – we all have a Roku and it is nice to help a pal out!!! (We have three in our home and gave a lot out for Christmas!)

  • Moonsent

    Swag and discounts

  • I would like credits to some of the ROKU channels. For example, get 6 months free of Hulu+ or any of the channels. Then we choose if we want them or not afterwards. Another suggestion is try to get other companies in on this ROKU product. This thing is AWESOME but I wish I had local Atlanta news channels on here or live Food Network or ABC networks, including ABCFamily, ABC, etc. I don’t have cable, but I do have local channels, but sometimes the signal does not allow them to come in. So if I could get it through ROKU it would be awesome!! 🙂 Also, I would an actual list of all of the channels, including the *secret ones* that can let us in. I have the ROKU XS 2 and now I’m so convinced of this thing, I have told EVERYONE about it and ready to work for ROKU’s marketing department! 😀

    • Maddiesmom

      free 6 months of Hulu+ sounds good to me. I’d also like to be able to get basic Hulu streaming.

      • My husband and I feel the same as the two of you about getting limited free access to the paid channels. I don’t want to have to pay money for the channels that I don’t know I will like. Everyone knows you test drive the car before you buy it! Basic Hulu streaming is a GREAT idea! Also like the idea of having the regular local channels available. More games and a better variety of games would be awesome also!

      • Joel L.

        You’re not missing much. I’ve been a hulu+ member since it became available and either Hulu or Roku can’t seem to fix the problems with hulu+ streaming. It freezes, hiccups, reboots the box almost all the time. I have no other issues streaming any other channel…just one of those that I unfortunately pay for.

  • Janetk

    Newsletter, swag, insider only events

  • Discounts on Roku hardware for channel developers.

  • Gwenevere

    the ability to stream youtube videos on roku

  • Fatimah

    I feel all of your points make sense.. I have sold my family on the Roku and now all my family have one and two of my family members have 2 each. The product sells itself. We just have to nudge people we know to step outside the BOX and into a new world of entertainment.

  • upgrade discounts would be great! I still have the first version of the box and am waiting for a good reason to upgrade.

  • Jan Studebaker

    A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku, and Early access to new Roku products and features.

  • Dave007j

    All of the above plus free movie rentals from time to time and discounts on channels.

  • I want 1080 content, and what everybody else is asking for.

  • Firegod94

    I would like to see a redesigned. Home screen where the channels are easier to navigate. Intergration of a digital OTA tuner and DVR capabilities.

    • I agree with the redesigned of the home screen. The way the home screen is it is not easy to navigate. I can see the home screen having the ability for the user to group their channels into categories, such as favorites, movies, food, games. etc…

      • Mrfirley

        I agree channel groups would be great.

    • Boxee recently added OTA tuner capabilities, which is nice, but I’ve yet to see a good DVR solution for people using OTA. With ROKU, one of my goals is to no longer need cable and to go just OTA and ROKU, but I miss the ability to pause live TV, rewind, and record shows when I want. A ROKU/OTA/DVR hybrid would be beyond awesome.

  • Discounts to give out to friends and family
    A chance to suggest new features to our product team
    Limited edition Roku swag

    Those are my top three. For me, having recently cut cable, I would really like to see more “prime time” options. Deals with individual networks for us Roku owners would be idea…

  • Anonymous

    MaxGO, VUDU, Updated Flixster w/ Ultraviolet support, and some way to offer OTA channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

  • Austin Bishop

    A web browser. Lots of content requires me to hook up my laptop via HDMI to my TV to watch cycling, Clone Wars, etc. I want it on my Roku!

    • Koshu73

      I have my laptop hooked up this way and it is a bit tedious to switch back and fourth!

  • Dianesyracuse

    I’d like there to be a taskforce or member participation to test new features, including online streaming and testing and recommending new channels and features. LOVE my Roku, already recruited four new members!

  • Mmcdermott

    All of the above… though “Early access to new Roku products and features” would be great!

  • Mmcdermott

    All of the above… though “Early access to new Roku products and features” would be great!

  • Mbbutcher

    A nice discount on upgrading to the latest Roku

  • Kyle Kissmann

    How about the opportunity to donate a roku to your favorite charity. A lot of fans have rokus all over the house and have already bought rokus for most of the family. Why not be able to donate them to charities that will benefit, i.e. children’s charities like Ritecare and orphanages, small business assistance and employment assistance groups, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Early access to new Roku products and features
    A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku (some people add special channels – how do we DO that??? I want to know!”

  • Reia Duncan

    Access to AcornOnlineTV on my Roku. We LOVE our Rokus!

  • Shamansaviour

    The LE Roku loot, trinkets for us, marketing for Roku. WIN WIN!

  • Devst8

    Discounts, discounts, discounts

  • OK, first I bought one of your original ROKU boxes and was so blown away I have now bought 4 more and given them away as gifts to my family. They are AMAZING! (Just don’t neglect the games feature as that WAS a selling point and the content is still a little sad…)

    Second, We need local channels. ROKU kills cable boxes like RAID on ants but without local channels we’re still stuck paying or hanging 1950-style antennas on our roofs. PLEASE get local channels!

    Third, SPORTS (going along with local channels) My hometown teams are always “blackout” games online which means I can’t watch them. If ROKU fixed this ONE thing they would likely DOUBLE their sales nationwide.

    Last, National News channels (CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews, etc…) need to be on your lineup of channels. SERIOUSLY! Show them with all the commercials – who cares – just get them. Once again, after ROKU kills the cable box, the only two things that normal viewers (at least the ROKU users I’ve know and created) miss are SPORTS and NEWS. We’ve got all the movies, tv shows and “home-grown” video we can handle. PLEASE get all of us “ROKU Evangelists” those two things!

    Oh, and you could send me a t-shirt too if you want, that’d be cool.

    Thanks ROKU you really do ROCK!

  • Bbrice2

    Swag…bring on the swag!!

  • Anonymous

    How about early beta access to new channels?

  • beta test new products, giveaways, big ten network app, new home navigation

  • guest

    How about ESPN? We don’t have cable and so many sporting events are now on ESPN instead of the networks (which we get).

  • Sttharp

    credits for Roku channels would be GREAT>>>

  • Woodrow

    Swag of course, youtube, work out something where a monthly membership could be purchased so that you don’t have to “rent” all the time and access to regular Hulu. I have 2 Rokus in my residence. I love them as I don’t have cable. OTA would be nice too like one of the other commenters posted that the OTA signals in my neck of the woods aren’t that great. Would like to see something in the form of a monthly email giving us tips and information about how to get the most and best use out of the product. Great product…keep up the good work!

    • Woodrow

      That would be a monthly membership to Amazon…my bad!

  • Beta testing, please!

