Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve rounded up the top ten most wretched TV and movie moms to remind you just how lucky you are. Now tuck your shirt in, comb your hair, and go give Mom a big hug.

  • Arrested Development– Lucille Bluth tells her children that vodka goes bad if it isn’t consumed in one sitting. Awful or awesome? A little bit of both. (Netflix)
  • Mommie Dearest– “No…wire…hangers! EVER!” Joan Crawford is a manic, abusive mother who takes out her own issues on her young daughter. (Amazon Prime)
  • The Killing– Detective Linden is so consumed by a case that she neglects her son, leaving him alone in seedy motels while she works day and night. (Netflix)
  • Carrie– Carrie’s mom stabs her in the back to “save” her from the devil. Who needs enemies with a mom like Margaret! (Amazon Instant Video)
  • Mad Men– A cold and self-involved mother, Betty Draper is more interested in the contents of her closet than her own children. (Netflix & Amazon Instant Video)
  • American Pie– Stifler’s mom has zero sexual boundaries and pays more attention to his male friends than she does to her son. (Amazon Instant Video)
  • The Goonies– Mama Fratelli imprisons one hapless son in the basement and makes the other two miserable. (Amazon Instant Video)
  • The Graduate– The original cougar, Mrs. Robinson seduces a friend’s teenage son and attempts destroy his budding relationship with her daughter. (Netflix)
  • Weeds– A reckless suburban drug dealer does not a good mom make. Nuff said. (Netflix)
  • Southpark– Liane Cartman sleeps with a football team, the entire town of Southpark AND cyborg Bill Cosby. We don’t know whether to be appalled or impressed! (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video & Hulu Plus)

Which TV and movie moms do you love to hate? Share ’em in the comments.



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  • Plbrobst

    How about Ray’s mother??

    • P.Shane

      Orrrrrrrrrr, – – George Castanza’s Mom?? (Seinfeld)

  • Atsbabe

    I just don’t like these kinds of movies at all. I’m glad you have other choices or I wouldn’t be signed up for Netflix. Spare me these disgustingmovies.!

  • Bobo

    You forgot Mommie Dearest!!

    • Bobo

      Oooopp’s now it’s there…..