Roku is now officially available in Canada, bringing over 100 channels of streaming goodness to the great white north. Canadian streamers can choose from the Roku 2 XD for CAD $89.99 and the Roku 2 XS for CAD $109.99, available now for online pre-order at and

Here’s a taste of the entertainment channels you can expect to see at launch:

Movies and shows
Netflix, Crackle, Pub-D-Hub, Classic Westerns

Live and on-demand sports

Rdio, TuneIn Radio

Photos and videos
Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly

News and weather
CNBC, the Wall Street Journal

Local media support

Cooking videos and restaurant advice

Children’s programming
Ameba, BabyFirstTV

Casual games
Angry Birds, Wheel of Fortune, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Jeopardy

We will continue to add more major content channels at a steady pace—stay tuned, Canucks! 



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  • ChuckGG

    You do need to be careful about Roku or any streaming device when used in Canada. Very often the internet providers base their service on the amount of data you download each month and it can be very expensive. Here in the USA, unless you are downloading terabytes of data daily you usually pay a flat-rate per month regardless of the amount you use. Canada, with their limited competition, hasn’t jumped on that bandwagon yet, but it is coming. Often their cellphones can be had with unlimited data. Home connections shouldn’t be too far behind.

    One other problem with Roku in Canada is channel availability. Due to licensing restrictions and such it is hard to get all the channels. They have Netflix, but not all the movies we get. is very limited. It is very frustrating if you are an American and live there. If you are there for any length of time, I’d suggest a proxy server to the USA so you can bypass all the restrictions they have on everything.

    • Stefer09

      Wrong. We had unlimited internet, or as you say : a flat-rate per month.
      Providers got greedy, some have a limited amount, others don’t. Where i live, cable is limited, dsl and fibre is not.

      You are right on the limited channels… i’d love to get viaamerica and viaespana but there is no way to tell if you can get those channels or not yet unless i get a roku device… or if i call them but im expecting the probable : no but it’s coming “soon”.

      • ChuckGG

        I agree with you – It can be unlimited but not all cases. Here in the USA, there is very little brand-loyalty and there are so many vendors and options. It is very cut-throat. Verizon is dropping its unlimited data plan on its phones which I think is a stupid mistake. The cellphones need that unlimited data. I would suggest they call it “unlimited, but up to the point where it starts getting abused.” If someone is downloading 50 movies a day, then something is wrong. I suspect Verizon will have customers jumping ship very soon.

        With regard to Canada, I love the place. I have family there, but am I ever annoyed when I run into these restrictions, fees, taxes, etc. When Canadian Tire dropped their online mail order service, I thought they’d lost their minds. I buy so much stuff for myself and my elderly mother (in Maine) using and free Prime shipping, that I rarely go to a brick and mortar store any longer. I get better selection, better prices, and it is shipped to my door, sometimes overnight but certainly within 2 days. Why spend the gas and hassle to go to a store to be told, “we can have it in on Tuesday?” carries everything and – not so much.

        They really ought to get this whole trade/licensing issue resolved. It is such a hassle to ship stuff to Canada. I wonder why people aren’t protesting outside of the Parliament building in Ottawa! You guys ought to be getting the same prices and services we have here. I’d talk to my MP and rattle his cage!

        There was talk years ago about dropping the whole border crossing stuff and adopt the European model where you drive to/from Canada/USA just as you drive from Germany to France – no passports, no stopping – like going from Ontario to Quebec – a sign in French, but that’s about it. Before 9/11, it was mostly a ho-hum crossing the border. Then, after 9/11, the chances of that went away. I still think they should reconsider and open up the border.

        That’s just my opinion. Of course, I am one of those who has waited at the border for 3 hours trying to cross back into the USA – my country! Ridiculous.

    • Dieseldust

      I have a sudo unlimited plan from Bell Fibe. The basic plan is $60 each gig over that is $1 but the max monthly bill will never top $80, so it’s capped at that price.

    • Gulian

      If you are dealing with Rogers, Bell or Shaws in Canada then you will have caps to deal with. Teksavvy gives you excellent service with higher/unlimited caps that are quite affordable. Especially if you are planning on cutting cable TV.