  • Spudospam

    I like the idea of discounts for friends and family. And of course early adopters like us would want an early look at new features

  • Dianeshuber

    Be great if we could subscribe directly to the HBO channel – I’ve killed my cable, but would love to be able to subscribe to HBO directly!! (and showtime too :))

    • Shemoody

      I completely agree!

    • Koshu73

      I just killed my cable as well! I would love this!

    • John O

      Brighthouse will not let me use the HBO Go app…shame on them….I’m guessing they want me to keep that set-top box in every room…rather then have a Roku. If I could subscribe directly from HBO/Showtime/others…I would completely cut my cable cord.

    • Tremor26

      Subscription to hbo go I agree!

    • EJean

      I would love to see this happen too. As a matter of fact, I wrote an email to HBO this morning asking them to make a subscription based service available for the Roku. I would also like to see more channels do this as well, i.e. Showtime. Also, a discount for users with older boxes. I bought mine for Christmas in 2010 and a year later there is a new Roku out and I would have to buy that one for Closed Captions. It frustrates me because I just bought this one AND I am hard of hearing so I would benefit from CC. I would also love to have the Hulu+ & Roku issue resolved. It is pretty frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    Swag, chances to test new products

  • The4g

    I doubt that it could happen but I’d love to be able to access my iTunes from my Roku.

  • Augustson9

    I love ROKU, I would likw to see Fox News channel, with Foz & Friends etc. Please work on that Thank you

  • Anonymous


  • SweetAim

    a monthly newsletter of tips would be amazing. we are serious about cord cutting (the cable type) and need some help and advice. also a credit for referring new friends/relatives.

  • Jason Hurley

    They all sound great! I guess I’d be most interested in “Early access to new Roku products and features”. Thanks!

  • First of all let me begin with saying that I love my Roku2 XS, it’s a great device that has been welcomed into my home theater setup, at such a small size its footprint is almost non existant, and having come from streaming through a PS3 with an absurdly loud fan, its silent operation is greatly appreciated. 😀

    However, as with all technologies, it is not without its faults..

    Firstly, as it stands, my game remote has pretty consistent lag when being used after sitting idle for a while. The lag seems as though it stems from the remote perhaps struggling to redefine its bluetooth connection when awoken from a sleep/battery save mode? I couldn’t say, but that is my assumption and as a result I usually use my iPhone as a remote replacement.

    Additionally, I find that my box freezes on occasion and reboots itself after a few days of use (going in and out of its idle facebook screen saver mode). This can be quite bothersome when i want to stream something quickly, or am being impatient and want instant gratification (I AM American afterall..sigh).

    I have a 2Gb microSD card installed which I thuoght would fix this problem (I do have a large amount of channels) but I am not sure whether or not it has made a difference or if any of my stored data has actually been transferred to it since I still experience the problem. Is there no way to tell? Or am I just missing something?

    Lastly, I remember reading before my purchase that there would be an update coming to the USB media channel that would allow for the decoding of more popular file formats (such as .avi) rolling out towards the end of Summer 2011, whether or not this was hearsay, it was a large part of my decision to purchase the Roku over a WD Live box, (well plus my boss had been raving to me about her first gen roku). Is there any truth to this? My box is up to date, and I know there was a recent firmware update that gave the channel some new functionality (if I remember correctly, it now decodes .mkv?) but .avi support is still absent.

    If not an update to the USB channel, (or in addition to one) I would LOVE a native streaming option! This is what would really be the icing on the cake to the already great experience I get from my Roku. currently I use a beta version of Plex which crashes pretty often:( so a native option would really be great!

    Sorry for my mini review, but these are the things I would truly love to see more than anything of the options up top! Well, I’d also love some free Roku swag.. I mean us Americans love free crap.. 😉

  • Devo Spice

    The ability to suggest features to your team would be fantastic. Crowd-source the product! Not that I have any specific ideas but somebody might.

    Also, and I know this isn’t your fault, but maybe you can pass this on to the right people. The user interface for the Hulu channel is horrendous. The way things are organized may make sense on paper but in practice it makes it tedious to find the shows you want to watch. And those of us who do not yet have 60″ high definition TVs can’t read any of the type on the screen.

  • Aspear

    Early access to new products and features AND a newsletter sounds excellent.

  • Infmom

    I’d love to have some Roku goodies to show off.

  • Abbie Rosario

    Getting access to special/insider shows or programming.

  • Reekieg

    Early access to new Roku products and features. Discounts to give out to friends and family. Would love to have access to BBC and/or BBC America!!

    • Mayura1

      I agree BBC/BBC America would be enjoyable.

    • BBC News live from the UK is a private Roku channel.

  • Debwil7703

    Monthly newsletter would be great!

  • Most useful: conversation with the product team. No, not just “suggest features”: as a long-time product manager, strategy manager, etc. in IT I can tell you that all that gets you is a long list of marginal enhancements, most of which you already thought of. But a conversation with a dedicated user, where you can ask them “why do you want that?”… that’s where you’ll really learn something interesting.

    Least useful: tips on how to get more our of your Roku. If there’s information about getting more out of your Roku, you should be blasting it to every Roku user. Heck, have a Roku channel on Roku (if that doesn’t result in a Divide By Zero error.)

  • Robin

    I’d love to have access to Spotify through my Rokus!

    • Me too

    • Me too

    • Newgreyarea

      My number one request!! My stereo has it but the interface is lame!!

    • Newmoe5700

      Right there with you on that

  • Madbushido

    Suggesting new features.
    Early access

  • I own two and love them, would like repeat customer discounts or rewards.
    discounts for friends and family purchases or multiples buys.
    keep up the quality and you will stay on top.
    Remember in business God, Family, Work.
    also price is forgotten long before quality.

  • Philruehlen

    slingbox channel wold be nice

  • Local Channels

  • Philruehlen

    espn3 would also be good

  • How about an option to buffer an entire movie to view it at 1080P for users that don’t have DSL at a high enough speed to stream it.

  • Kurt Eppley

    Swag. Cat toys, t-shirts, keychains—put Roku’s name on ’em and send ’em my way!

  • Tan bronson

    How about a trade in program that lets me upgrade my 4 year old roku for a new faster one?

  • The suggestion to bring back basic Hulu would be at the top of my list. Others would be suggesting new channels, Roku swag, insider events and early access to new features and Roku products.

  • Dorylew

    No interest in swag at all. Would love to improve navagation of my channels. Newsletter would be good. But a browser ?!? that would be fantastic!

  • Attisb

    Early access to new Roku products and features would be great but so would a Plex client that was built in.

  • John

    The opportunity to be a beta tester would be great. To try out new features (or new hardware?) ahead of John q. Public. SWAG would be cool too.

  • Bob Z

    How about an upgrade trade-in discount for those of us that were early adopters?

    • I second this one!

      • Joel L.

        I second his second!

      • Joel L.

        I second his second!

