Hi! I’m Eric Lachter, Director of Marketing and Guy that Streams Great Movies on Roku. I thought today would be a good day to follow up with another Roku staff favorite.

Last night my eight year old Liza and I watched the movie The Red Balloon on Netflix. It is 34 minutes long, and almost entirely without dialogue (though, there is a wonderful soundtrack). The few sentences that are spoken are in French with subtitles.

Basically, the movie is about a little boy in Paris in the 1950’s with a red balloon that magically follows him throughout his day. Other kids and adults try to get the balloon, but they can’t. The balloon has a mind of its own.

I would summarize the movie as being a “meditation” on youth and freedom. It is a very subtle and quiet film, that lulls you to a  happy place, leaving you feeling like a little kid yourself.

I’d give the movie 8 out of 10 streaming stars.

Have movies you have watched recently on your Roku that you would recommend? Drop them in the comments below.

Happy Streaming!


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  • Hogriderj

    I watched an old favorite, 21 (2011), the other day on Crackle. It is about some MIT students six MIT students trained to be expert card counters and ended up taking casinos for millions of dollars.

    • I’m going to guess you mean the 2008 version with Kevin Spacey?

    • Jermak

      I just saw that too– It was really a good movie!!! Definitely worth watching.

      • Bhinkle

        Yep we watched that some time ago..very interesting.

  • Bcovert21

    One Masterpiece series after another. Right now in the middle of the 1997 18 episode “Grand”. Befor that all of last seasons “Downton Abby”

  • This movie was shown to me in elementary school at least once a year (film not vhs or dvd!). It is a great basically silent film except for the background music. We also had a book version that was very popular

  • David E Richardson, Jr

    Would love to see the “Umbrellas of Cherbourg” ….

    but my big complaint right now is my Roku quality sucks!!! We lost power about two weeks ago and after that I cannot get a good or consistent stream. I wrote something to the support department and never received a reply…!

    • Bhinkle

      Wow! SAME THING HAPPENED TO US! About 2 weeks ago…”cannot make connection”..then according to support guy we are supposed to do all this techno stuff. I had no idea what the support person was trying to tell me to do. Why shoudl I have this problem when it was so easy installed a long time ago?

      Yeah I would like some input also!

  • It’s great, until it gets to the end. Then it kind of turned sour for me. Still an excellent film, though.

  • Ramlcm89

    A must see to martial arts fans is IP Man on Amazon. Its free for Prime members

  • Jerizerr

    The Black Dawn was intriguing on Hulu+ last evening….

  • oQQ

    nice post i like

  • Celts1

    Wait Until Dark followed by Panic Room.

  • Schinn4

    I’ve been having a blast watching all sorts of British Mysteries, the most recent being Collision, a multipart series similar to the movie Crash.

  • Bradalsobrook

    Cinema Paradiso….Life Is Beautiful and The Stoning of Soraya M.

  • Cuedot

    Amazing content . . . the perfect thing for a generalist like me. I particularly like the foreign news channels, keep up the good work

  • Jordan83

    Eric how do you reach a person who can help with a customer service issue ?
    Your 800 number staff are useless!

  • P2rex2

    I love watching the Korean dramas on Kdrama and DramaFever, they’re great! They’re so engaging; they are absolutely addictive. I especially love the historical dramas: they have great sets, the costuming and actors are beautiful and they have really compelling stories. I just finished watching Jewel of the Palace and was absolutely enchanted by the palace kitchen setting. The philosophy and practice of the Korean palace kitchen was a major character in the series. I love the cultural engagement of it. The Koreans are world class in their serial dramas, there’s no doubt about it. Try one and you’ll see!

    • Anonymous

      Same here, actually they are really great when it comes with love stories and also with their movies. I really love the way they act as well especially the guys~ they’re simple cute and adorable. Yey!

      Please cliquez ici to check my blog. Thanks!

  • sarahtiffin

    The Red Balloon is a terrific film. It managed to capture my imagination in a big way.


  • MKupperman

    We love the Red Balloon too… and it’s on Netflix… but Roku will not let us watch that film. anything else, fine, not the Red Balloon. Thanks!!!

  • MKupperman

    Roku is pretty awful