      • willesim

        You can get true unlimited high speed internet both upload and download, using the same DSL or Bell Fibe lines. For one flat rate too! Have you ever heard of ACN? If you want more info contact me.

  • Doug S Clapp

    And my favorite, the ocean network.

  • Does this mean we can now see channel sales outside the US? A lot of our site’s users are from Canada and now that they can get our channel it would be great. Is this the case?

  • Sylv11

    Very silly question. I have a HD PVR, can I use a ROKU? Do I connect it to the PVR or does it work independently?

  • Your article is well written, I really like, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Will Roku also offer channels for Canadian television stations? Like CTV, Global, CBC, etc…?

    • I would also like to see some Canadian channels added as well!!!!

    • me me

      install Plex and you can get those things

      • genesdp

        How? Please explain. Plex only seems to be a function for adding individual videos.

    • Gulian

      I actually use Playon to access a lot of these channels ( It does a wonderful job. And for the channels like Space that doesn’t have a plugin, I use the Playmark functionality that allows me to stream it directly from my PC to my Roku.

  • Manuel_nando

    Any latam plans?

  • I want hulu plus !!! I’m getting a roku because it has more content than apple tv.

  • I hope you have weather underground added as well. The weather is very important here in Canada . Also would like to see twitter added to your box.

    • KentAllard

      I can confirm that Weather Underground is indeed available now. Doesn’t look like a Twitter client’s been added though.

      • A twitter client has been added and is working great!!!!!

  • wills

    Is you tube available on Roku Canada?

    • 1080p is a private channel where you can get Youtube videos. Currently negotiating to bring youtube official channel back to roku !

      • But you have to have a 1080p roku to get this channel…where is the love for the 720p devices. I am close to moving onto another device if I can’t get you tube.

  • PP

    I do see some new channels added since Roku came to Canada. However I don’t see netflix or Fox news as mentioned?

  • Twincreekshome

    is GBTV available?

    • KentAllard

      According to Roku Support, it hasn’t been added yet and I can confirm it isn’t listed in the Roku Channel Store. I haven’t been able to get a clear answer on whether there are plans to add it to the Canadian channel selection eventually. Maybe someone at corporate could clarify if it will be added.

      I just bought one from London Drugs for my parents, specifically so they could watch GBTV without having to hook up a laptop to their television. If it isn’t in the plans to add GBTV to the Canadian selection, I may return it as it isn’t very useful to them otherwise.

  • PatS

    No Netflix, no MLS Live, no NHL Center Ice, no Crackle. Great promise’s, no delivery.

    • Gee you are not using the Roku box I purchased from Amazon for Canada ,lots of content here !!!
      Alot better than Apple tv ,I sold two of mine to switch to Rokus

  • Chuckal53

    A couple of questions come to mind:

    why are the Roku LT and Roku HD not available in Canada?
    why are the prices for the Roku 2 XD and Roku 2 XS $10 higher – especially when the Canadian $ is at par or better with the US$

    • phil

      The cost of distribution is probably higher in Canada. The United States have a muhc bigger population

      • derrick

        what a load of bull the difference is made up by government taxes and the high cost of doing business in Canada because of government regulations

  • Like the Roku so far here in Canada and have found a few private channels not already installed on box. Hope we get EPIX or Amazon for movie rentals soon!!! Hulu would be a great addition as well. Come on Roku get a deal to bring hulu to Canada even the basic version . I had to go to NHL site and manually add that channel and its has a much better interface than apple with more stats and content as well. Netflix also easier to see and read on Roku box. I will be getting a second one soon.

  • Vanpete

    Does Facebook work on Canadian Roku?

  • Some Canadian Roku user

    Where is NHL and Fox News?

  • Nalaka Nanayakkara

    Many non TV channels are not available in Canada… Seems like the publisher has to manually “OK” for Canada. Foran example channel9 is a website with Microsoft Videos that the whole world has access to; but Roku says that this provate channel is not available in Canada.
    And I cannot find a way to send an email (contact) the publisher either… to ask them to go check the box.

  • Please add NHL channel to Canadian Rokus. I went in on NHL site and added it that way . But it should be in Canadian Channel store now!

    • Some Canadian Roku User

      How did you add it?