  • Ron

    Although most folks see Roku as an alternative or substitute for conventional cable TV, I think it could be an excellent complementary technology. I would like to see Roku control my entire TV (cable box & TV) with IR blasters (could be connected to USB port?). The Roku iPhone app is very nice, but could be expanded to show upcoming shows that might interest me. It could also allow us to seamlessly switch between internet based TV and cable TV. Here’s an idea for a future Roku box – run the cable box video through the Roku device and then on to the TV. That way you could add web content to the TV broadcast in a composite picture. Also, you could provide an improved improved interface over the one the cable company provides.

    Also, I have been very impressed with the OnLive technology. Maybe you guys could do a deal? If so, you have just trumped PS3 and X-Box (with arguably better, more convenient games).

  • Afedexman

    Some way to get our local channels wold be great. I am still looking for all the channels, I can’t find nearly as many as it says it has. I have the Roku 2 XS.

    • Afedexman

      Would – not wold….sorry

  • Anonymous

    1. YouTube. Seriously, what is the hold up?
    2. Option for multi-row home screen.

  • I tried to watch the videos I had taken on my camera on my Roku and it said it didn’t support the video type or format, I’m not sure. That was very disappointing. Would love to have that available. Also, streaming news would be great.

  • Have a Roku channel. The Roku channel can provide tips how to develop a channel, news about new channels coming out, upcoming discounts or sales, which channels are providing a free preview, how to improve the user experience, how to solve technical difficulties, etc… Therefore, the user has the option to visit the website or visit the channel.

  • melissa

    I would love to see a search engine on the home screen where you can search for a specific show and it would tell you which channel has that show. Example: If you are looking for “the office, , it would search all the channels and then tell you it can be found on Netflix, hulu, etc.

    Also, I really miss the way NBC used to have their news when it streamed continuously. I hate watching things in podcasts.

  • Anonymous

    >■Discounts to give out to friends and family

    Significant ones, too.

    Here, read today’s post:

  • rye gent

    Ditto o free trials of paid channels, a web browser, and Spotify.

  • Chrisdotconner

    Monthly tips. Easily. That and product development tips! Still need YouTube!

  • Crochetshannon1

    I think it would be awesome If we could buy access to the cable channels like USA, TBS, A&E etc. This would be great for those of us who want just certain channels and can’t afford canker prices. It would also force the cable company to offer ala carte. And it would also put more tv channels on your lineup.

    • Clanton

      We shouldn’t have to buy access to USA and A&E.

    • You can get that for free on USTVNOW. It’s a private Roku channel.

  • vbathory

    The ability to brows by network or content provider on Netflix and to have all the same features as Roku 2 on Roku one would be nice.

  • K.E.N.

    Discounts for family and suggesting new features…ahem…YOUTUBE.

  • Jsl0181

    Stable web browser/ keyboard mouse compatablity

  • Craig

    My requests:
    1. A chance to suggest new features to your product team
    2. Early access to new Roku products and features
    3. Access to the following content/networks: YouTube, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, MSNBC, Current TV, ABC, Real Time w/Bill Maher, USA network, and SyFy

  • Snopea123

    I think everybody is saying the same think in different ways. Be able to test new products as they become available. Get a free 6 month trial to the different chanels so we know what we like as well as what we do not. Discounts for repeat business. ( I bought 3 to give away for the holidays) and a faster way to find what showa, movies, ect.. we want to watch and what channnels they are on. Last but least everyone who has a Roku player of any kind should get the monthly blog.

  • Mchmff

    My wife and I cut the cable and use Roku exclusively . We love our roku but it would be great if we could subscribe directly to the HBO channel. We really would like local real time news.

  • Brian

    My Rankings:

    1. A chance to suggest new features to our product team
    2. Access to insider-only events
    3. Early access to new Roku products and features
    4. A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku
    5. Discounts to give out to friends and family
    6. Limited edition Roku swag
    7. The ability to help other Roku fans

  • Rhonda

    I love my Roku! It has been fading in and out so I guess it is time for a new one! Have most likely wore mine out! LOL Every family with wireless needs one! I watch Netflix and Flixster all the time!!!!!

  • Brez999

    Swag and HBO

  • Kevin

    These are all great comments! I agree more channels to match up with normal tv programming. I like discovery etc. and would like to see these added.

    One of my biggest complaints is Hulu, it’s time they combine web and paid streaming or make it all free until they get all the legal stuff figured out. Also they are charging for the paid streaming service and we still get stuck with commercials.

    I would like to see parental options for channels! My son had a friend stay over and was able to find content not suited for kids.

  • Tejas Bruja

    Closed captioning! Save my neighbors’ ears!!!

    • Fred

      There are some audio/CC options, depending on the channel. Netflix, for example, has it.

  • Ron S.

    I have three Roku’s plus bought one for our son’s apartment.. obviously we are big fans. Love your bulletin advising of new movies. Crazy about HBOGO but wish we didn’t have to pay U-VERSE $16.00/mo for HBO
    premium channel but HBO has best series selections. Might you be able to convince AMAZON to start direct streaming instead of having to pay for each movie.. we would gladly pay a monthly fee like Netflix charges.
    Are you coming out with a conversion kit allowing us to use your new “streaming stick” on standard TV sets?

  • Walkerapt

    A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku
    Discounts to give out to friends and family

    I’m still so new and un-informed as to what the box can/will do, so I am not even sure what you are offering above! I’m probably missing lots of benefits that are already included/offered with the purchase of a roku! I am a busy, non-tech type middle age woman with no time to play with the equipment..; )
    When I do get a few minutes I want to watch something, not try to figure out how to use/expand my box options…

    I would like to see more Christian programmers to get online. Could that be some of that private stuff mentioned in some of the comments below?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, glad to see some love for your fan. Discounts for friends/family sound great, I recommend Roku all the time. Early access to new features (and an opportunity to give feedback on those features) would be great too.

    I’m impressed with everything that Roku has done ever since it was launched as the “Netflix Box,” looking forward to your next steps here!

  • The one below I like most so far is the ability to trade in my current roku for a newer version, and my desired feature for that new roku player to have would be a web browsing capability, so my tv can be my complete web station.

  • auroraborealis

    Bummed that Hulu+ doesn’t consider my Roku a computer. I can’t stream some of the content because of it. There’s content I can only watch from a pc but not a mobile device. I’d like to see this rectified some how.

  • I know that this is more on their end, but Amazon needs better channel navigation. The new channel design is nice, but it still lacks a queue! A Netflix like queue for Prime subscribers is a must!

  • blogger

    Facebook code activation problems.
    Various failed solutions:

    *re-boot Roku device & modem/router.

    * delete facebook channel and add channel back in

    *enter new code on (6 digits, received Roku error from facebook)

    *enter code on on (5 digits, code is 6)

    Roku Support just repeats all of these solutions to the problem of adding facebook. All have failed after numerous attempts

    Does anyone have a solution?


