With the annual TED Conference in full swing today, it’s time to take a look at what makes
TED so special. From the current state of sea life to the pursuit of happiness,  TEDTalks cover a wide range of fascinating global issues in the most informative and inspiring ways possible.

And with the official TED channel now on Roku, you can get the very best TED has to offer-all FREE and without a flight to Long Beach. Dive in and explore mind-blowing presentations from the world’s most innovative scientists, artists, academics and business leaders.

Add the TED channel here and get inspired!


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  • goedkope trouwjurken

  • We have been enjoying the Roku unit and TED talks for some time now, but find always find the audio sync off in the beginning, and ending of the streaming video, and more often than not the program stops in the middle and gets stuck in a loading loop than doesn’t resolve. We’d really like to see these issues addressed because the programs are worthwhile. Presently on DSL and a non-HD set-up; all other functions seem to function (internet , and other streaming through Roku). We figure there is a 50/50 chance of seeing a TED talk all the way through the end – Not good odds and really needs to be addressed. We’re giving up on trying to see TED talks on Roku soon if it doesn’t get straightened out.

    • Sorry to hear that, Robert! Please try removing the TED channel you’ve been having trouble with and reinstalling the current TED channel to see if that helps. Let us know how it goes!

      • Thanks for your quick reply. I did as you said. Intro is still “jerky” and stunted, and loads quickly several times during the otherwise very attractive opening title, and the sound and the video seem to need a few seconds to align. Similar out of sync video and audio begin happening as the lecture comes to a close, things become jerky and halting. I watched two sample lectures since rebooting the TED channel, and these are as they has always, recently been. In the two examples, however, the lectures went from beginning to end without stopping, except as described above. I am not sure if rebooting has solved the ultimate problem of lecture interruption or not. It seemed to us that the interruptions become more prevalent during prime time (East Coast for us). It would be nice if the intro was smoothed out a bit somehow. I may try rebooting the Roku unit in between rebooting the TED Channel. I apologize for putting this on your blog to introduce the TED service, but I haven’t contacted anyone at Roku, because I wasn’t quite sure who to call or e:mail. This opportunity seemed like my one chance to resolve the issue. It has been a disappointment to have the lectures interrupted, and it seems like there must be a simple solution to these problems.

        • Tried viewing later in the evening (9pm Eastern), same issues as before, including failure to even load a lecture. I have yet to try the hard reboot of the Roku unit. Seems like a capacity problem in comparison to streaming other Roku channels (Netflix, for example), though I am not an expert.

          • Five days later, and issues are not resolved by anything that I can do on my end, including a remove channel, hard reboot (power off to Roku), and restart and reload channel. All probelms still present.

          • Angry Roku owner

            That doesn’t work. I’ve had this TED issue for over a year, reinstalled several times. Makes no difference. I really wish Roku would address this issue. I paid for my Roku to work properly, not stutter.

      • John L.

        By “Sorry”, does Roku, Inc. intend to express “regret”, and imply an intention to discontinue the behavior. Or by “Sorry”, do you reflect upon yourself as “pitiful” and “pathetic”. “Sorry” can mean either of these sentiments.

        I need to ask because your disingenuous reply begs the question; it is my contention that Roku, Inc. is well aware of the high failure rate of Roku’s rendering on this channel, since the problem is often reported here in this very forum over a long period of time.

        As you know, “removing the TED channel… and reinstalling” does not resolve this problem, but waists even more time and increases the frustration with this issue.

        But don’t be “Sorry” Roku; share with us some of YOUR experiences with the problem, Douglas. You watch TED on Roku – tell me how it works for you Douglas, honestly.

    • Richard

      I agree with what Robert has said. I love the TED talks and would watch more but the Roku app is just not very good. I recently sat down to watch multiple TED talks and was unable to get through more than 10 without becoming very frustrated. Loss of sync, stream reloading, and video freezes forced me to stop watching. 🙁

      I will remove/add the TED channel to see if improves my situation. However, I have two Roku units and the TED channel acts the same on both, so I don’t really expect it to help.

    • MH

      50/50 would be a big improvement. I’ve watched a few stuttering out-of-sync episodes, then get the message that the video is no compatible.
      Worked well for years when TED was on Mediafly.
      The last reason to use ROKU is now gone.

  • Jessicajehlers

    How do we search the talks on Roku?

    • Mason Foley

      This is what I am wondering too. I’d like to view Richard Wilkinson’s talk on income inequality but there’s not way to get at it from what I can see.

      • Paul

        Roku devs, please implement a search feature into the TED channel. I like this channel, but it is too tedious and cumbersome to manually look through video after video trying to find a specific talk I already know I want to see.

  • Kundun

    Is there anyone to make a complaint to about the Ted channel on Roku? I see that I’m not the only one who finds the audio out of sync with the video, and/or the video doesn’t play but the audio streams. I would really love to voice my displeasure and disappointment to someone who may be able to look into the problem.

    • jefferis

      I am experiencing the stalls on TED, CNBC, FoxNews, and WSJ. All the same thing… stalls, reloads, looping to the same place and stalling again.. I talked with Tech help, rebooted, did all that and still no fix. It does NOT happen with Netflix or other channels, so I am sure that it is not a wireless issue, but a Roku service issue with particular channels. I would not recommend Roku to anyone now.

  • kumar

    We have comcast internet and TED seems to work just fine.. without any single break or sync problem. One question I have is how do we search on TED talks on roku??

  • davej

    Not seeing that this channel works at all.

    – Select it
    – Says loading
    – TED Talks HD
    – See a bunch of items but they are all just dotted circles–no picture or information
    – Clicking on any of these brings up another dotted image and no options to play.

    Every one is like that.

    No problems with other channels.

  • Randy Merrell

    I wish the app didn’t want to load a hundred thumbnails. Instead give me a clean interface with a search option.