    • Some Canadian Roku User

      How did you add it?

  • Bann_c

    When will DramaFever be added to the list? … Crunchyroll is already on the list and it’s an American website.

  • Diane

    I am looking for the Trinity Broadcasting Network programs: TBN, Church Channel, Smile of a Child and JCTV. They are on ROKU US but I don’t see them here.

  • Bann_c

    Please add in as soon as possible ..then I’ll be very happy !

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  • Fer

    Kind of disappointed. Still no Youtube, no Amazon, no Hulu, no games (Galaga, Pacman, etc). Content is very limited in Canada.

  • Fer

    Kind of disappointed. Still no Youtube, no Amazon, no Hulu, no games (Galaga, Pacman, etc). Content is very limited in Canada.

  • Rudi

    is there a difference between canadian roku’s and american ones? Could you not just buy one from the states then stream american content?

  • BW

    Can we buy new releases in Canada? I don’t see a channel where this is possible.

  • Nhl and fox news have to be added manually. You can find their codes online and put in to your Roku account via computer first . Fox news is a private channel labelled fox business but it contains news and a live feed as well.



    • Gulian

      Yes you can. I unfortunately got my Roku less than a month ago from and paid a little over $200 for it (incl. shipping). I should have waited.

  • I would buy a Roku if I could stream an Acorn Online subscription (as they can in the USA) through it. Anyone have any idea if and when this will happen?

  • I would buy a Roku if I could stream an Acorn Online subscription (as they can in the USA) through it. Anyone have any idea if and when this will happen?

  • Faisal

    Is Netflix available in Canada on the Roku XD?

  • Faisal

    so I finally get connected to the new guy and tell him what I was trying to do and what I had done with the other guy. He then disconnects and bans me. ROKU LIVE CHAT IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND USELESS.

  • I have purchased two Roku boxes and they are awesome . I would recommend over apple tv due to more content and better streaming .

  • David Gray

    Installed roku 2XD. It works fine except that I can’t enter the Roku store. Any suggestions ?

  • research

    what are the channels available in canada? I have searched and it doesn’t say anywhere! can I watch abc? ctv?cbc? global? city tv?……

    • Johnny Canucklehead

      Exactly! Why all the non-information? My best guess is Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast (in Canada and in the US) don’t let you stream CTV, CBC, Global, CityTV and the 4 major US networks at all. Sorry, but that’s what I want. I mean, Netflix may be $8/mth but there’s zip on it. Then why would I want to watch YouTube videos on a big screen. They’re still YouTube videos.

      Anyway, yeah, someone out there tell us what sort of network TV we can get with these devices or may as well go with an antenna, methinks.

      • Sc0rPs

        I went with an antenna and a Tablo (like Shaw gateway you can schedule/record, pause live TV, etc) and then added the app on Roku.

        • Johnny Canucklehead

          Good to know but, after a bit of investigating, I’d have to buy a Tablo DVR, a hard disk and an antenna. Then pay for the Tablo service and the Roku service….I’d have to do some math on this as, right now, I’m at $40 before taxes with cable and I have everything I want–dumbo basic channels and sports. (not a movie/specialty channel guy so…TV for me is just sports and talk shows basically as well as live disaster/war news). DVR is free w/ this pkg as well.

          The Tablo’s $275. I guess I can get a $180 lifetime subscription to the Tablo service for the onscreen thing which would be a must but who knows the way tech changes if Tablo lasts my lifetime….so say we go $60 a year just to be safe. Then I’ll need a hard disk and that looks like $145 on amazon. Antenna…well those are cheap but I had one and bagged it as in a high-rise in downtown Vancouver…it was just OK. One channel, I think, City I had to physically move the thing and get it up higher…It was like going back to rabbit ears days. I bagged that and shipped it back so not super sold on antennas.
          Then again all the dopey Cdn channels have their programs pretty much free on demand thru app/Web sites.

          Anyway, that’s a 100% commitment….again to basically ONE company’s service in the Roku/Tablo setup. Cutting the cord to me is more slicing costs down to the bare bones. if I have to fork over for all this gear, I have to really be ready to do that and commit.

          The info is helpful as I have a buddy on this path right now as well. We’ll see.