  • John

    awrite, how do i play shows, im not going to get upset, how do i play shows, anything?! im all set up and it’s stuck on settings, awready had to exchange unit, finally connected and set up, now i’ve pushed every button on the remote and nothing, nice paperweight!!!!

  • Guest

    I would like a Slingbox channel.
    Second would be an upgrade path for my older Roku box.

  • Eric

    You could add VEVO that would be a nice app.

  • Morgan Whitney

    “Early access to new Roku products and features” sounds awesome. I would love the ability to switch back and forth between a stable production version and a bleeding beta edge system.

  • Morgan Whitney

    “Early access to new Roku products and features” sounds awesome. I would love the ability to switch back and forth between a stable production version and a bleeding beta edge system.

  • * A chance to suggest new features to our product team
    * Early access to new Roku products and features
    * A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku
    * Limited edition Roku swag

    Better Channel navigation for Netflix and Amazon

  • * A chance to suggest new features to our product team
    * Early access to new Roku products and features
    * A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku
    * Limited edition Roku swag

    Better Channel navigation for Netflix and Amazon

  • Cowboygas

    .avi support in the USB channel

  • Would love to see more kid programming for sure

  • Koshu73

    Would love to see the channel navigation be configurable and be able to be something other than liner. The next, next, next approach is a bit lame in this day and age.

  • Privatebecause

    A steady stream of national news instead of clips. I watched on Newscaster until the change, deleted it after. I don’t mind the ads, put them on then go with a steady stream of content. Also a good list of all chanels with codes that are easy to access would generate more revenue for you.

  • Thefixxer1200

    i like to see more channels from usa and uk ,lots of forgin channels already that i dont watch .i like also to see some type of basic web browers to search for online programs not offered on my roku2xd right now,(i use my laptop hooked to my big screen for this right now). i would also like to have roku add these channels,,,basic,syfy rewind,,and many other channels from usa broadcasters.dont get me wrong i love my roku2xd greatly, but adding these features would make roku a complete cable and satalight killer and hold them in the number1 spot.i have had 22 people buy either th roku2xd or roku2xs since i showed them how it works and how well it works,and they all had have people buy a roku product after seeing it also.keep up good work and please take peoples comments to heart to make roku better and make the roku rebel cord cutters happy

  • Joshua Bozann

    Free Rokus!

  • Jakroyd

    early access to features

  • Bothenjs

    early access

  • early access & discounted to new products and insider information would be great….. especially to those who crowd source your facebook page “hint hint”

  • punk


  • Mike

    Youtube, American Customer Service & Live Sports

  • All – THANK YOU for the valuable comments! You will be the first to know when we have something in place. I especially think Roku the Raccoon has some legs…we’ll get the design team on that :0p.

  • jjjam

    Brand new user and Love Roku! I’m telling everyone! Would love an app for youtube and a list of all channels.

  • Joe

    I have a Roku that isnt too old yet it cant support HBO GO?? why cant the older models be flashed with new firmware to add these app? I have many tv’s in the house but makes me not want to buy anymore of them. Look at the iphone; newer models come out and the older models run the same apps!

    Whats with the HBO GO not working with Brighthouse Networks in TampaBay?

  • Tremor26

    Need browser so can use at all hotels with user name. And password info for Internet I travel I have 3 roku devices. But one for travelers with a browser or option for user name and password entry would be great

  • I’d like to be able to see how much space a channel is gonna use if I add to my Roku also how much I have on my Roku

  • I’d like to be able to see how much space a channel is gonna use if I add to my Roku also how much I have on my Roku

  • Tremor26

    Hbo and show time subscriptions

  • Kleint

    What is taking so long to get Slingbox on Roku? The Revue has it, and it works great.

  • Silverbacksk8

    A qwerty keyboard an a tv tuner an let everyone know all the benefits of having Playon. An a Roku t shirt in the swag bag.

  • Rhapsody please and closed captioning

  • Liketuhike

    A chance to suggest new features to our product team

    Access to insider-only events

    Early access to new Roku products and features

    A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your

    Those are my faves.

    • Schrammj

      Simply LOVE my ROKU. Able to upgrade current MO
      DELS would be FABULOUS. SOMEHOW getting OTA I. E ABC, NBC etc would be great.
      A wonderful invention.

  • overtimeman

    Would like a channel to order PPV’s such as Wrestlemania and Summer Slam.An offical youtube channel.

  • Anonymous

    How about a different option, “DLNA support for existing products”

    Some Red Bottom Shoes are fusions of individual folks rhythmical movements from distinct destinations and social influences.

  • Either a chance to suggest new features or early access to new roku features

  • Mighty

    Easier navigation. My fiance is visually impaired so just using up,down,left, right arrows are impossible unless he pulls a chair up and sits directly in front of the tv. All of the ipad remote apps that I’ve found provide the same service. An ipad app that provides the ability to search and scroll through menu options on the ipad screen would be great.

  • Kran

    Ok, so I just bought the Roku and can’t get past the sign up stage. It seems that the account information and contact page doesn’t tell me what to input on what lines. What gives? And a 73 minute wait for a live chat. Not very cool, my friends at Roku…

  • Anonymous

    How about adding Weather Nation to the Roku. 24/7 streaming weather channel from the internet. What Weather Channel used to be like. Plus adding Slacker Radio to the Roku since you have Pandora would be choice!

  • Piperpiper2

    i love to see more christan stuff added and love to see more free sports and abc 7 chicago in il live streaming feed adde so can watch the abc 7 chicago il news streaming live also like wgn in chciago il live streaming news feed so can watch it live also like fox news in chicago il live streaming feed added so can watch it live thanks added my user name on fourms are on roku is raymondjtoth so you know. also love to see more live streaming tv on roku for free

  • How about a partnership with Canonical so we can get Ubuntu TV on any TV we want?

    • guest

      Ubuntu TV or XMBC, and the ability to record content to USB drive for playback without needing a PLEX server!

  • How about a Roku and Canonical partnership to bring Ubuntu TV to the Roku so we can get Ubuntu TV on any TV? Could you integrate the micro sd card to act as a “hard drive” to record shows?

  • first time reading in detail about this, i’ve heard about it, but never really looked into it……my question is: why in your listing of available “channels” don’t you clearly indicate which of them has an added fee…… say for instance hockey…….and as of 1/12, this is the monthly cost……. i’d love to dump my cable tv and it’s expensive and poor quality, but without this information to compare it to, i don’t really know how much i’d be saving month to month….. without that help, i won’t be buying roku until i know more. sorry….

  • Allen M Cohen

    Can hardy wait for the TED Channel be fixed!

  • guest

    Partner with INDYCAR to broadcast LIVE races, a la NHL CenterIce and MLB ExtraInnings.

