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Find the deal you want and we’ll ship it to the address we have on file. Think of it as one-click shopping from your Roku! To learn more about billing and creating a payment method on file, visit our support page here.

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  • I don’t understand why you didn’t put a link to your store somewhere here.

    • Nas Banov

      Because this deal is accessible only from INSIDE Roku player, not on the web.

      • jean

        That stinks – I get the email at work and can’t access my ROKU until about ten hours from now – think any of the 1,000 will be left? No.

        • Stehl261

          Don’t stress…”Only 1000 left is the same as “Operators Standing By” waiting for your call and “If you call in the next 30 seconds, we will…..blah, blah,blah.
          Call when you get home or tomorrow, I guarantee you will get your remote.

          • Mwhiteco

            Your wrong I got 1 and decided to order 2 but they are all sold out.

          • Mwhiteco

            Your wrong I got 1 and decided to order 2 but they are all sold out.

          • Stehl261

            I ordered one about two hours ago and the order went through! I figured for five bucks, it will be good to have an extra; just in case…!

            I’m wrong? Oh, My. I will never be able to show my face in public again. But, maybe they have a one per customer thing, Hmmmm?
            Try again! Remember, Adapt,Improvise and Overcome.

          • Nas Banov

            Here is a funny thing – i ordered couple of days ago, then today remotes arrived. I went back to Roku – turns out i left it in channel store ever since – and tried for giggles if i could order more – yes, i could have – i went to checkout cart. then i exited to home screen and when i entered the store… there was no more remote in the listings! that’s how i think you were able to order – by having on your Roku “older”, non-updated version of the channel…

  • Anonymous

    I already have a remote for me original ROKU. Why do I need this one?

    • rg

      Obviously you don’t have kids, who leave things around – possibly in alternate universes, never to be seen again.

      • I59ster

        Oh. I was wondering why we’d need this one, too.

      • Stehl261

        Look undr your sofa or the hallway clpset… There is a portal to that alternate universal which only kids may enter. We, adults get the twilight zone and kids get the alternate plane of fun.
        If you doubt this…just try playing Angry Birds if you are over a certain age.

      • Anonymous

        I had 4 kids, actually. But the baby is now 27 and out of the house as is the rest. Just have to contend with 3 cats and 6 dogs.

    • Stehl261

      You don’t unless you want to play Angry Birds.You need the “Game Remote”.

  • nealz

    How do you even buy it!? And, most importantly, does it have an alphabet keypad??? Otherwise it’s pointless imo.

  • HarryB

    Nice price but i have 2 remotes and the superb android app. What
    more could i want??

  • Netflix

    How can I get Netflix streaming with closed captions?

    • Inzones

      I think there is none unless it is a foreign movie! I hope there is an option to open/close caption for the hearing impaired!

    • Bamboo

      Roku 2 HD has caption capability. It’s great.

      • Miked

        kinda bs that i bought my roku right before they released the new one or i would of got the roku 2, they didnt even offer a upgrade price or anything when i emailed them

        • Nas Banov

          roku2 is not necessarily better than roku1. for example roku2 has no dual-band N wifi (roku1 xs models does); also has no optical audio output etc

    • Fixitpro

      you have to run netflix through your computer or laptop, hdmi cable to tv, cc works then if the movie originally had it.

  • Djphotolist

    Is the remote the one that you areshowing here? or is it a full size remote?

    • Kdmae

      Hi! Its the one you see here…little one!

  • Redlind

    I already have a remote – the one that came with the unit. Does this have a keyboard a.k.a. alphabetic keypad? If it does not have a keyboard then there is no use for this device over the one I already own. Too bad you don’t show full image and detail specs ……

  • Jared

    Oh great, only accessable through the roku player. I havent used my roku in months because my remote has been lost. Now I get this great deal to get a new remote, and I cant get it becasue I dont have a remote!

    • Futhark21

      I used my iPad and ordered it! Because of the remote apps available to control it… Just thought I’d pass it on as I had the same issue!!!

    • Stehl261

      Welcome to Murphy’s world, Now you know what a “Catch22” is.

    • Whaaaa!!! I ca’t find my remote. BTW, you spelled because wrong.

      • Dingleberry Slim

        Nice Hat Chucky Boy!

      • Scott

        Chuck wrote: “Whaaaa!!! I ca’t (sic) find my remote. BTW, you spelled because wrong.”

        Chuck, it’s a good idea to make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect if you’re going to chastise someone about theirs. You spelled “can’t” incorrectly.

      • Awesomeness

        BTW, you spelled can’t wrong. Wise ass.

    • Jordan

      If you have an iPhone you can use the Roku remote on it.

      • Anonymous

        Cool, its good to know about that.
        But, is it for free? or I have to buy it? Thanks.