          • Sc0rPs

            Your exactly right, its a large initial investment for sure. Way I worked it is the savings vs. the costs, which went from about $160 down to $30 for unlimited internet. So in less than a year it all pays for itself and nothing but savings ahead.

            If your on the fence then wait for your friend to set up, also Roku has many ‘hidden channels’ you can dig up. Or, go through a VPN and get all the US channels. Back to OTA first thing is to check and see how many channels you can get, of course you can skip the tablo portion and use just an antenna or get the tablo later. Feed the cable from the antenna down to wherever your cable box is and then you can splice it to all your cable outlets. Like Tablo do your research for antennas.

          • Johnny Canucklehead

            Thanks, man. It’s this kind of specific info I think we all need. I have been definitely leaning but will wait until the NHL/NBA playoffs are done and most likely the Euro and Wimbledon before even getting rolling.

            There’s no way we can get unlimited Internet here at $30. Basically, it’d be $60/mth Internet standalone.

            The I did check but the antenna was a dead loss. I mean, we’re in a high rise. The antenna has to be within the confines of the aparto. Can’t park the thing outside. Anyhoo, going to have to find the right antenna. Only tried one and thought it was ridiculously stupid. Nowadays though the Cdn channels have all their stuff free thru their Web sites and can Chromcast those suckers to TV or just buy a humungous monitor really.

            Anyhoo, helpful, dude. Truly helpful.

          • Sc0rPs

            Happy to help! For sports there is channels available (again hidden so you need to spend some time locating the right ones) plus whatever that may be on your OTA channels.

            I’m in Vancouver, and the ‘smaller providers’ are just contracting off the big guys. To properly stream you will need download speeds of at least 2.5 mb/s which is very low end, then account for how many users and if any online gamers. My provider’s cheapest plan is 5 mb/s for $20 / month unlimited. Funny enough they also offer digital TV over an Android box which should come to Roku sooner or later. Its basic package is 35 channels for $12 / month or buy the box and get the first year of TV free and $80/year after that.

            Usually trade-off being a smaller operation you will not be getting 24/7 support but honestly haven’t run into anything a simple power cycle didn’t fix. So, it would be helpful not to be ‘afraid’ of tech.

            There are also antennas specifically designed to look good in apartments now, usually some kind of wall mounted square shape that could be mistaken for some kind of wall deco. Clearstream ones from antennasdirect is not bad, and may have a few that could work for you.

            Still, like before check the radius and distance of those TV signals on TV Fool to make sure you get one that will receive solidly. Of course, you can also add a little signal booster just in case.

          • Johnny Canucklehead

            Honestly, the idea to cut cable is not just a monetary one. It’s also to simplify my life. Switching and dealing with even more tech seems like one HUGE drawback of this. Most likely I’m going to cut cable and just stream via Chromecast stuff from the computer/mobile devices to the TV legal or nudge, nudeg, wink, wink. Seems way easier as I’m not a live TV guy at all nor a movie guy as I can go to movies free anyway (not that I want to see another Hollywood remake of Superbat vs. Captain Crunch or some such).

            Every TV series I want to watch is on demand (pay or free) or DVD. News I can get when needed so I can hear Global whine about Compass despite most of us with brains figuring it out in day one and having zero issues. Sports I’ll most likely end up subscribing to NHL Game Center, NBA League Pass and has a free game daily so that’s good enough for me. NFL is problematic so antenna is most likely all I’ll invest in again. Soccer–well, hilites are fine by me bar the Euro and World Cup (and no I’d never watch the Lamecraps Minor Lousy Soccball given I was an NASL real soccer season tix holder). The other sports like int’l rugby, AFL, tennis Slams and NLL I’ll have to figure out as I go along.

            Guess I could break down and just pay the $25 a month for the Sportsnet Now to get their channels everywhere. Seems pricey to me, though, and I’d get way too many Blew Jabs games and be sucked backed into hating Tarrana Make Beliefs’ news 24/7 vortex even more.

            The 24/7 support I don’t need at all. Never really had problems with gear even w/ Shaw or Telus. Even if I did I’d probably just Frisbee it into English Bay just to annoy David Suzuki and go with another co.’s gear.