    And do it for an affordable price, like $5/race.

  • RokuCust

    I just installed my 2 XS and as with all new tech products, learning my way around it. But I check Roku’s site daily and do alot of searching for more tips. Of these choices here are my rankings.

    Early access to new Roku products and features
    Discounts to give out to friends and family
    A chance to suggest new features to our product team – you probably listen to our suggestions already
    Limited edition Roku swag
    Access to insider-only events – if online events- yes
    The ability to help other Roku fans – maybe after I have some time with the product
    A special monthly newsletter on how to get even more from your Roku – I thought you already have a newsletter ? but the blog is just as good.

    With your new USB key, you are getting away with the ability to add any physical functions, but most of us don’t mind the box, after all we are replacing a set top box of some kind

    Ability to add a keyboard (wireless, bluetooth, USB) would be good to navigate screens/channels

    A web browser would be excellent (possibly a way to do a code update the units)

    UTube access – would be a top request, especially the way Google is improving it

    a way to setup favorite channels This could already be there, but a quick way to get to what I am interested in.

  • Chertrek

    I’d Love to see Youtube, VUDU, and Cinemanow apps! Talk about blowing the competition out of the water!

  • Sdbos4

    I like the insider-only events, the early access to products and features, and the swag. I tell everyone about my new Roku. Let us show everyone with some swag.

  • Anonymous

    How about clearing the air on the story with HBO Go / Roku / Time Warner Cable? Your forum at has a post that says there’s “negotiations” going on with Roku and Time Warner Cable. Is that true, or is that Time Warner just blowing smoke? I don’t want to wait for months to find out if they are going to support it on the Roku only to find that they have no intention on doing so. Can you PLEASE say SOMETHING, ANYTHING about whether Roku is working with these cable companies that aren’t allowing HBO Go on the Roku? Otherwise, it’s a pretty useless app, and a pretty failed campaign by Roku (and HBO) for this. Thanks!

  • Ritagrita

    How about making Ruku2 with 2 bands to see the 5ghz? We have many things running on the 2.4 ghz on our home network that it slows the Ruku2 download. We took it back in a matter of days since video loaded so much slower than our older Roku. We’d love to have the Roku2, but why if it the video quality isn’t as good? Please, we’re begging you!!!!!

  • Cmpncache

    When, (notice I say when, not if as I see many want this from my readings on the forums) you have the Roku2 available to the dual band 5ghz, make an announcement so all will know, not just us finding it by chance. Thank you for doing this 🙂

  • Daj6607

    How about VUDU App?????

  • Msj0964

    I’m having trouble with the Facebook activation code

  • Bradysgranny

    Why can’t we get the reg. Hulu and Netflix on/with the pay channels?

    • Craig

      Agree with the standard Hulu – what do you mean about Netflix?

  • Jared Tabb

    Early access to new Roku products and features

  • JAMIED516


  • katsrulz

    I really miss my Tru TV Crime shows. 🙁

  • Shelby Nicholson

    Am unable to update my new facebook page on Roku-not accepting the code/ only room for 5 digits in code aenter-area…. what to do?

  • clayemake

    A means to lock and unlock channels without having to delete them entirely. Or some other form of parental control of content being streamed in.

  • BismarckRoku

    I would like to see Roku break the BBC/USA streaming wall. What I mean by that is I would love it if Roku would work with all of the BBC channels in the UK so that there would be various BBC channels offering current content!!! Someone has to take this first step and it might as well be the mighty Roku!! 🙂

  • JJ

    Early access to new Roku products and features!

  • JJ

    Early access to new Roku products and features!

  • Alphabravo

    I am interested in getting additional international news channels such as livestation. Any chance getting them ?

  • Rgmarshall

    Slacker radio is a popular service. Would like to see a Slacker radio channel on Roku.

    • tjoyner

      I second that, Slacker for Roku would be awesome!

    • Wiho1975

      Yes, I second the request for Slacker Radio on the ROKU box.

  • Cosmosjoshsys

    we NEED youtube, and access to cable networks.

  • I have a little, purple accented Roku and we generally LOVE IT. Unfortunately, after around four months of “love”, the middle “enter” button broke away from the rest of the purple foam. It came off in an irregular pattern which denotes just wear and tear to me. My humble opinion is the foam is too weak and one has to push too hard on that area to reach the connection centered below it.

  • Dennis Scianna

    How do i get my local channels on roku

  • Newmoe5700

    Dumped the Dish, embraced the ROKU !! What I would enjoy is a web browser, do I need it nope, would it be a nice addition you bet. I would like to also see Youtube on the Roku, however I doubt google would allow that.

  • Petergct

    When will spotify get a channel? Thanks!

  • Travis Weaver

    Any plans to bring back a digital audio out to the roku series? I know it’s not a high-demand feature, but personally I’d like to be able to run the signal through my super-fancy DAC.

  • Adrian_M

    A web browser would be awesome!!

  • Hellom

    A web browser will be a great addition.

  • Joseph DiPerla

    I would like a chance to submit new suggestions to the product team:

    Just a note, anything with 2 stars is what other competitors ALL or almost all have and Roku should desperately support those things as well to move ahead in the running. Anything with 3 stars would be what would be unique to Roku or is on very limited devices.

    *CinemaNow channel
    **Vudu Channel
    *Blockbuster Channel
    *Sony video and music unlimited.
    ***A Skype channel app and the ability to plug in a usb camera (That we own) into the roku.
    *Google plus channel.
    *Add an email channel.
    *Add an espn 3 channel.

    I would also like to suggest:
    **A web browser channel with Flash 9, javascript, php, mysql, html5, css and built in file format support.(Google TV, Samsung TV, PS 3, Wii, X-Box and even Sony SMP N200 have this now).
    **An option when going into Netflix that it would either take us to the regular netflix or netflix for kids like the PS3 version does.
    ***An RSS Channel where we can put in links to news feeds and read them off our screen.
    **A built in ability for DLNA.
    ***A roku app for the pc which we can use as a remote and also as a dlna server.
    ***Add support to the file browser so that we can plug in our DVD or Blu ray drives and watch either files on the discs or the actual dvd or blu ray movie.
    ***Add support for swf files. This could add an opportunity for live channels from our users.
    *Rather than creating future Roku devices, why not create components we can attach to it such as USB hub for extra ports, memory card reader for additional storage, camera’s, remotes(Which I see you doing), etc..
    *Add support for Divx and Xvid compression movie files.
    *Add support for wma and Wmv as well as mpeg 3 and 4.
    *add official support for playon and tversity as well as orb.
    **USB Keyboard support.
    ***An app that would stream from the Roku 2 to any other dlna device in the house. I have a ps3, a sony smp n100, and android devices that could benefit from this.
    **Add 3D support.
    *Add a picture in picture feature so we can switch between channels easily.
    *Add xfinity tv for subscribers.

