Today is National Alfred Hitchcock Day! As a tribute to the master of suspense, we’ve chosen six chilling classics for your viewing pleasure. Hitchcock directed 54 pictures over the course of his brilliant career, and we don’t need much provocation to revisit a few of our favorites. We’re sure the “Suspense” is working you into a “Frenzy” (see what we did there?), so without further ado, here are our top six Hitchcock films. We’re just dying to hear your killer suggestions – please share them in the comments below.

Strangers on a Train- A psychotic socialite confronts a tennis star with a twisted theory about “criss-cross murders” that soon becomes dangerously real. Hitchcock plays with visual metaphor, incorporating doubles and criss-crosses throughout the film (Amazon Prime)

Rear Window- This voyeuristic thriller follows an injured photographer (James Stewart) who suspects his neighbor of murder and enlists his girlfriend (Grace Kelly) to help investigate (Amazon Instant Video)

The Birds- A wealthy San Francisco playgirl pursues a potential beau to a small coastal town, but the trip takes an eerie turn when birds start to attack people in increasingly violent droves (Amazon Instant Video)

Vertigo- A neurotic detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend’s wife, becoming dangerously obsessed with her in the process. Shot in San Francisco, Vertigo is one of Hitchcock’s most visually stunning films (Amazon Instant Video)

Dial M for Murder- An ex-tennis pro plots to murder his unfaithful socialite wife (Grace Kelley) in order to inherit her money. Nearly every scene takes place inside a single apartment, lending the film a genius air of hysterical claustrophobia (Amazon Instant Video)

North By Northwest- Cary Grant puts Don Draper to shame as a stylishly suited and perfectly coiffed Madison Avenue advertising exec who is mistakenly kidnapped by a group of international spies (Amazon Instant Video)

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  • Jcb320i

    we’ve chosen six chilling classics for your viewing pleasure. Where can I watch them? That’s just a tease, with no link. Should be 6 Free Hitchcock movies, for RoKu owners…

  • How can you not have Psycho?? By far his best work.

  • Judy

    Looking for “To Catch a Thief”?

    • Hi Judy! You can rent “To Catch a Thief” on Amazon Instant Video: Happy streaming!

    • Austin Dickey

      To Catch a Thief is on Netflix

  • norman

    How can you chose The Birds over Pyscho ??

  • netizenshane

    how do we watch them? Hulu, Netflix, poorly thought out promotion plus does he actually have a day or is this just a marketing invention?

  • Rear Window of the ones you’ve listed.

  • Good list. Can always complain. I always liked the Man Who Knew Too Much. Rear Window and NxNW are my favs, though. Psycho probably should have made your list.

  • Blowers Mary

    The birds…

  • Reelgirl25

    I love the list but “Shadow of a doubt” is missing

  • Freedzig

    I love, love, love the Roku blog almost as much as I love my Roku. thank you for today’s fantastic episode.

  • What am i missing? Aren’t there 7 films listed here?

  • Sailor Steve

    Does Roku have the ability to stream from my PC?

  • QQ

    nice post ilike

  • Adam

    Very confusing. I went to my Roku to watch some Hitchcock and couldn’t find any of these titles. Did I just misunderstand what you meant by “As a tribute to the master of suspense, we’ve chosen six chilling classics for your viewing pleasure”?