            Don’t fear tech as I use the damned stuff every day and outside of work, do not want to deal with it at all. I both love and hate tech. It’s just annoying more than anything. I’m a simple guy when it comes to clutter. The less the better.

            Heck, I’m choked I have to use a smartphone for work. I much prefer my old dumb flip phone to, ya know, just answer calls from humans. Don’t need to be connected to anything when I’m away from the desk to be perfectly frank plus the iPod Touch works just fine w/o the annoyance.

            The TV Fool is done and dusted as my friend from Surrey, Bindar Dundat adds. I get the signals fine here, but I did not find the antenna really something I went goo-goo ga-ga for. Seemed more clunky even though it was flat and I could sit on a table or whack on the floor.
            Then again I don;’t watch live TV. Even sports I just use the DVR as I have no patience for sitting thru 3-hrs of nothingness if the game sucks. The league packages I’ve tried and they all have DVR function even in their live ‘casts let alone archived games.

            I’ll work on the Roku/Tablo thing if the mood strikes…but yeah NHL/NBA playoffs first as I just got through a bucketload of work and doing the annual “we’re still not paperless in keeping expense receipts” taxes so…yeah, Later, dude, enjoyed the banter.

          • Johnny Canucklehead

            Further to that, I started messing around. Don’t need antenna at all as, frankly, I don’t watch live TV. City, Global and CTV all have all the US TV shows I watch archived even if, for example, Global only keeps them up for a week.

            The sports thing is also doable pretty much even w/o a DVR having done the rounds of the channel and league sites for both hilites and games.

            The BIG issue is Internet cost. Novus still shut out of the West End so I’m hooped with saving about half of what I would end up actually paying for Telus/Shaw/Bell stand-alone Internet (don’t you just love non-competitive Bananada?). At least it chops the whole TV/Net bill into a Net bill that saves over 40% just having the Net as is. Speeds are fine and I only stream crap anyway. Looked at my usage and doesn’t even come close to my limit. We’ll see when it’s TV thru the devices.

          • Sc0rPs

            Go to Surf Internet, the have unlimited internet download plans from $20 / month. Then add the other stuff as you may need/want.

          • Johnny Canucklehead

            Kismet, dude. I just did yesterday use info to get a 42% reduction on my Net/TV w/ Telus. As far as “downloads” I do do virtually none other than maybe saving the odd pic off the Web. It’s more streaming if anything. I mean, who needs to “own” a movie? Dumbest thing ever since video cassettes were introduced. Other than kids who watch flicks over and over, who watches a movie more than maybe twice at most.

    • Steven Orosz

      1.99 a month , it’s called canadian tv I think , there is a hidden channel called xtv , it’s all I need all the US tv you can watch for free

  • available as private channel on Roku Canada now !!! Its pretty good with AHL,OHL,QMJHL,WHL and even some KHL. I guess NHL will be included as well if they get back to work and no blackouts. 99.00 for a full year. World juniors ,draft etc.. included.

  • ustvnow is another great channel as well available to Canadians.

  • Seajay

    Disney channel please

  • Bert

    when can canada have NBA gametime channel?

  • charlie2010

    Where is the CBC, CTV and Global? Is it true Roku users in the USA get CBC?
    I’ve had roku for a few months now, Netflix is good for a couple months but is limitted, pales in comparision to the USA version and not much better than free Crackle

    • gerry

      bell owed those channel they control it the only way you will be able to see them is if you are with bell

      • Jim Selwood

        i have Bell and i cant get canadian tv streaming with my roku

    • Sc0rPs

      Just use an antenna, they are all over the air.

      • Carrianne

        Hi, I just received a new Roku TV. How do I get Global? The TV didn’t come with an antenna…. Thanks

        • Sc0rPs

          You just need to purchase an antenna, first thing is go to and check your address. It will then tell you the range & direction each channel is coming from and what you should be able to pick up. Then make note of range and pick up an appropriate antenna. Do a little research on them, both indoor & outdoor antennas are available plus even ones that look like ‘wall art’.

  • Schulte

    If I buy a US Roku — can I use it in Canada? I specifically want to get it to view EWTN. Is EWTN available thru Roku in Canada? I see I can get one for under $50 in the US. My wife is going there shortly.