    I really think these features would put the Roku 2 XS ahead of the game.

    Compare with this product:

  • Reberclark

    Hello. Love my new Roku2 XS. The purple bouncing graphic “ROKU” was great to see. I thought that it was going to be my screensaver. BUT when I selected the default “bouncing roku” screensaver all I got was the word “Roku” appearing then disappearing in black and white in different positions on the screen. No bouncing at all. No purple. Am I missing something? Please help or advise! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I want BBC America access so I can watch my Doctor Who!

  • Lynn

    I cannot find the link where I can enter my code to Facebook. anne

  • I luv my Roku

    As a new Roku’er, a great incentive to me would be a discount on additional units….. I need ATLEAST 2 more before I can cut the cable!!!

    Also, and maybe this already exists and I just haven’t found it, a search function to be able to find a specific show with out having to go to all the channels and searching each individually. Also, some of the channels that show up in the channel store initially look as if they are free (ex. viaway, which does have a free version, but for pc, not Roku), but then when you go to them to view them, you find you must subscribe.

  • Marva Whitaker

    Why does the HULU channel’s formatting suck so badly?? It’s impossible to read – everything is tiny. The navigation makes me feel like I’m researching a paper. Everything other channel is fairly simple. -I mean, everything could stand to have slightly larger fonts in the descriptions, but I don’t hurt myself trying to figure out what movies I’m watching on Netflix or Amazon. Also – HULU is the one channel that always freezes. ALWAYS.

    • Marva Whitaker


  • Patrick D

    Just bought the XS and love it, BUT PLEASE ADD UTUBE APP! Thank you.

  • Jodynron

    Vudu. Please!

  • Aniket

    I have a question do we need to subscribe with anything in order to watch the tv episodes and sports or its’ included in the price that is 59.99, 79.99, and 99.99?

  • Lisa B Mccurry

    I’m loving my Roku and considering dropping Directv. I’d love to see Food Network, HGTV and Lifetime on here….even as paid channels. It’d be worth it!

  • Gadgetgal488

    Web browser!!!!! I’d buy a new one to get that feature.

  • Josh

    cbs, syfy rewind those twp

  • Whovel

    It would be helpful to have a search capability in the Channel Store. Additionally, it would be nice to have channels say that they aren’t available in my area.

  • Missysmaidservice

    Some of the channels have limited search capabilities but I would like to be able to search all of the Roku channels in aggregate by typing into a search box one or more of the following: program or movie name, actor, genre, subject, category…. For example: ” John Wayne movies” then have all of the John Wayne movies available on Roku channels appear with a reference to the appropriate channel then a click through to that channel or content. I have already determined by accident that some channels charge for content that is available free on another (Grrrr! wasted money) . And one channel might have a few movies but not the one I want and another channel a few more. It would be a huge database but would make it soooo much easier and quicker than having to randomly choose a channel, search by scrolling through thumbnails and realize later what you are seeking isn’t there, then going to another channel and doing the same. It’s easy to put an hour into it never having “watched” anything.

  • Guest


  • Rhunter3


    • Kozmaster

      I bought my Roku to watch Netflix on my TV. I had HOPED it could also put the Web (Anything from the web) on TV as well. When Netflix went from 8$ to $17, I dropped them INSTANTLY! Their content is very limited, and I cannot stand being swindled. But more disappointing then that is, I have this outdated box that sits next to my DISH box that is worthless!!!!! Make it to surf the web and have FLASH PLAYER, and I will sing your praises (remember the old saying…”word of mouth is the BEST form of advertising”????????)!!!!!!!!!!!! One last comment…the “Channels” available on Roku are a joke.. Worse then Netflix!!!!!!!! Old shit nobody wants to watch and just as limited. I’m seriously thinking of trashing Roku and going with COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhunter3

    What does someone have to do to get a simple web browser thats flash compatible on what would be the best streaming device ever if it had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherri Pedersen

    When will you get Slacker Radio App added?

  • Tolpainter

    just bought the xs…can’t hook my wave to it…packing it up and sending it back to the store…will keep my old Roku

  • mudheadmackerel

    I love Roku and find alot of its content alot more interesting, entertaining and valuable than the stuff that’s on standard cable. What I’d love to see implemented is a “home” button on the remote to make channel navigation easier. If you use “My Channels” all the sub menus are there; it does the job, but the one issue is that while “channel surfing” from within “My Channels” when you go back you don’t go back to “My Channels” – you go “back” to where the last channel you checked out was in your regular menu of channels – so then you have to scroll to find “My Channels” again and start all over. It does become a hassle once you have a lot of channels in your personal menu.

    Yes, of course we all want a web browser and YouTube but RateRix is pretty damn good as is.
    Even if the web browser wasn’t free – if it was $10 – it would still be worth it; it would provide so much utility that it would be money very well spent. I hope this happens someday.

  • Brandon Bacon

    Please add a cycling channel!

  • Muelita230

    somebody is here to help me now?????

  • bill

    a search feature would be nice for shows and channels , and having BBC America would be a good thing

  • William Limer

    Please add the National News channel FOX news.

    • mudheadmackerel

      As is, with Roku, what are our options regarding watching the upcoming Presidential debates and the election in real time?

  • KarlHungus

    Please add BBC, more free current movie channels, more anime channels and a search option. Thanks!

  • cycling channel!!

  • Cathy

    Please add old movies with Cary Grant and the tv series, Early Edition.

  • Bryan P

    I would really love to see an Indycar series Roku channel that would show all qualifying and all junior formulae (Star Mazda, US F2000, Indy lights) feeder series as well. I see that major league baseball and NHL have similar channels and it would be great to see something like that for Indycar.

  • I want to know, how or where web page I need to use to drop off my code and use my faceboock on my roku device

  • Allennic

    I know it has been said before but a web browser within Roku would make this device near perfect.This would allow me to browse to ABC or CBS and watch their shows. Currently I have to connect my laptop to my HDTV. I bet Firefox or Chrome would be happy to work with you on this.

  • Cojcfjames

    I would like a cinemanow channel.

  • college football fan

    Can I watch ESPN and Big Ten Network on my ROKU2?

  • Casper

    I would like to see a screen saver that had a password when someone tried to access the box.

  • Casper

    Some one said this below, but I too would like to be able to lock channels. I would also like to be able to lock shows by their rating (G, PG, R etc).

  • Casper

    What would really be cool would be for the device to have multiple accounts. One for Dad, Mom, the Kids etc. with each one protected with a passcode.

  • Elliot Hass

    Can anyone say if Canada’s Space channel is avail anywhere on Roku

  • How about a channel for SideReel and/or Fanhattan.

  • Raansava

    Besides having the web browser and YouTube, I would also like Roku to have audio output for my surround system. Roku gives me access to great radio stations and I would love to hear them with better quality.