        My blog : matelas à eau 

    • Restart2000

      I was in the same boat except I was lucky enough to find mine. But good news! I looked for one on Amazon before I found it and they have at least one (controls 3 device universal) remote for about $10 so you can turn your TV off without having to scramble for the TV remote.

    • Use the app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Android tablet. I’m sure you can find another one on eBay or Amazon too

    • Download the Roku to your phone and you will have the remote. 😉

  • Webber

    his week we’re taking 50% off a new Roku Remote – now just $4.99 with FREE shipping

    • Kdmae

      You have to order from your Roku player..(only way to get it) Good Luck!

  • Nedflix

    I already have two remotes and now the iPhone app. If I didn’t I would jump on this great deal. Can’t believe people are actually complaining.

  • Wesm

    When I turn on my roku player, I do not have an option for the channel store – how do I buy the remote?

  • Misterc57

    Cannot order it at this price from your web site. Ridiculous waste of time just trying to find this item on your site, then the price is 9.99.

    • Kdmae

      Are accessing from your Roku player? That’s how you have to order it. If you created an account all your billing info is there for them. I just did it from my player and it is $4.99. Will ship on next business day! Good luck!

  • Ron

    How do you buy this? Where is the link to the “Insider Deal”?

  • Jim

    I can’t turn on my Roku BECAUSE MY REMOTE IS BROKEN.

    Thanks a million, pal.

    • Zadok2000

      Are you sure it is broke?…mine didn’t work properly from day one and I spent several hours conversing with a customer service who could not understand English and never did help me…they should have provided a new one to me but chose not to…they don’t care about their customers it seems.

      • JIm

        When the dog started spitting up chunks of it, I became pretty certain that it was “broke(n).”

  • Rkg1650

    My remote is lost too. I read the comments and still don’t know how to get a remote at the price quoted.

  • GP

    Thanks Doug for the email. Dose this item works with older models?

  • Paulette

    Tried to buy this and followed what was told to do witch was to update acount and still can’t buy this. I think this is a scam and about to get rid of netfix.

    • Nedflix

      Netflix is not Roku. You can enjoy countless channels on the Roku and never have Netflix.

      Anyway I think you mean “which” not “witch” 🙂

      • Strunken White

        And you probably meant to put a couple of commas in your last sentence.

        • Nedflix

          The commas are optional.

          • Garypen

            No more optional than correct spelling.

  • Stressbusters48

    Jared I just had to applaud you on that one.

  • RaptorsRule

    I had absolutely no problem in purchasing the offered remote for $5. My 5 yr old watches a great deal of Netflix via Roku. It’s just a matter of time before the current remote breaks as it already has many scratches on the infrared transmitter side and he is rough handling it.

    All I had to do was UPDATE my payment details and shipping address on roku dot com/account. You folks have to sign up with Roku, add the serial no. of your player (if you never done earlier) and follow other instructions for payment and shipping. It took just a few minutes and was purchased directly on my tv screen, channel store etc. Just click and look for the 50% off icon.

  • Candace

    Is this the gaming remote used with the ROKU XS? We need more specifics, please.

  • RaptorsRule

    BTW, on the order screen there is a full view of the remote offered for $5. See for yourselves.

    • Zadok2000

      Not there!

  • rosemary mitchell

    how can i buy a new remote? and if i can’t i will cancel my netflix..

  • Jack

    Where is the link to order it?

    • Kdmae

      Have to order from inside your Roku player! Good Luck!

  • Stel Valavanis

    wish there was a volume control on it.

  • shade_tree

    Why on earth does this newer remote not have the instant replay button anymore like the previous version of the remote (I know the original one didn’t have it either).

  • Stehl261

    NOTICE: I just checked my remote and the advertised remote is NOT A GAME REMOTE…You will NOT be able to use your Netflix remote to play Angry Birds or any other future games as near as I can tell…There are NO GAME BUTTONS! What you will be able to do is connect with the Netflix store to spend $30-35.00 for a Game capable remote. Caveat Emptor!!

  • Bones45

    hey douglas,i have been trying to access my account for about a half hr no luck can you help me,i would like to purchace the new remote.thanks gary a. clark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Graggio1

    I’m trying to get the deal on 50% off your new remote.
    I have no idea how to get it. Am I missing something?

    • Kdmae

      Hi! You have to get it from inside your ROKU player, go to CHANNEL STORE and you will see it there where other ROKU’S are for sale! Click on it and there you Go! hope this helps!

    • Zadok2000

      no it is not there, trust me!

  • The picture shows this remote having different buttons than my original three year old remote. What’s the difference in the two models?

    • Mwhiteco

      It has rewind on this remote, mine is like yours with no rewind on it.

      • Nas Banov

        No – this one has additional buttons (“back”, “info” and shortcuts for netflix/pandora) that work with older players too.