    • Gulian

      I am currently using a US Roku in Canada and it works like a charm. I’m not sure what the differences are with the Canadian version though. I know you can’t change the VPN on the Roku but that doesn’t prevent you from changing the VPN on your router so that you can access content beyond Canadian borders.

      • Jim Muir

        Hey Gulian-I am having problems using in Canada=could you set up a reply whereby I could contact you privately to see how you can do this=thanks


        I too would be interested in a way to use mu US Roku in Canada

        • Sc0rPs

          Buying the actual Roku here or in the US makes no difference. The key is your internet (Canada or US) and registering, many of the actual channels such as Hulu & HBO check your IP location.

  • Breck

    This is a joke: “We will continue to add more major content channels at a steady pace”… nothing new since April 2012

  • Mark

    Amazon instant video, its available in Canada, lets get this added. Just got a Roku 3 thinking this would work in Canada by changing the DNS which does work for pretty much every other device out there except for roku for some reason, works on my ps3, xbox, apple tv, sony google tv(setup for a friend), WD live tv (setup for grandparents), on a panasonic smart TV (setup for my mom)

    I dont know what Roku did differently so that changing DNS or using proxies does not work but its something they need to change,

    Ill be switching back to my apple TV because this Roku 3 just plain sucks without being able to access American content.

    And user interface could have been better

    • Gulian

      Have you tried to change the DNS on your router instead? This tends to work for my Roku.

      • Andy Noddin

        I live in Canada and use a service that provides a US ip address, I updated that ip into my router and it has worked awesome so i get all US channels. I bought my Roku 3 from Wallmart Canada, as long as you have a Us ip Roku’s bought in Canada will work, mine did.

  • Shaun G

    Why was the game “You don’t know jack” removed recently from the Canadian channels list? I bought the Roku partly because I was looking forward to purchasing that channel.

  • Flanz

    Piece of junk, had it 6 months and it stopped working
    And all they said was oh well to bad, what a horrible product and a crappy company

  • dcfull

    i recently brought a roku in the states, i set it up in the states with a lap top , now have unblocked all the US content, picture is excellent hd, much better than the cogeco tv i had,
    one thing iv noticed it eats the internet, you need 300gb or unlimited, i think its the future,
    and an end to satellite and cable , you need to unblock the US as canadian sucks, internet is
    full of ways to do this, as time goes by it will get better,

    • JBM

      can you please elaborate; i have a Roku from the uS and I am also on Cogeco. i have not taken it out of the box yet as i am hoping to set it up so that i can get Us content. i work in the US and have a us credit card. your help is much appreciated. Jbm

  • joanie

    hi What US channels can I access? I just installed the roku . can I get fox , orprah anything like that?

  • al

    I just hooked my US bought Roku, however I’m seeing a screen pop up I dictating I have to hook to internet. In the states, I just plugged it in and voila, there it was. HELP!!! What do I do?

  • jack

    can I get PBS on Canadian roku?

    • disqus_QPbG1K7QHA

      I did through “Plex” and its free (so far) I’ve just set up today

  • Greg James

    Thanks for the post and tips..even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting success. Shipping to Canada

  • Marnie

    I have been disappointed that most content not available in Canada. We should not have to vpn to US to watch shows that are readily available over the internet

  • Denise Mike Sanford Covill

    I would like to see lifetime, slice, biography, own,hbo, hulu plus,movie channel, investigative discovery,cbc,abc,ctv, global, city tv, ytv,hgtv, tlc & ktla . I hope to see them come maybe 2 every 2 weeks would be nice for us here in canada & the states. we can all pay alittle e xtra for them all. like $20.00 amonth for them or give us half free n charge $10.00 for the other half.

  • grapemanca

    It’s 2014 and Roku Canada still hasn’t added anything of real value. It still needs Canadian network channels/news and American channels like PBS. If we cannot get streaming services like Hulu or Amazon, then why not HBO Go? HBO operates in Canada, so there shouldn’t be any legal problems. Really, other than offering Netflix Canada (which itself is disappointing) and NFB, my Roku 2 has been a dud.