  • Pete

    I think if we were able to display PowerPoint slides on a Roku from a network share, it would suddenly have corporate appeal. Imagine using one in your conference room instead of a laptop or dedicated computer…

  • Inparidise

    When is Roku going to get USA network

  • Steve

    Please hook up with NBC Sports and provide a Cycling channel. Many would gladly pay for this. I have maintained cable TV almost solely for this coverage, and have now finally decided to pull the plug on that (after the Tour de France is over). NBC Sports already has a paid streaming option for the Tour. Just need to get in on the Roku.

  • MajorTom

    Xvid support. Add it. For $99 bucks I expected the newest most expensive offering of the Roku (4 months ago) to friggin support Xvid, at very least MPEG 2 etc… What gives, will you be adding support soon. I regret this purchase until I can play these formats. I can convert MY ENTIRE LIBRARY or buy something that can handle the task. I should have done my homework.. My bad…..

  • Borgie

    Simply Put,

    Channels I’d like to see,
    The BBC channels (Iplayer would be just fine).

    SYFY channel, I read back in may that they were going to be releasing a HD app for ROKU but haven’t seen anything on it since.

    Comedy Central

    Cartoon Network






    History channel

    Smithsonian channel

    MSNBC, CNN and Foxnews

    A few other cable standards.

    I don’t mind paying a little for content, but I’m tired of paying 80.00 a month for 5 or 6 channels I actually watch at all.

    Other comments.

    Blutooth Remote needs some work.

    Menu system needs to be more flexible with the ability to categorize content to make it easier to navigate.

  • jamie walker


  • S.Taylor

    Is there a ATSC tuner for the USB coming anytime? Boxee has one being offered now. Would purchase immediately. My 42″ plasma has no tuner and local channels are plentiful.

  • NiC0

    You should have a YouTube channel 😀

    (Also, lots of cable channels have episodes of their original shows online, like the AMC website. Could we have access to that somehow?)

  • djs

    I had a ROKU XS and really want to use it , but was impossible to use after moving into an apartment building with wifi congestion , it doesnt support 5ghz wifi or wired lan.. Had to sadly sell it.

  • kashkow40


  • Swift

    Web browser and option to buy a USB cam to use with Skype.

  • Web browswer with flash support! Youtube app! Status updates and reading and replying to mail on facebook app! Software upgrade to view more file formats!

  • st

    Web Browser Channel. I will buy another device if it doesn’t come out in the next 3 months.

  • JD

    Redbox! xboxlive have this app ..Roku should defieintly get this channel to go along with their subcriptions! ill be to see it soon!

  • Aztekker

    Please include a simple web browser. Not for viewing content, but so we can use the Roku when we travel. Most hotels have a web authentication page you have to login to before you get on their network.

  • Don Scott

    How about a Stageit channel for Roku?

  • Carmen Fouchi

    My Roku is stuck on you tube movies…. I can’t escape! I need help

  • Rich C

    Please strongly consider adding an alternative view for channels.
    One missed feature from the regular, traditional TV experience is the linear channel guide in grid view.
    Cable and Dish providers show side-by-side channels along with current show and up coming shows in a grid.Currently, with Roku you have to enter in a channel just to see what is on, and then select show. and then back all way out to select another channel. Too many clicks for a channel surfer. Thanks!

  • Tony

    Roku is, hands down, the best and easiest Streaming Device on the market today (2016). I personally own 3 of them (2016 stick, Roku 3, Roku 4! Two suggestions and a question.

    I am an {almost] 20 year Video Producer Veteran with 2 Academic Degrees (I note “Academic” b/c my AAS is in “Video Production Technology” which most assume it’s a “technical” degree…it is NOT. It is an Academic Degree from a large University along with a BA in Computer Science). That said, when it comes to Entertainment, I want to RELAX and have NO DESIRE for a complicated device albeit I can always figure out, I – along with other tech-savvy millennials – want the same so KUDOS to you Roku: You HAVE accomplished said feat!

    Ok, that said, in my industry, Quality is MORE IMPORTANT than price. Unfortunately, as an American myself (which I’m proud to be), by in large, most American Consumers care about one thing: PRICE not QUALITY…not really anyway; they care about that coveted “Initial Price Tag.” Such is what has HURT the 2 Best American-Japanese “Giants”: SONY AND TOSHIBA! In fact, TOSHIBA almost quit sales of TVs in North America in 2014 but, at the last minute, decided to “give North America one more chance” by doing what High-End Manf’s were ALREADY doing (like SONY & Samsung, etc.); they have “farmed out” roduction of the most expensive element of a TV today (the LED screen) to another company name Compal who most Americans have never heard despite the fact they build many of the OEM Manf’s screens today anyway. In doing so, they were able to dramatically reduce cost of their [both] HD and UHD TV sets with an exclusive contract with Best Buy*!

    Ok, ALL OF THAT TO SAY: Their NEW 2016 line-up of TVs incorporate Google Cast built in so the platform exists for ANY Streaming Device to be incorporated into their new TVs. The problem with GoogleCast – as far as most [especially] non- millennials (fortunately, I am a millennial albeit an “older one”: 30s) are concerned: is that one MUST use their phone in lieu of a remote which A LOT of people don’t like! Incorporating my point from earlier, TOSHIBA and SONY still make the Best TVs on the market particularly when it comes to longevity (an ironic feature which actually hurts their sales since their TV sets last longer and people don’t have to purchase them as frequently as you would a “Vizio” TV which is riddled with problems since they’ve only been around for…well, NOT EVEN 15 years (versus SONY and TOSHIBA who’ve been around since the late 1800s; yea, OVER 140 years ago!!). Granted, they weren’t making TV in 1875 but they WERE one of the first to do so when the television was invented…hence the reason they dominated the industry for so long UNTIL all these Low-End, Poor Quality Manf’s “got into the game” forcing these “Quality-Focused” companies to find dramatic ways to cut costs just to stay competitive; which they’ve very successfully achieved as evidenced by BOTH the link below which show their 4K TVs for $350-$600…these were sets that cost thousands a mere couple of years ago! OK, my point?

    People are beginning to realize that most of these manufacturers that have built-in ROKU and come with a remote that controls BOTH the ROKU and the TVs basic functions (volume, power, etc.). You would sell MANY more units if you’d create TOSHIBA-branded (and SONY) Roku sets. I realize that the manufacturer is generally the one who makes these decisions but what harm would come from your internal sales force contacting TOSHIBA, for example, and offering them the ability to incorporate ROKU into their (most importantly) already SMART GoogleCast TVs (again, the platform is already in place; an internal port is already in place; think eSata (external) vs. SATA devices (note: this is JUST an analogy). More specifically, though NOT an official term that I know of, said TV sets already have an internal “e-HDMI port” for the Google Chromecast Device which they already employ! Offering them the ability to use said port for an internal ROKU device….BAM! You’ve got a world renowned brand that is a TOSHIBA-ROKU TV now! And as for the remote, it’s as simple as your other ROKU-TVs; the TOSHIBA CODE simply need to be set for the “TV Roku” remotes like Sharp does (my favorite ROKU remote since the Volume button is on the FRONT; the others use the “Side Volume” Rocker which, let’s face it, is an awkward placement for such Roku!

