Meet Roku Refer-a-FriendAlready tell everyone you know why they should be streaming? Or how Roku is the best thing since food in a can? Well, it’s time we show you some love…Roku style!

Starting today, you can share your personal Roku Insider discount code – valid for $5.00 off any Roku 2 with your friends, family, your neighbor’s cousin…even your dentist. And, if we happen to be running a deal with an offer, your friends will get the better of the two.

In return, for every purchase made through your link, you score an Amazon Instant Video rental-on us. You can use this $4.00 credit to rent or buy. And the more you share, the more you’ll get back. We have a suspicion that some of you may never pay for another movie rental!

Best part is, as a Roku Insider, you are already enrolled-no crazy signup forms or hurdles to jump over. Just enter your email address and start sharing. We’ll take care of the rest.

Happy Sharing!

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  • Use and get an error try again later…Fail!

  • Contraium

    Too bad they did not have this all along. I’ve sold at least a dozen of these things for them in the last year.

  • Migel

    Where is the Like button. Not able to show it on my Facebook wall.

  • Lora1fav

    Hey, I used someones refer a friend and I have posted mine on my face book as well as other places and I have already started getting my instant rewards. I did this with my Hulu as well and I have it for a whole year free. Here is my link to get a coupon for your new ROKU use it and then sign up to refer friends yourself and start getting the instant coupons..
    I suggest you get the ROKU XS it has the interactive remote and you can play games on it like Angry Birds… I love my ROKU

  • Anonymous

    Just like the last commenter, when I attempt to “Send Email” from the referral page, I get a “Oops! An error has occurred. Please try again later.” Which is disappointing.