You asked—we listened. Today, we released an update (version 1.1) to our iOS app. The update adds a more traditional layout with “D pad” buttons along with shortcuts for Netflix, Pandora and Crackle. So you’ll always be a click away from your favorite channels.

Other minor changes include:

  • Improved device discovery. We’ve also added helpful tips in case the app does not see your Roku player.
  • Improved loading time.
  • New shortcut to easily switch between Roku accounts.

If you haven’t tried our iOS app yet, you can download it for free from the iTune App Store. Learn more about the app’s functionality on our original blog post.

And yes, we’re still working on an Android app for our droid-loving fans.

We welcome your app feedback at

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  • Nice job! Always great to see a company actively listening to the people using their apps and engaging in order to better meet their needs. The D Pad makes a ton of sense and I love the shortcuts!

    If you’re looking for ways to get even more feedback directly in your apps, let me know – that’s what my company’s helping app developers do :).

    • Nas Banov

      Robi, meet email – wiring button to “mailto:” URL assures you get direct feedback and does not cost $20-150/mo. Easy to include diagnostic info too.

      • Hi Nas, nice to meet you. We actually came about because so many developers were complaining that email wasn’t meeting their needs. The plethora of empty email, the fact that users exited the app after sending mail, the lack of structure for the data and the inability to conduct triage management for heavy volumes of feedback were all important. Of course, we’re pro feedback in any form, so email is better than nothing! 🙂

  • I appreciate the d-pad, but I hardly ever watch Crackle. It would be nice to change those buttons so I can have my own favorites, or not have them in the remote screen at all. I’m afraid I’ll accidentally change the channel in the middle of a video. Also, it would be nice to have some contrast so the arrow keys stand out from the rest of the buttons.

    • Yes, I agree with Travis. Please let us choose which channels go in the favorites. Also, might be useful to change those favorite buttons to be something that pulls down or otherwise triggers a new page – swiping motion of some sort, perhaps – so a whole page of favorites is available. That would be nice.

  • Jbrons

    Sweet! Now, it would be awesome to have context-sensitive controls. When I’m in the other room and Pandora is on, I’d love to thumbs-up/down/skip straight from the remote without having to run in front of the TV and use the directional buttons.

  • Hoping there is also scrolling now with a continuous push to the arrow keys! And I couldn’t agree more about the channels: mine would be Hulu, Amazon, and Pandora (and Netflix; maybe an option to personalize top 3 or 4 favs)

    • I assume Roku has a financial interest in promoting Crackle. There is no other reason for them to keep hard wiring their button into their remotes and now their ios app

  • First, thank you for the update! Second, I would also like to see an option to be able to change the “Favorites”/shortcuts. I love Netflix and Pandora, but my third most likely go-to would be Amazon.

  • LN13

    Awesome! Now get me an Android app!

  • we have been asking for a youtube channel for eternity…. hope you are listening

  • Bernyau

    what about HBO Go?

  • Chris

    Still no ability to give different boxes nicknames? we have 3 Roku 2 XS boxes. not always easy to remember which one is which by the S/N.
    Like others have said, customizable favorites would be great. Never watch Crackle but always using netflix and Roksbox.

    • Ptzink

      @Chris: I am pretty certain you can give them names by logging into your Roku account online. Once logged in, go to “My Account” and look for the “My Roku Players” section at the bottom of the screen. All of your players should be listed there. Click “Rename” next to the player to give it a more “friendly” name. Hope that helps!

      • Covarr

        That feature’s been around for a good long while. The problem is that this app flat out ignores that setting and uses the S/N regardless.

  • InkieBud

    Roku is the ShizzNitt!!!

  • bm

    Where do you file bug reports?
    In my enthusiasm to use the new application, I accidentally hit the ‘Netflix’ button while I was playing a ‘Hulu Plus’ video. When I returned to Hulu Plus, I was prompted to ‘restart’ the video I was watching. I tried using the ‘play/pause’ button on the iPhone app via the remote context. I then tried this from the ‘Home’ context in the app (going to Hulu plus; trying clicking in the middle of the screen, then using the play/pause button in the app ) — still no go. I ended up having to use the Roku remote hw. It also didn’t work! I then used the remote hw, went to ‘Home’, then back to ‘Hulu Plus’, then hitting ‘play/pause’ worked!

  • Ca_sjs

    I still cant get the app to recognize my new Roku2 XS it only recognizes my older XDS unit? Is this app capable of being used if you have more than 1 Roku on your account? I turned off/on Wifi and logged out and back in. Still nada

  • Kelly .

    Excellent, thank you! i put a review up on my blog about the Roku XS

  • Roku_uk_user

    Any chance of a release for this app in the United Kingdom App Store?

  • Roku_uk_user

    Any chance of a release for this app in the United Kingdom App Store?

  • Pseutikasfdos2

    I can’t make the new Netflix D pad appear. I can only see the old D pad. It worked once, but I can’t get it to work again. Any help?

  • I like the app a lot – here are some bugs and tweaks

    1) Bug: The keyboard will forget where it left off if you switch back to the remote screen. Example using Netflix search, switch to the keypad – type in something, switch to the remote then back to the keypad. Note backspace will not clear out the entered text.
    2) Tweak: The shortcut keys at the top of the remote should slide left/right to expose channels. This would reduce the need for the home screen. Or the ‘home page’ could be a screen for editing the order of the channels.
    3) Tweak: If you’re on a channel page that offers a search function, pressing the keyboard automatically takes you into the search window
    4) Tweak: For those of us with multiple Roku devices, have the Settings Menu use the device name that we set in our Roku account.

    Otherwise, this is a nice app – worthy of the price (which is high for an iOS app)

  • Contact

    Thanks for the update


  • Contact

    Thanks for the iphone app

  • Chase Hill

    My box has been real slow lately sometimes even freezing and asking me to recheck my wifi connection when I go to the settings it fine.

  • cieszj

    I updated the iOS6 and roku app. it was working the last I new but this morning I cannot open the app on the iphone. it keeps crashing and closing. I have deleted app and reinstalled and that made no difference. once reinstalled it did ask me to log into my account. Once logged in it crashed. I did try my wife’s iphone and she can log into account.

    any ideas? thanks,

  • Joe

    We currently stream Pandora (and other services) through our Roku2 streaming device, which is then connected to our tv and stereo, allowing us to listen to Pandora through our home speaker/sound system. Instead of always having to turn on the tv to see what’s playing or changing stations, I’d like to be able to view and control our Pandora stations on my iPhone 4, from anywhere within range of our wifi service and Roku device (another room, out on the patio, etc.). I’ve added the Roku and Roki apps to my phone, but they seem to basically just be remote controls for Roku while looking at my tv screen. Any suggestions?

  • Josh

    The “Disconnected” dialog is a result of being placed in the background, yet I’ve been able to press a button before the dialog appears with success, and then the dialog appears… Just kill the dialog (use pop-up bubbles), it already looks like auto-reconnnect works.

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