Need a break from the big game this weekend? We have you covered! Stream on with some great classics, solid new releases and of course SUPER BOWL ADS! As always, if you have a suggestion on the perfect lazy Sunday flick, please post ‘em in the comments. Happy streaming!

Netflix New Releases:

  • The Confession– Kiefer Sutherland stars in this riveting 10-part Web series following an angst-ridden hit man who confesses his bloody sins to an astonished priest (2011)
  • The Double– Richard Gere plays a former CIA operative who is paired with a young FBI agent to track down a Russian assassin (2011)
  • JFK: Special Edition– Oliver Stone’s fascinating film about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is even more dramatic thanks to the extra footage included in this special edition (1991)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • Adzone– Get ready for Game Day with a collection of the best commercials from Super Bowls past and present (2011)
  • Parks and Recreation: Operation Ann– Seeing Ann alone on Valentine’s Day, Leslie quickly makes it her mission to find a man for her best friend (2012)
  • The Office: Jury Duty– Jim lies about jury duty to spend time with Pam and the kids; Angela has her own secret to hide (2012)

Crackle New Releases:

  • Seinfeld– Flip through Jerry’s little black book of ex-girlfriends and pay the soup Nazi a visit (1991)
  • The Professional– Natalie Portman makes an explosive screen debut in a film bursting with spectacular action, sharp wit and big heart (1994)
  • Legends of the Fall– Brad Pitt stars in a drama flick that has it all – top shelf cast, war, romance, sibling rivalry and tragedy (1994)

Amazon Prime Instant Video New Releases:

  • Caddyshack– Dancing gophers, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase…honestly what more could you want from a movie? (1980)
  • Swordfish– Based in fact? No. Rooted in computer science? Not even close. Totally kick-ass? Yes! And it may well be the best ending of any movie (2001)
  • Frasier: Season 1– One of the wittiest comedies to grace the television is now available (1993)

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • In Time– In a future where time is literally money and aging stops at 25, the only way to stay alive is to earn, steal, or inherit more time (2011)
  • The Big Year– Looking to shake up their routine lives, three amateur bird watchers compete to become the ultimate “birder” by spotting the greatest number of species within a single calendar year (2011)
  • The Thing– From the producers of Dawn of the Dead comes the prelude to John Carpenter’s cult classic film where paranoia spreads like an epidemic after a creature is freed from its frozen prison (2011)

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  • Lovin’ dat Roku

    Don’t know if you’ve found it.. but there’s a channel called “RATERIX” on Roku. You can use it to search YouTube for videos. You don’t have to buy or register… Just throwing it out here…

    • Fester

      Thank you, I use it but it is not a very good channel. They filter the searches to what others using Raterix like and they can not handle all the file formats that Youtube uses. I would much rather have a full youtube channel like every other streaming device has.

  • Rayhaque

    Great picks, as always. How great was Gary Oldman in The Professional? I’m going to have to go watch that now.

  • Fester

    Well now it’s there so ignore my previous post and no I’m not crazy if you go to the Crackle website it’s a frequently asked question so I’m guessing they just fixed it.

  • Cjyeanevarez

    we need hulu and not just hulu plus i dont want to have to pay for a crappy old movie in the roku when i can see it for free on my computer.

  • I supply this ask!)

  • Kathyschaefer

    does anyone know if the memory card slot will record movies or sport?

  • Loriscoc

    How can I find Myrtle Beach Video Network? A friend of mine told me about it, but it’s not in the Channel Store.