  • Gsparks33

    Just ordered it. The remote is in the Channel Store as stated above, but it looks different from the one shown above. It’s in between the Roku2 XS and the Roku2 XD.

    • Zadok2000

      it was not there for me…. 🙁 and I went immediately to the store when I received the message…just a scam for me.

  • Graggio1

    I didn’t know I had to order my remote from my TV………

  • Mojo Linux

    I just got the E-Mail about the 50% off “deal” on a remote control
    Why does the picture in the ad show a wire on the end of the remote control?

  • Mazomaiden

    I just ordered 2 of them for upstairs and downstairs just in case we loose our old ones or they break. It was easy once I updated my account. You do need to do this via the roku. This works with all the players. After a terrible tech support call where we could not understand each other he told me it wouldn’t. I called again and got an American operator and he said it would work with all the players. When you purchase it, it does say that also. Just a heads up if you have a two year old player like mine.

  • Anonymous

    Nice offer…just one major problem. Your e-mail arrived at 8:05am Eastern, when I’m well on my way to work, and won’t be home, and therefore have access to my Rokus, until this evening, at which point I’m sure all 1,000 remotes will have been purchased.

    • Vols40

      You are correct. They were sold out before you got home.

      • Zadok2000

        at least that is what they tell you…I am a person who got the email and immediately went to channel store and there was NO product for the remote…just a scam….to get you to tempted to purchase all their other products.

  • Jimaldan

    Nice offer … if I could find out how to “register” with my credit card information. I’m able to sign in … but find no way to enter information. A site for geeks, not ordinary mortals.

    • Zadok2000

      It does not work anyway…when I went to the channel store there is no offer listed there for the remote just many offers for more products….this is truely a scam….

  • Zadok2000

    I have had problems with my remote since I bought it…very poor design (batteries fit too loosely) as I have explained on numerous calls to their “overseas” call center…where the language barrier stinks…their call center employees have no clue what you are talking about and they are horribly informed…I asked for a replacement which they should have done months ago…customer service with this company leaves a lot to be desired…however, I will be trying to purchase a remote through their channel store…at my own peril!

    Horrible instructions to update my account as well…took me spending hours to figure out how their system worked and I only had to update my current year…what a nightmare…their customer service people “have absolutely no clue”…I need a job since being forced into retirement…they should hire me I am an American, White, and can speak English perfectly.

    • Offtheb10path

      Yeah, but will you work for $0.35/hr ???

      • Zadok2000

        hey dont laugh at 35cents an hour when our present administration is ditching us it looks pretty good from here….btw I tried to purchase the remote and it does not appear on my roku channel store…guess it is a scam trying to get you to purchase one of their other many products.

  • Ding Dong Daddy

    Only accessible through the roku player? I hardly think so. I have tried to access this deal through two generations of roku players by going directly to the channel store & looking through “Shop Roku Deals”.
    There is no remote offering there. There are of course plenty of other things the good people of Roku would like to sell you instead. Hey kids can you say Bait & Switch?

    • Vols40

      That is because they are sold out. They don’t show it after it is sold out.

      • Zadok2000


    • Zadok2000

      You are absolutely right! I did the same thing as soon as I got the email…IT IS A SCAM OF THE WORST KIND SHAME ON ROKU!

  • tiredofit

    I’m pissed off this “deal” is gone. I need a new remote, and this was a bait and switch to get me to sign in. Gonna check out Apply TV and Google.

    I do NOT like being conned.

    • Nas Banov

      cry baby! get one from for $10

      • tiredofit

        It’s not a matter of crybaby, but of being tricked. Within two minutes of my getting the e-mail announcing this “deal” the “deal” was dead. That’s not a “deal” but a bait and switch. And it’s not the first time it’s happened with Roku.

        I don’t need to spend $5 or $10 on a remote since I use a free remote on my android phone and computer. But I don’t like dealing with companies that use tactics like this.

        And I spend more money with companies that are honest with me.

        • Nas Banov

          Ok, i just spent half an hour doing research you could have done – all on this page. I am not sure when the deal was posted on this blog but the fist comment was “03/22/2012 06:52 PM” (all times PDT), so it was before that. The first comment mentioning receiving the email is 03/23/2012 05:14 AM, so it was sent before that. The deal seems to have ran out of stock before 03/23/2012 12:21 PM, when first mentioned here. So to recap, blog post ~6:30pm, email ~5am next day, out of stock ~noon. Seems that 1000 remote promo sold in about 18 hours. When did you receive the email? You may want to take your anger on your or Roku’s mail servers

    • What a fucking crybaby.

      • tiredofit

        Yeah, we should enjoy being tricked by companies offering us great deals intended to trick us into buying something more expensive! We should never complain, but let them do as the please for they are the corporate overlords!