  • Harry

    Is it possible to watch South Asian TV channels in Canada with Roku3.PLS let me know


    Poor content and no search function

  • Mark Mathson
  • zakimar

    I bought the Roku 3 on Boxing Day thinking I could use the Cineplex $25 voucher to sign up for that channel, but even though I tried to register before the end of December, I was told all the vouchers were gone as there were only a limited number. As I wasn’t impressed by the extremely few media types it would play, I returned it and bought the Western Digital media player instead – it plays EVERYTHING.

  • Ryan

    I am exceptionally disappointed with the roku. Purchased roku 3 yesterday. Cannot add any channels. Have spent hours on their web chat and calling their 888 number only to find out that this is for US based customers. Called the CDN number. No help. System update should be available in a few days. What a joke. Ill be returning my roku 3 to walmart where i purchased it.

  • bev

    i connected everything and it is in french wont let me change it

  • Don

    My Roku works fine (I’m in Canada), but when I upgraded with Turboflix, it wouldn’t recognize it. Tried the wireless modem resets, but that doesn’t do anything. Any help?

  • Kofi Morris

    Where can I buy an affordable used roku remote control?

  • Molari Smith

    Crap….75% of the channels not available in Canada…but on PC, I can still watch many American news channels available to all internet users…but if I want that specific news channel on my Roku, nada!

    You would think Roku would be fair and work “a little” for their Canadian customers that want more media like Canadian news stations similar to US….So what does a customer like me do? Keep eyes peeled for a competitor that cares about his Canadian customers.

  • Jim Selwood

    i have a roku 2 and roku 3 i can’t get any canadian stations on either one. I am a bell customer so those of you that say bell has it … Wrong…. I tried to reach support and its not even working. had i have know all this i would have never gotten them. Love the product but realyl would like to see canadian broad casting.we are big Coronation street fans. So out come the laptop so i can stream it from that. really i can get everything from the computer. come on roku wise up, lots of Canadian customers out here. and oh i didnt mention that some stations you have are converted to US funds. Not Happy In Ontario

    • disqus_QPbG1K7QHA

      If you’re looking for Coronation St., you can get it on Plex. I’ve had the Roku a week so I’m still learning….I downloaded the Plex app on my laptop then set it up on the Roku….I can see the episode list for Corrie and can watch Friday nite’s episode (Feb 5th)

  • disqus_QPbG1K7QHA

    can we get BBC Canada on the Roku?

  • Ginger Gypsy

    Roku 3 is basically useless for me in Canada. The only channels that are worthwhile to me are Netflix and Crackle. (Crackle regularly freezes or just stops. ) I already had Netflix, so basically I wasted my money. They don’t tell you that any good channels with current shows are only available in the US and even after trying all the masking techniques to try and fool it, the channels still don’t work. (And I’m not really comfortable going about things that way anyway.) Roku should be more upfront about what is actually available. I’m really p.o’d that I wasted my money on this thing that only gives me such channels as ‘Drive In Classics’ and ‘Bubba’s Classic Movie Channel’. Sure, if you want to watch movies made in 1956, there are countless channels. Anything else, better move to the states.

  • Ron

    are there any phone numbers for Roku support in Canada or United States ? I don’t want to deal with Costa Rica

  • SpeakUPcndians

    Why we Canadians get the sh*t end of the deal on multimedia for the same price or more . Not to mention gas price. Taxes . Blablabla. Last year It was said that we would pay only for the channels we want to watch on cable. Bulshh. Same with roku we get half of the channels cuz the laws through their filthy hands on their favour afraid they tv/cable business will crash.
    Fk em

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  • Soupy

    Is there an app for CBC music

  • Hotmail Support Canada

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  • adam kent

    youcan get global tronto halifax and victora ctv ottawa tronto chch yes and the shopping chanel on roku ive been watching them for 2 years now

    try installing xtv private channel

  • Caroline

    I used to have a app before on my roku it showed a big W and it had network channels and movies can anyone tell my he name of the app/channel

  • James Anderson

    Contact us at Gmail Assistance Phone Number Ireland to resolve your issue related to gmail account like login issue, password lock or any other contact us.
    you can call Gmail Help Phone Number Ireland . We have computer specialist who check the issue in Laptop and fix the issue.

  • sandy runcie

    How can I get Crave tv onto my Roku?