Spring has sprung, the weekend is here and we’ve got some fresh new releases just in time for spring break streaming! As always, if you have suggestions for the perfect lazy Sunday flick, please post ‘em in the comments. Happy streaming!

Netflix New Releases:

  • The Killing: Season 1– This gritty AMC series tracks the investigation of a Seattle teen’s murder through the eyes of the killer, her grieving family and law enforcement officials working the case (2011)
  • Atlas Shrugged Fiercely independent railroad tycoon Dagny Taggart determines to use innovative technology to revive her business, no matter the personal cost (2011)
  • Breakout Kings: Season 1– Tired of being hampered by the system, two U.S. Marshals hunt deadly criminals with help from the three most cunning ex-cons they ever captured (2011)

Hulu Plus New Releases:

  • New Girl: Control– Schmidt goes on strike (2012)
  • Modern Family: Send Out the Clowns– Cameron runs into his estranged ex-clown partner (2012)
  • Community: Contemporary Impressionists– Jeff experiences dangerous levels of narcissism, while Abed becomes obsessed with celebrity impersonators (2012)

Crackle New Releases:

  • The Ropes- An inside look into the explosive world of nightclub security, inspired by Vin Diesel’s time in the brotherhood of New York City bouncers (2011)
  • Rolling Stones: In the 1960s– This musical documentary follows the meteoric rise of the Stones as they transform from an unnamed blues band into golden rock gods (2009)
  • Candyman– A student writing a thesis on local myths and legends discovers during her investigation that a certain chilling legend may actually be true (1992)

Amazon Prime Instant Video New Releases:

  • Man vs. Wild: Season 1– Bear Grylls successfully calms wild horses, wades through alligator-infested waters, and battles arctic blizzards. Watch, learn and take copious notes (2008)
  • Mythbusters: Season 6– Adam and Jamie investigate exploding meat, ninjas and beer goggles. It doesn’t get much better (2008)
  • Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Collection– Dive in and experience the secret world of the ocean’s most fearsome predator. All of the thrill, none of the bite (1999)

Amazon Instant Video New Releases:

  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo– A disgraced journalist (Daniel Craig) and a punk computer hacker (Rooney Mara) investigate the disappearance of a wealthy patriarch’s niece (2011)
  • Battle Royale (English Subtitled)– Before “The Hunger Games,” there was “Battle Royale,” a Japanese cult novel about a group of high school students who are forced to battle to the death. Kinji Fukasaku’s visceral film adaptation is violent, shocking and brilliant (2012)
  • The Adventures of Tin Tin– Academy Award winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson bring the action-packed adventures of Tintin and his loyal dog Snowy to life (2011)
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  • Bdeville

    Amazon needs to start using paypal for movies. More people would use Amazon if they used Paypal, some people would prefer Not to use their credit cards to stream movies. Just saying…..

  • Norma

    you can ask your cc company, or bank, to let you have a cc just for computer.. and transfer $$ to it just before you are going to use it… that way nobody can rob you!

  • Shellmel

    Or you could get an Amazon Gift Card & apply it to your account. That would be like a debit card.

  • at

    The Gift Card idea is a good one… if you a Kroger in your area they are doing a deal where you get 10 cents off gas for each $25 gift card you buy in the store… most have Amazon I think so a good way to add some funds to Amazon and get a little cheaper gas.

  • Shellmel

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  • This looks really cool. Will it work in Australia? I’d love to review it on my site at http://routinehabit.com/blog. Will call back waiting on your reply.

  • Shellmel

    Yes Sharon … Aussies were just recently added to the site. For now it works in Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. Please feel free to use my referral link in your review. Nice blog! I don’t get much, but every little bit counts! If one strays from the link, I don’t get credit. If you join, let me know. I can help you get started. 🙂

    Just today, I was able to totally ‘buy’ the newest Roku 2 XS from Amazon TOTALLY FREE to me! I can hardly wait for it to arrive and get it set up in the bedroom. I hope to cut the ‘cable strings’ soon!! 🙂