      • tiredofit

        Yeah, we should enjoy being tricked by companies offering us great deals intended to trick us into buying something more expensive! We should never complain, but let them do as the please for they are the corporate overlords!

  • Tried to buy the remote and can’t! What do I do . Stop streaming???? Thanks for ??? KurtH

  • The 50%R off the remote sale seems like a hoax!

    • Nas Banov

      Nope – i ordered 3/22 and received it in the mail today.3/24

  • Luvtivo

    Didn’t last long. I just got the email and they were gone.

  • Mike

    Some insider deal… just got the email 20 seconds ago, and they’re sold out. Waste of my time.

  • DenisF53

    I went to the Channel Store and there is NO remote only for sale. Complete systems by NO remote only.

  • Lynda fuller

    Ii was excited about your add this week” we’re taking 50% off a new Roku Remote – now just $4.99 with FREE shipping. Perfect for households with dogs, kids, dogs and kids—basically anything that likes to chew or hide things. We only have 1,000 at this price, and the deal is only available through Roku Deals, found in the channel store. It was not there. I want 4.” I want it at $4.99

    • Nas Banov

      tough! you snooze – you lose.

  • Nitewind55

    I would like to see crafting, and sewing shows. You don’t and like this, I’m sure other women would like them as well Thanks Kathy

  • Nitewind55

    I would like to see crafting, and sewing shows. You don’t and like this, I’m sure other women would like them as well Thanks Kathy

  • Ethan

    Is there anyway I can program the Roku remote on a universal remote?

    • Nas Banov

      Yes, if you have Logitech Harmony, their DB has the codes. Or if your remote can “learn” from another remote, that will work too.

  • Anonymous

    How about a new IMPROVED remote! Does Roku have any plans to create a BETTER remote?

  • Hi all – This was just the start of the program. We have more remotes on order and more deals to come. In fact, we have something that will blow the doors off the remote offer. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (or right here on the blog) to find out more about the deals to come. And yes, there will be way more than 1,000 this time!

  • Hi all – This was just the start of the program. We have more remotes on order and more deals to come. In fact, we have something that will blow the doors off the remote offer. Be sure to follow us on Facebook (or right here on the blog) to find out more about the deals to come. And yes, there will be way more than 1,000 this time!

  • lol @ Jared, funny stuff.. I have been trying to decide to get a Roku for my hair color orlando fl studio, so we could show movies and TV shows without having the cable bill, but I don’t know too much about the ROKU box, I am going to research it more, I know I will still have to pay for internet =

  • Harold

    Ordered a remote for my original Roku last night on one of my new Roku’s.
    Can’t say enough how much I enjoy using them.
    Great product.

  • Noah Arribas-Layton

    What happen to the weekly deals? Seems like its been more than a month since the last “insider” deal that sold out in a couple hours…

  • DJ

    Does anyone know if there is a channel on Roku that allows you to use the internet. I thought I saw one, but cannot find it.

  • Lifer

    If the only time you have is to critique people’s spelling on posts such as this I suggest you get a life…or more importantly you probably need to get a job so my taxes quit paying for you to sit at home on and play with your roku

  • Rj0967

    Does anyone know of any “live” streaming “free” TV?

  • Anonymous

    Will you be making Hemingway & Gellhorn available for those of us who use Hulu?

  • Paulcorbin2000

    any body offering history channel or discovery channel

  • Dakotaspirits

    I can’t even figure out how to use the damn thing

  • Natashaz3

    I am dissapointed that all channels of roku don”t have closed captions for deaf people. Only Netflix has.
    It is not fair.

  • Rocky

    I just purchased a roku 2xs, how can I get closed captions on Netflix?



  • Grab the roku 3, you won’t regret it. Ignore all the rest. The reviews are good, and the product really is awesome. The headset feature kicks butt folks.. and the fact that there is no lag w/ connectivity is impressive. Read all the reviews you can before you decide, here is another good one.. there are many out there.Roku 3 review­views/

  • Can someone tell me how I can watch our favorite nba league because I added the nba app on my roku and I created an acct with nba, still it didnt let me watch the play offs. I was sad.

  • Dennis

    Just got Roku3…. Love it! The Man Channel is awesome!

  • Mary Jarrett

    You messed up my new cable system completely. I had to disconnect your machine to watch big time cable channels. you are not a Smart TV maker!!
    You don’t really connect to my computer. I use whole WIFI and you don’t work well.
    I’ll be returning to store for refund.
    Don’t recommend to people.

  • max

    is anything ever updated on roku mod n1100

    • EnTerr

      No. Players with model numbers <2200 have been discontinued long ago and RokuCo is not improving their software. They have indicated that only fixes to issues of catastrophic magnitude might be released for these, if ever.