Swing batter batter! Baseball season is here, and we’re excited to announce that the MLB.TV 2012 channel is now available in the Roku Channel Store—just in time for Opening Day.

For the 2012 season, we worked with MLB to offer some exciting improvements:

  • An updated user interface for better game organization
  • A handy shortcut to all games playing today
  • The ability to browse archived games by team or date
  • A “favorite teams” setting so your top teams will always be listed first
  • 2x the highest bitrate offered last year for even crisper HD quality
  • The ability to turn game score display on/off throughout the interface (No spoilers!)
  • Archived games for the entire season are accessible via “Browse by team”

This year, you can try the channel before you buy—MLB will offer one FREE game of their choice to anyone with a free MLB.com membership on most days. (Access to all other available games requires a paid MLB.TV Premium subscription.) You can sign up for MLB.TV Premium here.

The new MLB.TV channel is available today in the Roku Channel Store for all Roku player models. Enjoy the 2012 season and play ball!

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  • Guest

    Will they show live games in market. I live in the Twin Cities and would buy the channel if I could watch Twins games live.

    • That guy

      Nope, MLB has the most backwards policy on that. It’s a joke really. Just be thankful you don’t live in the state of Iowa. There are ways to get around it (VPN, proxies, etc), but it might not be worth the hassle. The good thing is the games are available DVR style the next day.

      • Guest

        According to MLB’s policy, blacked out games are available 90 minutes after the game ends (in my experience, they’re usually available sooner than that). Probably doesn’t help you much for night games.

  • Anonymous

    I made a comment regarding a feature request that was deleted without explanation. Why was this? I am a big proponent of Roku and to be treated this way is irksome to say the least…

  • Luckyd2039

    I love my MLB on Roku, well worth the $125. Yes, the Tigers, Indians and Reds are blacked out, but I get all those games on Fox Sports Detroit, Fox Sports Ohio and Sports Time Ohio anyways. Now I get to watch all the Braves and Padres games, plusI love baseball and I don’t care who is playing I will watch it.

  • Jeter’s Army

    The new format is terrible!!! I used to be able to look ahead to see my teams schedule on Roku and now it only lists todays games. And at 11:00 am it is still listing yesterday’s games. I like last year’s format much better!

  • MLB.com advertises that ballpark audio (without announcers) is available for Roku. However, I don’t see any way to activate it on the Roku. What am I missing?

  • Love it! The quality is noticably improved from last year, and the full archive was sorely needed. LOVE.

  • Dln1000

    this content is GREAT!!! Loving the game of the day…HD is picture perfect

  • Coosawhatchielinda

    i find either mlb or roku slow downloading during the game…sometimes not at all

  • Watching MLB on Roku is a constant headache. Endless interruptions that require continuous reboots. You simply cannot watch a single game without some kind of problem.