    Right now, one has the ability to purchase a Roku stick and a SideKick remote ( ) which basically enables ANY TOSHIBA TV to be a TOSHIBA-ROKU TV but this doesn’t produce that much in terms of sales for you since the “Roku-Stick” in the ONLY outlet you, as a company, make any money (you’re profit on a, say, $40 “stick” can’t be that substantial after all of the costs: parts, manufacturerin them, etc., etc. and you’re sure NOT making any money off the Independent SideKick attachement!). I’ve found them at Best Buy on sale for about the same cost as a Google Chromecast: $35. There cannot be that much profit for you in that versus signing a contract with TOSHIBA to build “TOSHIBA-ROKU” TVs obviously netting you GREATER INCOME.

    SO, PLEASE CONTACT TOSHIBA (COMPAL) and see if they’re willing to incorporate a tiny ROKU board (i’ve seen pictures of the internal units used in “ROKU-TVs) and since the “internal HDMI-type port is ALREADY “ONBOARD” these sets so….
    Again, PLEASE CONTACT THEM AND SEE IF THEY’RE WILLING TO MAKE TOSHIBA-ROKU since GoogleCast TVs just areb’t going to sell like a TOSHIBA-ROKU TV would! Thanks, in-advance, for considering my input and forgive my verbosity; just felt the need to explain WHY I TRULY BELIEVE THIS TO BE A GREAT INVESTMENT for ROKU (as of this writing, the ONLY truly reputable company – in that how long they’ve been around, name recognition: Haire, TCL, Hisense said what????????????) is SHARP. A TOSHIBA-ROKU would fly off the shelves! Hell, look at ANY of Best Buy’s {approx} 110 stores and notice what brand they chose for their NEW Point-of-Sale (aka: Smart Cash Registers) Systems…particularly the LED TV Screens: TOSHIBA. They chose them in lieu of the FACT they already have their own brands:
    –>>Best Buy’s brands consist primarily of Dynex, Rocketfish, Insignia, Modal, Platinum, & Init (truly Crappy, Low-End/Quality TVs!) and yet they chose the “Best” (no pun intended) for their OWN INTERNAL OPERATIONS?!?

    And who did New York choose years back (with a 20 year contract I believe) to adorn their beloved landmark, Time’s Square (that MOST EVERYBODY watches each New Year’s Eve (to say nothing of the daily use) on TV) Top 3 Jumbo LED TVs: TOSHIBA! These aren’t mere coincidences ROKU! You want to sell more ROKU TVs, then please, I REQUEST, let’s get a TOSHIBA-ROKU TV option!!! Thanks!


    2. Best Buy Point of Sale Systems/Registers (TCx™700 is Toshiba’s most powerful point-of-sale systems used by BEST BUY) at ALL of their store locations (provided the store has updated; most have by this point):


    *4. SIDECLICK COMPANY (LOST REVUNUE for ROKU: 3rd Party Company):

    I could list more links to prove my point: Make a TOSHIBA-ROKU TV and increase your revenue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ll close on a side-note that as a Video Producer, while working for CBS Television, we were ONLY allowed (at least in my department to purchase TOSHIBA or SONY TVs due to their longevity as we, obviously, used them in at a “Business-Grade” Level….basically almost 24/7 and these (especially TOSHIBA LED Laptops were the ONLY brands that would NOT “fail” on us no matter how “HARD WE ON THEM IN THE FIELD!” They were nicknamed: “The WorkHorses”! The SAME could be said of a TOSHIBA-ROKU Smart TV!

    Americans are starting to learn that these “cheaper” TVs don’t last nearly as long! Almost humorously when you “Google ‘Vizio,'” one of the first “Predictive Word Search Results is: VIZIO PROBLEMS! I cannot tell you how many people I know who’ve bought one of these crappy TV only to have it fail shortly after the manufacture’s warranty! Did they really “SAVE” money in the long run (granted, NOT all fail but there are SO MANY “lemons” out there it’s a known-phenomenon now!” And now that TOSHIBA 4K Smart TVs are finally affordable to the average consumer (as evidenced by the very first Best Buy link above), NOW is the TIME for ROKU to act by partnering with TOSHIBA to make a ROKU TV with one of the best known TV Brands in the World!!!! Please consider and TRY is all I ask!

    I’ve provided you with all the CONTACT INFO, etc. you NEED. Now it’s just your part to make it happen! Thanks!


    I have a Roku 3. It would really be nice if I could train the remote to be used with my TV so I could change the volume and (maybe) turn it on and off with the Roku remote

  • Hal

    I want a way to block certain channels on the Roku YouTube recommended list. Apparently you can do this on chrome with a plugin app, so it shouldn’t be too hard for Roku to provide it.

  • JohnQTaxpayer

    Volume control: Please employ an algorithm that controls volume to my TV in such a way that when i choose a listening level in an app that selection stays the same across content and other apps. This is especially important when watching streaming Live TV like CBS News for example. Almost always as I am watching the content stream from CBS the volume is low and I have to turn it up. However, when the commercials are played it is significantly louder. This is frustrating. So, I would like a one volume level to rule them all algorithm.

  • Phil

    We just bought the streaming stick. AWESOME! LOVE IT!

    Product feature request: since you have dedicated Netflix, Amazon Video, etc buttons on the controller, could you add one more that can be customizable to launch an app of our choice?

    Thanks Roku!!!


  • Bill Arnold

    Roku Premiere+ The remote is cumbersome. the netflix hbo sling hulu buttons are too close to the forward and play rewind action buttons. I don’t know how many times i have accidenatly hit these buttons and get pulled out of what i am watching when trying to fast forward. It is usually dark when im doing this and easy to hit the wrong button An inch or so space between those and the action buttons would make such a difference. Id like to no op the new buttons!!

  • Jill

    SYFY- I “activate” and watch a show. Then when I go directly after that show ends to the next show, it requires me to “activate” all over again! this is crazy and frustrating….

  • Don Wright

    I think a cool feature would be, when watching a show, you can press the “A” or “B” button to minimize what your watching into a small screen in the corner and browse the home screen. Then, when you choose a new channel, it would close the small window and open the new channel full screen.

  • Natoya Powell

    Add the boomerang channel

  • AB

    Please add the Destination America app. Thank you

  • Nick Newman

    Hello, thanks for making the Roku TV, it is great product. Could you possibly add an option to set time limits for viewing and times of day that the TV can be used to the parental controls? Thanks.